Welcome to the Accidental Magical Girl thread!

Welcome to the Accidental Magical Girl thread!

Various worlds and multiverses have become connected together via the mysterious Overcity, a sprawling landscape inhabited by monsters and magical beings. Girls and boys endowed with their new supernatural powers can work together solving conflicts that arise!

This thread is devoted to QuasarBlack's CYOA, in which you become the magical little girl, and may have fun, or may end up suffering. The CYOA is meant to be a simple writing prompt, but people have made crunchy systems so you can fully roleplay out your magical girl dreams/nightmares; those will be covered in separate posts below.

CYOA Stuff:
Writefag Archive: pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP (embed)
Magical Girl Images: mega.nz/#F!xINWxCqY!HsVA2LnU9RDMMmZieoqv9w

>Addons to the CYOA, currently only the Patron Module:
pastebin.com/9qFcbzN0 (embed)

>Mirrors: pastebin.com/teUgkHyS (embed)
>Changelog: pastebin.com/nNqnESfz (embed)
>Previous Versions: pastebin.com/V2X9itz0 (embed)

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The CYOA's Patron Module, which determines just who bestows your character's magical abilities. But be wary, for not all of these patrons are after your best interests...

The SCS was made as an addon to the CYOA to cover the combat side of roleplaying. It allows players to easily take characters made in the CYOA v1.5 and use them in Quests and long-running campaigns alike. Note that this system DOES require you to have a character made in the CYOA in the OP first.

This PDF covers the core rules of gameplay, as well as the methods of improvement and various spells and items magical girls use.

>Expansions to the SCS can be found in this link
These expansions include
>Order & Chaos; Friend & Foe (OC&FF): Details on the mechanical workings of Patrons, Dark Magical Girls, Monster Girls (both natural and corrupted), and also includes a bestiary
>Worlds & Wishes (W&W): Details various GM tools and a few player tools, including the function of Mundane weapons, Alternate/Optional Rules, Various tips and tricks for GMing and Roleplaying, as well as Augments for players looking for a little extra power after CharGen. It also includes the conversion process for AMGC characters into the SCS.

>Mirrors: pastebin.com/wTMU8JjX
>Changelog: pastebin.com/pzKwa1kD
>Previous Versions: pastebin.com/WpKxFQd9
>Character Sheet, which includes a Character Generator: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K_6DplVo1_Kq2orPNUkVEmZb-4edqGBGase2ImIDLQs/edit?usp=sharing

This PDF is for AMGC 1.14, one of the two usable PNP systems for playing as a magical girl.
It features 10 additional powers and 20 extra perks, as well as combat actions, point buy, and more. Note that this is NOT the same as the CYOA, and uses its own methods of character generation.

>Character generator for AMGC, made by Doxy using RandomGen by Orteil.
Just one click and your mahou will be finished!

>Add-Ons to AMGC Core including the Corruption, Fusion, and Puchuu docs, now in one semi-convenient spot!

>Spec Trees (spells for all 19 normal Specializations, updated often):

>Google Docs AMGC Character Sheet (made by Torque)

>AMGC Character Archive:

>Mirrors: pastebin.com/ArCvYAPt
>Changelog: pastebin.com/3rwLq8TT
>Previous Versions: pastebin.com/FJwNH5Fz

Smaller but newer and more updated bot-managed archive for AMGC:

Does your mahou have problems?

Well, my (natural) MonG comes from a clan of warrior oni, but she's far more interested in just exploring the Overcity and learning about the West than actually fighting. And when she does fight, she uses a gun rather than a huge-ass club like everyone else in her family.

Because of that, her extended family members tend to shun her at times and she gets into arguments with her parents every now and then.

Rolled 1, 13, 9, 8, 13, 13, 14, 6, 15, 10, 16 = 118 (11d20)

Reminder that Core killed this general.

>not posting the latest release of MGX
for shame OP, for shame

Rolled 17, 4, 4, 15, 2, 6, 1, 20, 2, 14, 4 = 89 (11d20)

I'm so ashamed of myself I'll roll a new mahou.

Rolled 14, 12, 3, 8, 1, 6, 17, 11, 6, 11, 10 = 99 (11d20)

What's your mahou's relationship with her Patron like?

Constantly finding her free time allocated to what should be suicide missions. She's hasn't been around for a LONG time.

Is being a 13 year old who has to keep out of trouble in the normie world while also fighting monsters not enough? She gets about 10 hours of sleep a week.

