Malcador was right

Femarch thread? Femarch thread.

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Yes, Lorgar


Just barely NSFW - Blazbaros Primarch Rule_63 Sanguinius Warhammer_40K space_marine.png

I'm phone posting and don't know how to make the link smaller

Malcador hasd the rigght idea but the Emperor didn't want any of his "imouto" fetish bullshit!


We got Angron over here too.
best femarch waifu

You fucking heretics just get more degenerate every day!

Page after page of this Femarch shit and not one mention of our Allsexy Femperor!


Kharn is pretty good too

>just throw tits on the male primarchs, chop off their dick, and take off all their clothes

That's not the point of genderswapping


That's regular Sangui with boobs.

Such a true point
to be fair though, the emperor decided against femarch so there may be a reason for no including him but still, praise that ass

Artist's tumblr is dead. RIP
Though I think they made a new one, less active and no femarchs that I know of

Das not a femarch or Kharn, that one of the daugher AUs.

Good thing there's this, then.

thanks brother.


>swap everything except the palette.

What's even the point of gender swapping?

He decided again't making female primarchs because he didn't want to create something that would replace humanity.
And also because it would be incest after all.

>Rule63 Kharn

For the sake of uhm.. research, are there any more like this?

Okay you can't just post of them and not the other.
Shame on you, Curzefag.

Deviantart Blazbaros

He's got some of the femarch, but we should try commissioning for the ones he's currently lacking, we should get a list going for them

Someone post that femtarion one Blaz did.

It's okay that you prefer dudes, user.

>20 busty amazonian daughters constantly vying for your attention

The Emperor knew the temptation would be too great so he was smart enough not to set himself up for failure.


>tfw no sexy Alpharius and Omegon twincest

I don't think this is actually Femtarion but until we have a confirmed Femtarion it'll have to do.


Technically femarch.

Fulgrim stepped into a magic pool that turned him into a chick.
Ranma is a weird story.



The Emperor knew what he was doing, guys.

In all fairness, that doesn't seem that different from how the Primarchs actually turned out

Even the Emperor's extensive palace does not have enough bathrooms to support 18,5 primarchs.

>tfw the femhorus heresy was over who got to claim the emperor's dick

What are some games I can fuck the primarchs in, artificial academy amd anything else?

>Shaven chicks
Nah, thanks.

How's this, then? Enough hair for you?

Ok so in my defense I have to keep censoring these and then forget to attatch them after.

Do primarchs even have a gender? I thought they were basically demigods...

Well, was it 18 or 5 daughters?

18 and a half. Omegon a shit.

So I just had a strange though... wouldn't FemFulgrim be just like the regular version of Fulgrim? Lame.

But seriously though, when he was taken over by the daemon and afterwards when he decided to just stick with Slaanesh he made himself all weird and kinda androgynous... so would the rule 63 version of Fulgrim start to go all 'butch' when she falls to Chaos?

Given the context I think it's safe to assume they're men. Except Fulgrim, possibly.

waifu material right there fellas

Truer version of femDorn would be this tbqh

Probably, actually. Now that I think of it.

lol gay

Not gonna lie, for most of the femarchs, I would fucking love that build providing the face was more feminine in shape, also hair styles would be somewhat different I think for form, but you get the general idea

So something more like this?




Forget the old hags, it's time for the proper thing.

Something like that, I personally would prefer some what more feminine, but that image could work.

Because I think I have a life as I do try to stay Veeky Forums, having talked to some fairly well build women in the past, many of them do have a fairly feminine face depending on diet and any supplements

>It's possible to thicc/muscular and still remain quite feminine if you know what you're doing

And since these are creations of the fucking Emperor, something tells me their gonna be pretty fucking healthy

I was wondering when this would happen.

Side note, any Russians here? I've been looking for a comic that was about the primarchs being female. The Emperor had listened to Malcador, but then pic related (a crop from the actual comic, flipped) and had him change them all back. I remember Fulgrim in the process of running back to the group with a necklace she just bought or some shit.

I can't find it and now I'm sad.

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I want to see this comic now too

Dayum, Kharns got legs for days.

Yeah it had a bunch of the femarchs. Looking for it again is how I came across and .

If only I could remember what site it was on or the artist or if I'd SAVED THE ORIGINAL.

Oh also how I found

I should have probably noted that hair styles do have a big effect (at least for me) on feminity

she can flay me alive and keep me life in a suspended state of hell for weeks if not years if you know what I mean.


Correction, she can flay ME alive and keep me life in a suspended state of hell for weeks if not years if you know what I mean. If she does it to you I'll have to torture you to death in a highly non-enjoyable manner. Well, not enjoyable for you, at least.

She is more attractive to me than any 3DPD.
I want to sire children stronger than an ogryn with her.
I need help.

>Tan Fem Sanguinis

Now I have another insanely specific fetish that I will never find content for.

Holy fucking shit my sides.