Let's make a Guard regiment one word at a time lads

One post = one word of backstory, not counting posts to summarize and/or translate the grammatical wreck. I'll start:















The Argo Brigade specializes in counter-insurgency and light reconnaissance tactics. They prefer anti-armor and flesh melting weapons.

Their cocks pack a wallop and liberty is a painful time for the local pleasure girls.












The regiment has the peculiar tradition of crucifying captured xenos sideways and upside down, which are well attended public events and do wonders for morale.

















Plasma weapons

I'm surprised something this interesting came out of this.





Okay, pack it in, rest of the thread going nowhere.

The little bit of lore that appeared from the summarized post paints a really interesting picture. If you plan on leading an insurgency you DO NOT WANT The Argo Brigade to be sent in.

Anti-armor is a pretty weird equipment set for counter-insurgency but there's no kill like an overkill, I guess.

Well in case the damn rebels steal a tank or walker. Otherwise you just melt the flesh!

Or in case while scouting they come across enemy armor and need a good punch before they slip away, raiding in the night only to crucify you sideways and upside down.

This could be an anti-Tau regiment. Got to have something to wreck those battlesuits.

This regiment seems to be effective at counter insurgency purely by turning the tables on the insurgents; breaking the enemy spirit through terror and public spectacle. It really hearkens back to a bygone era with a more simple social order. A time when a discontent among the peasantry was met with entire villages being wiped off the map and gruesome public executions to lets others know their place. Kitchener would be proud that in the far future humanity has overcome its ridiculous taboo against scorched earth policies aimed toward civilian populations backed up with overwhelming force (as used in the Boer war).


This seems to be a regiment that breaks the shit out of the upbeat Tau spirit by giving them what the Imperium has boatloads of: grimdark horror.

I propose that instead of anti-insurgency they ARE the insurgency, landing behind enemy lines on Gue'vesa and Tau populated worlds, smashing battlesuits that respond to their attacks with anti-armor weapons, using brave Ecclesiarchy priests to stir up the populace against the alien and capturing as many Tau as they can fit on crosses, leaving the roads to Tau cities shaded by a forest of moaning, bleeding Tau impaled on the wood. Any Tau or human that disagree violently with this strategy are disposed of more quickly with chem-sprayers that leave them a mangled wreck of bubbling blood add smoking bone in seconds.

Then by sunrise they're in the next city, stirring up more rebellion while the Tau struggle to pacify the first city. The job isn't pretty or glorious, and involves working with Gue'vesa instead of killing them for treason, but the Argo Brigade fills the vital niche of seizing the Tau's attention away from expansion. It is the fervent hope of their commanders that Argo can delay the admission of human border worlds to the Tau Empire long enough for the Imperium to send another crusade fleet.

>crucify sideways and upside down

I think this regiment could rather easily be statted in Only War. The chem sprayer wouldn't even be difficult as you could use the pyrophoric vambrace for that.

Nice. Let's go for colors and insignia, next three posts determine primary/secondary color and unit insignia.



Nice, their regimental colors are pink and green and their insignia is a green battlesuit being penetrated by superior pink human dong (which, as we've established earlier in the thread, is massive)





And now we have a legendary deed done by a noted individual of the regiment.

While resupplying on an Imperial world, the planet and Brigade came under attack by an Eldar raiding party of Craftworld Alaitoc for purposes arcane. During the attack, Corpsman Indus, who always had a bit of a mad scientist streak, flooded the corridors of the base with various compounds that he suspected were paralyzing to Eldar. Many defenders choked and died on his toxic substances, but his fifth compound changed the course of battle.

Just as the raiders prepared to extract the mon'keigh target as they had foretold, one of Indus' compounds hit upon the Eldar pain receptors, causing their bodies to be racked with seizures from the unending pain. The defenders were able to take quite a few living Eldar prisoners, paralyzed by the pain, for the Ordo Xenos.

Indus' Fifth Compound, as it is now called, is being studied on Eldar prisoners to determine just what makes it so effective.



Alright, I think we have an interesting specialty. Let's move on to the regimental homeworld. I'll start:

The homeworld








I think that should be revised since this story is essentially field testing an invention. It has ingenuity but not heroism, which makes it a nobel prize not a military honour.
To add heroism the equation it would be better for a lone guardsman to improvise a way of killing many xenos or a priority target. Perhaps he flooded some enclosed area with gas (from canisters or by sabotage) to stop the Eldar from performing a ritual and when it didn't work sacrificed himself to break open the helmet of the one leading the ritual; their dying leader wracked with pain inadvertently ruined the ritual causing those involved to die in a spectacularly painful manner.

