D&D 5e game

>D&D 5e game
>characters get 1 hit die per tier
>Monsters get a full hit die based on size category

Could it work?

It would be quite lethal. If that's the intention, sure, it works.

>1 hit die per tier
I'm really not sure what this is supposed to mean.

But if it reduces HP for all PCs, then expect full party wipes whenever they roll badly for initiative. A bit like Shadowrun, if Shadowrun's mechanics weren't mostly about enabling the players to ensure the party either gets a surprise round or doesn't enter combat at all.

Can't be much worse than normal.
And if you want lethal, why not just play OSR?

>A game where swarms of shitty combatants are already OP as hell compared to any "strong" unit
>Makes swarm tactics even more powerful
>Makes big beefy units even worse
Why? It's like you don't have the slightest idea why 5e combat is an unsatisfying shit show to begin with so you were all like "Yes, but what instead of wading through the shit we dove in head first?"

>D&D 5e
>could it work?

No. It doesn't work very well at all.

>hit die based on size category
Don't do that.

The PHB and monster manual break play up into different tiers based on level. AfB right now, so I can't remember what the exact breakdowns are

And what if I don't want to have to throw swarms of shitty creatures at my players in order to pose something resembling a challenge?
>inb4 dont play D&D
I already bought the books fuckface, I'm going to wrangle a satisfying exlerience out of them if it kills me

Why not? That's already how it's done by default.
Though it would make larger creatures a bit too weak.

Enlighten us then, why IS 5e comvat such a shit show?

>I already bought the books fuckface, I'm going to wrangle a satisfying exlerience out of them if it kills me
You already wasted your money. Don't waste your time on top of that. Sometimes you just have to accept that you fucked up and cut your losses.

Rocket tag is fun, or more accurately, it can be fun if most of the game is involved in the setting up of the scenario in which you rocket tag the opponent as opposed to the detailed tactical combat. That's how a lot of games handle combat.

Rocket tag in a system where nothing is reliable until way later in the game, even with advantage, and that's the *only* thing you can get to make your shit more reliable without a spellcaster buffing you? Totally different story.

Never try and fix D&D. By the time you're you'll have written what is basically a wholly new system, so you could have just gone and gotten a better suited system for whatever you were trying to do and used that. It is what it is, unclench and play it as is, or accept that it isn't what you wanted and move on.

>The tarrasque has 30 HP

So let's see, under this system, and assuming the each hit die is a full one, a max level party would have:
>28 HP if wizard (assuming 12 con)
>40HP if rogue (assuming 14 con)
>56 HP if fighter (assuming 16 Con)
>68 HP(!) If barbarian (assuming 20 con)
Surprisingly durable desu

Don't forget about the Barbarian's capstone, so 24 Con.

>Don't waste your time on top of that.
Insert where do you think you are.jpg here

>An adult dragon can easily instantly down a level 20 character. And will probably instantly kill anyone below level 11.

I don't know if that's a bad thing or not though.

Good point, that brings it up to 76 HP.

toughness feat and high constitution would be mandatory. and with most high level monsters being able to one-shot kill players idk man

That's a good thing in my book, make dragons great again. The problem is that it works both ways. PCs will still be downing the highest monsters in one hit as well, it hardly matters which spell slot or weapon is used.


Everything would die in one hit. Sounds pretty retarded.