Seriously, does anyone give a shit about the pronouns used in rulebooks?

Seriously, does anyone give a shit about the pronouns used in rulebooks?

Are there legitimately triggered people who are upset when the books use he or she?

I'm reading the fucking book to learn the rules, not to see if my personal made up pronouns are properly represented.

Yes. You're complaining about the pronouns used in books right now. I only go to tumblr for horsedick futa porn and tend to scare off people who are easily offended from my games. Typically the only time I see bitching about pronouns are when people like you bitch about the pronouns used and how you totally don't care despite the fact you don't ever shut up about it.

Aren't you just bitching about the people bitching about people bitching about pronoun usage in the games? :^)

... you win this round.

Yes, I've seen at least five different posters on Veeky Forums throw a fit because certain systems 'force' either feminine pronouns in their rulebooks or alternating pronouns.

D&D 3rd Edition and Pathfinder both did something I rather liked for pronoun usage - namely, they created default characters for each character class, and then use that character's pronouns to refer to members of that class.

So, for example, in 3.5 the iconic rogue was Lidda, and as a result the rogue entry used "she/her" exclusively, as did all subsequent mentions of rogues.

Girls don't play RPG systems, and it's because they're girls and inherently uninterested.

5e does the same, I believe. Brilliant system (for pronouns, not the game itself.)

>why is my industry being destroyed
>"Hey, there, /pol/ here; we know quite about about the folks behind this and can help you form a defense."
>why is my industry still being destroyed
Either you fight these motherfuckers now or enjoy reading about the Fedora-President of the Democracy of Womyn in Warhammer 40k in five years.

Fuck off pol.

Actually 5e avoids the issue by using "you" when referring to a character, unless it's talking about a specific NPC or something, in which case it uses that NPC's gender.

But, like, instead of saying something like "at 4th level the rogue may choose two of her ability scores", it says "at 4th level you may choose two of your ability scores".

Sorry, not interested in Faustian bargains.

Lel. Can't tell if serious or bait. But That's rather par for the course these days.

>thinks we're talking about le ebin SJWs ruining things and need grorious /pol/ to save us
No, we're talking about the people going "THIS RULEBOOK USED A FEMALE PRONOUN REEEEEE"

It's not even that good, you'd be making things generally worse to get back at a random post on buttfuck.nw that someone brought to be angry about.

>too stupid to see what happened to video games
You deserve everything you get, then. Gonna stick around and laugh at you, though. Enjoy not fighting for the things you claim to love.

>too stupid to see what happened to video games

Except for Andromeda, they're just fine? And Andromeda just suffers from shitty animation, which has nothing to do with SJW'ing.

Will do.

>never heard the phrase 'give them an inch and they'll take a mile'
Again, everything you get.

>lol only one game
No one is stupid enough to believe you. This isn't even shitty trolling; this is just zero effort.

Also, where do you think you are?
Even if something happened, I wouldn't know.
Did something actually happen?

But he is gender neutral, is it not? Wait, HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN?

But what if I, for the most part, enjoy video games atm? Yes, even BF1 with its black germans, and Overwatch with its time-traveling lesbians. I even don't mind andromeda, except for the dumbass animations.

And what if I'm a female who is glad to have female pronouns in the books? What if I am the ooga booga ESS JAY DUBBLEYEW? What if the call was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!?

>Seriously, does anyone give a shit about the pronouns used in rulebooks?
Apparently Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf/Onyx Path do because they chose to make "she" the default word for a player of unknown sex. I think they did it because women don't think logically and so feel included somehow when they read an RPG book that uses "she" frequently.

Then you're a thoughtpolice feminazi womyn. Did he not make that clear?

>Except for Andromeda, they're just fine?
No they aren't you idiot. You're like a goldfish. You can only remember the most recent event that happened. Look how already you've forgotten about Gamergate.

pronoun pedantics r give an inch they'll rape ur family type Spooksauri Rexs-et-Morri-Mora formulations desu

sage for not Veeky Forums though gtfo back 2 the Warmahordes thread u vestigal latipenne-petulant mendicant

I always interpreted that as a shorthand for (s)he.

