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Poisons! What kind of poisons have you ran into during your travels? What's a good way to counteract them? What's a good way to make the obvious counteraction not work but feel like you're just just dicking your players around?

Bonus: Venoms!

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Kyras is compelling and attractive.

man ya'll need to chill

Poison is the classic "Minor annoyance for an enemy that's going to die in a few turns anyway, massive problem for a player" mechanics that's difficult to get around up until one of your players can restore ability score damage reliably.

There's also the issue of poisons being incredibly expensive to procure, and builds that can use them effectively are few and far between. A friend of mine told me about a build he made that revolved around poisons that could bring a Giant down to single digit Con or Str in about 5 rounds with high rolls (the giant also needed to make 2 consecutive saves to stop the pain, which becomes impossible after a certain point without 2 Nat 20s), but the poison required to do it was 1000 gp even with cost reductions.

For some reason, one player in my group refuses to tell us what class he's playing because he says it'll ruin his character's personal story arc. The only one who knows is the GM. So far it seems really annoying, but my GM is going along with it anyway. Has anyone else been in this situation? How did it turn out?

A bit late but at thank god we don't have to wait all night for that one to drop.

This has gotten way out of hand. Everyone just calm down and talk about actual pathfinder, being careful not to get us banned.

I still have no clue what our Oracle's curse is.

This is the wrong way to approach these sorts of situations, in my opinion. He should be completely transparent about what his character is so that you all can play into the idea. If he doesn't let you know, how are you supposed to help him shine?

Oh what's the worst that could happen, a necromancer disguised as a merchant? They'll leave you with nothing but bones either way, don't worry about it.

>but choosing man!Seiba for art is a mistake- because I wind up seeing Seiba and not his character.
That was actually just placeholder art. If I get picked I plan to commission someone to draw something unique for Allanz. And if I don't then...

Same, I made my application but I'm starting to wonder if I should start from scratch since there seem to be a lot of other knightly-type characters (I mostly just skimmed through applications before I made mine). Also, wondering if maybe the character isn't quite lewd enough. The GM said to focus character over lewd, but since lewd -is- a thing I wonder if maybe he's a little too unlewd, if that makes sense.

That said, I do actually like the concept i built the character under; That of a bad guy whose fighting for technically good reasons and still holds a certain moral code so he doesn't cross -too- far over the line. So I'm scratching my head, wondering what I should do.

If it's not obvious, my application was with Alfred.

thats rather annoying

I asked this in the last thread, but it's gone now so I figured I'd ask again. I'm looking to play a necromancer in an upcoming campaign but I'd really like to keep the fact that I'm a necromancer from the group. My GM already gave me a thumbs up on the idea, but I'm not really sure how to make it work, both mechanically and from a roleplaying perspective.

The character is essentially a harmless wandering merchant. His combat stats aren't particularly great, which is why he needs bodyguards. That's where the necromancy would come in, ideally. He's lawful evil, but not really in such a way that it would be apparent to anyone who wasn't paying very close attention to him.

So... any ideas? Suggestions? Advice? I can tell you more about the character if you need me to I just already feel like I'm rambling and I don't want to bore you guys.

Also, not entirely related but has appraise ever been useful for any of you? Ever? It seems like the sort of skill this character should have but I don't want to waste the points if it's not worth anything.

That's comforting to hear, considering how people reacted when his "under-the-helmet" art got leaked.

fucking hell that was funny

Pretend the Fighter in this image is one square further to the left, and wielding a reach weapon.

Does the Rogue (using non-reach normal weapons) have any position they can flank from? It seems not to me. I found the Polearm Master archetype, but that still doesn't solve the problem completely until Level 9. Best just not to use a reach weapon if you're working with a Rogue?

why do i feel like this is connected?

Not him but my group doesn't share sheets. We still tell each other what we can do, but it helps hide stuff like, say, the Sanguine bloodline ability that lets you drink blood from corpses to heal yourself. No one knows what the sorcerer is doing when he goes into another room and comes back healed to full.

A small amount is okay, I think. A different game we had an evil rogue in the same party as a paladin and he never knew, due to how he played his character.

I'd be pretty interested in the kind of stuff this guy's character is doing.

I want to play a game where you have to pick from monster races That have obviously been buffed up to Aasimar-tier and have to save the world from a horrible abomination... because the humans have gotten too lazy to do it.

This is personally why I'm trying to figure out how to make DoTs hurt on enemies but less painful on players, and how to fit them into the existing game. My first thought was "ramping" up DoTs, that get MUCH worse after the first turn if you can't take care of them, but that's too punishing for player who are supposed to be more durable than their enemies. Giving those abilities to players though, that might potentially work... if the best solution wasn't always picking up a greatsword and going to town with a barbarian

I mean, in theory if your app is good enough it shouldn't matter. But there are a ton of knights, basically every single one.

