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WBanon posted a cool battle report, many people posted their lists including Saboteur-user, and we need more poleweapons. People continue their projects, and Fear to Tread was actually good.

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

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First for first denial

I claim this thread in the name of Slaanesh. Praise be to She-Who-Thirsts.

>ywn hear IT AINT ME as you butcher Psyker scum alongside your brothers and qt null maidens


You ain't no fortunate astartes?


>implying I don't have a Siege Breaker nicknamed Agent Orange leading sniper chem-flamer vets squads into an Eldar jungle to burn the world in style

Get your hobby on pick up a paint brush not your cock and post actual content lads. What are you working on? I'm rebasing and attempting to make playable Magos Coatls force for this coming weekend

>Could have easily fit Slaaneshs' profile on the screen
>Tuck him away instead

I see what you did there, GW

Well Slaansh is also the god of tucking 'things' away for that added shock of the suprise reveal :^)

NO mention of the glorious Slaaneshi hijackings that have occurred the last two threads? You disappoint me.

Doing god's work Curzefag.

All you horny faggots derailing a perfectly decent bread should get a room and fuck off to there already. We don't have to hear all the information about your fucked up fetishes thank you very much.

Anyone know how long the 16th Legion has been without Cthonian influence?

I don't remember Solar Auxilia being traitors. No gene-enhancements, no martian-forged bodies, only lasrifles, diver suits and guts.
Everyone's a hero when there's nowhere else to run. Let's show them the love FW won't.

Marines are born for the Great Crusade
Ooh, they're red, black and blue
But when Lord Dorn says "Terra is in need"
Ooh, sail away from you, Emps
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no Primarch's, son, son
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no fortunate one, no
Some folks are born psychic bolt in hand
Emps, don't they help themselves, oh
But when the Wolf king comes to the door
Emps, the planet looks like a rummage sale, yes
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no legionnaire-son, no
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no fortunate one, no
Yeah, yeah
Some folks inherit all the sand of Mars
Ooh, they send their thralls to war, Emps
And when you hear them, "For the God Machine!"
Ooh, they only praise it more! more! more! y'all
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no tech-savant son, son
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no legionnaire one, one
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no no no
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no Primarch's son, no no no

>Let's show them the love FW won't.
Except SA are really good, with awesome models and strong rules.

>Everyone's a hero when there's nowhere left to run

Forge World does have it gold

Also, your song, fucking brilliant, Veeky Forums does get shit done

What's your list like, user? Especially that Destructor squad
I'm glad you like the name. Cóatl is nahuatl for Snek
I'll never mention derail attempts
As in, I think the guy who did them doesn't work at FW anymore. Expect marine updates like in the last three books, but no more mortal ones.

Strong tanks mostly. SA infantry is severly lacking in options sadly. There are dudes with lasguns, dudes with volkites, dudes with axes, dudes with flamers, command dudes, and that's it.
If they didn't use like ALL the IG tanks FW makes and then some they'd not even be a fully fleshed out army.

What do you guys put on to the other shoulder pad? I mean other than the obvious Legion symbol pad.

If you didn't want to hear about people's fucked up fetishes you shouldn't have come to /d/lite.

But that's not about a fetish!
That's supposed to be fun!

>phosphex cummies from Mortarion's heavy assault boner
>not a fetish

Favorite act of Chaos legions trolling?

I-it's funny because it's ridiculous, leave me alone!

Sup /hhg/, a couple weeks ago I was asking about using Custodes rules as hyped up Blackshields astartes, for the most part most of you were okay when I initially asked provided there wasn't a decent fluff backing for it. While haven't had to much time (it's amazing how when on a family vacation you have less time indulge in your self at all) to work on fluff, I was looking at rules and possible army ideas

Something I came across though was that if you allied into Marines (I will be using g basic legion stuff as the base of this "Blackshields" force and yes I know custards can't technically ally) something caught my eye in that how fucking retarded would it be to run guardian squads (or any custard) in a dreadclaw?



Very, yes.

Allies can't start a battle in each other's transports though. So thankfully it isn't possible.

Good to see the SA getting some love in here

Does anyone know how they compare in size to plastic and resin Guard kits? Are they chunky like Cadians or more historic 28mm like Kriegers and Elysians?

Chunky. They're much bigger than Kriegers and Elysians. Looks like FW gave up on truescale 28mm.

Figured it was disgusting

>Allied transport
For the sake of clarification, doesn't that only apply to dedicated transports? If you were to buy a dreadclaw as a fast attack option, wouldn't it technically be allowed?

This is a fluff army/play with friends (because you can't take Custodes as allies)

Shame, but they look good enough that I'm not gonna complain. They got that armour for days going on as well.

