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First for the Dark Eldar! Long live Commorragh!

In 8th edition all vehicles will be walkers and all walkers will be monstrous creatures

cap this

reposting question from last thread:

What're the odds that Blood Angels get their own fliers like Dark Angels or Space Wolves?

Low, which is kind of dumb since BAs were some of the first to have actual flyers

I guess I shouldn't write lists since 8th is so close?

So I guess I'll just ask this instead, who's your favorite character and/or your favorite unit in your army? I love Asmodai and Interrogator-Chaplains, real cool lore and units, as well as Asmodai having a Company Master Statline and Interrogator-Chaplains having the same statline at WS5.

>favorite character

Fire Raptor is literally what you want anyway. BA-exclusive armament that directly supports your dudes.

Nigga you already have memestrike missiles and a whole crapton of unique units and models, unlike DA, and unlike SW you're not a furry. Like, nigga, you have your own Tactical squad. That can take Heavy Flamers. You can flame better than the Salamemers.

>so extremely assravaged he made it the threat edition

I personally like my Overlord the most. I've fluffed him as being a melee fanatic, he used to engage in grand duels and extravagant displays of swordsmanship, lording it over the lords in his court, but since biotransference he has a nagging feeling that he can no longer fight as well as he could in his fleshy body, and constantly strives to push himself in combat, making reckless challenges against enemy combatants in a desperate attempt to validate himself. I also like Overlords in general because they're useful.

Her Excellence herself.

She's also pretty good at killing hordes of T3 models.

>the thread edition means anything
medium jej

Bottom of 5. Panic

Someone wasn't on the previous thread I see. Some retards actually arguing that Walkers were vehicles getting consistently btfo until they resorted to name calling and invocations of their 'cheetahfag' boogeyman.

It's hilarious shit.

My favourite character is Inquisitor-Lord Varius also known as the best inquisitor that 40k has ever seen since he got shit done and created uberguardsmen.
On the tabletop my favourite unit has to be remora drones for the tau. I know tg hates tau but the remora drones are the epitome of the tau doctrine. I have a pair of stealth teams infiltrating up when bam, I deep strike the remoras in to the centre of the map (4 of them) and with tank+monster I rip through anything with AV12 or a 4+ save while not being a fucking suit spammer since personally I find the larger suits hideous and overdone.

you're not gonna fuck up this thread. past this point there shall be no more (You)'s for you.

my body is ready, I've been such a bad girl...

Screw it, might as well post my list anyways. It could probably be better, but it's mostly out of stuff I want to build. What do you think, anons? I have 5 points left over, dunno what to do with them.

Dark Angels Lion's Blade
Battle Demi-Company
Company Master, 90
+Artificer Armor, 20
+Stormshield, 15
+Relic Blade 25
+Jump Pack, 15
Total, 165

3xTactical Squad, 70
+5 Marines, 70
+Plasma Gun, 15
+Combi-plasma, 10
+Heavy Bolter, 10
Total, 175 (525)

Dedicated Transports
4xRhinos, 35
+Dozer Blade, 5
Total, 40 (160)

Devastators, 70
+4xPlasma Cannons, 60
+Combi-Plasma, 10
Total, 140

Assault Marines, 70
+5 Assault Marines, 70
+Jump Packs, 30
+2xFlamer, 10
+2xEviscerator, 50
+Veteran Sergeant, 10
+Power Sword, 15
+Combat Shield, 5
+Melta Bombs, 5
Total, 265

Interrogator Chaplain, 110
+Jump Pack, 15
+Mace of Redemption, 30
Total, 155

10th Company Support
Scout Squad, 55
+4 Sniper Rifles, 4
+Missile Launcher, 15
+Camo Cloaks, 10
Total, 74

Complete Total, 1494

Assuming fixed hit/wound rolls and wound values on tanks, how could you justify 50 lasguns killing a landraider?

you all ready for wysiwyg painting rules?

dont take photos with a potato please.

I hope they have a certain characteristic/keyword for weapons that indicate whether or not they can damage vehicles. Otherwise the return of blob guard would truly be complete and, Lord knows, GW can't have that happen.

Game continued to turn 6 and break tests left me with two Guardsmen. Henry hero there in the middle hit the genestealer with a Krak that failed to wound it and got shredded when he charged.
That fuck off in right field has linebreaker but literally is the only unit left on the table.
The dream is dead

I'm hoping it cuts down on the grey plastic hordes I keep seeing at my FLGS

Well, I mean, they can't just have army-wide special rules for each of the different factions for that army and let you pick one of them. Gotta have them painted or else someone might get confused.

I have a lore question. In the fluff for the Vostroyan Firstborn, the regiments are comprised of the first sons of every household on Vostroya, yet there is official artwork of female Vostroyan's. My question is, when they say first son, do they explicitly mean the first son, or do they mean the first child?

It actually might be neat for that alone. Applying this to 40k, if there was a blurb about the Chapter tactics being based on the chapter or successor chapter the model was painted as, then you could have it for any homebrew chapters that somebody comes up with by calling it a successor, while also having a RAW advantage against anyone running Grey Tide


In case any of you wanted to know what that song was in the 40k reveal trailer. God damn I forgot how god damn good Space Marine was, and it was unironically my introduction to this game. WHO HYPE FOR STORY ADVANCEMENT?

