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So jumpers how do you OC companions?




Burn it down. Start over.

You heard it here, folks: Apparently Nazis are good, according to Marvel.

Wow, I did Nazi that coming.



do NOT

Could someone explain undertale's magic system to me? Are all humans filled with DETERMINATION, or is it just the player character? What makes a monster's magic more bullet-hell than any other monsters?


Post proof.

Please, there has to be a mistake.

Well, look on the bright side!

This must mean Mjolnir's standards are garbage and just about any Jumper can pick it up, perks or no perks!

On the other hand what the fuck is wrong with this universe

Current Marvel comics is full of retcon and heresy. The MCU is unlikely to go that way due to the fact that it is a stupid way and likely to destroy a disney cash cow.

Well, these are all people who either have no attachments to or want out of their lives. Somni just wanted to be with his trainer, Oto just wanted to leave behind any reminder of her family, Zeke wanted to go on rip-roaring adventures and tear up some ass. Names are made up as appropriate for the region and time period.

I also use a lot of random generators for stuff like personality and appearance, if the description doesn't provide any.

It's a six hour game, at most, with a well fleshed out wikia. Please do your own research.

I don't care, post proof. I want the comic pages where this happens.

How quick is the dimensional travel offered in Asura Cryin'?

Monsters have instinctive magic. It's literally who they are.
They can git gud at what they have, but not many have reason too. It's like saying hello for most.

Humans have fuckloads of DETERMINATION compared to most monsters, but exceptional people like Frisk have even more than that. Some humans have different virtues they have loads of but the game doesn't focus on that at all since its mostly a dropped plot point.

Lots of what people consider to be Undertale lore is mostly made up and fanon as fuck. Don't take it too seriously.


Where'd the Rick and Morty jump go?

I mean a suicidal cancer patient apparently qualifies too


What I want to know is how the fuck humans made the Barrier if they can't use magic.


So here's a question.

For those Jumpers who didn't go Hokuto in Fist of the North Star, what martial arts path did you go? And if you went Self-Taught Style, what kind of martial art is it? DESCRIBE IT TO US.

And on a note of pic related, WHY ON EARTH DO WE NOT HAVE KING OF FIGHTERS?

>Not posting happy broken

You failed

I guess some humans can use magic but the majority can't?

Everyone has DETERMINATION. Even monsters have it, though outside of a few exceptions it's in such small trace amounts that receiving a human-level dosage would cause them to melt down into primordial goo. DETERMINATION normally is just what allows the soul to exist after death, but there's something weird about the Underground that grants the thing with the largest concentration of it (prior to the game, Flowey, and once the game starts you/Frisk) the ability to warp time. This may have something to do with W.D Gaster's work, there are hints that it was his experiments with DETERMINATION that caused him to be scattered across time. Said experiments are also possibly how Sans knows about the time loops.

As for magic, that's a lot less clear. The game doesn't really go into it. What we do know is that it's powered by the soul, and that while monster souls are much weaker than human ones, they're also much better at manipulating magic. Monsters mostly go by instinct when using their magic, the majority of the bullet hell segments are just the monsters unconsciously releasing magic while talking to you. I think there are a few comments that monsters can train it, though. Humans can learn magic, but it seems much rarer with them. A combination of a human soul for power (or multiple human souls, even) and a monster soul for control makes something very powerful. Combined with the time-warping of the Underground, and they can potentially wipe out all existence.

Lucario: My starter, at this point, excels at hand-to-hand combat, being one of the few who are a match for me. She's also strong with earth and fire manipulation, and tends to be the charismatic face of the group instead of me. Has a wolf motif going on. We're also married.

Mewtwo: I picked him up in Pokemon Trainer as well. He's good at hand-to-hand, but it's not his strong point which is his telekinesis and telepathy and anything related to that; he's an absolute powerhouse because of that. He's the brains of the group, and isn't really one for a fight like me and Lucario. Tends to stay in the background and work on things while keeping an eye on the two of us. Kind of has a cat motif.