Transports means transports, meaning ALL tranports.

Oddly enough some SA models are taller than FW's own marines. So much for "I loves FW because they do truscale" lol

well it now also has 4 Snek cyber occularis being added in haha! and yeah totally running with the Coatl theme/name now

>Sneks with stabby knifes

Holy shit that's like two steps up the terrifying scale.

>Literal Don't step on me Occularii that will Intercept-shank you if you do
I like you, Magos.

So I don't know anything about this, but is Horus some guy with a horse head?

...he is not.

He is, however, a poopyhead.

>t. Sanguinius

No, he's some guy with a horse fetish. And history's worst recorded case of daddy issues.

>that big spiel about the sagitarrum constellation in Horus Rising

Shit, guys, how did we go so wrong? Horus and his whole brood have been equines the entire time

Why were they not called the Luna Horses?

I heard they got the name of the protagonists of the first couple HH books mixed up. Garviel Loken was initially slated for the Death Guard.

The Sons of Horus' 10th company captain was gonna be called NEIGHthaniel Garro



It might seem very realistic, but if you look closely I think he's just wearing a mask.


Well don't fucking scare me like that again, user.

>TFW building parts for a model your gaming group is going to despise

I now have a mental image of a cannon that shoots space marines.

I think it's a photoshop. I can tell by the pixallation and from seeing quite a few photoshops in my time.

He posted this in the wrong thread.

This is the weapon Belisarius Cawl has been working on for the past 10000 years.

>tfw you're supposed to think he's talking about the Titan, but he's actually talking about playing Custodes

Man I WISH bolterstodes were OP.

>ywn purge the plebian marine scum with your Emperor-crafted bolters
>ywn be the troops choice for an AoD CAD


Custode/Titan poster here.

I fucking love Sagittarum, and have 10, but it's a shame they're very mediocre for their cost and wargear. Make them the standard 55 points and they'll be balanced. A base squad of 5 shouldn't run more than 275 points.

I don't think my friends will like 3 D spam weapons on my Reaver; but thankfully it's magnetized.

I second this, I was planning on doing Alpha Legion. Should I do a hydra on one shoulder and the Alpha on the other?

Any guides for getting wear and tear on the models for absolute beginners? Not the guy who posted IW last thread but my first set of marines have that same new look and I'd like to fix that.

>painting your Alpha Legion as Alpha Legion

no one would expect it.


Which plastic baneblade variant would you use as an LoW in a space marine list? Iron Hands specifically.

Baneblade classic unless you know your list needs a particular variant, i.e. a WE stormlord party bus or a spartan-popping shadowsword, although the fellblade is both better in looks and performance, and an actual space marine vehicle. Go get some china if you're cheap

Stormlord, probably.

No, even at 55 per dude they'd be pretty fucking terrible. Make their gun 36" Salvo 3/3 and we can talk, give them Sniper to match their fluff and they might actually be worthwhile to bring instead of literally anything else except maybe Guardian Squads.
FW, y u no internal balance?

stormlords 4 days

Ask /WIP/, they'll probably help you more than we can here in /hhg/

Does that Word Bearers player post here? I think I've seen those Gal Vorbak before

Duncan may be a meme but WHTV has lots of great guides for beginners. Here's some videos that may interest you.




IW ambushing AL in Tallarn Ironclad was a nice twist.

nah I don't think he posts here, but he's the only 30k player I play against so most of my pics are with his dudes.

If you can take it, the Hellhammer has always been a personal favourite. Not perhaps as iconic as the regular Baneblade, but what you hit will almost certainly be dead, which is what you really need from something that expensive. Also nice against Mechanicum or Custodes, where you'll be forcing invuln or die or just flat out eliminating whole units of Thallax and Myrmidons.
Stubby turret means you can feel somewhat safer than normal getting up close and personal, too. You can't do the Mechanicum trick of granting the whole damn thing Interceptor, but you can make it regenerate.

>3.84 MB

Here's the thing
I like the idea behind the guard of the crimson king
Magnus with Terminator troops, Dreadnoughts plus some of those robots and blade cabals sound awesome

I've heard some pretty bad horror stories though, is running this kinda thing really that bad? I mean it looks powerfull but also has a lot of limitations

Shadowsword is sexy as fuck.

The limitations are largely irrelevant because you were going to abide by them anyway.
Sekhmet compulsories? They're one of the strongest units in the whole game, are cheap and scoring. Who cares?
More Infantry than vehicles? Aforementioned Sekhmets and a whole bunch of your squads are psychic, plus you can still bring all the vehicles you want as long as you have them as DedicatedTransport, which evens out numbers with the squad inside it.
ML3 Praetor or Magnus as Warlord? Magnus can probably win the game by himself and you want to squeeze mastery out of every HQ slot anyway.

