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Old Bread

First up, there's some investments - long term looks pretty shit, Illegal Arms looks interesting as the second Illicit asset - you only get the BP when the runner trashes it (at 6! cost) as well, unlike Reality Threedee, which was on-rez

But of course, for Weyland BP = Bigger Profits


Their other agenda is pretty nasty - pop this right before the runner hits an Archer, watch them squirm.

Outside of TD I can see Titan armouring their vault servers all the way up, and their doesn't appear to be a limit on how many you can use at once

Haas agendas look the usual efficient but not all that interesting... but watch out for CI dropping field test and installing all the things

Interestingly we don't see that door in the runner cards

Shapers can bling out their rig - and as Damon's last (or biggest, at least) hurrah it's not too much of a surprise it's LLDS

Looks like a better version of Aurora at any rate. Like Lustig vs Ninja.

Would prob still need to invest in red fracters at this rate.

Titan? I was thinking Argus. 4 cards down to pass Archer and then is forced to take a tag because damage would kill him.

Wow this game is GREAT

Why would someone like this ever get hired by anyone?

Rolled 6, 7 = 13 (2d8)

Partly because it's just fashion and she works in a call centre.
Partly because she's actually pretty smart, despite being a punk.
Partly because she could have hacked the place and make it so she always worked there and just turned up. (canonically she definitely doesn't use her own name, and she is breaking the dress code but never gets called on it, for undisclosed reasons)

Yeah, not amazing (though at least it breaks multi-sub okay), and the bypass s good, but it's never going to be a Corroder.

Does Eli for 4 though, so it hits that standard

Turns out that mysterious archer was a HB card... with unfortunate formatting/templating errors.

Clearly there's someone who thinks Traces don't need the lengthy "if successful" bit (though the likes of Taurus means this is not the case) probably the same genius who made the "whenever" errors of Severnius Stim Implant and SYNC BRE

That's fun, I was just thinking that Titan makes it double, and you could fire both at once (which also leads to "And if you use whirlpool...", but as someone on a podcast says, nothing good has ever come from whirlpool combos)

Yet more clearance (there's what, 5 now?), and a blatantly Jinteki card masquerading in Haas (and it's 1 inf as well, in case you need more clues)

Last one. Both have slightly off wording (when exactly you can use Max, if you can block 1 damage with Spoof), but that's a wrap of TD cards

>Clearly there's someone who thinks Traces don't need the lengthy "if successful" bit
I actually think the prototype versions probably use the recent terrible wording for the sake of speed, since the beta testers already "get" how the card works. Major proofreading fail on the final version if so though.

Yeah, here's hoping this IS someone's prototype pack, rather than a store opening their goodies a few days early

One can hope. Did the previously revealed cards have the same issue?

Depends - we know there have been some changes and errors with pre-production versions and previews of various things - Polyhistor's had 2 versions shown, there's another card that's had previews with Spoofing's art etc.

Those were revealed and recorded a pretty good while back though. The full spoilers a week before release posts usually do reflect the final version, I'm unoptimistic that they're not.

True, and I share your concerns - I was just erring towards hopeful that we're seeing a playtest copy, like suggests

Illegal Arms Factory in a proper 4 - 5 credit server is pretty disgusting. I wonder if asset spam decks would want it due to the bad pub, I guess not. I don't know about Long Term Investment, I guess it could be decent in rush decks that try to force you to spend money to hit a trace, especially if you have a high enough credit lead. On an unrelated note, it made me realize that Best Defense + Hunter Seeker is a good counter against SacCon MOpus in those kinds of decks.

Illicit Sales should be pretty nice for BP decks, though they'd still need to plan for contesting the runner's money even while they can run through servers unobstructed. Graft is weird, since it's a 5/3 you'd likely score it while not having any clicks left, so you can't really use them, and likely forcing you to discard down. I guess there's a benefit in immediately looking for certain cards that you want, but putting it in a 5/3 is pretty weird.