I don't have any other really permanent companions, but some others do pop in every sometimes and leave after a while, just to keep things fresh.

Humans can use magic. They had seven master magicians at least that put the Barrier up in the first place. But that's all the details we have on that.

Humans can use magic. They just don't instinctively have it from the moment they are born and need to learn how.
This is the "official" explanation that Digger gave when asked and it's not contradicted by anything as far as I know.
Presumably it's difficult enough that it is not used much anymore by modern humanity.

The real plot hole is that monsters have internet access and don't do anything with it but shitpost at each other to waste time.

disregard Nazi hammer American and think of waifus.

So what, Fran lobotomized a bunch of girls to love an old man?

If I'm remembering right she gave him mind control pheromones.

Spider Mans ass can't solve everything user.


I am going to torture her to death.

Brocken Jr's not even a Nazi outside of his outfit and moveset names and Broken Sr.'s most notable screentime is being ripped in half by Ramenman

Link is the superior specimen. His ass can solve everything.

>Fran Madaraki has no sense of right or wrong: News at Eleven!

Seriously, though, are you not familiar with the comic? Because she has done so much worse.

Mind control just bothers me a lot more than most of it.

Franken Fran has only a sense of alive and dead. Her goal is to keep people alive. Nothing else.


Oh please its Fran. Those are vat grown clones RPing for a lonely billionaire. Totally different.

Also I'm not sure if she was personally involved this time.


Given that Mjolnir is canonically powered by an imprisoned sentient cosmic superstorm instead of being enchanted by Odin, it makes sense that the tsundere slut would want to salute the Iron Eagle instead of something as faggy as women's rights.

Now all we need is the Dies Irae jump, so we can import Hydra Cap with Mjolnir as his Relic.

She wasn't involved yeah, she just came to visit and see how it was all done. She wasn't actually the creator of this incident

Oh I see.

So only he needs to die.

>Mjolnir is canonically powered by an imprisoned sentient cosmic superstorm instead of being enchanted by Odin

He doesn't 'need' to die. Fran probably does. Someone with such an amazing combination of ability and insanity is way more dangerous to humanity's quality of life than some morally bankrupt rich guy who wants to fuk bitches.


Morally bankrupt rich guys are the major threat to humanity in general in real life, though.

Which one am I thinking about that had mind control pheromones, then? The weird giant sea cucumber that tricked people into fucking it to combat low Japanese birth rates, maybe?

Can Enchanted from King Arthur be purchased multiple times?

Yeah. That was one hypnotizing boys into thinking it was a pile of beautiful women then getting them to fuck it. I don't think it was being used to reproduce though, just as a fuck toy because someone asked for one.

I believe that was the one where she made something to stop the boys of a high school perving on the girls, at the girls request, which basiclly mind controlled the boys into seeing the big fungi mass as a mound of hot girls wanting sex

Chill out buddy. After reading God of Thunder and comparing it to new Thor, it's become abundantly obvious that Aaron is going full retard in order to sink Jane and encourage Marvel to pull back on the SJW.

That retcon, Jane wielding Mjolnir 'better' than Thor despite having inferior feats, and all the other stupid shit are just Aaron trying to sink Whor. And failing, because Whor was selling fairly well somehow.

Um. In one arc the girls of a high school asked her to make the boys less pervy. She made a hormonal organism to relirve the boys but the girls got jealous at the lack of attention until they found it.

But why alter the backstory at all? What's the point?

That's stupid. If Hydra Capt can wield it why couldn't Odin?

They really aren't. Rich guys can't stay rich and fuck teenagers if humanity is btfo. Besides that, we're talking about a chinese cartoon. A person with Fran's level of medical ability doesn't exist in the real world. Real life means nothing to begin with.

>They really aren't
Good joke.

