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Tell me about your villains and their plans!

>Tell me about your villains and their plans!
Seeks dominion over worlds using the star's power.

The star seeks to awaken, using pawns to usher in it's coming.

Any traps or henchmen of notoriety?

Do you fluff your multiclassing?

Our last villain was a black dragon trying to cause a civil war for the lulz, and make us (the party) as miserable as possible by hurting bystanders and innocents. But she got what she deserved.

Yeah problem is I actually know these people so its a bit harder, the other guy is actually one of my players in a Deathwatch game

>insane archdruid who took too many mental blows in childhood
>mass "cleansing" ritual
>will literally destroy the planet
>its my PC and the party doesnt know

>Immediate villain
Standard take over the empire because he wants power, managed to kill the Emperor but the Imperial Princess escaped, is being manipulated by a fallen hero who is doing it all to unite the land for war against Eldritch horrors wanting to invade.

>Potential side villains

Leader of Templar style order that is made up of paladins that believe in objective good and evil. They have some who bend the meaning of this such as killing tieflings and other oddities on sight even though laws protect them as citizens.

Dwarven Ambassador wants her "kingdom" to break away from the rest of the empire believing it for the best. She is promoting and helping sow chaos in the land to sway the hearts and minds back home to her line of thinking.

Elven ambassador wants to put his queen on the throne instead of help resecure it for the Imperial Princess. He is fully willing to outright kill the rightful heir and any who stand in the way of this.

Underworld leader wants to truly change her ways and dismantle the crime organization she is apart of. The problem is doing so would take the cooperation of a stable government and could lead to conflict should the PCs decide to simply out her before a deal can be made.

Fun part is not all of them have to be enemies it'll all depend on how the PCs interact with the world.

well if they're your buds it should be even easier to say "id have more fun if we actually.... tried? a bit?"
ive been exactly where you are
i spoke up and my friends were like "oh alright yeh lets try that then" and weve been going for years now

How many of those do you consider evil?

>I'm thinking of giving the asi in addition to the feat. I expect it to go about as well as an ice cube hanging out in Avernus. Convince me why I shouldn't?

What happened to her?

Instead of doing that I'll warn you about the possible speed your game can end up with.
Some builds can go online way earlier that way, and the party can get out to stronger foes.

Only one who would be straight evil is the guy seizing power for himself. The elven ambassador could fall under that aswell since he is outright willing to kill anyone to put his queen on the throne, even if she hasn't asked for it or wants it.

The others are up to the PCs and how they view the world.

The main threat is, I guess, a GOO. Specifically, the one that the GOOlock in the party has as his patron. Other than the entropy and destruction that leaks off the thing sleeping in the ground, the cults and organizations that form around it cause a lot of problems.
>the ancient empire that used to be in the area the party is exploring was fractured and dissolved because people started making contact with it and leaching powers from it, and infighting
>the wizard college the party's wizard went to is secretly trying to revive the thing
>a christian-reform-camp-type institution run by warlock doctors has been kidnapping kids and feeding them drugs to turn them into cultists for fifteen years
>the dragonborn goolock turned out to be a four year old clone with implanted memories that was in fact infested by the creeping tendrils of influence of the GOO but thinks that he developed them somehow while living in a giant library with knowledge monks
typical stuff, you know

I think it's the fucking BLOWN THE FUCK UP WITH WATER poster form last thread.

OotA, so demon lords, i guess they just want to fuck everything up.

Reform Io body. 4 or 5 if I include gem way war. His cult, dragon cult and Tiamat, Bahamut and his councils, and the Death Dragon godforgot his name. I am just going to have a big ass dragon war.

You really missed that whole thing last thread? Dude told us about his magical realm and how he snuck it into the game. Was pretty funny.

If I recall correctly: Boom.
Vanilla or spiced by the DM?
I get the plan, but who is behind it?

How can I make my necromancer interesting and not just a robed guy that can make skeletons?

Ask your DM about making a single bigger skeleton.
Speaking with dead people is useful if your campaign has some mistery too.

There is a particular captain that is obsessed with the party, having been foiled by them on a few occasions. She's gone as far as insubordination and hiring a shitton of bounty hunters to find and track them down. Her obsession is clouding her judgement and her devotion to the dogma of her leader.

