What is your character's fetish?

What is your character's fetish?

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I miss having quest threads on this board.

I miss having functional human beings that aren't poison to the hobby. And quest threads.


I miss creative designers who were able to spin off-topic bullshit into a full PDF, having functional human beings that aren't poison to the hobby, and quest threads.

>poster count doesn't increase

Leather. It's fun being a rogue.


I miss having interesting discussions that didnt always devolve into /pol/ or "sex lol"

This thread is now "what do you miss on Veeky Forums ?"

Messy revenge.

>This thread is now "what do you miss on Veeky Forums ?"
Mostly quest threads. They kept garbage like this from being noticed before it was deleted.

I miss not having posters who seem to think having fun is bad. Well, at least miss having them not seem to be the majority.

Well that image makes a good bit of sense

Putting filthy deviants in ovens.

Removing quests was a mistake. Now instead of getting to RP on the RP board, we get endless /pol/ shittery, people wanting to just spam the same threads over and over, and the people who bite the bait without trying to make anything good out of it

I miss Veeky Forums not getting more triggered than a Tumblrina at a firearms convention at the mere thought that someone, somewhere, might be getting off to something.

It also made shitters think that if they whine hard enough about something, they'll get what they want.

>funposting on an anonymous imageboard is poison to the hobby
You sound like a fun person.

Light bondage, being overpowered. Pretty pedestrian stuff, really.

I haven't decided yet. My current character is a /pol/ /k/ and Veeky Forums shitposter in a Vampire: the Masquerade game. What kind of fetishes do those types typically have?

Honestly when it comes to fetishes some of the best stuff is normie-tier.
Or maybe I just think thats the case because its so hard to find good art of more extreme stuff.

Big black dick rape on white girl at gunpoint in the backseat of a car?

/k/ is sexually aroused by the smell of a recently fired gun. /pol/'s obsession with race-mixing tells me they secretly lust after brown and yellow girls.

And it's great having such pleb-tier kinks. My porn folder (for lack of a better word) is mostly stuff from Safebooru.

I thought /k/ liked guns as stand-ins for their respective penises. A gun that's already been fired would be like coming in after the porno's already been finished. Like the penultimate page of a doujin where it's just the fucker and the fuckee gasping for breath.

Correct me if I'm wrong, then, but I'm pretty sure that to a /k/ommando, Charlie's Angels would be like futa, while a gangland massacre would be some kind of bullet bukkake.

Lesbian rape


Mile high club.

My characters fetish is pale, large breasted, red headed women that he can have missonary position sex for the sole purpose of human procreation. oh and bathing in the blood of his enemies (Game set after a pseudo Ragnarok and most of human culture was lost and were back to small towns at best)

It was hardcore bdsm sex with a prostitute she was infatuated with, but after actually developing the relationship it became hand-holding.

>Female human cleric
Being treated like a princess. Stereotypical tall, dark and handsome fellow.

Things that instill sexual confidence

being appropriately equipped for the tasks at hand

Honestly? Very competent women. Not necessarily in an amazon kinda sense. More like female CEOs are a huge turn on for him. Amazon CEOs wouldn't hurt though...

He has some issues, I'll be honest.

>Amazing CEO's

>be me
>tall and work out a lot
>but face is probably a 3/10


>Veeky Forums will never have interesting oc again
>will forever be nothing but shitty generals, le magical realm, and thinly veiled furnigger kobold/gnoll porn threads
Quests destroyed this board but removing them has done nothing to fix the devastation.

I disagree.
Quests were like a benign tumor that was a bother yet not dangerous.
It was then ripped out with a lung and most of the liver.

>im going to sit here and complain instead of just trying to participate in the thread.
Look either make your own threads or shut the fuck up. people who sit there and whine are just as bad as those who post the threads you complain bout fuck me i am sick of this

I like to bind.
I like to be bound.

I can give you advice for /pol/ and Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums your looking at thrills, wether it be going fast, drifting or having sex in places you shouldn't. This can be expressed in personality through wanting to fix things to work better or just be fast in mode of speech and always looking for a fun time.