And they can easily fuck underage girls like they do now, and it'll be even easier for them once they've destroyed the middle class and reduced everyone to slaves.

So with the drawback in GHQ to stick around for an ungodly amount of time, what's the likelihood of me being able to learn and get-close-to mastering all of the world's martial arts?

Also, no responses to ? Come on people. I know some of ya'll's have made some cool Self-Taught Styles.

I just haven't touched Fist of the North Star yet.

That's what makes me think Aaron is trying to piss people off.

Mjolnir's criteria for worthiness has always been vague. The fact that Aaron changed the hammer's origin, had Odin unable to affect it, AND had the All-Mother suddenly decide that patriarchy is evil after literal millions of years of Odin's mostly competent rule makes it obvious that he's being shit on purpose or being forced to by Marvel's nonexistent editors. There is literally no other explanation for Aaron being so shit after God of Thunder.

Does this mean Fem-Thor was a member of the Reich the whole time?

He could've just drunk the kool-aid, maybe at the urging of a girlfriend or his wife like so many others.

Pretty sure it's their own UnderNet, not the WWW as we'd think of it.
On the other hand, look at the number of shitposters on Veeky Forums - heck, just /jc/ - and it doesn't look so out there, does it?

>The real plot hole is that monsters have internet access and don't do anything with it but shitpost at each other to waste time.
But that's all humans do with it

Given that the storm is implied to be feminine, maybe she got tired of Odin's crusty old dick and Thor's righteous old dick and decided to try a well-intentioned, edgy dick? Marvel is a goddamn clusterfuck these days, so trying to think of some logical reason for the hammer choosing cap is an exercise in futility.

Sorry I didn't take self taught style. Nanto finger knives and ATATATATATATATA are simply too cool for me to pass them up.

As for KoF it's not much but you can face off with that crew in Street Fighter with the right drawback. SnK2 was the tightest shit.

I may or may not have built custom Celestial Martial arts based off grooves from that game. A-groove a best.

Apparently, the Underground actually has a lot of problems stemming from a growing population in a finite space. It's probably mostly just to distract them.

the fuck?


Alright, fair enough.

... yeah I really can't fault you there. Not with how good Kenshiro makes it look.

*His wife's son.

I'm not sure you'd have time to learn even a quarter of them.

There's a shit-ton of martial arts that've been developed throughout history. Good news is, a lot of them are similar enough to each other that you might be good regardless.

If a nazi could pick it up...

.. Do you think Tanya could?

Maybe this is better for Marvel. They just need a clean slate. Get rid of SJW stuff, bring back everyone as they were.

That anime was shit and Tanya is a terrible, ugly character. Go back to the thread I hid of yours already, and stop posting elsewhere.

Does the Imperium of Man have EMPs? In my scouring of the wiki/novels the only mention of EMPs is the Tau grenade.

I wonder If I could exploit this weakness and wreck the Imperium of Mans ships with EMP blasts rather then try to wear down their ridiculous durability.

Also to be honest I'm not a big fan of picking Drop-In. Pretty sure lots of people like going Drop-In for story or personal reasons, and there's also a tendency for Drop-In to be filled with strange or Meta Perks, which lots of people also favour (at least, from what I remember). I'll probably end up picking whichever Origin has the Martial Arts Capstone that is most fun to combine with Temple of Thought from Binbougami Ga.

I've never heard of an IoM ship breaking down because of cosmic radiation or anything, so I doubt a 'normal' EMP would do much of anything. Plus, don't they have a bunch of fancy gothic shit in the way of electronics?

Well hey, that's not a bad route.

Honestly I'm just on a big martial arts kick right now and am curious about people's stuff.

I wish to make magical girls. Are there any options to empower people outside of soul gems and starseed awakening?

There's a shit-ton, but you've got 66 million years, which is a shit-ton of time.

