What's the best system for Harry Potter adventures?

What's the best system for Harry Potter adventures?

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5e or 4e. Either can match the harry potter universe gayness for gayness.


I have a very simple system. Every time the players encounter something, they may flip a coin. On heads, they know a spell that instantly solves their problem. On tails, no such spell exists. 3 times a session, the GM may make up a bullshit excuse for why pre-established spells, or spells just discovered won't solve the problem.

That's interesting, so the player learn new spells as they play right?

>you encounter 5 death eaters
>they win their roll
>you die because Avada Kedavra is one hit KO

Bad system

I was being sarcastic, but yeah, sure.

Ars Magica

My brother DMed it using a homebrew system based on Panty explosion.
You assign a 4, 3, 2, 1 to the different Houses and when you're confronted to a problem, you roll the appropriate number of dice:
- Gryffindor: dealing with a problem through courage, but on a direct manner.
- Ravenclaw: use your knowledge and wisdom to solve problems
- Hufflepuff: Only work and dedication can make you succeed.
- Slytherin: cut corners, think outside the box and bend the rules.

Player A assign his "4" in Ravenclaw : it's his House. He then assigns a 3 in Slytherin, 2 in Gryffindor and 1 Hufflepuff.
Player A has been challenged to a wizard duel by another student.
If he accepts the duel, fights with honor and strength, he will roll 2 dice (his score in Gryffindor). If he prepares himself heavily by studying various spells in the library, he rolls 4 dice (Ravenclaw), if he fights the duel, but play dirty or cheat, he rolls 3 dice and if he instead invites his opponent to a sausage-eating contest, he rolls 1 die (Hufflepuff).
Successes are on 5+

Everyone has a "best friend" amongst PC. This "best friend" will describe the action if/when the PC makes a critical success. But every PC has also a nemesis/rival who will be in charge of describing what happens when a critical failure is rolled.

Why would you want to play Harry Potter? Its a terrible setting from a bad writer.

Everything about the wizarding world/population is stupid, their Earth would be a better place if all magic was stripped from it

>that cover
Oy gevalt!

That's pretty cool, can you describe it in more detail?


>- Slytherin: cut corners, think outside the box and bend the rules, be a massive racist or douchebag bully

I don't have a lot of details because I played only once and it was several years ago, but here are some of them:

- the game was rather narrative: we did not have any other statstics, but rather "traits", like "Quidditch Star", "Bookworm", "Clever/awesome pet"
- during a scenario, there is a plot (in our case, American exchange students who came in Hogwarts and tensions that came from the cultural differences and the banter), but each PC has a secret agenda, that can be ongoing through several scenarios: asking someone out, revenge against some bully, master a particular spell, etc. I played a Ravenclaw booknerd and my objective was to get a compliment from my Head of House.
- dice are normally d6, but if you have an appropriate trait, you can switch to d8 on a test, or even d10.
- Once you tried to resolve something in a manner and fail, you can't use the same method. So if you try to solve things the Gryffindor way and failed, you'll have to use another angle next time: ravenclaw, slytherin ou hufflepuff.
- In Panty explosion, there are 5 elements, but my brother cut that to 4 to match with the Harry Potter setting.
- character creation is pretty easy: assign the 4 values, choose if you are from a muggle family or a sorcerer one (or mixed) and a few traits to start with.
- maybe we had a default too, but can't remember.

Sounds like it could be used as a base for a Fate Accelerated hack.

I don't know many things about Fate System, but yeah, probably.
Or a Apocalypse one (if it hasn't be done yet)

You can probably combine the "four elements" approach with some of the Academagia shit too to create an ultimate rules-lite HP game.

Say what you want, but Academagia is one of the better HP-inspired things that were made.

We really need to come up with another name for our project.

When adapting any piece of media to the tabletop, you have to ask a very important question. Is there anything to do outside of what the main character/characters accomplish? Please answer honestly, don't try to twist it and make loose justifications. The more you lie, the worse off your game will be.

>Japanese cover: pure kinocover
>Finnish cover: habi puddar and the spurdo cover

Fucking stereotypes

Why does the italian cover for the first book have a mouse on his head?

That is italian, right?

this could be an interesting mechanic

Is the Russian one Garry Potter?

Use something super rules-light and narrative-focused. The Harry Potter world is not well-constructed. It basically functions on narrative and genre emulation. So you should be using a system that works in an analogous way.

Why do the Swedish and Norwegian covers look a million times better than all the others?

Go post catgirls (male) into your containment thread.

That's how we transliterate the name Harry. Harry transliterated properly would sound too close to "ugly faces"


Witch Girls Adventures. Strip out the horrible evil girls who kill people on a whim setting and go.

Besides, that's actually not Russian. Here are the Russian covers.

is there more to this? Is it in progress? You've really intrigued me user

>Strip out the horrible evil girls who kill people on a whim setting and go.
but i thought there are still shitty people in these kinds of settings even if they're light anf fluffy in general

Don't forget!

The Harry Potter stories are MYSTERY NOVELS that happen to have magic in them, not fantasy novels. You're going to have a much better game feel by taking an intrigue tabletop system and fluffing everything as magic.

