>Worshipping an impotent corpse
>Not the invincible Gods of Chaos

Have there ever been bigger cucks than Imperialfags?

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Chaos is best stepdad.

>slaneesh is kill

Lmao ok fag

>He thinks Ynnead isn't just another snack

If Slaanesh were worried Fulgrim + the entire EC Legion + a thousand KoS would pounce on the Ynnari the moment Cadia fell.

>It's a chaosfags dick wave angerly even though we all know that in the end chaos will win thread

A thread died for this

Papa Nurgle will bring it back as a zombie.

...is there an uncensored version somewhere?


slaanesh is best god

>not ruling

>d.Squatted loser

Nagash chucked Settra so hard it took out his entire faction.

Actually, TK is still legally playable & top tier at that. Their models aren't being produced anymore but they're still making high ranks in tournaments.

Slaanesh is best prince/god. Better than a corpse parasite at least.

If they're so great how come Abaddon doesn't have any arms?

Fuck you Nurgle is the best

Slaanesh >>> Tzeentch > Khorne >>> Nurgle


Buncha 'lil shits on here tonight, gonna have to clean house.

I'd rather dying knowing I fought for what's right than live having surrendered to evil.

the imperium commits evil constantly though

Living is a sin against the Emperor since you're helping Chaos by indirectly having emotions.

The Emperor might be a prick. But he's humanitiy's prick.

But, he's huge hypocrite
>Turbo atheist who hates religion then becomes a god
>Made everyone ignorant about Chaos; giving them a surprised attack against Humanity
>Is zombie feeding on souls
Give me ONE good reason why Humanity wouldn't be better off without him.

the Imperium at least does nasty shit for a reason, literally the end point of every chaos worshiper is death or "commit horrible atrocities to make my gods Dick hard"

but the same horrible acts are done anyway. Does the reason really matter much?

I don't really think "reason" is a suitable word to use in the 40k universe. Everyone is a dick in degrees and do things that correspond to their morals and needs.

Arguably yes.

The Imperium invades and genocides a world, they then build a functioning society on the new land. Khorne cultists invade and genocide a world, the world is left uninhabited and the only person who gains from this is Khorne.

The Imperium of Man kills you for your wallet and feeds their family with it, chaos kills you and burns your wallet for the lulz.

the imperium builds their own society, which functions. But if that's okay, then why not just let the tyranids take everything? They have a far more funtional society than the imperium

Because the Tyranids aren't a society, they're animals that are all mind-controlled by a individual will which may or may not have complex emotions.

Also I'm not saying that it's okay for the Imperium to do what it does, merely that it's superior to Chaos, where no society functions.

>spend 10,000 years failing to take cadia
>when it's literally RIGHT IN YOUR DOORSTEP
baka traitor

well abaddon is shit though


And he manages to lose an irreplaceable Blackstone Fortress in the process.

There's none.Even his FTL is crappy.All hail our new overlord Aza'gorod.
>Have there ever been bigger cucks than Imperialfags?
There are three;the idiots who worship giant piles of psychic shit,the pointy ear faggots and the I WAZ JUS' PRETEND'N TO BE A RETARD WAAAAGH! faggots

And the new skellies are right around the corner. They'll clearly need somebody to lead them!
And I don't think the Gods of Chaos should try to talk shit about people being squatted so hard they're out of the game....should they, Slaanesh?

It's all good, Creed may be gone, but he tagged Rowboat in on the way out of the match.


He's the only thing keeping Chaos at bay. Terra, rightfully, should be the center of a second Eye of Terror.

>chaos kills you and burns your wallet for the lulz
Maybe Khorne, i.e. the worst chaos god.

>>Turbo atheist who hates religion then becomes a god
>saying it like this was his intention and not the cruelest of ironies forced upon him by fate
>>Made everyone ignorant about Chaos; giving them a surprised attack against Humanity
>as opposed to letting humanity know about them and feed them even more easily
>>Is zombie feeding on souls
>is the only thing ensuring humanity's survival by providing FTL travel and keeping Terra from becoming the second Eye of Terror

>hates on his species' mesiah
>will claim he's not a parasite worshiping cuck

>be the ubermench daemonic demigod Warmaster of the Legions of Hell
>constantly get cucked by a regular old man
>when you FINALLY manage to get the best of him, a legend of the past, son of the setting's mesiah returns to fuck your shit up
How can Abaddonfags go on?

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The mental image of Creed knowing he's fucked and calmly lighting a cigar as he's about to face a Chaos powered Astartes in terminator armour is one of the more badass things in 40k and a fine sendoff.

Don't forget that a depowered Celestine managed to stab him in the back as well.

>All deez gitz muckin about wif a buncha Squigshit
Hurrhurr, das a funny one innit

>Hates on his species' messiah

Why do Imperialcucks hate Lorgar so much, user?

C'tan are best

poll to determine best god

>turboautist who desperately needs to be someone's bitch so he leads his sons and half of his brothers into damnation
>''muh truth'' while all he does is spread lies
>chaos whore calling anyone a cuck when his entire existence revolves around bending over and taking it in the ass from parasites who are scared shitless of the so-called corpse
Why do you devalue yourself so much that you think slavery a virtue, user?