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The more I look at the lightsaber trees the weirder they are.

Guardians have almost no Intellect skills and are about leading people and protecting them. Why do they use intellect for their lightsaber style?
Niman for Consulars uses Willpower. THEY HAVE ALL INTELLECT SKILLS! It's also WAY more powerful then any other lightsaber tree, as it has both +characteristic AND +Force Rating in it.
Seekers are all cavemen druids, yet their lightsaber style is about bouncing around acrobatically.
Sentinal Artisan is just really kinda bizarre. Shien gives boosts to Streetwise and Underworld, yet those aren't even class skills.

I feel like they got trapped into making them fit in a symmetrical pattern of each one using a different attribute, but then almost immediately ran out of attributes that actually made sense for each one, and started crowbaring random poo poo in. They also I think got stuck trying to make a "JEDI" version of each of the original classes, so Sentinals get their weird wizard mechanic tree, and Seekers just sorta exist in their weird hyper-focused state in general.


I'm having issues finding a SW themed Tabletop.

Any other place I can look for a game? Roll20 games seem so... meh.

I've never played a SW tabletop, only DnD 5e, and I really want to find one.

>Renposter is back

>My Boyfriend Edition

You know what, after the last thread it's actually nice to see you.

I missed you, Renanon

>Star Wars in the title


Literally the only good Star Wars game I've been in has been from /swg/.

I never truly left

I feel bad that your "boyfriend" was stuck in such a shit movie. Hopefully tlj will be much much better.

>tfw forever GM
>the only IRL people willing to GM only want to do meatgrinder D&D crawls
>every starwars GM I've found online has been absolutely terrible
>I will never get to play anything from my enormous Starwars character hanger

Words cannot describe this feel

What are some interesting but not often used sapient species that you like? I'm writing up a new campaign and want to think outside the box with some minor characters and organizations

Here's a new bingo card just in case.

Can somebody tell me what the deal is with the force awakens pack for FFG's system?

Is it like a starter kit to a game they're going to release or some kind of era pack?

>Do not respond to Shitposters
>Do not reply to Empire Apologists
>Do not humor the /pol/ posters

This thread is about the fictional Star Wars Universe. Let this post be the first and/or last mention of it.

I mean it shouldn't actually make a difference for someone using the catalog search function as it reads the OP text as well.

Yeah, I hate the lightsaber trees all going for alternate stats too. Some of them fit (Ataru is supposed to be flippy after all) but making it for all of them seems a little weird. Also gets lame if you ever want to take more than one saber tree (as might fit a battlemaster character) since you will have to waste 10 XP on a talent you will never use since having more than one "alternate" stat for use with the Lightsaber skill is of zero value at best. At a minimum I would like them to do something like have the talent be "use alternate stat and/or some minor benefit" to solve the XP waste issue.

The alternate stat thing for all the lightsaber trees is probably a little silly anyway since the main goal seems to be letting every Jedi type be badass with a lightsaber. Which SOUNDS good but really is kind of solving a problem that isn't there; we don't have rules to make every EotE or AOR character be awesome with a blaster after all. I'm not sure having a Jedi librarian or diplomatic specialist be stuck with just using an "off stat" is that crippling; if they buy ranks in the lightsaber skill they'll be weaker than a specialist that focused on the area but would they really be that weak against your average enemies? Even just being your average 2 Agility low skill schmuck doesn't make you useless in combat. You won't be as much help against a Boba Fett type awesome guy compared to Mr. Hired Gun with 3+ Agility and lots of Ranged skill, but you can hit minions and the like with a decent chance of success. And if you buy skill up you can be pretty good at hitting, you just lack the Triumphs the specialist can roll more of. I don't see a problem with making at least some of the lightsaber trees lack a "use your uber-stat" talent. The diplomat can pick up ranks in Lightsaber and still be decent enough with a lightsaber assuming the rest of the talents help him out enough. Lets the guy who wants to focus on being Zorro the Jedi swashbuckler have his niche too.

Exemplary image.

The only good post is a Renpost.

Xexto, talz, chadrafan, barabel, quermian, and my personal favorite chua

I've always liked the Verpine, they seem to only exist in background info though.

