ITT: Self-Made Character Art

ITT: Self-Made Character Art

bup for interest

All I have is some shitty Heromachine-made stuff. Here's my evil Psion/Incarnate, for example. Made the bone armor out of a dire bear, and got it masterworked.

That was my paladin Sara b4 we moved from pathfinder to 5e. Now im playing a goblin monk and sorcerer.

I'll risk sounding stupid here, but what did you guys use to make these?

Its 3D Custom Girl. its old but hella easy to make mods for.

>tfw super lazy and just photoshop/recolor art from other sources and pass it off as NPC/PC art

Thanks, friend.

It took a while to draw. I think I've really honed my skills, and I'm quite proud of it. You guys can use it as a reference, I don't mind.

just use heromachine myself, but I like to think I've gotten ok at it over the years.

pic related is probably my favorite thing I've ever done though

not bad friendo

I've only really been using it for a year or two, but here's another character- this one a young runaway noble-turned-wizard. From, uh, like 13 levels ago.

nice. I might steal that. It's all about having a clear and concise design for me. Other people get into poses and shading and fancy stuff, but what matters is whether it helps other people visualize the character or not, at least to me.

Yeah, I agree. For the most part I make them just to have an image down somewhere to help people visualize things. Though sometimes I use them as references to beg for pictures from drawfags.

Here's that same character, 13 levels later, after they've gone full archmage- runes coming from High Arcana and such, and the horns and wings from the character accepting more and more of their fiendish heritage, becoming tieflingish and eventually half-fiend.

They just got retired last week, because my do-everything uber-optimized wizard was a bit too much for a newish GM to handle, so I'm going with something a bit less bullshit

Ridin' round with a bump and a pound too

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If the thread's still alive when I wake up I'll dump a few more.


>got into Maid enough to download CM3D2
>use it entirely for customization
>continue to use characters to this day for other things
Someone else uses a program that makes just bust shots but he never answers when I ask him what it is.

Those are pretty nice.



the levels badge made me kek
does that sword say stop resisting?




I don't even edit the images. There is no reason to.




I usually don't, but I'm autistic enough to do things like make the ears more pointy if my PC is an elf, or other racial things like tails/skin color/etc.


You've probably noticed a trend by now that none of these are finished.

>the only one actually used in a game

I'm definitely going to use that as inspiration for my warlock character.

Slav Squat

No clue why I picked this guy to be the one character of mine in my 8 years of roleplaying I put exorbitant effort into drawing, I knew it was going to be a short game, and it was. I've done a couple of crappy sketches but otherwise never any proper character art to speak of.

There's an outside chance my current character might end up drawn, since they're an aspiring (mechanically speaking, fucking insanely competent, they just don't actually have the job to match) fashion designer and everyone else in the party asked me to draw the clothes I picked out for them when we went shopping one session, which I have. Drawing the actual characters themselves in place of store mannequins seems like it might not be that much of a stretch.

I mean here, pleasant bonus, seeing as it only took me 20 minutes to do this it might not be such a stretch to actually draw the character in reasonable time.


I'm pretty shit.

Sometimes it's just easier to get sucked into drawing certain things over others. I've spent several hours, maybe even going on to days, on just because I couldn't get a design I liked down despite the end result being somewhat simple, while I sketched out in about an hour just doodling because I didn't really have any set theme in mind and I'd say they're both about as unfinished as each other, and also both not even used in a game, while is actually a character I'm currently playing but I just don't really feel like making proper art for them beyond that.

I guess it's also that I like making SUPER SPECHUL SNOWFLAKES and is a normal human Rogue that's slowly gone to be a Bloodborne character ripoff due to ingame loot happening to fit that theme.

It doesn't help that I've redone the token like 4 times and still aren't happy with it, this one looks really awkwardly posed because I just sketched it out without any planning and slapped on some color

>Can't draw for shit
>Only passable with Photoshop
>DM keeps insisting that the wall of meat that I refer to as my character needs a picture to really hammer home what he looks like

Hero Forge is a godsend.

kill me

I love these threads

Well thank you for mentioning that place. I'm not even good with photoshop, so this is all I can show for it.


shit sketches of some aliens i made up for a game

>tfw I don't have a single original NPC in my setting
>they are all taken from other media
>easy and lazy as fuck to do
>my players think its awesome

It's a cool style though. Reminds me of Metal Gear illustrations or illustrations from Fate artbooks.

My Shadowrun Orc.


Never actually got to play this one, but I /am/ a gigantic dwarfaboo.

reminds me of that new yorker magazine artist, who did the lemony snicket illustrations I think

i have a minimum of drawing talent but here is a doodle of a seafaring dwarf druid i played once

Closest I got

This looks like it is porn related.

This is a doodle of some friends and my characters.
>I scribbled out my signature

>Yung Venuz Beholder

I'm not sure if I approve or disapprove

I used to draw my own art, but now I just stick to photoshop edits. Far easier for a talentless hack like me.

spooky antler guy is pretty cool

Character in a game I'm running came up with a pretty in depth description of his character when he turns into a Not!Werewolf type beast, unfortunately the art he provided wasn't exactly the best so I did it in 3d. I'm not particularly experienced with character stuff, this is the first thing I've actually done with a character. Also the axe is part of the arms, yes it's weird.

I once got to play an ogre in a WFRP 2e game. By the end of it, we had amassed quite a lot of experience.

Haven't drawn my characters, actually, aside from one crummy picture I did as a reference for my Black Crusade character that I no longer have saved.
I did do these scetches of alien races in my SF setting that I'll probably never get to run since I don't know anybody who'd be interested in playing a non-40k space game, and have no idea what syste I would use anyway. Does that count?


Not finished the full party portrait of 11, yet, but it's getting there.

Not actually used as a character, this is an image for a playable race in a system I made. There's a version where they are split apart without a title for use as tokens.

Yeah, that's my friend's Ranger that mulitclassed into druid. He's probably the best designed.

The hobgoblin pirate bastard I am currently playing.

A wizard i played, he was pretty much the party's source of humor and blatant cheating via "It's magic i ain't gotta explain shit".

Cake art counts too?

Arch Militant

Dude, it's extra pious cake, of course it does.

delicious chocolate Autocannon...

from left to right:

Madame Casiopeia of House Typhon, Void Mistress and Navigator Primaris of the Tupolev dynasty

Lord-Commodore Pavel Andreijewitsch Tupolev, captain of the stalwart Red October

Master Rysel, former Enginseer Prime of the Red October, now captain of the Explorator cruiser Noctis

Master-at-Arms Drusus Dray, former member of the Maccabian Janissaries

Photoshopped art of Vetinari for a morally ambiguous (okay, out-and-out evil) Bard.

I probably have some 70-100 pages of reference material, detail drawings of gear, clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, artefacts, etc of my characters and others in those campaigns. But something like 5-10 complete, full-body drawings, most made about 5-8 years ago, when I had the time and enthusiasm. I won't be running down to the scanner, so I can leave you with what I can find on the computer. Can't guarantee its quality, though.

This was an Explorator I played years ago.

Barbarian warrior, who through misadventures became unaging, drowned and was reanimated.

Incomplete party drawing of my Only War party, which unfortunately ended prematurely. Sergeant Blender, on the left, with my character, Cpl. Kruger, next. Pictured with his raifu, Ol' Armie, unfinished. Rest of party placeholders.


Haarlock's Bane warband emblem, Black Crusade.

Weapons wielded by Kruger in

I'm not great but I god dammit I try

And finally, my stack of drawings. This is just the ones I found, mind you, the rest are probably nested in my even-larger pile of old character sheets.

You're a cool dude

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