5 hours into questing and your mount gives you this look

>5 hours into questing and your mount gives you this look
wat do?

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remember the episode when johhny was about to fuck that furry chick?
yeah, johhny is down with fur. you should be too, you would be if you weren't a faggot

Tell her we can fuck after the Polymorph wears off. Gods, she's so NEEDY.

I tell you what senpai, Elf Slaves are Fucking Degenerates. They want to be abused and ridden like a horse whether they look like one or not.

Kill the DM, tear him apart, burn the pieces, kill his wife and children, burn down their house, plow the ashes into the earth, salt the earth and place something not unakin to the Carlisle Castle Cursing stone upon the spot to mark it for all time for all to see written in the dark script of the Fallen Priesthood of Mu.

Ah, she was a werewofl and only in furry mode during a full-moon. She good during most of the month.

So are most women.

Johny was always doing really well with the animal/furry women:
He hit it off with that deer girl, the moose woman, the werewolf chick liked him quite a lot.

I know it was meant to be a joke, but getting older I can't help but think they might have been trying to say something.

Is it bad that I'd rather fuck a horse then a furry horse woman

they are both great. but id probably rather fuck an anthro horse girl as long as she has the horse pussy still...

Get a better mount.

Well, at least you're honest.

Horses actually exist

>she was a werewofl and only in furry mode during a full-moon
She was also a stamp-collecting bald man on Wednesdays, which should make her even more acceptable here given how gay Veeky Forums tends to be.

It's bad if you go on anti-anthro tirades while still holding your interests in bestiality, yes. Kind of like the monstergirlfags who are always so eager to put down anything "actually furry" despite fulling admitting to wanting to fuck a girl with animal genitalia.

Animal person with mostly human features > monster girl with animal features > actual animals

I am morbidly curious as to the nature of the uncropped image

Hoo wee bad memories of when they turned the BBEG into a horse, and when they weren't riding or using her to pull stuff, brought stallions into the picture.

Also one Foxy Momma who was an actual fox responded well to his advances. Pity she had one line of dialogue.

Kill the dm for being an autistic furfaggot trying to ibflict his sickening fetish on me, obviously. Remember: furries aren't people, so it isn't murder

Feed it some sugar and continue on my way.


From There It actually divides further into tiers:
S-E Tier: Comprises all Monstergirls that you'd actually want to fuck, tiers are subjective. S-tier is Waifu material, A-C Tier is generally Harem quality. D-E are major Turn-offs.

F Tier: The Undesirables: Arachnea, Centaurs, Sphinx, Mermaids.

Beyond that it's pretty much Bestiality.

is this now just a johnny bravo thread?

what class would he be, in your favourite system?
what mechanics would he have, otherwise, in your favourite classless system?

He's a Low-Cha, High Str Bard. Is that even a Question?

Flaw: Ego

Somebody give him Risus Stats now.

Wasnt there a greentext where he was in 40k?


Well there was Commisar Bravo. There was also a short story where he was a guardsmen, and I know of at least one where he was the Princeps of a Titan.

Statted for Risus:
Showboating Ham (5)
Irresistible Ladies' Man (1)

Feels like I'm leaving a schtick out, but it's been over a decade since I watched it.

Equs senpai~

It's ok... I'm a player character.

Bend over and spread.amd get ready to be stretched by that loving horse cock.

Umm, why did the GM need to describe my horse trying to come on to me?
I guess I leave it in the stable with a stallion for the night. Stupid horse is probably going to get killed and eaten by a troll within a week.

Anyone have sauce?

So what's the escape artist DC?

Why do feralfags never consider the smell. Even civilized people still manage to stink like shit.

Because furries are known to stink IRL. They probably wouldn't even notice the smell.

>Arachnea, undesirable.

You can fuck right off user.

I said feralfags, not furfags.

There's a difference between people who can bathe themselves, and actual animals or beasts of burden.

I'd imagine furries would have a post-shower rub of spices or cologne, if not just scented shampoo which would be pretty effected given full-body fur

Aren't feralfags considered a subgroup of the furry thing?

i like to think (when talking about magic anything, or monstergirls, any kind of animal/beast with consciousness) it works on my little pony rules where they are all perfectly clean and sanitary

>subset of furry
... there's a difference. Despite what some people think.

The core of furry is a humanoid. It's the exotic end of humanoid without being Alien.

>I like to think they're perfectly clean and sanitary
Get a GF and you'll think otherwise.

I mean the cartoon bestiality, the kind of people that want to fuck dragons.

I think even the majority of furries are against fucking actual animals.

my perfect cartoon horse waifu is pure and clean and perfect!

I'd give her my carrot in the stables later.

>not wanting to fuck horses
>not wanting to fuck furries
>not wanting to fuck humans
>not being bisexual
>2000 fucking 17

There's no wrong way to fantasize.

You do realize that your posts are so fucking over the top and edgy that people dislike your posts more then the horsefucker's post, right?

Get some self awareness, yeesh.

Second the request for the source.

Shit nigga I think I'd fuck anything with a flow that pure. White blonde hair with that much volume can't be denied.