Holy shit those German ones are terrible.

Also are the ones third up from the bottom real? They look snazzy.

Maid RPG, not even memeing.

Russians call him Garry?

Scroll the page a couple of centimetres up and you shall see the answer

>I am feeling the hatred DM
>cast avaba kedavra
>Rolls d20
>Rolls over target AC
>He is ded

could be fun

not even Garry, Garru

It's very much a WIP; ideas are being discussed here:

That's not a u, that's an и. It's written as a u in cursive and calligraphy, so that's the way it's rendered in the funky Harry Potter title font. He's called Гappи Пoттep, "Garry Potter" -- the g -> h substitution being relatively common for English-Russian loanwords (e.g. "gamburger") even though Cyrillic has a different character that more accurately approximates the English "h" sound ("x", the guttural "hard h", often romanized as "kh")



Japanese covers are pure kino

Whatever wraps up the campaign as fast as possible, so I guess FATAL. Harry Potter is gutter trash.

Dullest Franchise guy is getting slow

Someone give me the quick rundown on this Carlsen guy.

Kazu Kibuishi ones are the best here

I said this like 5 times already. And the game got released on Steam like a week or so ago, so even more people will think both projects are related.

Holy shit it updated
Finding a way to pirate it will hopefully be easier this time

We can all agree that Malfoy should have been a grill, right?

That's the Danish ones. The Norwegian translations just used the fifth set of covers.

Which I'm starting to regret, 'cause those Danish covers are metal as fuck.

We can all agree that the series would have been better if Hermione was in Ravenclaw, Ron Hufflepuff, and Malfoy sometimes helped them out as well, right?

That way it would have been a nice story about working together despite our differences instead of "designated PC house, designated NPC houses, designated villain house", and also maybe "who wins the house cup" would have had some variance to it.

Ukranian covers are pretty cool.

I'm not certain I agree with the splitting them up in general idea, but I think that having Malfoy start off as a spoilt but sympathetic character who occasionally worked with them instead of 'hated rival' from the outset could have been amazing.

We'd have been able to chart how he changes to Death Eater endgame Malfoy over the course of the series, which would have given some interesting sympathy into the other side if done well, and would have had a strong parallel with Lily/Snape.

If I remember correctly, Hermione and Ron were at some point supposed to be in different houses than Harry. Can't remember whether it was Rowling herself who gave up on that idea or her editor.

not if they miss genius. spells need to be aimed.

IIRC, she just gave up when she realised it would be hard to have them regularly socialise outside the library.
As if the concept of a universal common room couldn't exist.


>As if the concept of a universal common room couldn't exist.
It is based on the way schools split kids in British schools (mainly for pastoral and admin reasons, but also sports and for a bit of competition), they generally don't have shared common rooms - and I guess in a boarding school like hogwarts it'd be even more so - we mingled at lunch and break, and then you go home, but if eating was at the house tables and then you'd have to account for evenings as well... I can see why it makes sense for everyone to be in Protagonist House, even though having the strengths of all the houses represented would be cooler.

They already had split-by-gender common rooms, so it only really matters for Ron I think.

Also: note passing hijinks during their common classes would have been amazing.

It's actually Rappu Nottep

You'd need one of the dullest systems to portray one of the dullest franchises in history. Seriously each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody? Just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

>a-at least the books were good though
The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

While boarding schools do tend to work like that, there are definitely common areas to go to during the time after classes and before lights out.

You're late

Ultimately, I think making Hermione "the most Ravenclaw-ey Gryffindor" and making Ron "One of the most Hufflepuff-ey Gryffindors" went a long way toward making the story seem less banal and childish.

Focusing on the cookie cutter stereotypical traits of each house would be an incredibly weak "genre fiction" approach with no depth to it.

It's the same reason why a lot of people are frustrated that there are so few likeable Slytherins in the books (certainly among the students especially) - because while the hat does seem to sort people based on traits and ambitions, people have plenty of complexity to them and won't stay 11 years old forever, inevitably developing lots as they grow.

Putting "unlikely gryffindors" like Ron, Hermione, and Neville front and center, allowed Rowling to write moments where these characters showed some complexity, as they wrestled the fact that their bravery and brashness (while present within them) was actually secondary to a lot of their other personality traits.
So sometimes there were conflict within a character; do i protect my friends or punish the enemy? Do I go in guns blazing or do i take the time to think things through as always?

It would've been nice to see some more interaction (indeed, even friendships) with students from other houses, but I think putting Ron and Hermione in Gryffindor house was the right move.

>Oh it's another smug pseudo-intellectualist contrarian bandwagoner episode
It's ironic how often contrarianism is actually coupled with a pathetic consensus-seeking "me too!" attitude completely devoid of independent thought.

this post reminded me why neville is best griffindor
this is a good post

You could have either
a.) made other houses also have characters that aren't 2d, or at least interact a bit more than "Hurr, Monstro dumb and strong and bad", or if that's too difficult
b.) split the kids amongst the houses

Either would have been fine with me.