Or maybe in a similar manner he stole their mcguffin and lured a bunch of them inside an industrial building or ship only to turn the whole thing into a weapon by either: turning some industrial chem vats into aerosol, rupturing chemical weapons refinery systems or stock piles, causing a catastrophic failure of a waste processing facility.

Though it might be something simple as running a kamikaze mission with one of the ships they use for dispersing chemical weapons across planets.

Also the pain could be his own which he overcame as in each scenario it could be that maybe his chem warfare gear was damaged or he didn't have it, or he was mortally wounded so he knew he was dead from the start but wanted one last act of defiance through sheer force of will.

They are lead by Lord-Commander Sir Nigel Whisby-Trent Spontington Bofert Walstengrass Jeremy Snidely Bottomly Tristam Salisbury Hawthorne West-Verdantly Giles Hugh Atkins-Hopkins-Bellowkins Terrence Lionel Richardson Smithly Quamfington Chrysler-Parks Woolverwover Quentin Carstairs Updike Wovington Finchley Rudolf Berdinger McScarfington Wenchley Englebert Geoffrey Whifflebottom the Third, Esquire, Planetary Governor, Hero of Hive Beorgeart.
No one knows why his name is so ostentatious, the average Argo name is "Argo".

>his chem gear was breached from the start so he knew he wouldn't make it anyways but wanted to try and take down Eldar with him
i like this

With the breached chem gear route it was not that he was dying but that he knew he would die if committed himself to the task. So given the choice of maybe surviving or definitely dying he made a courageous choice for the good of his brothers in arms, his species, and his emperor.



Caves used for xenotech storage? Sounds like we've got a reason to want the Inquisition off our backs. Wonder where that wonderful xenotech came from.
Desert raiders have WMDs. Well, that's not good. Perhaps they occasionally stumble across a xenotech cache and set up a little pocket empire before being captured and crucified. Sideways.

Certainly seems like we have a desert planet what with all the caves and raiders.

Interesting. With the crucifying and the pain gas it makes me think the regiment has some sort of Dornian obsession with pain - more as a weapon in this case. Very Deldar feel.


This is sounding like the the Iraq war's premise, which is interesting considering that war did devolve into a COIN op. Maybe during the heresy their home world (and system) was the site of a virulent insurgency which caused the regiment to adopt their harsh ways. Sort of an inverse of the Tallarn Desert Raiders. This scenario could also speak to their aesthetic which could be evocative of the middle east or foreign forces in the middle east.

In general care would have to be taken to not have them turn out as just Tallarn Desert Raiders with a twist.

The gas could be more of a tool used because of an identity (ruthless COIN force) rather than an identity piece in of itself (the gas guard).

Also the captcha is relevant to both replies
>Select all images with a gas station.

What's a COIN op?

Counter-insurgency. Kind of a Krieg meets Tallarn regiment where furious battle with insurgents at home leads to them being brutally effective (even by Imperial standards) counter-insurgency units abroad.

Bush-era coalition forces IN SPEHSS!

COunter INsurgency OPerationS: when those Vietcong get all sneaky in their jungles and caves just use gas (poison and agent orange).

The thought of this is pretty awesome
Imagine an insurgent hideout full of traps and shit, and these guys manage a way around all of them, killing the insurgents with chemical weapons before taking over their base and adding even more fortifications and traps

Don't forget crucifying the survivors in creative ways. The commissar awards thrones usable at the base PX to the squad with the most creative insurgent execution.

It could be anything really. African , Asian , etc

I am harder than diamonds

we see a lot of the Guard regiments that fight chaos and xenos but we hardly ever see Regiments specializing in anti-human rebellions, this seems pretty fucking cool.

I imagine that because of easy supply access they might use more stub guns and Small unit tactics than other regiments

Why not all of the above? Have a regiment in the Argus Brigade for every nasty insurgency force in history. Only twist is they're all actually COIN. Vietcong in spehss regiment, al-Qaeda/ISIS in spehss regiment, IRA in spehss, FARC in spehss, the list goes on.