>the year GW first published a painting rule

What is Orkz with red paint?

The real question is will anyone follow the painting rules if they implement them.

Probably my juggerlord. I haven't done a whole lot with him yet since I'm still putting my army together but he was one of the first minis I've painted and based and when it finally all came together I fell in love with the guy.

Forge world had an optical camo vehicle option in one of the books and said your model should be painted to represent it

BEHOLD! GW's new map of the galaxy. Imperium torn asunder.

Gullimans loyalists in the SW. Imperium Nihlus in the NE. Chaos rifts splits the galaxy in half. My beloved Tau about to get shit on by a Necron Dynasty, Tyranid Hive Fleets out the ass, and Chaos rifts ona ll sides from the Jericho Reach (which is now canonically goes to chaos based on this map).

The best thing about my Tau about to get squatted? The Space Marines and IoM couldn't do shit to us. Took some real enemies to bring us down. Hahah! The Space Marines will NEVER beat us. You never will either since the IoM is split in two now. No more manpower or resources for you ahhaha.



>Red Paint Job
>Distinctive Paint Scheme
>Chapter fucking Tactics

First, the art you've seen is from Fantasy Flight Games. Second, it's first born SON. The female soldiers of the Vostroyan first born are VOLUNTEERS who are allowed to join the regiments.

>we will never get a sequel to space marine

Lets say Lasguns are:
Range 18, 2 Attacks with 5+/5+ and rend of -
50 lasguns equals 34 hits, equals 12 wounds.
Then lets say a Landraider is 20 wounds with a 2+ save. Thats 2 unsaved wounds or 10% of its total wounds.
Or if a Landraider gets a 1+ save and therefore cannot be harmed by anything without a rend value.

If I recall a lot of that artwork came from Fantasy Flight Games RPG books, specifically Only War. Whilst they had the license I imagine they had some creative freedom here and there.

So do you, whilst I believe there is no word from GW on the matter. Do the what the hell you please, give it a nice fluffly reason like as time dragged on Vostroya turned around and thought, lets build on this old rule, famlies have to give give their firstborn son AND daughter. Maybe siblings even hold it above the over when they are the true firstborn of the family.

>ywn play the Space Marine sequel
>ywn play the level where you pilot a Land Raider
>ywn play the level where you fight from the perspective of a Dreadnought

Don't be sad user. Captain Titus lives on no doubt. And besides, given DoW3, we wouldn't want another Space Marine from modern Relic.

The Emperor Protects. Be hype for 8th edition, and may we see his glorious return.

>Doesn't post a picture on an image board
>Makes wild assumptions

>The best thing about my Tau about to get squatted?

You sound like a dumbass Imperialfag who is false flagging.

Do what you want, by the time it's built and painted any advice we give now will probably be irrelevant.

I'd love if he got recognized by GW and given rules. He already has a mini technically, along with Sidonus.

>we'll never get the reveal at the end of the game that Sidonus lives as a dreadnought

Here is your picture.

>Be hype for 8th edition, and may we see his glorious return.
Wow wow hold on there, if Veeky Forums have to learn something is not to get hype until we have the thing, too many horrible things have happened because of this

Carcharodons make an appearance in DoWIII, will this mean we'll finally get more info on them?

>white scars homeworld not listed

White Scars confirmed squatted

At least Earthshade is safe.

Yes Because I took the time to paint my Death Guard "properly"

Finally a brother to join us in limbo! At least you have Doomrider to keep you company.

>Plague Planet not listed withib EoT
Death Guard confirmed squatted

I think people will to some degree, depending on how tight they are.
Like, if you've at least started to work on the appropriate scheme it's ok, but a single base coat (or coloured primer) isn't enough would be cool.
Needing everything done and complete people will ignore it.

Are we going to see a new armageddon campaign with chaos?
Alternatively, will the imperial armour after fires of cyraxus go back to elysia and see the clusterfuck of drop troops vs daemons?
Either way, are both armageddon and elysia fucked?

So the new DOW3 game has Dire Avengers going up against Tactical Marines in a straight up slug fest (ranged). Is this supposed to happen on tabel top?

Angron is going to destroy Armageddon

I was expecting the planet of sorcerers to be closer to Fenris.

kek'd at the daemonette and the guardian

Also; How well understood is the WAAAGH! as a phenomenon in-universe? Is the Orks' latent psyker ability something the Ordo Xenos have actually studied and catalogued?

>Imperial Armor
How good are those? I checked the 13th volume and didn't like their 'for the evulz' portrayal of Chaos.

They do?

Awesome. My favorite chapter. Is there any more info about what they do in game?

>implying anyone will actually give a fuck

By make an appearance do you mean they show up in the army painter? Or was there more?

>have white scars
>have nids
>neither on the map
o im mad

Meme it.

Fantasy Flight Games is not canon, nor official.

Army painter only.