We know how good Mason is. I mentioned how two Armored Server tokens could guarantee the 5/3 score last thread, but it actually has a pretty big weakness, that is ETRs and jacking out. Jackin out removes Armored Server's effect, and ETRs mean the runner can stop running without the discard requirement and come in again. Mason might make the run more interesting, since if they did break any hard hitting subs, they'd have one less click to run again. Titan might reeeally benefit from this, good on them recovering from the 23 Seconds incident.

Successful Field Test looks strong at first glance, but outside of the CI combo I wonder how beneficial it could actually be, especially since the main bonus is from instaling ice, and you'd install most ice already for the scoring server.

I'm slightly disappointed that Demara isn't a utility program from the art, but oh well. As mentioned it's a better Aurora, and like Aurora it's inefficient vs single sub barriers, but atleast better vs multisub, plus the bypass ability. Loving SYN Attack, interesting when paired with Medium; the main problem with forcing the corp to draw is that they'd normally want to draw for solutions anyway, but with Medium it also means you can see more new cards. No door card is unexpected.

Savant rounds out the three MU breakers I guess, though with much better decoder options there isn't too much reason to use this. Memory Diamond is pretty expensive, though the link and hand size increase is interesting. Wonder what kind of deck would want it over CyberSol.

Executive Functioning hits pretty hard for small piece of ice, would this count as HB Pup? Though I guess Fairchild 1.0 exists. Holmegaard is neat, it's also notably not a bioroid, hitting one could hurt.

Tapestry on RnD could be bad, but otherwise inconsequential. Love the rez strength ratio though. Not much to say about Ultraviolet, but it does have pretty art. I think someone predicted the colour a while back too.

Max actually needs the errata to know when he can work. Assuming he works like Emergency Shutdown though, I guess we have a permanent version around, though the 1 cost and link gives it other uses. Wonder if the artist for Biometric Spoofing and the other card will pipe up about the swapped art.

Now that all the non-campaign spoilers are out, which IDs will you all be playing in your respective launch events?

>Biometric Spoofing and the other card will pipe up about the swapped art
As they're listed as 2 different artists I think someone compared the styles - they reckoned the Shaper one was an incorrect spoiler

Now that we know all the regular play cards from terminal directive I think it’s interesting to see just what they’re focusing on for each faction, as a) this is meant to be a good “next step” once you have the core set, b) it’s non-rotating, and c) it features 3 factions that got the worse end of their Big Boxes

Cambridge – HQ-dependant, native recursion for crim
BFH – Derez
Phishing - Bypass
SYN Flooding – HQ flood/denial
Poly – HQ flood
Swindler Suite – Core breaker+, bypass (and trash)
Mammon – AI, rewards knowledge, pretty cash dependant.
Charlatan - Bypass
MJ – Derez, HQ dependant, trash

Bios – Untouchable tutor, quasi-Andy filtering
Careful Plan – bit of an odd one, with the knowledge it kinda needs, but lets shapers ignore upgrades and concentrate on ice, i.e.: the shit they’re good at
Deep Data Mine – R&D dig, MU-dependant
LLDS Diamond – MU, Link, handsize – hardware for everything
Ubax – Draw
Adept/Savant – MU-dependant multi-breaker
Egret – subtype fuckery
Dhegdheer – MU dodging
LARL – Draw/mini-tutor
Laguna – Draw

Process is just a bit of efficiency, Frank is SEA-Scorch-Scorch disruption, Lister is a neat breaker boost, Spoof is for damage and Shadow Net… is an emergency SoT, that Apex can use – may be good if you want to get rid of something in the score area.

With Crim I think you can really see that they’re looking to emphasise Bypass, give Derez a bit more of a boost, and show that flooding HQ is not just a Fisk thing. And give them less shit breakers, including an AI that’s not godawful (sorry Vamadeva)

Shaper doesn’t get as good cards, but they emphasise strengths and really stress that they’re the MU faction, which has kind of fallen by the wayside of late.

