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>GM or Player
>Time availability
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
>Additional Information

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bump with no games

Do not reply to this cuck, as he has no games.

Boy, this just needs to be stickied.
The Game Finder thread is a great part of Veeky Forums, but it it dies too quickly during a dry week/month.


>Whichever I don't mind
>Fridays or Saturdays any time 12Pm+ (pst)
>Preferred text IC and voice PIC but whatever works
> discord: cAPSLOCK567#3515
> I've got a good amount of rp experience under my belt and am pretty chill with whatever. I know what it's like to be a dm so I'm willing to help out with whatever you need. I've mostly.played pf but I've got nothing going on so I'm willing to branch out.

I am in a desperate situation. I need money and I have nearly no marketable skills but writing well and GMing.

I am looking for players willing to pay for sessions. I am willing to ERP and indulge anyone's fetishes, I am willing to act however you wish out of character and I am willing to run most systems for anyone's pleasure.


I'm not sure what there is to be skeptical about. Even $1 would help here.

I'm sure there are fast food joints hiring in your area.

Take it to roll20. They now allow you to run pay to play games

Make one of those patreon sites and lottery away slots for campaigns
post podcasts/stories written from the podcasts
post your campaigns as pdf and make them easy to use for the erp community themselves

become the porn critical role

after 5 seconds of thought I even have a name for your group:

critical hole

Posting again to see if there are any games on Sunday looking for a player.
Would prefer text, but voice is doable.

A shame I'm low on money myself, I'd just hire you to ghost write for me.

>GM or Player
D&D 4e
>Time availability
3AM GMT+3/Helsinki time
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
Discord: natuprunk#4154
>Additional Information
I'm running a high fantasy campaign set on a floating continent discovered 200 years ago.
The players take the role of mercs or explorer-adventurers working more or less for a guild funded by scholars and nobles all looking to make great discoveries. The Archaeological Association of Cloud Continent aka TASCC recruits anyone willing to work for them to retrieve artifacts and valuables, anything you can carve off the local wildlife and any and all information in the form of documentation of the unexplored areas.

I'm a fairly inexperienced DM, but the group has players with some prior experience, some more, some less. Got room for a couple more, currently have 3 confirmed players.

Agreed, as it is now most of the posts are bumps or memes.

There's always a Finder thread up anyways so i agree, no reason to not have it stickied

I've never played anything before, but I've wanted to play DnD since I was younger and haven't had the chance. I work in food and beverage so hours are weird. I'm off now but once summer hits it'll be balls to the wall, so I was thinking my best bet would be like a 1 am Thursday morning EST (as in after midnight Wednesday) I'm looking for something fairly vanilla and old school and I have to be honest I'm about as far from nerd culture as you can get these days with the clear exception of being stuck here forever. I'm a lot more fluid time wise until Memorial Day so I wouldn't mind a short thing for shits and gigs prior. Text only, you can just get at me here if you like.

>GM or Player
GM, looking for 1 player
D&D 5e
>Time availability
Monday and Wednesday 9PM-2AM CST
>Text or Voice
Voice done on Discord, Roll20 for everything else.
>Contact Information
discord- poot7#9433
>Additional Information
We have 4-5 players and alternate between 2 campaigns on Mondays and Wednesdays. We really just need someone to fill in a role on Wednesday's but if that person wanted to participate in Monday's, they'd be welcome.

New players are welcome, we're about to start Only War for the first time so we're going to be learning as we go. We only ask that you be outgoing and not powergamers. We have had our fair share of wallflowers and selfish players.

>GM or Player
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition
>Time availability
Fridays, any time between 8am-3pm Eastern.
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
Skype is SkeltalPrime
>Additional Information
I'm wanting to primarily run a Bretonnia-centered game with the PCs being knights errant or commonborn members of a knightly retinue. Never actually run WFRP 2e before but it's one of those games I fell in love with the instant I read it, and I've always wanted to. Anyone with experience in the system would be greatly appreciated.

The tone of the campaign can be discussed as a group. I definitely don't want it to devolve into an extended Monty Python's the Holy Grail reference but I also don't want grimdark nofunallowed.

Why so early you third shift?

Basically, yeah.

Such a perfect game
Only, it had to be text
Haiku of sadness

Text AND a shit timeslot.

No, the time would have been great for me. Probably.

If that was Tuesday or Wednesday I'd be in.

Anyone here interested in running a game of Pokemon Tabletop United/Adventures?

I know one person in this thread is. Hell, they even posted a pokemon trainer.

