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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?

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>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?
Zada. Janky enough where people don't pay much attention to it, explosive enough where it can go from zero into a supersonic win

>Thread question
When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?

That has become Lazav, as the deck scales entirely with how strong the table is. Once I have a good idea of table strength I can upshift into Oona or middle out with Rakdos.

After pulling an invocation at prerelease of stuff I already had I chose to sell it and buy some stuff the LGS had for this deck, namely Vampiric Tutor and Damnation, but I would like more feedback on it. it won't let me add Canyon Slough to the deck yet but it replaced Rakdos Guildgate


I have a trash tier mono-red grenzo mill deck that I like to play. Pretty brain dead and it's a meme deck so I don't really care if I lose or not.

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?
My almost entirely pimped out Radha, Heir to Keld is my "I'm bored with my other decks" deck. I don't really get tired of Radha and she always delivers the goods. Bitch is fly as fuck.

>he doesn't goad everyone's fuckhuge creatures for maximum carnage

Radha. I'm in this for the big creatures, big mana, big money, and she's what gets it done.

My nigga. I'm and you and I are on the same page tonight. Radhanons go! Have any secret tech?

I'm thinking of making a Kazuul group slug deck so that'd fill the slot. Also thought of having two grenzo decks since the pieces are pretty similar for the most part.

Nothing really secret. Just ramp into Tooth and Nail and cry when it gets countered. It used to be even more fun back before we looked up the rulings and figured out that Kiki-Jiki + Worldspine doesn't trigger Worldspine twice.

Kazuul is fun as hell. Just make protecting your slug pieces an absolute priority.

>finally got Invent Superiority and Entropic Uprising at MSRP

I'm like a dog who catches up to a car. I don't know whether I should butcher these for the cards, or keep them whole for themed casual matches with people I know who aren't really big players of the game.

Leave 'em be, at least for a while. They're good in low-power settings. My group uses the stock ones against each other and it gets pretty bonkers.

Deck of choice used to be Arcanis because i like to wave my cock around at the table occasionally But its now become Jund Dragon tribal/re animator because it beats people into the dirt

I've got one for you: Hunting Wilds. A surprisingly good piece of turn three ramp that lets you fetch duals. It's like Skyshroud Claim number 2. Late game, it also can provide a little damage if you need it, which is also nice (and has won me a game).

Got any spicy pieces of tech for me?

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?

Mina and Denn, Wildborn. Which is usually actually just Omnath, Locus of Rage in disguise. I usually pick that because I always get out 8-10 elementals and overrun everything or kill everybody Omnath damage. It's pretty great.

Oh yeah, I've been thinking about looking for one. I guess Vicious Shadows? Most of the people I play with like to play Reliquary Tower and sit on large hands so if I can get it off I can really punish them.

Yeah, I ran Vicious Shadows for awhile to punish greedy blue mages, but my meta shifted a lot against large hand decks. I assume you run Beastmaster's Ascension? Have you tried Triumph of the Hordes as your overrun of choice? Also, Savage Beating is cheaper off Radha.

Whats the cheapest and best commander to build around?

Stuff that taps down lands like Mana Web and War's Toll

Playing a very early Gamble for Impending Disaster is also fucking hilarious because you get to hold the table hostage. Especially while you have a decent number of mana rocks out.

Are these the only two Amonkhet cards worth a damn in Amonkhet?

Edric, arguably. Flying/Unblockable Men are surprisingly cheap, things like Beastmaster Ascension and Pathbreaker Ibex aren't too bad, and most counterspells are affordable.

Best part is you can start with a halfway decent base, and upgrade the counters and mana base from there. Edric is a good time.

Yes on Beastmaster's Ascension, yes on Triumph as a finisher, and I know, getting off red instants is great. I also like Volcanic Rush and of course defensively Asceticism is hard to beat.

I like Champion of Rhonas and Sandwurm emergence and the indestructible land that filters mana and pyramid of the pantheon

Perfection, thanks.


Should I open another bottle of wine

I know it's Monday morning, don't worry about me

Only if it's a red

Theres white parallel lives and Havest Season too.

I just had a red. I have a white in the fridge

Turn off your cellphone, make a sandwich. Have some water to drink as well. I'm not worried if you're depressed or suicidal or anything, I just don't want you to make stupid decisions to go with your reckless drinking.

This is bullshit and WotC should fire whoever made/OK'd it.