If she is attending the school for magical girls, the teachers there can make arrangements...

My Rolls: 14, 5, 14, 2, 2, 18, 12, 9, 3, 14
Twin Soul Rolls: 13, 19

Age: 14
Gender: Male (Masculinity Perk)
Body: Undeveloped->Average (Bronze Used - I don't want a small dick)
Specialization: Metal
Weapon: Mystic "Ring of Power"
Outfit: Skimpy - Male underwear on my bottom, female pantsu on my head
Power: Killing Blow -> Twinned Soul (Silver Used)

Twin Soul
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Body: Average
Specialization: Metal
Weapon: Mystic "Ring of Power"
Outfit: Uniform - School Sports Uniform, it has to be bloomers!
Power: Twinned Soul

Purification Artifact->Eternal Style (Bronze Used)
Enhanced Outfit
Big Damn Hero->Get Out of Jail (Silver Used)
Fated->Masculinity (Silver Used)
Healing Artifact

==Additional Gold Coin Perks==
Big Backpack
Interdimensional Home

Str: 4 (3 + Weapon +1)
Agi: 5 (3 + Outfit +1, Enhanced Outfit +1)
Vit: 5 (3 + Body +1, Enhanced Sustenance +1)
Mag: 5 (3 + Bronze Coins +2)
Lck: 7 (3 + Metal +3, Masculinity +1)

Twin Soul
Str: 4 (3 + Weapon +1)
Agi: 3
Vit: 7 (3 + Body +1, Enhanced Sustenance +1, Outfit +1, Enhanced Outfit +1)
Mag: 5 (3 + Bronze Coins +2)
Lck: 7 (3 + Metal +3, Masculinity +1)

My stats suck, but I don't intend to fight anything. I have an interdimensional home to crash in, so I don't need to worry about a place to live. The apartment generates unhealthy meals, while my big backpack generates more nutritious meals. The apartment does not have the internet, but the big backpack comes with a computer that always has an internet connection, so I could still use the internet in my apartment.

My plan is basically just to build cool robots and shitpost online with my Twin Soul waifu all day, without having to worry about working at all.

If I really wanted money I could use metal powers to acquire gold that I could sell, but I don't think I'd need that.

Eternal Style keeps me fresh and makes it so I don't need to bother with dentists ever again.

Get out of Jail is just a safeguard against horrific eternal imprisonment shit.

I will keep my healing artifact in the apartment at all times so it can't be lost. If I get injured somehow I will enter my apartment and heal myself.

Enhanced Outfit is just an extra that I randomly rolled. I'd have preferred eternal sustenance, but I ran out of Silver to change it.

My Patron will probably get fed up with me quickly, because of my low stats. If I ever need to fight I intend to do so from a distance by remotely controlling robots that I build.

With enough time I could build a pretty powerful robotic army, I guess.

Oops, I forgot that bloodline gives me an extra point in my specialization's stat. That bumps both I and my twin's luck up to 8.

If we fused we'd have 16 luck. That's pretty ridiculous.


Post it for us pls

Is this an [ENEMY WITCH]?


They get along quite well. Agree on a lot of the fundamentals and in combat he's more like a spotter for her skirmisher. They both very much enjoy a good fight.

So do a lot of people still play this? I made a girl and I played her quite a bit but I thought this disappeared.

We stopped making threads as often for some reason. Feel free to join us in the IRC or Discord though! The Discord link has probably expired by now though, so you'll have to ask them for a new one if you want to join.

Murderiffic. She slipped bonds like a Kamen Rider and is out to kill him now.

Both IRC and Discord are pretty quiet these days, but not dead. Discord is slightly more active last time I checked.

It's definitely got something going on behind the scenes that it's keeping hidden from her.
She doesn't know what it is yet, but she sure doesn't trust it blindly.

The way I see it, neither the Discord nor the IRC needed more people, so neither o'em made threads.

Have the Discord link, though: discord.gg/CJ4bm

Depends how you define activity. I find the Discord has more regimented quests and campaigns, which I like, but have trouble getting into. IRC's got a lot more loose, self-contained stuff. Highly recommend joining both.

How hard is it to get into quests on the discord?

Not hard, I've never seen someone get denied, you just got to be quick about it

Doesn't do her goddamned homework. Never gonna get into a good college at this rate.

She needs to defend her honor, her people, and her homeland against the encroaching forces that would seek to claim it for themselves.