These two:
Probably are, since one of them was me and the other guy is likely referring to the post I made in the last thread.

That said, my group knows I'm planning on playing an oracle so I don't think I'm quite as bad as the guy in the other post.

Nah, the guy who I'm talking about is a first-time player.

Wrap the skeletons in straw and cloth and say that they're cheap, expendable golems you made.

He said no more than 50% lewd

50% is a lot, really

will work right until 'detect evil' gets cast

I'm looking for input on things for a custom setting I'm doing. It's a weird one.
Some of you will remember this, and a few were interested in playing a potential game of it or just having the setting to use.

Setting doc:
Short version of what's on there:
>Future-Earth after humans were wiped out and robots lost all electronic data
>Robot population recovers, know about their creators from books ONLY
>Robots believe insane things about the abilities of humans, and think they have afterlives + connection to God robots don't have

>Robots find out they're going to fucking die soon and turn religious, start turning to human-based ideas to connect to the divine
>Robots make NEW humans, the 1st generation, then assume they made them wrong and raised them too soft, because they're not special
>Robots make NEW AND BETTER humans, the 2nd generation, with all kinds of variants and special powers, trying to find the "Canonical Human"

>Players play as the 2nd generation human kids
>They've reached the age (15) to be dumped into the fearsome savage survival zone on the moon, full of monsters
>They must form human nations, start wars, kill other nations, claim artifacts, and demonstrate their supremacy at being humans
>under supervision of evil-seeming robots that secretly love them more than anyone can know

I need help with 2 things.
1) "Humanfinder" is a fucking lame ass name, please suggest a new one
2) The game will have made-up races (but otherwise Pathfinder content), and I've only thought-up 5 basic ideas (not even statblocks). Please pitch your ideas for "human" freak races that the robots would want to make!

Balance point will probably be slightly above default Pathfinder races, if anything.

"These golems are powered by the cruel murder of small, cute animals. It's kind of gross, but it doesn't actually hurt anybody"

I'd like to get under more than just his helmet

Deathwatch, detect undead?

Anyone else not really able to play evil characters? I just have a hard time being able to come up with backstories and personalities that are consistently dickheads or otherwise evil. What are some good ways to bridge the gap between someone who's altruistic and someone who's not?

Tell the rest of your party out-of-character that this is what you plan on doing with your character, that way you can make it a sort of game between the lot of you (or a running joke depending on your party) that nobody knows what your deal is from an in-character perspective and then when the time is right you can make a big ol' reveal.

Personally if you're looking to do such a thing I'd take a page from Pokemon and look into either doing percentage-based DoTs or one that increases in damage over the course of the effect. If your players are equipped with items that can alleviate this condition they can stop the effect before it gets too bad but more likely than not their enemies will not have the same means of recovery on hand. If you want to introduce such an item simply inform your players beforehand that this kind of thing is available in addition to what is normally available in the stores and may come up in combat against them, so they should be prepared.

I implied that my app for HV #2 had raped some servant girls, but after rejection I thought it over and realized that not only was that unnecessary, he would have been a stronger character if he'd had a stable relationship with a maid or something.

>"Why are those golems showing up as evil on my radar?"
>"Why, my good sir, that's because I've got some /devilishly/ good deals on their material!"
>"Devilishly... good?"
>"Why yes, I got the hay and straw from a town that was recently released from demonic rule."
>"That doesn't explain anything."
>"The farmers there were wanting to sell off as much of their stuff as they could! It ended up demonically tainted."
>"Demonically tainted hay?"
>"Yes sir, it's harmless though."

Okay, serious question.

Is there any reason why an android from Numeria couldn't be a Druid? I've been toying with the idea of an android who's absolutely in love with nature and has a cool pet panther, despite being sterile and artificial themselves- and wants to find a way to become part of the living world.

Intense personal grudges against people who are kind of assholes but aren't actually evil.

Like, think of that one girl who made your life in high school awful. Now imagine she was also volunteering at a homeless shelter at the same time. Would that stop you from wanting to punch her face in?

How about a cleric with Deathwatch

Every single [male]

In Pursuit of God's Likeness.