Lets assume you practice 12 hours a day every day, that there's no overlap between styles to help you learn them faster, and that it takes 10,000 hours to master a martial art, though I have no idea if that's anywhere close to correct. With these assumptions, you'd be able to learn 28,908,000 martial arts (66000000 years/(365 days*24/2 hours, because we assume you're sleeping and eating, /10000 hours to become a master)

Now, I'm on Google and I'm having trouble getting a clear answer on how many different styles of martial arts there are, but the larger estimates I'm seeing say "thousands." Since you potentially have time to learn "millions" of styles if you do nothing else, I'd say it's totally feasible.

The biggest hurdle for you would probably be that you'd need to wait until humanity develops if you didn't bring the knowledge with you, which will seriously impact your training time.

Or, maybe I made a huge error somewhere and am full of shit.


Basically thisTanya is too unhinged, ugly, and short for Mjolnir-chan to ever go out with her. Like she's what, 4'9"? It should be telling that Mjolnir seems to really like Captain America and Thor the best. Both of whom are 6 foot plus aryans.

Weren't they also portraying the literally Nazi Inhumans as doing good by literally gassing Marvel's minority stand-in, too?

>I wish to make magical girls. Are there any options to empower people outside of soul gems and starseed awakening?

Life Fibers.

I'm actually glad that you've mentioned that. I've neglected to brainstorm and develop my Jumper's Martial Arts, which is usually something that I really enjoy.

>Implying they're not doing the right thing
>Being pro-mutie
Go back to tumblr.

That's actually even dumber because the X-men hid the fact the gas was poisonus to them from the Inhumans. For uh reasons I guess.

Go home Canada.

>Taste this shitty
Saga of Tanya the Evil jump when?

And the Inhumans destroyed the gas the moment they learned it was poisoning mutants. So...

The Imperium of Man probably has never needed to develop EMPs considering that their enemies are

The Tyranids who are entirely organic.

Chaos who probably would just have Daemons controlling everything instead of electronics.

The Eldar and Necrons who probably have already EMP proofed their stuff but strangely do not use EMPs themselves.

The Tau, who canonically have EMPs, but are so new in the Galactic scene the the Adeptus Mehcanicus have not really adapted or changed any of their technology against them. Also the Tau only use EMP grenades for some reason.

The Orks whose technology is kept afloat by them thinking that it works.

So Imperial ships probably do not need or have anything to defend against EMPs oddly enough.

Cosmic radiation does not really compare to concentrated EMP weapons. In Star Wars the Clone Wars the Republics ships get destroyed when Grievous packs an EMP weapon on his flagship and I assume that their ships are also resistant to cosmic radiation. And we don't know how the Imperium ships would respond to EMPs because they canonically have never fought against a ship EMP weapon. But as pointed out above they probably would not be prepared against them.

So anons plan to disable the Imperium ships with EMPs might actually work.

>Mjolnir is canonically powered by an imprisoned sentient cosmic superstorm

At this point the guiding force of Mjolnir is so brain addled it would probably go "OMG trangendered woman, so brave!" and give her the power of thor.

There's plenty. FFX has perks that could easily be used to make magical girl outfits that actually work.
You could use Card Captors Ensoul to make proper gear too.
Nanoha has options as well if you consider them magical girls instead of child shaped mecha.

You could lie your ass off about what cauldron vials are when handing them out to prospective magical girls as well.

Even modern Military techs emp hardened. How bad is 40k imps at tech that they forgot that along with their black hole guns?

EMPs aren't as affective in most worlds as you'd think. Writers love the hell out of it, but that's mostly because they don't realize that EMP hardening is a thing.

>Even modern Military techs emp hardened

Not just modern. EMP hardening was invented and used in the cold war.

Shit. And with how many similarities a lot of them have, I oughta be good then. Thanks.

Ooh. Please share once you're done with it!

Question about the ranking system in the fairy tail jump.

Is the 900 cp price tag on slayer magics assuming you get a base level of raw power, or are they supposed to be just THAT GOOD?