Siedr – Recursion, but the runner is in control –more value out of the runner spending clicks, which HB wants
Brain Rewiring: Fucks with the runner’s hand (could lead to kills) good for disruption.
Elective Upgrades: Efficiency Committee V1.5
Successful Field Test: Super-massive install. Build a glacier at as discount or go wide really fast
Estelle Moon: Asset/Upgrade support, efficient econ/draw. Might be interesting with Field Test
Marylin Campaign: campaign econ, now with self-recursion
Eli 2.0: Eli goes emo, but he does the job. Also more draw
Exec Functioning: Early-game brain damage
Holmgaard: Destroyer + Ash Effect. Compare vs Grim - 2 more for bonus sub and no BP
Tapestry: Draw, click loss are both standard for HB, adding to R&D isn’t, but this ice is clearly designed to be shared.
UV Lvl Clearance: Money, draw, install
Black Lvl Clearance: Brain/clearance-style effect, in upgrade form – forces tough decisions. Money and draw on runner’s turn
Mason Bellamy: click loss

Skorpios: Fuck recursion, damage support
Armoured Servers: actual defence, chips away at hand
Illicit Sales: BP + money
Graft: Triple Atlas/TFIN, tutor up your kill combo
Arms Factory: Money, decently chunky. Also BP
Mr. Stone: Meat with your tags
Bloodletter: Gives the runner a bad choice, rez/cost is nice
Colossus: What you want from advancable ice. Tag + Destroy
Hailstorm: Fuck recursion (we need the strength)
Hortum: Anti-AI money ice
Hunter-Seeker: JUST
K.P. Lynn: Data Raven upgrade in-faction

Neutrals we’ve got Paper Trail to fuck with econ and connections, which is nice, a minor trap with Honeyfarm, a pretty poor asset in Long-Term, Enigma that trashes rather than ETR, and a Restructure replacement

So HB does more damage and is efficient as ever, making money and drawing, always drawing – which is probably why there's recursion in the ID

Weyland gets much better defensively, and is definitely having their BP emphasised. They do get better at tags though

6 to trash?
fuck m8

I don't think there was ever a question for me that I was going Skorpios, and these spoilers haven't changed that, though Seidr gets some cool cards

It looks like Seidr is going to be way easier to play with in a Core Directive environment compared to Skorpios. Especially with the campaign 3/2 agendas thrown in.

Not too sure about the runners though. I guess Bios would be better off due to having much higher chances to getting early MOs?

Yeah, you really think it's going to be cheap to hit Skorpios's ̶i̶l̶l̶e̶g̶a̶l̶ ̶a̶r̶m̶s̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ ̶ totally legit heater manufacturing plant? (open the pic full size)

On the other hand, pay 6 to give the corp 1 BP is pretty good... but paying 6 and getting SEA scorched because you ran against Weyland isn't

Not sure about the runners either, though how much of what's great about shaper is in C&C?

Siedr vs Skorpios, I think is the same old reliability vs swing-y power, though - and Weyland's ID ability is both very good and more reliable than Siedr's, though the rest of HB is by nature very consistent

It still likely depends on what my campaign partner will play. Probably Ayla/Seidr though; I already "main" Crims and Skorpios looks frustrating to play against due to being extremely unconventional.

I find it really interesting that they are pushing a playstyle that is widely regarded as jank for Shaper, that is, the MU breakers. Guess they didn't think the faction needed a boost thanks to Creation and Control.

Also, I think all but

The archer isn't one of the seven wonders. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Comparing CI Fund with Long-term Investment is kinda depressing. Less so than Biometric Spoofing and Recon Drone, but still.

Some small, (needed) power creep, as expected.

Armored Servers, if I understand it right, given it's not "break one or more subroutines", paying on credit with Mongoose to break two subroutines still results in a two card trash?