Looks like that's a no then.

Makes for a pretty boring commander in my opinion. Also nice almost quints.

I like Commit // Memory even if it has that horrible abortion of a card face. Also certain decks get a lot. Trostani gets a few toys with embalm and so does atraxa with As Foretold.

Honestly 4 or so good cards for EDH with another handful for specific decks is good, and the most people should really expect. If we get another legends matter block it's the only time I would expect more.

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?

Molimo, Maro Sorcerer. Green, straightforward, stompy. I don't have to think while playing it.

Gideon might be thrown in Superfriends as an emblem generator, Nissa is just good, Liliana goes in tribal, Glorious End is some jankass shit, the cycle lands are fine, Anointed Procession is a white Parallel Lives, Throne of the God-Pharaoh can go in swarm decks, Hapatra looks like a fun commander in her own right, Combat Celebrant might be seen in a beaters deck, and I'm sure As Foretold will be played somewhere.

Guys help, I spend all my time brewing shitty EDH decks and I end up scrapping every single one. I'm about to just sellout because my autism wont let me be happy with any one deck. Also my local meta in combo as fuck and I just wanna play comfy tribal decks. Feels bad man.

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice
Marath or Aurelia. Not too much pub stomp

Prossh, love playing around with food chain. And also, my playgroup never knows if its a infect beatdown, mill (Altar of the Brood), MLD with kormus bell and Goblin Sharpshooter, or just fucking someone's day up with Rakdos Riteknife.

Well, if you wanna go for tribal, Krenko tends to fuck up combo decks really fast. Is it duel commander or multiplayer?

Buddy of mine is building prossh. I dont judge. He has gotten into a losing streak and he wants to round out his deck to help with his issues (people removing prossh). But his way is trying to incorporate graveborn into a prossh.dec. mind you he has a slightly altered precon deck for prossh. I helped him round out with staples for it (no food chain though) but he's not convinced he has a deck.
What do?
And inb4 he is an idiot i already know that

It depends on what he wants to do, since he is with the almost precon deck, its pretty easy to see him getting fucked a lot. I suggest him to decide what his deck should do, for example, mine as much as it has all this jank (hello kormus bell) its still well defined on what it should do normally (Get purphoros out, food chain and combo it out till everyone is dead.). There is the non combo way for prossh, which is to make him a very fast beatdown deck, using cards such as hit//run, craterhoof (Which should go in food chain prossh as well), goblin bushwacker. And there is the Stax version, which to be fair, if he wants to go that route he might as well just make Meren or Braids because as much as Prossh combination of colors and his innate skills as a sac outlet, I believe the other two far outclass him as they can be much more dedicated for these tasks, not to mention being easier to put on the table.

Besides, wait a second, he's feeling troubled because people keep removing prossh from the tablet? Thats EXACTLY what a Prossh player wants, he knows that if he gets countered or something the tokens still enter the battlefield, right?
Give him an Ashnod Altar and a Gemstone Array (cheaper alternative to phyrexian altar) already.

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?
"Hey, can I borrow a deck of yours?"
In terms of potential universal staples of their colors, sure. But Rashmi really likes As Foretold, Kydele likes all those "when you cycle or discard" payoff cards, Hapatra looks like a dope commander for infect and Temmet seems sweet as well, the cycle lands are wonderful for making the few fetchlands that I have back from Khans block even better, Oracle's Vault is card draw for red and/or white decks, Liliana is sweet, Pull from Tomorrow and Open into wonder seem dope, and the embalm clone is awesome.
Seriously wth is this. Her artwork pisses me off the most.
Buy the Breya precon, build Thopter tribal. Trust me, it's awesome.

Whats your favourite way to cheat creatures in/reanimate in EDH?
Bonus points for style.

Hardmode: no black

Pic related for cheating in
Karmic Guide for reanimation

>Thread question
Usually my Brago deck. It's not too competitive nor too casual, just about seining in for value every turn.

My brother wants to get into EDH, but he wants a commander that he can get out early, rather than mana ramping for a few turns. What's your favorite cheap (less than 5 cmc) commander, /edh/?


I'm a fan of edric as an early commander with a lot of power, he also plays a mean control game. If he wants a grindier game then ayli, or for combo I'd recommend merath

Magic christmasland one, but
>mindslaver a black player
>animate dead my guy
>homeward path it back

I know right? Way to make Boros even more irrelevant, Wizards.