The problem there is that it shunted everyone else into houses NPC and Antagonist, and it took until book 5 to properly rectify that for houses NPC, and house antagonist never really got more than a half assed patch job in the form of slughorn, then got hammered right back in the end of book 7.

What's even more amusing is that he's using old, shitty pasta

I mean, I know that a lot of it was down to him being a horcrux, but Harry would have made a good Slytherin, and this is stressed a few times.

Harry can be an asshole, and his friends will call him out for it. They have his back during the heroics and challenges, because they're good people and griffindors, but they do call him out (a couple of times, anyway) when he's being self-centred and arrogant.

Classes (outside of DADA and sometimes potions) didn't really matter after book 3, which I thought was a little bit of a shame - sure, they were big enough books already when you think of the target audience, but I wouldn't have minded some badass transfiguration and charms - to set them up for some cool battle payoff when shit goes down later

>then got hammered right back in the end of book 7
Is that the book that shows that Snape was a good guy and a hero, or am I forgetting things?

Slytherin is not about being an arrogant asshole, it's about being ambitious.

>I wouldn't have minded some badass transfiguration and charms - to set them up for some cool battle payoff when shit goes down later
Problem is Rowling didn't really think it through mechanically when considering HP magic.
Sure, the killing curse has plot significance and the story would be greatly altered without it, but the baddies have no problems to use it so why would they ever not?
Same goes for stunners. It won't kill but it is a total incapacitation on hit. Magic battles turned out to be about quickdrawing and use of cover rather than crafty spellwork.
I suppose the movies tried something different? I do remember the Voldemort vs Dumbledore duel from Order of the Phoenix.

Also the same book where literally every single Slytherin leaves the school when things turn hot.

Not a single one remains.

They're death eater kids first and slytherins second.

All the Slytherins bailed for the final battle, and Snape was still a colossal asshole despite everything.
Only the Malfoys came out looking even slightly good

>Snape was still a colossal asshole despite everything

>he was instrumental in defeating the dark lord, but he was a grumpy person so fuck him

>bullying children and sabotaging their education for years just because Chad Gryffindor married your waifu
No, he's not just a bit grumpy.

It's a pasta.

Fun fact: the teacher who was the prototype of Snape actually thought he was the prototype of Dumbledore.

He helped against the Dark Lord not because of the kindness of his heart, but because he killed his waifu.

He wasn't a hero. He wasn't a brave man. He was an obsessed loser who latched on to the only being who ever showed him kindness, but could never grow past being a sore, vindicative, self-hating asshole. I guess in that sense he was tragic at least.

I feel like this artist really wishes he could do HP/Daria crossover fiction.

Also someone needs to tell him the single raised eyebrow is not applicable to every scenario before he gives me autism.

Personally, I find the idea of rule dyke Harry giving a comically bored reaction to shit like dragons and duels to the death hilarious.

>He helped against the Dark Lord not because of the kindness of his heart, but because he killed his waifu.
Do you realise that most of the good deeds in real life are done for reasons that are ultimately selfish? The Brits defeated Napoleon because he blocked their trade. The Soviet army defeated the Nazis because they wanted to exterminate the Slavs. Etc, etc. You're far more likely to create a mess if you're acting out of pure idealism, see the Middle East for an example.

>those french covers
>eurocomic Harry Potter
I'd read it

Who wouldn't.

I see that expression on the face of mentally absent people who watched one too many sarcastic characters from the 90s and now think it's got the magic secret of being clever contained inside it every day of my life. I want the ability to control individual eyebrows to be retroactively bred out of our species because of them.

Harry Potter and the ill fitting lego block when?

In case anyone needs class fodder for the Harry Potter Tabletop RPG, here's a spreadsheet with like 125 random generated students.


That's coming at it from a game perspective, and with war stories and things as backgrounds.

A couple of times its mentioned (Bellatrix and Crouch-as-Moody, at least) that for the powerful curses you have to have the will to inflict them - Bellatrix laughs off a torture curse, and Crouch tells the class how to perform the most dangerous curse in the world, and reckons they could all fire it at him and he'd be fine.

In Harry Potter, part of what makes Voldemort a monster is that he can kill without a thought, indiscriminate as you like.
In other genres and stories, that's a given, it's taken as read. In some it's a requirement, even for the heroes

Despite having plenty of fights and a near-unblockable one-hit-kill, Rowling made a VERY pacifistic world.
Recall most wizards don't know what a gun is.
Recall the department the Aurors, the Dark Wizard-hunters worked for - the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

That's the sort of world it is

>defeating Napoleon
>good deed
Holy fuck, that's too far.
Napoleon gave us more than any other single ruler ever did

Napoleon's reforms didn't mean he was a Messiah, user.

Not him, but the French Jews legitimately had factions thinking he was the Messiah.

Does that make the legion of rabbits agents of Satan?

I'd be upset, but the Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book so how mad could I be?

The ones that are related to Death Eaters leave, you mean. Slughorn leads the rest of Slytherin into the fight against Voldemort.

I know it's stale pasta but there's no reason for Wuthering Heights to be that low