Unlikely to a be competitive sweetheart, but I really dig SYN attack from a design standpoint.
Maxwell is cool. I like seeing Link options grow.

Ultraviolet will please CI players?

That Reaver mention on Tapestry weirds me out a bit. (On that note, is there a message about work environment in Executive Functioning?)

Successful Filed test: a cool Hellion card! (that my personal interpretation, and you can't correct me!)

Illegal Arms Factory in a deck otherwise heavy on operation, centered around centrals and using Bryan Stinson. I wonder.

Graft for rush is... wow.

Illicit sales... I wonder about the numbers. Needs testing.

Skorpios/Cambridge I think. Looks to me like it has the potential to offer the most interesting choices.

The more I think about it, the more I'm digging Tapestry from a design standpoint. There definitely is something to explore in the direction of high break cost tied to meek but useful effects. Making the runner wonder if it would not be better just to let something fire.

While I'm at it, amusing one yesterday: Enforcer raised on R&D with Bioroid Efficiency Research.

>Reaver mention on Tapestry weirds me out a bit. (On that note, is there a message about work environment in Executive Functioning?)
Could just be a name - it'd make sense as a runner one - but the possibilities with Reaver the card are... interesting (I personally think it is a genuine coincidence though)

Executive Functioning has an odd, odd name. Something subtly wrong with it.
And I'd question the reasons behind even having a torture simulator, let alone using it in ice design... if HB's main competitors weren't Jinteki (in Androids) and Weyland (in armaments).

In that environment having a torture simulator is a reasonable precaution, and totally makes sense for processing people to executive levels

Definitely playing Skorpios. Not too sure about what runner I will be playing yet. With such an unconventional and interesting ability, I think it will make every game much more interesting.

>Executive Functioning has an odd, odd name. Something subtly wrong with it.

Mirrors Executive Meddling, which is a lot more conventional.

Was more thinking FFG work environment commenting here (I'm not paranoid). Though yeah, having worked corporate, an interrogation simulator sounds almost pretty tame, all things considered, compared to existing practices.

Oh come on now, you can't say things like that and not elaborate?

Though I will remind you just exactly what Mr. Stone's ""Pensions & Retirements"" division does (incidentally the bit in WoA with this background pic suggests that the "Pensions" part is actually just as genuine as "Retirements" - hence, I guess, why Mr. Stone's flavour text does mention it being Accounting)

Also... paranoid? Are you implying something? (though I haven't heard good things about working for FFG, even way before Damon's departure)

>Are you implying something?

Naaah, just paranoia making me wonder. More than probably reading way too much into things.
That's the kind of sideway protest I've know people to do. Cathartic and utterly deniable. But absolutely no proof here. Just the old rumors about interferences in the creative process at FFG. Which for all we know are unsubstantiated.

>Oh come on now, you can't say things like that and not elaborate?

Pseudo-anonymity or not, I'm not breaking a confidentiality clause on a public site. Rest assured that corporate world is both a lot more dull yet a lot crazier than what fiction dares to work with (well it's easier to sell the crazy stuff too...).

>Mirrors Executive Meddling
Fuck, I did not get that.

Huh, yeah, that comes with some implications, doesn't it?
Especially about FFG, and Damon leaving right after this...

I was looking through some consoles for shaper because I want to expand past the core set and I saw this. Is this card even playable in shaper?

What I always wondered is: Whose Console is Monolith supposed to *be*? Kit's?


There's some crazy fun decks built around it, and with Peace in Our Time being a thing I can't wait to see if someone manages to make it work better.

It's a tough sale though. Someone mentioned building up to end-game inevitability faster in previous thread, and this can go a long way toward it. But it's a very specialized strategy. Fragile, as it should.
When it works, I think it's incredible. Seeing your opponent having a full ready to go rig by turn 4 *is* a scary proposition. But then it fizzles so easily.


Weyland Labyrinthine Servers with Archer, especially in Titan.