If we're going solely by the Commander's CMC then I really love Rhys the Redeemed.

But if your bro doesn't like ramping then Rhys, isn't exactly a great choice despite costing a single mana, the deck itself still wants to ramp to fuel his abilities.

if you cheat you an indestructible with this, can you sac it?

If your standards are low enough to where they include Serpopard, then yes, several.

Indestructible has no effect on sacrifice effects, in fact forcing sacrifice is one of the ways to get around Indestructible

cool, thanks dude

As Foretold
Approach of the One-Card Wincon
-1/-1 synergy to go with Hapatra
People are going to try to make Hazoret work. She probably never will, but eeh?
A number of the aftermath cards (Dusk//Dawn and Commit//Memory in particular) will make appearances to give us all eye cancer
Kefnut's not bad in the 99
All 3 Planeswalkers
Throne of the God-Pharaoh lets tokens crack open pillow forts with the right support. Provides weird inevitability.
There's that white Parallel Lives
Someone is going to make Glorious End work, much like Final Fortune and friends
"No Fliers" Sandworm enchantment
That 5-filter land that unlike Crystal Cavern or whatever the old one was can be run in 4c decks that need to shore up their mana
Samut, but fuck Samut

Really there's no less for us in Amonkhet than any set.

>Terrible Art
>Shitty Character
>Overpowered, undercost Keyword Soup
>Probably dull as fuck in the command zone but undeniably effective as a Voltron Commander


Yes. You'd have to sac it. AFAIK there is no effect that makes creatures unsacrificable.

Insult // Injury is another decent double damage effect that doesn't have to be in play at the start of your turn (most damage doublers are enchantments / creatures). The Injury side is just gravy if you need it.

This honestly looks like a RoboRosewater card.

The keyword mashup just doesn't sit right here, and the off-colour activation is completely wrong for the set (no other cards feature off-colour activations in AKH).

It pisses me off cause this is actually a pretty great naya general because it's a fuckin beefy ass motherfucker with a cool pair of abilities, but it has some of the fucking shittiest art I've ever seen.

Angel of jubilation and sigarda.

Not to mention, how the fuck is some random nigger chimping out a 3/4 double strike haste vigilance?

Not to mention, in the story literally nobody listens to her dissent, why the fuck does she give other creatures haste and have the ability to untap other creatures? That would imply that she's a rebel leader or something but literally nobody cared about her chimping out.

This card is one of the biggest flavor fails I've ever seen.

>Keyword mashup
She's an overtrained woman that want to go against the "government" of Bolas planeswalker farm
>Off-color activation
"Untap target creature" is very white
But it could also be red and green has "untap target land"
They probably wanted to make her Naya for EDH?

Best colors for Waifus.dec?

>They probably wanted to make her Naya for EDH?
It's too on the nose she was made for EDH but it looks like a soup of possibilities and not a great card. I want to toy with Minotaur legend and token guy more than with her, the card lacks focus.

If you don't want to bother with that much colors, WUx should cover most of them
In the end, it all depends on which waifus are yours

>the card lacks focus.
Yeah, it's like they wanted to convey all of her flavor
>Great fighter
>Rebellion head
>Want to help her allies/friends

Emrakul Colorless Eldrazi Tribal. You can run stax pieces if you like, in order to handicap combo players.

Snake.dec looks like a genuinely fun as fuck commander.

Token spam, removal and a commander that comes down turn 2? Seems like a shitload of fun, AND ITS SNAKE TRIBAL.

Red has some sexy ones, but Narset is bad for that kind of deck, since she banishes all competition from the grounds permanently. Not to mention, she's a shitty waifu.
Goat tits is nice, but I'm not fan of the cuckolding shit she applies for. It's a pretty shitty waifu deck if you share your waifus.
Breya is a decent waifu, but you can use buttsluts as exception as well, since they are male-waifus, or rather the stoner gay friends who already figured out that women are much worse option anyway
Breya is all face though, she seems too lacking in body department for my tastes. I mean, just look at her, her body is a wireframe.
5 colours has Sliver queen, Karona (shitty because of same reason as Zedruu) and Child of Alara, if you want babbys with the waifus. Doesn't work though if you want them to stay pure.

Sigarda, Host of Herons protects you from your opponent's sac effects. Great if they like Eldrazi or Smokestack.