By being a robed guy that can make zombies.

In forgotten realms lore can goblinoids crossbreed? Mostly wondering if Bugbears can crossbreed with Humans for an adventure idea I had.

First time playing warlock, found the pact magic system really boring and now I'm thinking about multiclassing into Bard and fluff into some Shaman/Witch Doctor so I call the fiend's power to buff/heal my allies and debuff/CC my enemies.

Maybe Io, no one really knows. His action were always to further the survival of dragonkind as a whole. In the end, a lot of dragon magic toss around and transforming the word into more dragon like.

Yup. Boom.
Glad you think it was funny

if you're gonna do MC warlock you'll probably have most fun as a sorlock

Although now that I think about it the manipulator would be evil aswell. My players made a typical cast all with tragic back stories and such. So I tied them together without them realizing it yet in that he had orchestrated those events trying to kill them before they could grow up.

Thing is he succeeded in his own time but the will of the world knows his plan will lead to ruin and broke the rules to send the ones he killed from different times there but able to defend themselves now. It works like Wheel of Time they are heros woven into the fabric of time and are produced ever now and then, different faces and names but same soul. This guy was once a friend and ally but grew bitter and became a lich/death knight (haven't decided). It's how he knew who they were and tried to end them believeing everything he is doing is for the greater good.

i imagine pretty much vanilla, a textual quote from my dm, "it's all written in the book so i don't have to think about it"... yep.

so far so good, all things considered.

/5eg/ tell me your favorite spell

Main threat is a cult of necromancers who believe that undeath is the natural course and the next step for all lives on the planet.

Major side threats include :

Slave revolt who's leaders are pushing for the slaughter of the citizens of their master country, even people who were not involved in slavery at all.

An "incursion" from a foreign plane

and for post cultist story line the Golden City from a long dead civilization where no one who has entered has returned but sometimes clockwork automatons wander out and wreak havoc.


Dust Devil. I know it's weak and not really worth it on anyone but I love it with a passion.

I find Bugbears the most repulsive PC race available. Closely followed by Orcs and Goblins.

I just wanted a bunch of Humans worshiping the Bugbear gods because I thought it'd make a good group of tribal ambushers to steal the mcguffin. Just wondering if I should throw half Bugbears in there.

It's the one I've gotten the most mileage out of, as a Paladin, and I can't help but feel the 1d4 to most combat-relevant actions is huge.

"Consume Cummies" is my favorite 5e homebrew cantrip

I can compensate for that. I just don't think it will make a tremendous difference in the long run, either way. Unless there's an epic level handbook I'm 5e's future, which I doubt.

You can weave in Orcus, if you like.
Oh boy.
Chapter 4 might kill him.
If disciplines don't count, Bless has been a lives saver.
If they do count, Mantle of Command.

Delayed blast fireball, AKA The Tactical Nuke. Have a familiar or a pet bird fly off with it and drop it behind cover and BOOM dead orcs

Chromatic Orb. It's almost impossible to not have it matter at some point in time to avoid resistances or immunities, and it does nice damage for low and mid level characters.

Yeah, but our group already has one sorcerer, so I don't want to step on his toes, plus we're only using PHB, so there's only Wild or Draconic.

I'm really liking the idea of buffing my allies and vodooing my enemies.

Currently trying to gain as many forms of power as possible in order to achieve a form of bizarre perfection.

Makes dealing with creature types difficult, I'll say that much.

>playing D&D
>one of the characters is playing a bard
>has history skill
>constantly plans tactics and refers to battles where they used certain maneuvers
>this annoys me but I have a list of famous battles for him to draw on and i tell him some (usually passing notes) to keep it true to the setting
>one day they are hard pressed to fight some high-level ogres
>they use illusory decoys as bait, and the bard says something about how they were used in the battle of Caruso, decoy soldiers made of wicker to draw the enemy into range of the archers
>i tell him that battle never happened
>he refuses to break character and says to me (the DM) "oh of course it did, back in 1132 B.V., the great battle of Caruso, you can't tell me you don't remeber that?"
>I tell him that that battle never happened in this world
>he says he's just trying to play his character
>I tell him, no, you are trying to fuck up my world by making up battles that don't exist
>he tells me I am being a control freak
>I tell him he can get the fuck out of my house
>dead silence follows, before he packs up his stuff and leaves
>awkward quiet follows for the rest of the session, basically ruining it

Why do people have to be such jackasses? I literally broke my back to accomodate his character's personality, I wrote out DOZENS of notecards of famous battles throughout the history of my world for him to refer to. Yet that wasn't enough for him. Players are fucking parasites.

