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>tfw too autistic to make OC

dammit all

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Are Naga immortal? If so, that seems really strong.

Not autistic enough ya mean, making CYOA is a pain in the ass.


>it's a dark comfy cyoa

Is there a worse kind of cyoas?

But you have weird ass genitals. Better be a lich instead.

There is only one comfydark CYOA currently in existence though, every other CYOA that claims to be comfydark is actually just comfy.

I'd rather have a wacky snake peen than no dick at all thank you very much.

You can fuck right off. Life isn't happiness.

Naga, Liches, Elementals, Angels, and Foocubi are all theoretically immortal, although only Angels can actually live forever without going insane or getting banished to another universe. They just need to not cause harm or suffering.

Show us.

Naga only have problems every twenty years and then they're fine again.

Will you stop. Please. Every thread. Every thread you post multiple retarded bait, the same text, the same images. Just stop.
You are the single most obnoxious person here but you wear they like it's a crown.

You even respond to your self. What is wrong with you and can you take it up with a therapist instead of us?

I thought I was the most obnoxious one?!

Reposting in the new thread.

Typo under the Ice Queen adventure.
>Except to fight ice golems . . .

>paranoia ensues

You think there's only one fujoshi lurking around here?



Like elementals and succubi, they have to sustain themselves. In their case, it's on food.

They do it to bother you. They're samefagging to bother you. Replying gets him off. Just ignore.


How about someone post some older more obscure cyoas to get the thread going.


Working on a comfydark apartment CYOA and wanted to ask for advice.

Should the tone be melancholy or less so and more sort of quirky/nonsensical? The way I see it this can either be a depressing but somewhat cathartic apartment building where the dead and strange things of the world congregate or a lackadaisical Slice of Life paranormality.

Basically whether to go full comfydark or skirt around the edge and stay comfy-fun.

Any suggestions or ideas you'd want to see in such a CYOA are also appreciated.

Whats in the making at the moment thats worth keeping an eye on?
What WOULD you like to see updated?

Less shitposting. More cyoa making.

Fuck off. Nobody wants you here!

das it mane

>tfw we have a fujoshi colony
>tfw none of them produce original content
That one stupid metacyoa doesn't count, because metacyoas never count.

I want to rape a fujoshi!

Literally you.

These things take time.

I'd expect no less from a group of women, demanding others do their work while refusing to help themselves.

Hell, they've already got Angel as a representative, the biggest autist these threads have ever seen.

This really needs to be finished


Make it mysterious, with a hint of a much deeper darkness if you decide to go outside of your comfort zone. The ideal comfydark CYOA depends on the comfy being a circle of light surrounded by darkness, with something outside in that darkness calling to you.

That halfdragon cyoa, not the Ferrean one, that's been in the make since last year. I'm sure it'll be released any moment now. Any moment, really.

The idea of darkness as a certain evil would be negative one to the CYOA.

Either a lich or an angel. It doesn't really say how strong the angels are though, are we talking a human with wings and the immunities you listed, or the cosmic powerhouses that the Bible describes them as?

If it's the former, then I'll go with lich. Grow my skellington army, then go find some Kitsune to marry and produce heirs with. Then die because I accidentally found a Kumiho instead and couldn't tell the difference.

I'm not completely sure but I think I've made like 6 cyoas of varying quality at this point. I don't create exclusive fujo content thought. I make sure to add in husbandos. You'll never see me make a pure waifu cyoa.

I got at least a dozen WiPs on my computer too (most of them never posted) that I got stuck on.

Yes, exactly. Darkness should represent mystery, not evil or death. What's out there in that deeper darkness? If you go out into it, can you find your way back? Will it be worth it? Or is it better to just stay in the comfort and light where it's safe?


>what's out there in the deeper darkness

Advanced darkness, duh.

I'd rather fujoshi whores than disgusting waifu rats

That's what a fujoshi would say, fuck off

Does this bother you?

Not particularly. I just think we should be equally accepting of fujoshi and waifufags. If war breaks out in these threads we'll receive a boot over to /qst/ more likely than not.

Not the user you responded to, but I think this is what they're referring to.

Oh boy I love that one.

>I just think we should be equally accepting of fujoshi and waifufags

Go fuck yourself

I actually think it's the best of the "Comfy" CYOA's. Places to see, people to meet, there are stakes but all of them don't really seem too high; it's good shit, man.

Can't we just get along, and enjoy the wonders of yuri together?

>can't ravage the dapper gentleman

I guess it doesn't work for some people, can't please everyone though I guess.

>get along
Oh sweet summer child.

Didn't we get along with /jc/ when Scatavore tried to bait us into a shitstorm?

Not with that attitude you can't.

Seriously, did you ever stop and wonder why he's surrounded by women that he has no problems introducing you to?

Don't get in the way of me and my unrequited love fetish!

Tell me about the dragons in your WiP.

Post images that deserve to be in cyoas but aren't.

Higher quality


We need more hypersexualized men instead of the skinnyfat limpwristed liberals that usually get included.

There are none.

Cute, nonsexual, professional kemo art. We need more beasts in cyoas.


But that's the worst part! He keeps going even if we ignore him.


>tfw a shitposter earns enough xp to buy the /sustenance/ perk and becomes unstoppable

Dino riders cyoa when?

I'd ride a dino if you know what I'm saying.


It really is much more work than I was anticipating. There are so many time consuming details that need to get done in addition to all the image gathering and writing. Now knowing how much work goes into these things it really makes me sad to know how many CYOAs just get ignored and never reposted.




Could anyone post that old "the world is now a vidya" cyoa?

Not the one with the slavemancer. The one where you had to pick several genres to apply in a radius around you and you earned xp by doing vidya stuff in your zone.


Slice of life please. Nothing too depressing.

Dinosaur waifu cyoa when?

What a bitchin' picture.
Somewhere out in the world, there's a hero amongst men making pictures of velociraptors on brutal dirtbikes with mounted harpoon guns, in a Mad Max-esque world.

I've honestly always wondered, where is the line between furry and not furry?

Are Kobolds furries? Beastmen? Khajit? Argonian? Werewolves?


Hell, I don't know. Is there any fur on the body?

Frankly I find, that the larger part of something being furry is whether someone wants to BE the creature represented from some misguided impression it is somehow superior to ones own human form.

Without that aspect it's mostly just light xenophilia for people who want their monster waifu to have more human features.

Wait, does the means dwarves are furry...

They're just beard fetishists, not furry.

Which version of Stardust is the latest one?

Snout plus full-body scales/fur. If a human face and some human body parts are present (most monster girls), then it's not furry.

Kobolds, khajit and argonians are furry. Beastmen can be, depends on if they have the above traits. Same with werewolves.

Though of course, that's just a general rule, and there are probably exceptions.

People just want monster waifus because the monster is on the outside


>not furry

There is more than one kind of werewolf.

Wheres the CYOAs?
Why are we having a lame image dump?

Sometimes it's better to discuss random stuff that could be turned into new CYOAs rather than reposting old stuff over and over.

Though technically both can be done at the same time.

sorry, not been here in a while. Was a lil frustrating to come in and check see if theres anything new or cool from the past month or two and theres none of anything going on.

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