I'm in the mood for a nice, grindy graveyard deck. Which commander is fun and not too oppressive?

Do i put this in my Ruric thar deck?


How about some "background" waifus?

Check out the lady on the left in Madcap Skills. I'm sure there could be an interesting deck made with cards that have background characters more impressive than the main focus.

it ain't my favorite, but if you wanna go nuts fast fast fast, Karlov is there for you.

Endrek sahr


xenogod maybe depending on how casual your group is


>thread question

I'm still fairly new to EDH. But the first 5 months I was playing, I played 12 generals. About 4 months ago i played Kruphix and fucking LOVED it. I've since made an Anafenza the foremost and Krenko (for a tribal edh tourney, will be making changes once the tourney is over)

But yeah, Kruphix is tha J A M

This. How in the fuck is she even a legendary creature? She ran out in the street, got grabbed immediately, and was promptly silenced. She's probably dead now. She did nothing of note and for some reason gets a whole bunch of shit that doesn't fit in any flavorful way.

Huh, I never considered him as a commander, but these decks do look interesting. Thanks a lot.

>nobody listens
>still grants haste
yeah but we have a diversity quota and we needed to print a commander that wasnt buttshit

>I spend all my time brewing shitty EDH decks and I end up scrapping every single one. I'm about to just sellout because my autism wont let me be happy with any one deck
You sound like me. I had a conversation about a similar topic with some anons in the thread yesterday or the day before and I came to the conclusion that I just needed to knuckle down and build something to roll with. I had to get myself to ignore whatever feelings I had telling me not to do it and I've actually managed to complete a deck (for the most part). It's still getting a tweak here and there, but I'm pretty much ready to start ordering cards.

There's Assault Suit. It's probably the only one.
Sigarda and Tajuru Preserver only affect your opponent's effects and Angel of Jubilation only works for paying for things, so it does literally nothing with Sneak Attack.
So, Assault Suit, it's your best bet.

Sometimes it takes a bit to find a deck you like, took me about 6 months of making a new deck 2x a week to find a deck I actually enjoyed playing.
It will take less time if you just hunker down and ask yourself what you want to do and find a commander that does that strat, dont worry about it not being unique enough or powerful enough you can always change colors and commanders later its better to have some sort of gameplan going in to deckbuilding before starting

what is your favorite MTG archetype?

It's OK iff you're rocking Wild Pair (And maybe Primal Forcemage to chain 4/4 [or any 8-heft] critters into it.)

Of course, using Wild Pair/Forcemage just to tutor up facepunching is kind of janky, especially when nothing involved can be your commander. But it's a fun kind of janky which I think is what Ruric's all about.

Should I work on creating a Thromok Deck or a Vela the Night-Clad deck?

I've only ever workd on GW and GB so GR would be new to me. I already have an Oona Deck so I'm sort of familiar with BU already. Ninjas seem pretty fun, but I'm interested in owning a wild GR deck too.

I tend to flit around a lot with different archetypes, but I always tend to go back to either artifacts, ramping into goofy shit, or big value guys. I decided to settle on Kruphix because he enables lots of different play styles and the card was given to me by a friend who now lives several states away.

I was doing the same thing where I'd get an idea for a deck, start on it (for some of them), get almost done or at least halfway through, and then scrap the whole thing. I couldn't help but focus on the negatives of any deck I came up with, usually going back to why I thought I'd become bored with it. This went on for weeks and it really just took me sitting down and thinking about how I could play with something I'm comfortable with while also branching out in some way.

Go outside man

I feel like you can afford to miss out on Blue and go Naya (Mayael?) for Pure Waifus or Saskia ("Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" tribal?) to get access to all Black has to offer with Liliana, Dakmor Sorceress, Classic Elves of Deep Shadow, Plague Witch, and so on.

>Thread Question
The answer is always Based Xenagod,

I'd honestly suggest getting some white in somewhere just to branch out even more, unless you hate white for some reason. Of the two, I'd say to go buck wild with Thromok if you already have an Oona deck.

I already have some White decks, so I'm trying to do something different. Thanks for the suggestion though.

>When you're not sure what you want to play, what's your go-to deck of choice?
Sydri for me, with Kaalia a close second.

It's to fill the KANGZ quota. The gaywatch is completely caucasian (even Chandra who's supposed to be a streetshitter) so to make up for it every set from now on, one of the "good" guys needs to be KANGZ/trans or whatever will please the PC principal.