>And what if I'm a female who is glad to have female pronouns in the books?
Why would you be glad to damage the English language? "He" is used when the gender of the subject is unknown. You want to break the language just to give yourself good feely feels? Pathetic. But expected, since women think with emotions and not with reason.

That surprisingly to this site, pouring gasoline on a dumpster fire isn't a good idea just because it's a liquid?

No, I'm pretty aware of what happened to video games.

Regressive left pushed its luck too much and caused a great deal of ass pain among gamers, who drew the attention of the developing "alt right," despite the fact that these were the same people who mocked gamers a year or so before. They coddled the gamers and crooned that they'd never let anyone else use them, try to influence the industry or sway their political views. And the next thing you know, there's suddenly an explosion of xenophobic and isolationist politics among gamers. I wonder how that happened?

/pol/ fucking wishes that the evil SJW ruin tabletop gaming, so it can swing in and 'save' tabletop gamers and claim more converts.

You think "she" is shorthand for "(s)he"?


No, guy. No. It means she. As in the word.

>This thread again

The rest of the world stopped caring about gamergate a long time ago. If you ask a random person on the street, they probably won't even be sure when exactly it happened. It was just another media shitstorm in a long line of shitstorms, except for the people who decided t o, for some bizarre alien reason, tie their identities into it.

People sure like starting shit about it. Which usually tricks someone into giving a shit.

It's actually quite an interesting process, if you divorce the shitty politics from it. I wrote a sociology paper about it. I got a B. Probably because the professor was a womyn.

No, "they" is used when the gender of the subject is unknown. That would be my preferred option. But I'll settle for alternating pronouns a lá D&D. Sorry, you don't always get to be the default.

>Look how already you've forgotten about Gamergate.

Forgot nothing, I didn't even know it was happening until months after it had ended. If Gamergate was a war, then I was the guy walking down the street with my headphones on not even noticing the bullets flying everywhere around me, and not being hit by them.

I still barely know what went on because I could not be bothered to check because as near as I can tell somewhat less than 0% of it actually involves or concerns me.

I just play the games I personally enjoy and judge games on their own merits, not the politics of reviewers or developers around them.

It's like that artist on tumblr who posts female space marines and says that if you don't like it you should leave.

Yet every post she makes is posted as a thread here later. Every time.

That's technically incorrect English according to the Chicago Manual of Style but it's becoming so frequent in the English language that it might as well be correct.

Gotta fuel that outrage and try to get more people to embrace /pol/ in their autistic rage.

>No, "they" is used when the gender of the subject is unknown.

Point of order, while that's become a common colloquialism, it is technically incorrect. In English when talking about a person of unknown or indeterminate gender, "he" is the proper pronoun to use.

However in the equal interest of fairness, that fell out of fashion in, like, the 1950s. Certainly by the '80s, "they" was being commonly used even though it's technically incorrect (compare/contrast "ain't").

Language changes over time. Properly speaking objects and nations and locations are supposed to always be "she", for example (take a look at the Treaty of Versailles sometime - Germany and other nations are continuously referred to as "she" or "her"), but these days "it" is used instead, with the only exception being for vehicles.

Counterpoint: Fuck the Chicago manual, grammar is descriptive, not proscriptive, and the debate around the impropriety of the singular they is a recent phenomenon, starting in the late 1800s with pompous assholes who have a need to feel superior to the common rabble, as opposed to when it first entered acceptable usage FIVE HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS before that.

Can I use she for my letters to the paper?

Who gives a shit about your feelings? Go back to your Reddit pity parties and echo chambers.

Related fact: Singular "they" and singular "you" emerged around the same time. Prior to the late 14th century, both "you" and "they" were plural. They both gained popular usage as a singular, and then in the 19th century, grammarians abruptly decided that singular "they" was wrong, while singular "you" could remain.

>I disagree with you, so go back to your echo chamber so I don't have to hear you
I'm practically drowning in the irony here

I don't see why not.

It's like talking to a living SNL sketch with these people.

I'll give it to Spain, having an organism to collect and record the language has worked wonders for them.

Get out of here with your filthy "facts" and "reason", this is Veeky Forums! We only want to hear about GAS TEH SJEWS THEY'RE CORRUPTING FUN


>I'll give it to Spain, having an organism to collect and record the language has worked wonders for them
>an organism

That actually sounds potentially horrifying.