/pol/ is odd in that it focuses on family and keeping things in the same race. Above all they crave order and strong leadership, it evident in the ideologies they cream their pants over. Being clean cut and we'll dress would be a must, also possibly impregnation fetish to "ensure the future of x race".

Somewhere there's a fictional noble's bastard who is all about chopping up evil and would probably be all about you.

>Tall strong women

It's my character's and mine, I just want a qt3.14 to squat and diddy lift with.

>participating in this shitty non-thread
>instead of getting some sort of catharsis by complaining in it

>i get catharsis by shitting on an already dirty bathroom floor.
I bet you're the kind of asshole that smiles at crying children


Hell, I'll watch kids fall of bikes all day. It's not my fucking kid

I don't think I have ever made a character with a fetish. Is that abnormal?

Your odds of finding someone are likely still good user additionally the best partner won't give a damn if your face gets flambeed and will be there with you till the end. What I said may have been a bit dramatic but you are probably being too hard on yourself.

>participate in shitty thread
>help smear shit all over floor
>complain in shitty thread
>shit still gets on floor, but some of it also gets on people shitting on the floor in the first place
The choice is clear

All that is required for the triumph of evil...

First impressions are still a bitch, though.

>missionary position sex for... procreation
Fuck on out of here, you degenerate perverts. Purge yourselves of your unclean desires and don't come back until you masturbate to futas anilingusing slime cloacas, like decent fucking human beings.

Tails. She likes a guy with a tail. Don't ask.

Conversely, his is his sister.

I make characters to pretend I'm normal user, not to embrace the weird fetishes I already have.


The smell of spilt xenos blood and burning heretic corpses.

For the fuck of it though: My weirdest character's fetishes are basically everything.

>Monster races
>Dragons like nobodies business
>Crossdressing (other people)
>Gods (he's hit on every one he's met)
>Trying to bang multiple members of the same family

He was kinda fucked up. That being said, other people crossdressing was a fetish for him but he just did it for the hell of it most of the time. There were also a few instances of tactical crossdressing, mostly to figure out who was liable to speak out against him by leaning a bit harder on their sensibilities.

>Gods (he's hit on every one he's met)
I smell a story user.

>hitting on gods
That take fucking balls of adamantine son. I top my hat. i always treat god with any character as "HOLY FUCK A GOD, FUCK FUCK FUCK BOW"

Elder Gods.

To be fair, I think the /pol/ posts and like half of the people taking the bait are, technically, roleplaying.
I mean, pretending to be retarded may still be retarded, but it's also still pretending!

My character likes, ummm.....how do I put this? Tall women. Like, really tall.

Honestly, I don't even understand the logistics of it. How do you hold someone's hand at the same time that you're...it must take incredible limberness, that's all I'm saying.

Bug bites. He's also a paraplegic.

Alright, I'll give the story a shot

So we keep having to save reality right? This is the result of making enemies with some sorta multi-demi god that wants reality undone. It's a little hard to explain what she is but basically she has a lot of aspects that are quite nearly gods. If they were all formed together they'd probably blow up the multiverse no problem but they're separated.

The gods can't directly whip her out for reasons they won't explain and instead use my character who is a time-patron witch to handle it. Basically, all these other worlds she attacks the multiverse from have versions of my character in them (most of whom are terrible at my/our job) and we've been using that as a backdoor to stop her. (incidentally, yes, my character does want to sleep with alternate dimension versions of himself, he's just never had the time.)

Anyway, the party has actively spoken with the gods and after my character figured out that he was their backdoor into other timelines and realities he realized he could hit on more or less whoever he wanted with fairly little consequence.

Sarenrae and Asmodeus so far have been the most tolerant of him. Asmodeus has been informed that this is happening under the condition that he wears a polkadot bikini. He is not happy about this fact.

And now we wait to see if I wear any of them down.

i miss all my favorite namefags. if either wasteland warrior or peg leg dave showed up again, I could die happy

My character is a swashbuckling adventuring princess who has a major thing for classical bodice ripper romances.