I feel like the Gand don't get enough use, they have an interesting naming convention in which names have to be earned, which would make an interesting marker for character progress and their own force tradition based around force-enhanced tracking

>they seem to only exist in background info though.
I literally only know them from Karen "Muh Mando railgunz" Traviss

Zeltron. Send your PCs to the planet of the space babes.

Gand are mechanically very sound but they look like absolute shit so nobody ever plays them.
I like Gank. They look cool as fuck.

Gank are dope, but their starting cybernetics thing isn't very good because cheap cybernetics are generally almost useless afaik

I wonder what the minimum number of words/posts you could use to get a bingo.

"Luke, did I ever tell you my good friend Snoke? Back then he was a lot larger. Not YUUUUUGE, mind you, but larger than a Consular-class cruiser..."

I had a player playing a specialty super cyborg from a derelict Zsinj project in my Imperial Remnant game, slapped them in Terror Trooper armor from TFU2.

Rattattaki, ever since asajj was retconned to not be one

Fixed for ya.

By singling people out you're just as bad.

How about this


It's that simple, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall under.

Does Slicer Tools proc twice off Quantum Storm?

Speaking of, I don't know if /swg/ is alreadu aware but there's actually a Zeltron girl in one of the new yr novels.

What if I'm an absolute centrist?

Dark Greetings. :3

>Unlike our other Beginner Games, The Force Awakens Beginner Game will not be followed by a new Star Wars RPG game line. Instead, it draws upon the core mechanics shared by Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™, Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™, and Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™. Players interested in continuing their Star Wars adventures can do so through any of these fully compatible systems.

So its just an adventure set in the time period. Works with their other stuff

Porn when?

Ascendancy Chiss and Miraluka.

Got a few homebrew species that might be useful.
>Big egg-laying lizard things. They are all haunted.

>The clones of an eccentric warlord.

>Baffling money-storing... things.


Harch are fairly uncommon

I think that's such a goofy fucking alien design. I don't hate it because goofy and star wars go together well, but it's hard to take Trench seriously at all.

Spider's are pretty goofy things sometimes.
Trench did ok considering he had to fend off Skywalker in a cheaty stealth ship

I think if they made his pedipalps smaller and had them cover his mouth ( like a large mustache), and spaced his arms out more, down the sides of his torso, it'd do wonders for his design.

I kinda liked Trench and I was okay with the whole "tarantula-dude" thing. I would have liked him better if they had gone with a body type like the boss from Monster's Inc. Just to get a more alien aesthetic. Since it was a cartoon, they didn't need to maintain a humanoid-with-a-twist body style.

More info on Wave VI wheeeeeen

Wave VI?


Guess there's only so much you can do making a cartoon that won't give younglings nightmares for days.
If they where a bit shorter in stature, heavier build and less 'bipedal' it would also make them a bit better looking too.

Arcona are also one of those species you don't see much, I did an NPC which was sort of the Tyrone Biggums of star wars, constantly turning up looking for salt, offering disgusting 'favours' for a shakers worth and randomly stealing various, cheap gadgets so he could sell them for more salt.

Or the other wave VI?

>won't give younglings nightmares for days.
Yeah, well if a spider body was okay for Disney, it should be okay for Star Wars. Which is now also Disney.
If I wanted an edgier look, I would have said Azmodan.

Pardon me, but does anyone have that image of the drunk off his ass scraggly jedi who fell of the bench at the cantina?

Help me design an ithorian scientist who designs chemical and biological weapons for the empire in exchange for ithors saftey as an antagonist for my AoR players. Thinking they get trapped in his research facility. Do you think having him develop the blackwing virus is to much? Maybe weaponizing the ragkoul virus?

This one?

How do you want your scientist to be? Is he conflicted about what he's doing? Has he made peace with the fact that he's doing something evil for what he sees as good intentions?
Of is he just a cackling mad scientist?

That's the one. Thank you.

I'm torn. Part of me wants him to be working towards things that will kill large amounts of people, but leave the environment untouched. and him to be absolutely gleeful when he makes progress. I dunno if that makes him a mad scientist, or just committed to his work and his priorities.

