Humans: John Doe

>Humans: John Doe
>Dwarves: Urist McBeard

What could other races have as "generic, non-descript" name? What about Elves, Orcs, Halflings, etc?

>Anõni Môz (Male)
>Anœni Mįće (Female)

No clue for first names, but I submit "Silverleaf" as the genetic elf surname.

I second this motion.
Generic as fuck.

Ashgârn Skullaxe

I've literally never heard of an Ashgârn.

Skullaxe is ok though.

elf : trefuker

Halfling: fram bristlefoot.

I always think of Etherniel or Luthandril as a generic elven name.

Orcs seem to be something brutal sounding - like Urgak, or Rotgar.

Orc: Ugog.

Lianolorindros Silverleaf. Lian for short.

Uglûk. I think he was some orc from LotR? Sounds generic as fuck in any case.

Something short and kinda cheerful, but also mundane. Like Bran.

Orcs: Baghb

>Anelf Treestrider
>Grumpmug Rageblade

"Greenleaf". It's literally Legolas' name.

Bran Barefoot

>Daarkan Malaelf

Thats all Ive got.


I'll have you know I come from a proud lineage of Bristlefoots!

John Smith

Ragnar Hammerbeard

>Half orc

Tomball Fuzzybottom

Fritz Wizzlecog


Underrated post


Mr Underhill.


Kimble Underwizzle

While they do follow the naming conventions to a degree, I don't think these are simple or fitting enough to be generic names of their respective races.

Generic names stick because they sound like they could easily fit into that culture without any extra attention served. These just sound half assed I guess.

Does not sound halfling

Does sound halfing

Some of my halfling names:
Nibs Greenhand
Paddy Cobblepots
Humphry Hogpen
Sara Goodbarrel

Kobold - Meepo or Urk


holy fuck Meepo became a meme with my old group

Gruk Spinecrush

Axbeard Beardaxe

>Bjorn Stronginthearm

Legalize Greenleaf

Elf: McGee the Slitherydee

I'd hesistate to call them even quarter assed.

Part of the problem is that there are very few sources for names for characters.
I have an Illuskan female and there's only a small list of names I can use.
Also, fucking elf names are stupid
Also I would like people to rate my name for my half-orc. His name is Rut.

They are elves, not shit eating Romanians

Is there a historical point to wrapping a cloth around a sword like that? Seems utterly pointless.

Some twohanders have a leather wrapped ricasso that you could grip if you needed more leverage. Usually these also have parrying lugs at the end of the ricasso, to protect your hand if you did.

That's the closest historical equivalent you'll get, so not close at all really. The guy in OP's pic seems to have done it so it'd be more comfortable to shoulder like that, or to reduce the risk of accidents when he stops posing like a twat and shoulders the blade flat down-edges sideways instead for carrying it.

Makes sense, thanks user

Melf and Felf for first names is mandatory.

Tankhard "The Tank" "Tossback" Beerbeard

Slandryous Silverslap

Chubkyns Tubswuzzel

Glorrough Slabkrack

He'll also do you a crossbow for a very reasonable price.

>he gives his characters surnames


That's a Veeky Forums and autismal gaming meme. If I told that to a random person, they would give me a blank stare.
The stereotypical name for a dwarf that everyone would really recognise as such in real life is Gimli.