>supposed to play game today
>sleep instead
>miss text at noon
>see it at 3
>feel bad and sleep until 7
>still feel bad

Don't into depression, anyone. It sucks.

FFG is/was entirely official, and post a source on it being non-canon or fuck off.

go excersize it makes you feel better.

My Chaos Terminator Lord, a pleasant chap who is incongruously friendly even in the midst of committing atrocities. His biggest wish is to go and meet "my dear Uncle Guilliman" face to face and have a chat. Maybe eat some tea and scones or hack his head off, it depends.

It can. Dire Avengers have Aspect armor, which while not as good as power armor, can stand up to a bolter round about half the time.

They also have Avenger shuriken Catapults, which have enough range to match a bolter for distance most of the time, and while it'll often glance off their armor, they have Bladestorm which will let them pierce through weaker spots and deal damage that way.

You could easily see a protracted gunfight between the two.

Yeah sure I'll make sure to use my Canon 5D Mk Ferman for the next kitchen table game.

Don't bother, he's probably one of the retards that would argue Forge World isn't canon because it's not published by Games Workshop.

Fumbles, Crumbles, and Mumbles. Seen in the back and collectively known as Mon'keigh Business.
They rarely get shit done but it's never a bad time when I take them.

Considering that the RPGs have never been referenced, and the fact that a good portion of the things in them have been retconned if they were canon, I highly doubt it. Especially since they're an actual 3rd party producer, alongside none of the video games being canon either.

No, Forge World is a 1st party and is part of GW. FFG and the other producers are 3rd party and not canon.

>exercise meme

People always say that, but it isn't a sure fire fix. Maybe for a case of the blues or something, but going to the gym religiously for 3 months straight did nothing for me, me mentally. It'll take more than some weights and a treadmill to fix my mess because people have been trying for most of my life already.

>"So I finally get to meet you, "Lord" Guiliman...I will end you and your miserable, rotten corpse of an Imperium and.."
>*Guiliman teleports behind him*
>"Nothin personnel kiddo"
That's probably more accurate than you'd like to think.

I've got a Pathfinder team with a Cadre Fireblade that I've got kitted out as my main squad. 4 Gun drones total, one of each of the special weapons, a Pulse accelerator drone, the works.

I outflank them and blast away into the enemy's backline with Split Fire special weapons and 24 inch volley fire carbines.

I mean, the RPGs have never been referenced in any official source, and neither have the video games. It makes sense to me that they'd be non-canon like user said.

>Considering that the RPGs have never been referenced
Read the Inquisition codex, material that originated in Dark Heresy such as the Tyrantine Cabal is referenced several times.
>a good portion of the things in them have been retconned if they were canon
Such as?
>none of the video games being canon either.
Yeah in the canon the Blood Ravens are just a noname chapter with no history right?

>FFG and the other producers are 3rd party and not canon
You've proved nothing. This is not an argument.

>Implying he would be that uncivilized
>Implying he wouldn't call Guilliman "uncle"

10,000 year old grudges are no reason to be rude, user.

>capable of anything worthwhile
Unless he's being babysit I seriously doubt it

My favorite unit is probably the Terminator Chaplain, because the model just looks so damm cool, and my favorite character is my Ironclad dreadnought, Castidian Fellfall. He's destroyed many a tank and is an excellent distraction while the rest of my Imperial Fists spread out or move forward.

Nice suppositions. Don't pretend your moronic opinions are fact.

Calling it now:
The new Scar is the seam of a gigantic new Eye of Terror not yet opened. Chaos's next grand scheme will be to get the new Eye to open, engulfing the Galaxy. (The old Eye looks like a tear duct, for Chaos to flow through)

Ready for the shit 8ed? Unless you are irremediably hopeful any sane person would know this will fracture this very generals and shit all over the game community, I can't wait to see the shitfest this new edition is going to be a delicious rage storm between the pro and anti 8ed.

holy shit, Abaddons plan is working??

It looks like a right eye.

Which primarch is missing their right eye?

Thanks for explaining the joke, everyone knew this, it's GW so no quality writing, their plots are easily spotted

Manus is missing his whole head.

Curze, although he's missing a lot more than that being dead and all.

>Favorite Character
Straken. Too expensive and every game I've brought him he doesn't do much.
>Favorite unit
Tie between Sentinels and Bullgryn, but I take Armored Sentinels every game. Bullgryn never do anything the times I've taken them.

7th is ending soon though, so maybe I'll say fuck it and just play with Straken with Nork and a big squad of Bullgryn.

you'll be sorry

So guys, what all do you think is going to happen story wise? The clock has been five minutes to midnight for 30 years now and it appears all these plans are unfolding all at the same time and finally things are starting to go down. Do you think Terra will be invaded? And that something might happen regarding the Emperor?

>being such a massive faggot
You're the one who should fix your shit life. It's alright if you want to be a whiny weakling, but don't bring other people down just to fulfill your attention needs.

Are Tau vespids really that bad, guys? I really like the looks of the models, and skitarii seem to do fine with 12" range.

A swell dude. You should go back and clean him up a bit. Give him some layers and highlights, he has huge potential.

Can't hear you over the sound of 70 sectors in 200 years.