Yeah, sorry about that. All my attempts at VOIP gaming as DM or player have gone poorly so I generally just stick to text.

Okay, not that guy.

Then you have to run it yourself then.

I've tried to run the game repeatedly, everyone in my group of Pokemon Tabletop friends always quits my games because they hate the way I DM.

Then advertise right here, right now and run with randoms.

After four campaigns that I worked really hard on where all my players jumped ship, I've lost the will to DM the game. I'd only be interested in playing it.

Before I tried DMing we did play a two+ year long campaign that I was a player in, so it wouldn't be my first time playing.

Then you're shit outta luck unless you wanna fork over cash baby

Jokes on you, I'm already several hundred dollars in debt, I have nothing and I'm unemployed.

Then you're even shitter out of luck

Consider making a garbage email or something and leave it here for me to contact you with.
I might want to try something and waiting for you to be on your discord isn't a great plan.

Why do so many people hate the way you host games?

>Shadowrun (any edition)
>Any day, EST
>ask for discord or Skype, depending on how you wanna do it.
>Interdimensional Tantric Sex Meditation


Just sent a request on discord. I am not super familiar with it though so bear with me.

Just added you back.

>All my attempts at VOIP gaming as DM or player have gone poorly so I generally just stick to text.
99% of all games are shit, though out of curiosity, have you had better luck with text?

I'm sorry! I've gotten back to you on discord, but if you've used a throw-away then please contact me here:
[email protected]

Actually yes, I have.

>GM or Player
DnD 5E, though I guess I could read in on other systems. Rolled up a char for this though
>Time availability
Every night CEST 6PM-11PM except Friday/Saturday
Add two hours availability on tuesdays and thursdays (extending availability to 1AM CEST)
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
Discord: Murminki#2250
>Additional Information
Completely new player, so if you don't want to play with that, shucks for me I guess.

>gm or player
Stars Without Number
>Time Availability
Monday 4-10 PM CST
>Contact information
Discord: Crestfallen Pepe#6809
Skype: Clayton Hilliard (my profile pic is pepe with a gun)
>additional information
Me and another player or two are looking for a GM for a Stars Without Number game.

Email sent.


I'd like to play Barbarians of Lemuria, or just check it out in general on Discord or Roll20.

If you are running a one shot or short adventure, or if you're missing a player for a session and need a fill in, or just have a regular game and don't mind letting a curious user watch/listen, give me a holler on Discord.

It looks like an interesting game and I'd like to see it in action.


No way. Half the fun of gamefinder threads are the explosive dramabombs that drop occasionally. You'd have a stagnation fest if it were stickied.

>people calling each other cucks and talking about having sex with Kali

t. cuck

>Interdimensional Tantric Sex Meditation
well... we need a mage...
>shadowrun (any edition)
>Any day, EST
saturday at 10am to 2/3 pm
>discord or skype

The game is already up and going. We just suffer a lack of people showing up to sessions. So GM wants to basically have 10 people and who ever shows up basically is doing the run that day.

a perfect system
two of the players are drawfags


Making it a sticky would just mean that old games that are currently full, or the GM is no longer looking for, would continue to get viewed and potentially messaged even though they aren't useful.

If you make a mistake, or decide to change your campaign as you start recruiting players, you wouldn't as easily be able to change it.

Making these occasional threads is better.

>when the discord room disappears over night.

The only thing that upsets me is that you didn't wish to speak to me about what was wrong the only thing I could think of was something I was clearly willing to help you with and me and the other player was having fun with plus was willing to work out. But maybe there was something I was missing either way I'm sorry and I do hope your game works out.

>when someone leaves a friend request at pending to waste your time because they (presumably) don't need any more players instead of politely telling you that they're full

I don't have anything planned as of now but I wanted to check for degenesis rebirth interest.

>literally advertising cuck: the setting in a thread where DO NOT REPLY TO THIS IT'S A KEK is a meme

>When the DM closes the room twice because of player inactivity but you stick with him, and the moment he gets a group of players, picks a timezone you can't make.

>When the GM pitches the game, the players all seem excited, make characters, and then the GM goes AWOL and is never heard from again.
Faggot, I was looking forward to your magical realm.

>when the first session is terribly run
>when you politely tell the GM what the problem was but indicate that you still want to continue the game
>when the GM doesn't respond and says nothing for the next week
>when neither the GM nor the other players show up for the next session

>GM or Player
Pathfinder, DnD 5e, any other interesting system
>Time availability
Weekday evenings American Eastern Timezone
>Text or Voice
Text for RP, although I can do voice for OOC stuff
>Contact Information
>Additional Information
I hope you like long backstories

Please don't die, I need a new sunday game.