Dancing lights because my dm treat it like an invulnerable creature that trigger sight base action/reaction for the first creature that knows nothing about it.

>playing evil character
>good character in party finds out my PC's master plan and threatens to out me
my character would normally kill anybody who gets in his way but i dont feel like i should just kill other PC's
wat do?
newer player by the way

They do in fact worship Orcus as their patron deity. Their leader has a custom artifact called The Eye of Orcus, a necklace that continuoulsy rots the land within 30 ft of him and raises any and all corpses within the area of effect as his permanent slaves. Anyone who looks at the eye must roll or be frightened, then if they look while frightened they must roll or be panicked.

A robed guy that makes one big skeleton that he walks around inside like a mech suit.

>Chapter 4 might kill him.
that's the fun, isn't it?

How much of a stickler do you have to be where you can't deal with a handful of battles that didn't happen a long time ago in a setting?

shit bro calm down lol

you were in the right until you said ">I tell him he can get the fuck out of my house"

Faults on you for sperging out.
No one cares how well crafted your shitty world is.

Bugbear Monk. Can it work if I convince my DM to swap the STR and DEX increases?

Will I be punching with the extra reach?

his only other option would be if you gave him an encyclopedic rundown of every event that has ever taken place in the history of your setting
and obviously you faggots werent going to do that so he just had to ad-lib
get over yourself

>getting this assblasted over someone being a character to the best of his ability
>not having him do that and potentially giving the party a chance to recover relics from said historic battles as a surprise
No user, you're the jackass.

Honestly, for something like that, I would have rolled with it. Maybe changed it to some minor, inconsequential/small scale skirmish so your history isn't messed up so bad though. I'd rather have a player that's creative than one who sits down and doesn't take any initiative, but that's just me.

You did sperg out pretty badly and kicked what looks like the one player who had an interent for your setting.

You should have made up a battle that did use the tactic and tell him to use that. Maybe a skirmish in the border if your setting can't deal with being played on.

If you weren't both retards, you would've had him roll deception (or had the other players roll history themselves) and it could've become an interesting development. Could've even created a whole dynamic where the rest of the party isn't sure if he's been bullshitting the whole time and made them question the value of his advice. Might have even caused him to stop doing it in the long run.

Fuck you, that's how a character driven game functions. You can't have a real list of events and people, so the player HAS to ad lib their way through things in order for the character to function as a person. The alternative is just constantly asking "do i know about X" every two seconds.

Fuck your world and it's history, literally nobody gives a shit

I fucking hope the rest of your group has the sense to drop you like the hot spergtato you are.

For the Hexblade Warlock, would you as a DM allow a player to refluff the Shadowfell angle?

>Would you let a player refluff

In general, yeah. It's rarely harmful.

I was about to post mine for a current campaign, but the new player might actually browse Veeky Forums, and I don't want to spoil their fun.

I only multiclass if something happens in game that justifies it.
>playing fighter
>save some kind of lesser deity
>it wants me to be its head priest
>multiclass into cleric

I too would be mad if it influenced my empire a lot, but if it just x tactic used in battle y and has no meaning in z other than bragging in my world where magic are completely countere and dispelle 24/7 in war leaving people to just hack and slash until the enemy is dead. Was it just a battle or was it THE battle?

I have to believe posts like this are just completely made up in order to get (you)s

Actually it's Lolth.

Don't read that spoiler if you haven't played past the Stone Library

Play red rogue. Thief->necromancer who has a reanimated version of her husband as her companion.

I would like to believe that stories like this are just made up, but past experience tells me otherwise.

So I'm wondering from a purely RAW perspective if what the Barbarian's doing is allowed.

He's a Goliath Totem Barbarian and took Tiger as his level 3 option, at level 4 he upped his Strength to 18.

While Raging he can jump 10 feet in the air after moving 10 feet. His height is 8 feet and according to the PHB you can reach or lift something an additional distance equal to half your height. So all up after jumping he can reach 22 feet in the air.