It looks expensive as hell but you have to take into account that it's discounting up to 12 credits for programs, and compressing 3 additional clicks to install them. THEN you have 3 extra MU to host them and the ability to prevent damage by discarding programs. It's a sound investment, but it's designed for program heavy decks and dropping all at once over building piece by piece over time.
Protip: instead of waiting for 3 perfect programs to install, just install it with 3 whatever programs earlier and then use Scavenge to swap the rig around.

If you look at it, it's a huge computer sitting in what probably is one of the labs in Levy U. So Professor is a very likely choice. Kit uses Omnidrives, and Exile whatever he finds in the dumpster.

>and then use Scavenge to swap the rig around
That's an interesting one - the "perfect programs" problem was always a big issue with Monolith, you want to have it, 18+ credits and 3 programs worth installing all at once... was generally a hassle

So what would be a good basic shell for all the Core Directive IDs?

Which come to think of it is also a very Professor-ey thing. He wants to run a lot of programs and be able to swap them around anyway, so who better to have a bunch of silly utility programs sitting in hand to install with Monolith?

Komainu/Brainstorm with double Armored Servers.

Bioroid ICE. Mausolus.Tour Guide. Good ol' Archer.

Wait for it... advance-only-while-rezzed ICE.

Wonder if we would ever see half of them again in the foreseeable future?

The thing I like about the Komainu/Brainstorm interaction is the runner is guaranteed an empty hand, which covers up one of the agenda's weakness, that is jacking out and coming in again. If they ran into a Prisec server with no ETRs, the flatline is basically guaranteed outside of paid ability drawing.

>the flatline is basically guaranteed outside of paid ability drawing.

Or Masanori. Patron I guess, but would be a weird target. Obelus.

More importantly, damage prevention.

Damage prevention would kill that yes, just like with any flatline strategy. Which is a good thing of course. Besides Prisec there's also the option of putting Komainu in front of a damage ice, since they can neither jack out or break subs.

True. But where does a professor get the money for that?

Hailstorm is 6 for strength 5 btw

Talking to Professional Contacts to fund his research and using Levy's money instead of his own probably.

I'm thinking Beach Party/Game day to draw up to 10 cards. Then install whatever plus having a big enough grip to fall back.

I find very fitting that The Professor can't have too much Peace in our time because what NBN and HB did to him.

He's also mentioned in Alya's fluff piece as being arrested, and in Monster Slayer's extra section he's noted as a leading member of the CEL (Council for a Free Ecuador) - one of the largest groups on the NAPD's watchlist of campaigning that New Angeles should be Ecuadorian territory

Busy guy, the prof, no peace for him.

Would be interesting to see him advance the plot as it were.

For all we know, the Free Martians are probably working with him or something, given the nature of the incident that precipitated TD.

Not a possibility I'd thought of, but yeah, the Martians could be involved in the Victor Gray incident, and theoretically so could the Prof - after all, he is ex-HB.

Wonder what Alya would think if her mentor turned out to be a murderer-by-proxy?

Help me Veeky Forums. I'm a long time magic player, but I want to get into netrunner. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play it with, or know of any stores where it is played and are close enough to be relevant. Where do I start, how do I get good? Can I find decent games on

Does your FLGS where you play Magic have any netrunner stuff at all?

Ideally I'd say find someone to play it with, get the core, and if you like it (don't play Jinteki as the corp first like the book suggests, use HB) then there's a new box that comes out in a couple of days that's designed to be played with just the core and it.

If not, yes you can play okay on just Jinteki.
You should very much put "New Player" in the game names, and some idiots won't read that anyway. Ignore them.
You may also want to play core only as well, at first, as netrunner's got a huge card pool and is close to reaching as big as it will ever get, so options might be a bit overwhelming

I don't have a real flgs. I have a single table in the back of a comic store where people play magic, and they aren't interested in trying anything different. I guess I'll try to get some core set only games going on jinteki.