>mind rapist
Mind rapist is pic related.

Alright, what's the discord?

what's YOUR discord?

Chill Skeleton #8515


you were already in my contact list on skype...

>Fights primarily by forcing you to recall your traumas from previous battles
I think it's pretty spot on. Koishi still cuter.

is that thing plugged into her skull or just holding on or something?

I keep wondering what would happen if she accidentally caught it on something. Like a door knob or chair.

>GM or Player
Any, willing to learn.
>Time availability
Monday-friday 8am-4pm EST
>Text or Voice
I'm fine with either.
>Contact Information
Discord: lalaria#8467
>Additional Information
What interests me is roleplaying, so if it's a campaign that's light on the RP or a murder hobo run I'll likely pass.

I actually need some suggestions here boys. I'm DMing 5e of D&D for a playgroup of relatively inexperienced players for a while now, and they all want to kind of switch it up. What other systems would you recommend to try out on some novice RPG players? Right now I'm considering Call of Cthulhu, but I think it might be a bit much for them.

Check out Stars Without Number.

Anyone in san antonio or on discord need a DM?

What are you thinking of running?

Bumping this. Still need one or two players.

We now have a Discord:

If only it were the day before or the day after.

>GM or Player
D&D 5th + Homebrew
>Time availability
Fridays @ 9pm EST (or EDT, whichever it is at the moment)
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
>Additional Information
Looking for three to four players for an All Dragon party. See the above link for more details.

>mature content(18+): yes
>GM has anime image

How much dragon fucking will there be

>(Optional) Which site's posting brought you to this application?
And there's another red flag

Though if you let me play a dragonloli I may just be tempted to apply.

>anime image
That's a 40k daemon m8

There will be no on screen dragon fucking, and I don't plan on encouraging it. If you don't check the 18+ box you get all sorts of tweens and teens. I don't want to deal with them, simple.

>all dragon
These are my only two hiccups.

>GM or Player
Battle Century G
>Time availability
Saturday 15:00 - 21:00 UTC (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM CDT)
Open to discussion but my Sundays and Thursdays are taken
>Text or Voice
>Contact Information
>Additional Information
I'm aiming more towards the science fantasy side of things. Similar to Zoids, MS Saga, and Vision of Escaflowne with ancient ruins and better mecha being dug up and repurposed with the manufactured ones generally being less impressive. It's also my first time running the system.

I was going send a invite out but I'm about to leave for work. I wanted to ask would someone who never got into zoids etc but likes ace combat "strangereal" and ZOE would there be something they could get into?

>GM or Player
3.5 5th PF preferred
>Time availability
Any pretty much night play preferred (EST time zone)
>Text or Voice
can do either voice preferred since its easier than typing every fucking thing out
>Contact Information
ping me in the thread and maybe we can share info
>Additional Information
I like to player characters that transform over time (turn into half dragons, aasimar that go half celestial ETC)

I honestly cant tell between the bait PF games and the real ones anymore.

It would lean more towards ZoE but the system allows for psychic powers and animu inspired upgrades. Another inspiration is Outlaw Star with its Tao magic in a sci fi setting. A bigger factor in the world I'm making is all of the fun of piloting mechas, going on sorties, but bopping around in a world with lopsided development and lacking the infrastructure a pure Sci Fi setting would have in place.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but something I wanted to play around with.

I've only ever played one PF game. for 4 sessions. Was fun enough. played a sorceress/dragon disciple

Not really related, but of curiousity, have you tried Mekton Zeta before? If you have, what did you think of it?

I read the book. It seemed okay, but I never had the chance to play it. BCG felt like it would be closer to what I had in mind since it's more stylized.

I recall playing Mekton in the early '90's and it being a lot of fun. Build your own big mechs or little mechs, good line between lots of options and not overly complicated. Whatever that is worth. Don't recall what edition it was.

Though the fact that I remember it from so long ago is probably a positive note alone, heh.

Does anybody play Dragon Age of Fantasy Age? I love that system but it is rarely seen here.

>GM or Player
L5R or 7th sea
>Time availability
Anytime Thursdays or after 10pm cst.
>Text or Voice
Either, if voice, skype.
>Contact Information
skype: leon_belmont671
>Additional Information
Looking to do some politics and intrigue.

10 people? How many people are actually showing up to these games?

request sent

alright I give it a shot if your still looking.

Is that the one where you can only do martial specials if you roll doubles?