Evil characters != retarded dickhead characters who are capital C Chessy. Anyone who wants to take over a nation to run it better as an autocrat of some sort is Lawful Evil. It doesn't matter if you have 60 INT, you're Evil for doing so, and your intentions don't matter either. Littlefinger is Neutral Evil or Lawful Evil depending on how you look at him. Most raiding types are Chaotic Evil. Evil characters don't necessarily lack connections or friends and they don't need to be kicking puppies every ten seconds or risk Ascending, they can just act naturally

Are those starsign-satellites controlled by petty AI that alter conditions down on the battlegrounds still gonna be in it? That was a neat part that I remember.

It's honestly no weirder than a Warforged Druid, so go at it.

Someone suggested clay earlier, which I liked a lot. Would I need the disguise skill for that? Would disguise even apply to something like that? I'm taking it either way so I guess it doesn't really matter.

This is really the sort of thing I'm concerned about. Undetectable Alignment should work for that, right?

Only the DM (and one other player, sort of) knows about what I'm doing so far. The DM suggested I keep it hidden since it could make for an interesting reveal when the party eventually finds out, but I'll probably only do that if I can figure out a way to make it work.

By RAW any Druid dealing with metal for an extended period of time stops being a druid, but RAW is stupid and I'd personally allow it because that's cool as heck.


That's true, hm.

I dunno, maybe I'll have to give it some thought. I like the themes for Alfred, but I would rather he not just be "Generic Knight Boy #7" when the GM looks through applications. And I'd also prefer not to be that one character in a pewd game who never actually does anything lewd. Although I've done that before and it was funny. My character ended up moving the plot and getting shit done while other people boned. Ended with him finally getting some between three very drunk elves who'd been chasing his tail for a while but he was always too busy.

Guess I'll put it down to a vote, since I'm not sure. Should I just scrap Alfred and figure out something different? Or is Alfred fine and I'm just worrying about nothing?

Even Chaotic Evil characters don't have to be rend and tear. The Paizo iconic Anti-Paladin has an interesting take where he's meticulous and careful, but he's Chaotic because he's motivated by a love for elaborate destruction and lacks both the creed and discipline found in LE types, and the selfish desires of NE types. He just knows that patience is the better payoff for his craft.

Not like there aren't a ton of impulsive as fuck LE characters who do crazy things in the name of their creed, and just rely on their discipline to not get fucked.

>In Pursuit of God's Likeness.
It sounds clunky but I like that idea. Maybe something shorter like "In God's Image"?

Yep! I'm calling them Arbiters and they have a small section on the document.
>Arbiters appear to be coloured, glowing weblike constellations in Luna’s sky. These non-humanoid andurians consist of large connected satellite meshes, and unlike others, their main task is to direct events and meddle below. Different Arbiters affect the areas below in different ways, some helpful and some spiteful. They change every day.

There are two ways I have played evil characters in the past.
First is mustache twirling schemers doing it for purely comical effect. They do evil for the sake of evil and that simplicity is surprisingly enough.
Second is the sociopath. Have a character do terrible EVIL acts but always have a justification for it."I robbed the nobel because I needed the money, I killed him because he had the resources to track me down. I killed the servant because she saw me." and then as the game goes on have there actions be harder and harder for them to justify, yet they still do justify it. The one hang up with this method is you are also depending on the GM to give you consequences for said evil actions. If the GM just goes "okay thats a thing that happened" or feels your intentionally messing with his game then that can be a problem. So just try and coordinate with the GM a little.

which is dumb as fuck btw
>want to cripple a druid?
>just lure him into a place with lots of malachite, magnetite / hematite, and cassiterite and watch him implode from trying to move metal.

That works too. In God's Image would be be referring to the players then, my version would've been some sort of >foreshadowing as to what the Robots wanted to accomplish.

>"Sir, these golems are coming up as dead on my radar."
>"Oh, my apologies, sometimes small animals get caught up in the gears."
>"Sir these golems are REALLY undead."
>"That's because I store my negative energy batteries on them. See, look!"
>An undead squirrel falls out of the 'golem'
>"Nothing to see here, mister Cleric!


Clay wouldn't work because unless you crafted it in such a way that it wrapped perfectly around the undead in such a way that none of the joint movement was impeded by the clay it would flake off once it got dry. Wrapping it in a malleable substance like straw will work much better and also allows for flexibility of movement, plus you can also flavor the straw as acting like Padded Armor.

As for the secrecy, the only reason I say to tell everyone about it before you play is because it's standard practice to have everyone know what they're playing with so each player can reliably know what their fellow players are good with, out of game. Telling them that the secret is being kept from their characters can potentially make it more fun and flavorful for everyone at the table.

Oh yeah, that too. People really get stuck on the common personalities of the X-axis of alignments but the alignment=/=personality rule forever holds.