Whats this from? Full comic?

He could be an Oppenheimer type.

could work. I think i'm gonna have him eagerly working in order to convince the empire it has no need for a second death star.

He could also be sort if tricked/indoctrinated by the Empire, shown propaganda of how much chaos and damage to the environment(s) and quality of life the Rebels are causing. The Imperial agent assigned to him has made sure to condition the scientist that beyond a doubt, killing Rebels en-masse is the only way to ensure peace and life. Convince the Ithorian that he is the gardener that occasionally has to kill a few weeds so that everything else can grow.

I was thinking more like a mouse spider or funnel web- really bulky, black and then have him waving around a brace of pistols like a pirate or something

Both of those are pretty serious shit, PC's get infected by them it's a game over for that character
Ithorian is a weird pick for the species, they're culturally quite placid and peace loving hippys that generally don't go in for that, so he's either a tortured soul or the most evil, moustache twirling bastard ever

I dunno, He's seen what the empire can do, and intends to do, but he volunteered to help them find more eco friendly ways to do it, because they're going to do it no matter what, and in exchange, they've taken they're hands off Ithor., the weeds metaphor, might be how he views most sentient, who don't look after their planets, for sure.
They're also some of the most gifted species when it comes to bio engineering and environmental sciences, and again, he's doing it as part of a deal and to lessen their environmental impact when it concerns to population removal.
desu, I have part of his monologue to the party planned out.
"Do you have any idea how many species of flora and fauna went extinct when the empire blew up Alderaan? All for what? To quell a few roudy partisans? How many more will be extinguished as this pointless rages across countless sectors and numerous worlds? Don't you see, you rebels, you claim, to fight for the "little guy" that you're looking out for him? is that so? What about the [insert small rodent only found on alderaan, sensitive flora that was tainted by the presence of a secret rebel base,] Just how many Wampas did you kill on hoth, because they were inconveniencing you, or worse, for pure sport by bored soldiers? No, I fight for them, the little guy. What stake do they have in who controls Coruscant? Why should trillions of them die because the ultimately petty squabbles of sentients? "
Yeah, I know it could use some work, but I feel like that captures his motives and stuff.

You could go back to the 90's when they had all those eco-heros and environmental terrorists (ie Poison Ivy, Captain Planet etc) and gratuitously steal all their goodies and twist it to a bit of a Star Wars bent.
That way tap into the organic poisons and like to make 'plant cleaning agents' which purge them of sentient species, rather than the more necromancy type viruses

>literally wanting to turn the empire in your campaign's cartoon villain

Where's the problem here? The empire IS a cartoon villain organization, no more serious or ambiguous than Cobra or V.E.N.O.M. or the Decepticons



Naw. it'd mostly just be this guy, Imagine if the empire could have killed all of alderann without blowing it up? It'd be easier to assume no responsibility, the rebellion would have a harder time using it as rallying call, etc

Have you hunted a whaladon today, /swg/?

Given that compact repulsor, energy projection and holographic tech exists would it be possible for someone to fake being a Jedi? As a stage act or even wearing some sort of rig under a bulky robe?

I'm picturing someone like an old-timey revivalist or huckster, gathering big crowds, impressing them with tricks and asking for "donations" for a new temple or something

Wanted to, but was too busy burning down some rainforests to try and find a city.

My stage magician PC shoots lightning from his hands using a specialized rig, so yeah, go for it. Might cause some trouble when you draw real Inquisitors for your act, but you reap what you sow and all that.

That actually happened in the OLD Marvel comics. Vader got an actor to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like Obi-Wan and had him meet up with Luke, who was fooled by it for a while.

I used to play a bounty hunter who used technology to intimidate people into thinking that he had force powers. It's quite a bit of fun.

Apologies, it wasn't the Marvel comics, but instead the old Goodman/Williamson comic strips published in the newspapers in the early 80s.


You could flip it around and have Rebels actively trying to seize the technology to unleash genocide on the Empire themselves, and the players have to decide whose side to fight for.

Oh i do i have a rival rebel commander I was already planning on committing some form of war crimes here and there. I think the entrance was going to be the players were undercover at some imperial officer's gala or something, and then the radicals bomb it or something?