In return you make all those Sekhmets tougher by quite a margin and gain all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of Orbital Assault and Primarch's Chosen.

>tfw you find your new waifu

I'm confused as to who's that supposed to be? it's got the fist so I want to say Dorn, but it has the laurels so emperor?

>Only one eagle

That ain't the Dorn I know

All FemPrimarchposters need to be banned.

Ahhh might be that, I recognice your dorito dancer

Which? More infantry than vehicles? Oh, bohoho, that surely matters for a psychic legion. No allies? Allies that would likely not contribute to the psychic fuckery or do something that can't be replicated by the TS themselves better anyway. Mandatory Mastery3+! Yes, that sure is a downside.
And what do you get? The best terminators as troops, more reliable psychic fuckery, free deepstrike and a freed LoW slot, none of which are insignificant.

Perhaps this is more to your liking, then?

GOTKC with a ML3 Praetor I feel is alright. For one, your praetor will cost you 250 points or more. You already are paying half of Magnus.

Sekhmet are compulsory troops, meaning your Praetor's Arcana must match the Sekhmet's. So you are forced into Raptora. You're going to be casting on a 4+ unless you buy into the shit Telekinesis powers.

You could still spam Sekhmet, but IMO 2 is the sweet spot anyway.

>thicc blacc dude
>david bowie with wings
>goth trucker
>ugly ginger
>autist with a momcut
>University professor who thinks he's still hip and happening
>male ballerina
>that one friend of a friend thats permanently losing and gaining their faith
>what people think irish mafia look like
>what your grandma thinks punks look like
>owns a strip club
>bouncer at the strip club
>/k/ autist with an engineers dress sense
>depressed dude working a job he hates
>chemtrails control your mind, duuuude
>if i take off the hoodie will he die?
>white elven morpheus

That's more or less what I'm doing (though it needs to be the alpha/omega combined symbol). I made one out of plasticard using my incredible scalpel skills, and used that to make a press mould. It's still a bit of a bitch, as you kind of need to trim off a load of flash for each one, but it looks great. I did the same thing for the hydra pads because I'm a glutton for punishment, and I don't really like the FW ones enough to pay £1 a pad for them.

Are Primarchs bald, or shaven?

They are never explicitly mentioned shaving but there are mentions of them having stubble/5 o'clock shadow after they have one of their trademark strops and hide from their legion for a bit. So I imagine that they shave.

I believe Russ in Wolf King and Lorgar in The First Heretic are two examples of this.

Most of the primarchs have hair anyway, right? The only confirmed bald/shaven ones are Horus, Lorgar, Alpharius, and Vulkan, with Pert, Angron, and Morty unknown because their hair is covered or replaced by tubes/nails/a hood.

Notably, that list is almost all traitor. Perhaps it's like chaplains and the ecclesiarchy in 40k, in that the shaven-headed marines of the Imperium have adopted practices that were exclusive to the heretical back in 30k.

Magnetise between stormsword and shadowsword. Gets you either a D weapon or an ignores-cover-AP2 big blast, depending on which you need for a particular battle, and you only have to buy a single kit.

You can fully magnetise a baneblade kit if you hate yourself and have too much spare time.

This week I want to start painting my Night Lords, having finally amassed a full list and finished building it Just need to finalise a paint scheme I'm happy with. Also have a thousand points of taghmata to finish painting.

I have to finish a ten man squad of mk III, 4 tartaros terminators and 5 guys with plasma guns before the fifth of may because I'll get erebus and kor phaeron and a spartan for my birthday. So much work to do for my Word Bearers!

Do you guys use FW rhinos and vindicators? They look really ugly to me. While land raiders, predators and superheavies are cool, rhinos are just like the old models in a bad way and the vindicator looks retarded. I don't know if that's just me, what do you think?

I think GW rhinos look better and FW vindicators look better. However my autism won't let me use GW rhinos.

Why? They were certainly around, not like Mars only came into being post-heresy. If anything, there'd be more Mars Pattern around, it's much bigger.

I feel the same, like people would think I am a cheap ass buying those like if I were using mk VII marines... I know it's stupid guys but I really feel bad

Smash it Anons, get in and start batching that shiz up and then post the pics. Magos Coatl just hatched a litter, if he can do it anyone can!

Painting these sons of ultramar heads as trophies for my tartaros at the moment. Calth veterans is a cool theme for my army right?

[urge to be a chucklefuck rising]