It's weird how often LG types get casted as overzealous and occasionally reckless but everyone who goes LE defaults to being the cunning and manipulative type. I love the classic takes of LE as silent killers who obsessively follow orders, or as rambling men who've gone mad over their creeds.

How about plug-humans, with holes all over their bodies like in the Matrix movies. They can interface with technology super easily, attach arm-cannons, plug into robo-suits, and hack stuff.

They can be called the "holey ones"

Alignment in general is stupid as fuck


Are they going to have any appreciable HD? Or are they just going to be standard 1HD humanoid skeles?

Because you need at least 5HD to ping on detect evil unless you're an oracle or an outsider.

Undead ping at 1 HD

Undead always ping, just like Outsiders, and people with auras.

That sounds fucking sweet nigger.

I don't know how human you want your "human" races to be but my first thought is to flanderize existing stereotypes. Like "Viking" humans being the size of bears, "Russians" being straight up immune to cold, "Koreans" being basically human supercomputers, etc.

Second thought would be fictional humans made reality. All those stories of HFY, personified, along with shit like comic and anime characters that are insanely tough and strong with no explanation as to why, so it is assumed to be the norm. Like pic related kicks up barriers of concrete with his bare feet and can fight people in ancient magic suits of power armor with his bare fists, and when asked how he is capable of such he says that. The races in this instance could be attempts to emulate different types of fiction, so comic-humans inspired by batman/superman/whatever, weeb-human inspired by humans punching tanks to death and running straight up walls, mythology-humans inspired by Hercules and exaggerations of people like Bathory, etc.

Third thing would be straight up mutated-like superhumans and I'm not sure where to start on that. It's pretty far from humanity at that point, I don't know how confused these robots are. Subtle-ish things like metal skin work, I guess. Inventing a race capable of psionics from depictions of fiction would be interesting. I'd pick random shit off of the eidolon upgrades and make a race out of it, or look at Marvel heroes.

Dunno if any of that is useful to you.

Even fetchlings and ifrits and such?

if they're aligned evil, yes

What? The rogue could flank from where the cleric is or the square directly beneath the cleric.

That's real fuckin' funny user! It's not a terrible idea but would be really challenging to implement. The ruleset is still Pathfinder and the equipment is going to be medieval-ish Pathfinder stuff mixed with some techy flavor.

I made an app to Overlewds.

Alignment in general is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive, and even then is meant to be used as a guide as opposed to a hard-and-fast ruling on a character's morality.

I imagine this is where the idea that Paladins are eternally crusaders comes from, after all there are many facets that fall under the prescript of evil in tabletop games, but that doesn't mean that the person with the alignment is always a negative influence on those around them.

Heck, for most of them they're not even a negative influence most of the time.

Meant to respond to this earlier. Yes, when dealing with flanking and reach you have to be EXACTLY opposite your partner when flanking to receive the bonus, and if your ally has reach then you'd better have it too or else neither of you is going to be getting that sweet, sweet +2 to hit.

Could they? RAW it doesn't seem like it:

>When in doubt about whether two characters flank an opponent in the middle, trace an imaginary line between the two attackers’ centers. If the line passes through opposite borders of the opponent’s space (including corners of those borders), then the opponent is flanked.

It doesn't pass through 'opposite borders' in this case, the circle won't be sliced perfectly in half.

Weird question, but are there any forums or discussions like /pfg/ except... not /pfg/?

I like /pfg/ and all, but I build a lot of characters for fun even though I don't know much about the game just yet. I usually have a bunch of questions for each character I make, but I don't want to spam every thread looking for build advice either.

Normally I look for build guides, but a lot of the build guides I seem to find are either outdated, missing information, or way too specific to be helpful to me.

>Lewds: Hand Holding, Panty Shots, Swats on the Butt and Playing "Doctor" only, plz.


The "Build Help" section of the Discord is pretty good for that kind of stuff, though if someone else is already getting helped you may need to wait until they're done or else your question may get drowned out.

You don't have to slice it perfectly in half. In this case, the line between the fighter and the rogue needs to pass through both the left and right borders of the ogre's square.

It is.

I'm too awkward for discord, friend.

Besides, I usually have so many random ass questions that eventually I'd end up pissing everyone off.


And we thought the old male apps were dire. This one is beyond the time.

So I've seen the notion before that survival, and tracking in particular is useless because if you need to find something, you will. From my experience this has largely held up to be true.

Do you agree with this? And if so, what're some ways to fix the issue?

...Wait, I think I've got an idea.