Was going to have him be a former Alderaanian, and loosely base him off of LT. ALDO Rain from inglorious basterds.

That sounds like a good setup. To me the best stories of getting Edge players involved with the GCW is to present a situation that shows both sides in a pretty equal light and letting the players choose, or choose neither and solo it. It's fine to have cartoonishly silly Imperials in an AoR Rebel campaign or vice versa in an Imperial campaign, but having one side be overwhelmingly the wrong choice is just poor storytelling in an EotE game, a system about fringers, moral grays, and darker sides of the galaxy.

In my humble opinion.

You're on to something, perhaps EotE could be used to show both sides of the war as absurdly as possible, in an overall attempt to highlight the ridiculousness of what's going on?

I could have him be a former member of saw Guerera's rebel cell, who left when he broke off, and was further radicalized after Jedha(death of his mentor), The destruction of his home planet( nothing to live for outside of revenge) How does this sound?

not as good as if he was just an Alderaanian. Maybe an Imperial junior officer who defected after Alderaan and got a sizeable promotion from the Alliance due to them being a little short on officers.

Shilling one last time before bed since I posted in the last thread and managed to get a new sub for it. Seems like there's loads of new X-wing players in here lately.
>pic unrelated

Now, is this an actual Zeltron, or just a soft "yeah the species exists just not with all the baggage from the old EU" thingy?

Do they still have the psychic nymphomania aura, and a society that revolves entirely around fucking each other?

it's just a confirmation that they exist. Literally no lore on them is canon as of yet and they don't even have a homeworld.


Oddly enough, even though it may not "officially" exist in canon lore, it was stated last fall by Pablo that the galaxy map is essentially unchanged from Legends to canon, with the exception of the existence of Zenoma Sekot and the Vong.


guy is annoying is but 99% right

Actually, a Zeltron did appear in A New Dawn.

>not knowing that Veeky Forums hates ER as much as RLM

>99% right

Can we not have this bullshit yet again

Obviously the movie is shit and there's a lot of reasons for it, but the question is it because of JJ (not like Lucas would have done a better job today either) or too many chefs in the kitchen? Is it because it's a long running franchise and therefore has to be rehashed over and over until it loses everything that made it good and is finally killed by hollywood?

I'm more of a "polluting the skies with smog from my secret munitions factory" kind of guy.

Fuck, forgot how heavy-handed the enviormental messages in Jedi Prince are.

This faggot isn't even a SWs fan. He didn't even know that STs weren't clones. TFA is still a shitty SWs movie though


I haven't been able to find the essential guide to warfare in the tg or co stickies, is it any good? Apparently the art is pretty good. and the authors seem enthusiastic at least

But Rodian Lives Matter!

That crazy 90's eco shit, there was no escaping it. But, it was a good period to buy chainsaws.

The art is pretty good.

The content is... iffy. It has a few good Clone Wars coverings, and also does pre-PT stuff alright. It's one of the few books to touch on that. What it covers post-Clone Wars isn't worth reading, and some of it borders on abysmal.

The author is enthusiastic, and while he's got similar political beliefs to Chuck Wendig, he's not nearly as forceful with them or as condescending of people who don't like his works. Be warned though, if you're expecting Space /k/ or actual battle, war, or tactical analysis, you won't find it. Despite the author's overview and claims, he isn't a military guy and really doesn't understand how any of it works, from an in or out of universe perspective both.

Still, the Clone Wars stuff is decent, and it covers some events and battles of the pre-Clone Wars era that nothing else has ever touched on, and does it pretty alright. Just don't bother reading past the Clone Wars parts.

It should be there, hungry ewok if it's down. It is a good read and does some hot things with messy storylines and references

Question Veeky Forums
Imperial-I or Imperial-II

I'm Imperial-I

Newfag to Star Wars lore (I didn't watch the OT till I was 20), what's the deal with this Trioculus guy?

You don't need to be a fan of something else to criticize a film.

Track down a copy of "The Glove of Darth Vader", should be easy to find for cheap since pretty much no one wants to keep their copy of it.

Well, it's a children's book so presumably she hasn't fucked anyone's brains out.