How do I convince my players to stop trying to force post-ironic autogynephila into all of their character designs?

How do I convince my players to stop trying to force post-ironic autogynephila into all of their character designs?

It all started when I told them that I was considering running some Chronicles of Darkness. They all refused because they claimed it was my """""""""magical realm"""""""""" which is just fucking ignorant.

Now every single time one of them makes a character, it's somehow got a super forced gender bender angle, like this one of them wanted to play a fighter in pathfinder but INSISTED that he be allowed to play a "lady knight".

If I had any better players you'd best believe I'd be kicking these guys out, but unfortunately I've got what I've got.

Also if you're listening Ashley there was no such thing as a lady knight, I don't care what you read on the internet.

>"""he""" wanted to play a "lady knight"
>"""he""" is named Ashley
Ashley is a girl's name.

I mean, knights that happen to be female were a thing.

Honestly it sounds like they're just doing it to piss you off and nothing more. You can either let them until they get bored, or try and trick them into a situation where they're ebin japes turn them into normal people.

>quotation abuse

How dare you assume his gender?

They weren't actually a thing, at least not on the battlefield.

so op is faggot ah ok

Of course not on the battlefield. Female knights were usually just ceremonial "troops" at best, if not some fetishized body guard unit by a noble who cared more about pussy than his security.

>there was no such thing as a lady knight, I don't care what you read on the internet.

Yes, and god forbid he play as a female ELF! ELVES AREN'T REAL EITHER ASHLEY YOU FUUUUUUUUCK

Except that's not what knight means anyway.

A thread died for this. Here's your (You) you desperately wanted.

calm down jesus christ so women never fought in any wars you don't have to flip the fuck out just because your fetish is women who are strong

Any is a very strong term. Partisan forces have had women in a good number of wars.

There also wasn't any elves in historical wars either.

Also, who was Joan of Arc

A fictional character.

>There also wasn't any elves in historical wars either.
Prove it faggot

Eh, I'm on the side of female PCs but that's not a great example. Her trial had her declare she'd never taken a life. Then again can we really call being born British 'A life'?


Elves don't exist in the real world.
Therefore they haven't taken part in real world wars.

This thread is bait. Expertly woven bait, but still bait.

Nope, fake as fuck. Only feminists claim otherwise because she's their only hero that isn't famous for getting women enhanced murder privileges.

I bet you don't believe in Illuminati molemen either.

I'm still not seeing proof

No, the bait is pretty fucking obvious, but Veeky Forums is really easy to bait.

If you want (you)'s on Veeky Forums, just post something that's negative towards generals and positive towards quests.


Like hell it is

Wrong way around user, you gotta make the non-questers screech like autists if you really want (you)'s.

"I want to play a female knight in this fantasy setting"

"But that never happened irl REEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Hmmm... bad post OP.

>Expertly woven
It's not even remotely that. The thread is blatant bait from the start.

>they claimed it was my """""""""magical realm""""""""""
If they claim it is then it is

Sorry but maybe the OP isn't into pandering to commie bullshit in his games

deal with it

Nice meme OP


There weren't any women in wars stop being obtuse. Carrying a fucking bandage is not fighting in a war.

So resistance groups, rebels and militias were not in wars?

No, if you're truly fishing for (you)'s, you gotta make questers and regular Veeky Forums posters talk normally, and make the anti-questers screech like autists. If you add generals to the anti quester screeching but only make them screech in general, you're guaranteed large amounts of (you)'s.

You can also start a thread with something like "There are currently [x] amount of generals on this board, thank god we kicked off quests right? :^)"

Unless the mods get you, that's basically a (you) mine.

is that supposed to be adam koebel