Fair enough, though once you're a bit more familiar with it I'd recommend going down there with a couple of "tutor" decks and offering to teach the game, especially to guys you see regularly and maybe know.

I was quite lucky when it comes to J-net that I got into netrunner just as it was emerging and when OCTGN was the main way to play online - I ended up knowing quite a lot of the cardpool going in, even if I was laughably bad at the game

I taught a few people to play magic like that, but they already wanted to learn. It's so hard to get people to try anything new.

Know the feel mate, i was lucky in being in one of the few towns in Sweden with a really tight knit group who plays it. Essentially only 5-6 places in the whole country where its possible.

I don't think zee Professor was an actual HB employee, what with him working at Levy's U and all. That said, any revelation of Bioroid programming being broken is bound to be sweet vengeance for him.

And being the typical person of Science!, Alya would probably shrug and continue to make even more...pretty nanite plant life. Consequences be damned!

For Science!

Yeah, took me a while, but I found his little bio piece:
>The Professor once worked at Levy University, teaching advanced AI and robotics in a laboratory funded by Haas-Bioroid. However, when he discovered files that showed how the corporation intended to make use of the research he and his students were conducting, The Professor sabotaged his work, rendering the data inoperable. In retaliation, Haas-Bioroid flexed its muscles, forcing The Professor off the project, reassigning the funding to one of his rivals, and pressuring the university into loading him with five morning and night courses full of bleary-eyed undergraduates.

So yeah, not directly, but they funded the research, as HB are wont to do - as the prof, pic related and a mention of their "special AI development division at MIT" all show




Adept, Savant or Sage?


Adept, Savant or Sage?

All have quotes from (or usually attributed to) Heraclitus of Ephesus, whose philosophy focused on change being central to the universe, and also introduced the term "Logos" meaning a principle of order and knowledge.

δὶς ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν ποταμὸν οὐk ἂν ἐμβαίης.
You could not step twice into the same river.

Μεγάλο μέρος της μάθησης δεν διδάσkει την kατανόηση
Much learning does not teach understanding.

Δεν υπἁρχει τίποτα μόνιμο, εkτός από την αλλαγή.
There is nothing permanent except for change

I'd say it depends. Sage is probably the best for anti-rush, but Code Gates and Sentries are usually the scariest facechecks, so point to Savant. Adept and Gordian Blade however gets you the most mileage without having to splash influence on other breakers.

I think Adept, with the highest base strength and freeing you up to get a nicer decoder will be alright (especially in Kit), but I don't really like the 2 per sub against Sentries, which would suggest Sage...though that's the weakest of the three.

Savant + an Anarch fracter might be okay, but you're still on 2 per sub

Woot! TD shall be there by this week end.

Finally found of an FLGS (well, "L" is meh, whatever) that does netrunner at least on a regular basis - now to see if they've got TD

... and if I'll remember to get there for the netrunner nights

Nice. Good luck with that.

It's interesting that this suite of themed icebreakers is actually the first you don't want to complete on the board.

Yeah, on the board they just crowd each other - guess as a shaper you pick your style - are you a Savant, an Adept or a Sage?
Do you use these not-quite AI to be cautious, to aim for efficiency, or to get in quick?

I'm loving that there's TD art coming straight away - I bet the more active-posting artists have been waiting ages

Would you play an Android RPG?

What sort of things would you want to have in it?

Does a hacking mechanism based on pared-down netrunner sound good or shit?

Maybe. Running is supposed to be incredibly involved though, it isn't just punching in numbers and defeating ice. Nevermind that the Network looks different depending on the user. Besides Chaos Theory's encounter with Eli, I wonder what other encounters are in any of the official material?

Sans the running though Android isn't too different from cyberpunk titles I don't think? Not that I have proper knowledge about other titles in the genre.

I've been running a few one shots using various hacked systems (The Mountain Witch, Lady Blackbird, Everway - using the Netrunner cards in the character creation process; I'm forgetting one...).