Now he's been grappling people and using his Strength to lift them above his head an slam them down for 2d6 damage and only using movement. Is this allowed?

If he can do that, there's nothing stopping him from keeping them grappled after that right? So he can super slam them for 2d6 and knock them prone, without losing the grapple?

>I didn't "yes and" or "no but" and for some reason that killed the mood

You're an idiot, user

I play a bugbear monk! You don't have to switch because you'll still be useful. Strength makes you a better grappler. Also yes, you do punch at an extra square.

Looking at an upcoming Dark Sun 5e game, what are some cool tricks for a Minotaur pc from the waterborne UA that ARE NOT polearm+sentinal?

Going Battlemaster. Anything for martials that will tie into their Goring Rush or Hammering Horns abilities?
I was thinking about nets, grapples, and the Flail Mastery from the feats ua might be fun for knocking, throwing, and slamming people all over the place.

RAW is pretty vague on the matter. Tiger is kind shitty though, let him have his fun.

Shield Master, Dueling and have a free hand for grappling.

You get advantage on the Shield Master shove which you can use to knock people prone and your 1d10 Horns make you deal more damage then any other Sword and Boarder while still able to grapple. Take the Brawny feat if you want to be the king of grapples and prones.

If they take damage so does he

What if he only jumps 9 feet in the air but lifts them 21 feet?

>Not making them suplexes or powerbomb

He's doing everything wrong

Not even a followup autismfit?
How disappointing.

>Now he's been grappling people and using his Strength to lift them above his head an slam them down for 2d6 damage and only using movement. Is this allowed?

If anything, that's amazing.
You better put him against a Phantom Train.

Don't forget that your movement is halved if you try to move someone grappled

If you don't like it, and you don't want to get into a rules argument with him, throw some enemies at him to counter it. Something with a pushing ability, which will make him drop the grappled target. Something with disarm, if you decide that disarming can make you drop a person you're grappling (only specifies weapons or objects). Something to charm him, totem barbs don't get immune to charm when raging, just berserker I believe. Ranged enemies that take shots at him every time he grabs an enemt, hopefully to draw his ire away from the enemy he's closest to. Flying enemies that go out of his reach. Enemies with reach weapons + PAM feat to keep him at bay. Kamikaze enemies that explode when he suplexes them.

Best part of any of those is that not only will they stop him from doing the tactic that you don't like, they'll also probably push him to think of new tactics to try and he'll appreciate that.

dont they make opposed athletics/acrobatics checks to end grappling at the beginning of the enemys turn?

If a Rogue is stabbed with a poisoned sword, and uses his reaction to halve the damage, is the sword damage AND the poison damage halved?
My gut instinct is to say yes.

WTF you don't deserve your players

Alright, guess I'll let him continue. It's pretty fucking awesome anyway. Can't find anything against RAW with it anyway and doesn't seem to be to unbalancing.

True. Means he can only pull it off once per round which is good.

I'll make sure to add in some stuff he can't use it on. He's a pretty crafty guy so I'm sure he'll think of some new tricks.

Enemy has to use an Action to try and escape.

If he was hit, only the sword damage is halved.

Mechanically it makes sense but real talk you're not dodging poison (actually venom) inside you. It's on you if you let it happen but I wouldn't

If the poison sword deals poison damage straight from the hit ("1d6+3 piercing damage and 4d6 poison damage") then yes, they're both halved. If it's beyond a saving throw ("The target must make a DC 15 Constitution save or take 4d6 poison damage") then no, only the piercing damage is halved, as it's not considered damage from the attack proper.

Just says damage. Doesn't specify weapon damage, or spell damage, or anything like that so you should conclude that any damage done with that one particular attack is halved.

For the same reason that you can't crit poison weapon damage?

Yes, that feels exactly right.
Thank you.

Lie to his face until you have fullproof blackmail.



Not that I don't believe you guys, I'm willing to believe you're right, but is it specified anywhere that this is the case? I don't recall ever reading anything about damage from a weapon and poison damage from that same qeapon being considered separate if there's a save involved. Is there a sage advice or something along those lines that confirms this or a rule I've overlooked in one of the books?

true but the barb has to use an action to engage grapple
and its only 2d6 damage so its not op or anything