Would it be a bit much to play a character descended from the old dragon king, if he was like 8th or so on the ranking of who'd inherit first (not that it matters now that other claimants are either dead or in hiding)? Would it be too much if said descendant was a bratty shota, at least in appearance? I like the idea, but some people really don't like shots, even the "I'm actually older than I look" variety.

>tfw i know what I want in a dude, but am shit at making male characters.

That's an amusingly meta way to look at things. I guess it's true though, you can't just end a campaign because no one found a set of tracks.

However, not getting somewhere in time could still be an issue, so think of that. If everyone ignores survival and when it comes to tracking, fails, and just wander around until they find what they are looking for the cult might have already sacrificed the captives or something.

Trust me bro, I ask people there all the time about what I should do to help with my One Piece builds, and there's almost always someone there willing to help with my often inane and obvious questions.

Speaking from a DM's perspective, unfortunately the answer to that is "not much." If the tracking skill is required in order to progress the story along, all of your players failing the check to find the muddy footprints means that your story does not progress unless you can pull some Deus Ex Machina out of your butt to get things going some other way. If it's not all that important, the GM will likely just make the players roll Perception to find it since it works as a bit of a catch-all skill and you're guaranteed to have at least one person in the party that's maxed it out to search for things.

I wish sleep would put his foot down on some of these apps. I don't know why people feel like it's okay to drop these Ruse Cruise tier apps into the game.

He did message me to make sure my app was serious

I get it wrong too sometime, so don't take it too personally. I think the art choice is just a little too on the nose for a young gnome male.

It'd also help if you beefed the personality and gave it more nuance.

Fuck, I'm reviewanoning again. Stop me.

>when an app by a notorious memester and shitposter is more serious than most Overlewd apps

Wew lad

I'm not even that guy

Well, he has said he's going for a Saints Row kind of tone. Silly people getting into dark and evil shit isn't that hard to imagine--I mean look at Batman villains.

Decided to try to make Cavalry in pathfinder a bit more interesting and a bit less 'Super damage' with some homebrew for both it and Vital Strike.

The idea is that Full Attacks are good for pure damage (As there is no preventing that) but Vital Strike and Charges are great for handing out forced movement and status effects as you are making a single, carefully planned strike.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Alright, since the last thread bombed and killed the discussion, serious questions about roleplaying and character design.

When a character is submitting a male character to your Roll20 game, do you prefer somewhat ugly yet distinctive images (like pic related) or attractive characters from a relatively well-known (man!Seiba, a Fire Emblem male, Reinhardt, etc)?

What Pathfinder (and 3PP) races and classes combine to make interesting male PCs, in your experiences? Which ones are the most boring?


>When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner.

>When in doubt about whether two characters flank an opponent in the middle, trace an imaginary line between the two attackers’ centers. If the line passes through opposite borders of the opponent’s space (including corners of those borders), then the opponent is flanked.

>Exception: If a flanker takes up more than 1 square, it gets the flanking bonus if any square it occupies counts for flanking.

>Only a creature or character that threatens the defender can help an attacker get a flanking bonus.

>Creatures with a reach of 0 feet can’t flank an opponent.

Ugly and distinctive any day of the week. I don't give a shit about being a husbando, and let's face it, /pfg/ will declare someone their daddy on the most arbitrary and silly of bases, so fuck it. I'd rather be interesting than hot.

DAemon-blooded Tiefling Dark Elementalists

Why do you think my apps not serious?

I could go all grimdar skullbones and make a conan ripoff, but this feels more honest.

It's the borderline-toddlercon images you're using. Something like what you've got in this post might work better, something with dignity.

Do any Barbarian archetypes worth having stack with Invulnerable Rager?

The current race concepts are on the setting doc at the bottom (it's just 2 pages long). My IRL players helped think of them, so I kinda want to stick with them.

As funny as stereotypes and modern media come to life are as a concept, they're not timeless enough when the whole of history is being sifted through, and the robots are going both more insane and less specific about it - there's a psionics-boosting race for instance that could be used for all kinds of extra magical might, not a particular kind.

Generally the ideas they have about human superpowers are confused at best from incomplete bullshit source material and THEN even further muddled their own cultural back-and-forth retellings corrupting the interpreted meanings over time.

It could be anything at this point: you just have to be able to identify that the "artist" was trying to make something human. No Warcraft orc looking faces, but subtly green-tinged people with human faces who can get ripped and are easily provoked, sure!

Children and Adolescents don't have a lot of dignity, user.

well, i mean, do you have to sexualize him? Why can't I just play him straight and whatever harmless kinks I get out of it played off as part of the story?

I literally just advised you to use the pic you posted above.
That looks like a youngster with a destiny.
What you've got in your app looks like he's about to ask for his diaper to be changed.