The idea of playing Netrunner the card game as a simulation of server access is cool, but I think way too heavy going by the old Cyberpunk attempt.
It's the old Shadowrun problem: when a runner starts doing his/her thing, the whole game stops to a crawl... with the added complication that the action exists on a different time frame from everything else, so it cannot cohabit with what the other players are doing.

I would definitely be interested in a way to generate micro-games for server access.

I've considered it, and a few extant systems seem appropriate. I've been looking for a copy off TechNoir, as it seems match the time of the setting as seen in some of the fiction very well.

Honestly surprised HB didn't try to make his brain explode instead. Or snatched him and copy said brain.

Could that 'rogue' Bioroid be a clone of sorts of ze Professor?

I remember hearing about people using the old Netrunner cards in Shadowrun. I've meant to go and find the rules that were used for it but never got around to it.

I hear that the newest Shadowrun has done some things to fight The Decker Problem. From what I've been told, it's faster smoother runs and the decker being able to function for the rest of the run.
Don't know the truth in that, but it's worth looking at.

>It's the old Shadowrun problem: when a runner starts doing his/her thing, the whole game stops to a crawl... with the added complication that the action exists on a different time frame from everything else, so it cannot cohabit with what the other players are doing.
There's this RPG where other players can interject with the purpose of making a story more interesting, maybe that mechanic could be stolen in some way?


Yeah, this would mainly be for "light" hacks - for objects and such, and I think skill checks would probably replace the "pump it with a load of cash" of netrunner. Though breakers would probably be harder to get, on a similar order to getting an unlicensed gun, probably even harder for the really good shit.

Something more involved would get the whole team on it - say a couple go to the physical location, one or two go to interface with what would be your connections and things in netrunner.
Maybe, anyway.

There's Kit's fluff in C&C, and I think there's a few others scattered around

I think for micro generating you'd need a few "pools" of ice, split/sorted by strength, power, cost and inf - the "basic" teir going from something like Vanilla and Paper Wall to about Eli, then you start splitting more by corp and power.

An example might be for a medium HB server, you say 1 HB tier-2 ice (a list with Fenris, Roto, Zed 1.0 etc. - scary but weak) and d2 basic ice (odd or even on d6), and you use the d6's result for placement safety - low = safest to approach, high = deadliest first. Or something like that
Two "deck" shuffles, 1 d6 roll, job done.

>There's this RPG where other players can interject with the purpose of making a story more interesting, maybe that mechanic could be stolen in some way?

The chit mechanic from Tenra Bansho? I really like that.
I'm thinking in genral a amore narrativist system would benefit Netrunner. You don't want to have to go too much into the nuts and bots of running, mechnically.

my fucking eyeM WHY?

I agree, running should feel like the nagnazul Why I Run descriptions I feel, and you do any preparations for the run outside of it, not during. And if they do fall short, the other players could throw in some sort of token that signifies something to help, making the run doable but get consequences later. The runs themselves should be quick, no more than 10 minutes, which lets you get back to the main thing faster.

Anyone in the far future gotten their set yet?

First try deck building using the core set and a big box expansion. How did I do?

Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman
-- event (21 cards)
3 Diesel
3 Infiltration
3 Modded
3 Special Order
3 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble
3 The Maker's Eye
-- hardware (3 cards)
3 The Toolbox
-- program (17 cards)
2 Battering Ram
3 Cloak
3 Dagger
3 Gordian Blade
3 Magnum Opus
3 Self-modifying Code
-- resource (4 cards)
3 Aesop's Pawnshop
1 Armitage Codebusting

Android is a noir setting, so I'd expect noir shit and mechanics, using something like Technoir or Gumshoe mechanics (actually, Technoir is about perfect). The corps are more background or battlefield than antagonist - if a hostile background, sometimes. I'd expect PCs to be more white-or-grey-hat than some of the explicitly black hat runner identities.