>And now we wait to see if I wear any of them down.
I wish you godspeed, user.

Hyping the gods up on speed might work...


elf feet

Pic related

She loves holding hands, being hugged, and head pats.

Helping others

Quest threads were great.

Baby batter brownies.

Playing a classic 'bad boy' delinquent speedster with abandonment issues in M&M.

He just wants a cuddle.

>>/quest/ is thataway

I miss when there were just a few quest threads. I think I was on one of my breaks from Veeky Forums when it got pretty bad which caused the hate for them, but when it was just a few threads once a week it was an interesting outlet that took the idea of "instead of running an online party-based game, lets run a game where a single protagonist is run by consensus / diplomacy." and was usually fun/stupid/kinky, like Veeky Forums's own "weekly" game where everybody could join in or drop out without really disturbing things (admittedly, when things get long it increases the barrier for entry).

Now that /qst/ is a thing, I never go there, because somehow it "feels" different to Veeky Forums when it felt more like a group of people collectively shouting and seeing what stuck and having fun regardless. Maybe I just haven't been in the right quests, or the ones that are like that don't match up with the genre's I like, but the ones that feel "fun" to just post and throw dumb ideas around in don't seem as common as they were in Veeky Forums.

/qst/ is kind of dead, too. On Veeky Forums a game had access to a greater number of drop-in players, and made the whole experience more-rounded and all around better.

Pregnancy, double penetration, and large insertion

Well, one of them might end up with a cannibalism fetish after the GM fucked up and gave me ideas. That'll be fun, even if it only exists in the background by necessity. The clone autocannibalism idea would probably have been less concerning.

Putting nazis and naziboos into ovens and tossing commies and soviboos out of helicopters from at least 3 thousand feet up.

Cancer isn't fun, user.

My character's fetish: elbows. Let the players decide why she's into them.

My fetish: ______accidental handholding that leads to wholesome snuggling on the couch during movie night________________

What he says is bullshit. if it was true I would get more (You)s when I FAG around instead of just wind.

Hitting Gods with rocks.

I make characters to pretend I'm good, even though I'm a useless fat prick irl.
Sometimes I do embrace my fetish and insert them into the characters. like affection and acceptance from others and self

>Veeky Forums + /k/
That's some Redline stuff

>/qst/ is kind of dead, too. On Veeky Forums a game had access to a greater number of drop-in players, and made the whole experience more-rounded and all around better.
My favorite argument anti-questers use is that quest threads don't belong on Veeky Forums because they're "parasitic" and "need posters to survive", as though that differentiates them from any other threads on Veeky Forums.

/k/ is pretty easy, they fetishize guns. The cold feel of metal, the look of a trashy wooden stock covered in shellac, the smell of gun oil... things like that, cosmoline would basically be an aphrodisiac to a /k/ommando.

You have to be really close together

He's a rich kid. Probably the poorest pleb girl you can find who is also cute.

She doesn't know where babies come from, but she is a masochist in the making

Dead board is dead. Quest threads were awesome, but die without the traffic of a larger board like tg

She has a thing for obvious cyberware, drones, and to a lesser extent guns. Honestly, it's part of the reason she became a shadowrunner.

It's a lizard an rejected by his people for being too personable and friendly. He has no sex drive.

My last character though was a Roman transported to a literal, non-fetish magical realm and that guy had a laundry list of them.

I reject that stereotype. I feel no sexual attraction to guns. The smell of cosmoline is however like that new tennis ball smell for me.

It's just the myth of the golden age in Veeky Forums form. Things were never as good as that guy in the screencap is rambling on about.

Better? Maybe. It's subjective, in the end. But things were never that good. It's just rose-tinted nostalgia goggles.

Strong, fit warrior women that he can trust to have his back in battle, cutting through all opposition and saving each other's lives many times in the process.

>t endless /pol/ shittery, people wanting to just spam the same threads over and over, and the people who bite the bait without trying to make anything good out of it

All of that happened when we had quest threads, too. Hell, the latter two were part of quest threads more often than not.