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>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

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First for aelves wheeeeennnn???


AelvesCancer players in a nutshell.
And he isnt half as autistic as most Aelves....

After death. So never.

Why do you need new aelves if current Aelves are top tier ?
Literraly every Aelves fag is on a 100% winstreak

Since aelves are the winners choice I'll be joining the fun. Is this list decent enough? It's mostly made from my old whfb models

Allegiance: Order

Cauldron Of Blood(220)
Tenebrael Shard(120)
Tenebrael Shard(120)
Tenebrael Shard(120)

20 x Witch Aelves(280)
-Daughters of Khaine Battleline
10 x Witch Aelves(140)
-Daughters of Khaine Battleline


For the same reason that Geedubbs just released new dwarves. To have new shit to fuck around with.

Dwarves were in terrible state tho, as GW stated in their second AoS livestream ever on twitch.
Aelves being good mean they BTFO at the back of the queue, and waot for my Skellingtons

By that logic, why release new minis at all? Especially with the way AoS works it'd be trivial to just make balance adjustments to the existing shit. There's more to this hobby than just wargaming; there's also collecting, modelling and painting. That's what people want new releases for and GW does it because it's a great way to sell lots of minis.

Can't wait to field this desu
Arkhan The Black - 340
Necromancer - 120

10x Zombies - 60
10x Zombies - 60
10x Zombies - 60

Mourngul - 400

2x Morghast Archai - 240
10x Hexwraiths - 320
Summoning Points - 400
--2000 points

Better late than never. Posting Khar Overlords art.

Is that the same guy who argues about the KO colours?

Anything with shooting and/or 4+ armour will murder you. Witch Aelves have cool models but are really shafted by GWs retarded descission to give them a - armour save. No amount of Mystic Shield or cover will make those ladies more survivable and the 6+ they get from the calduron is really nothing to rely on.

where can i find SCGT results and lists?


will be posted soonTM on warhammer community by GW themselves

So, I am thinking about puying a plageclaw for my Beastmen, using Ungors as crew and getting rid of all the cables and most of the metal. I know Beastmen are supposed to not build shit, but the plageclaw model fits really well with the charriot and I kinda can imagine ungors gleefully using crude machines to sling shit at their opponents.

Cool or no?


>Arkhan ina list with more than 0 summoning points

it's happening. People have brains

Back to the workbench then. Thanks for the help!


>At least GW supply the material you need to fix their shit
Hopefully get him painted completely tonight anons

good thing Aleves got a nearly full DE sculpt and WE sculpt update before the end times then

Just too hasty

As a fellow beastmen play I would say go for it. And maybe convert them into pestigors or something, in order to make them fit in with the rest of the warmachine

Same guy used to shitpost /awg/, I can tell because it's the exact same excuse and posting style.


/awg/ ?

and here's the potential units that could be summoned once they're built
10x Great Weapon GG
40x Zombies
2x Banshees
2x Harbingers
6x Hosts
1x Mourngul

Does anyone know what the seraphon list was that took 4th place at the south cost grand tournament? It seemed to be lard kroak on a vortex with a bunch of ripperdactyls.

I don't know if there was a astrolith bearer but would you double the range of Kroaks spells and then add 8" or would you add 8" and then double the spell range? If the latter, celestial deliverance would have an average range of 38" aoe which is just about the whole board.

I can tell you right now:
No death, first two places are Tzeentch lists and the third is BR.

>fellow beastmen
Keep the good fight up, goat-bro. And I'll look into the conversion. Maybe post some pictures once I am done! Between the Plague Claw, my Cygorsm Centrigors and Raider I could tailor a surprisingly shooty list. Might be fun to take some people off guard with it.

Post fun shit that has happens in your games, here's a fun thing I did:

>Play an open play game with a friend
>He played Beastclaw
>I played chaos
>He showed me what he was pannning to bring
>I brought 1 single Bray shaman and 8 chaos familiars in 8, 1 model groups
>My turn 1
>I summon Archaeon due to him having the CHAOS and MONSTER Keyword
>I keep drowning my friends units in giants, cygors, Ghorgons, etc

Is it me or do the Gargrants in AoS look fitter than the giants of WHFB?

Don't know if true, but amusing anyway.

>playing with my boyfriend
>game goes back and forth until my lizards beat his rats
>He claims he needs to scurry back to his cave to breed a new army
>I tell him I can out spawn anything he can breed
>we go home and fuck.


This picture shows the level of profit the K-Lords get from the realms.

For some reason profit in the Realm of Shadow is the lowest. We must fix that. Lets send a diplomatic envoy there to open up more trade. Any volunteers?

And what came out? Lizard or rat?

>Greasy, disgusting nerds bragging about their sex-life on the internet.

this is the gayest thing since dark eldar and I will never stop hating GW for turning WHB into that

>Playing with this Ogre player
>Ask me what my unit do
>Explain how fast my Seekers of Slaanesh are
>He smartly put a single line of little guys (Gnoblars? I'm not familiar with the army) stretching across all the field, protecting his main army
>Give him first turn, but he barely move. His plan is to absorb my first charge
>It's actually a very good plan, except...
>Buff my Seekers to the stratosphere, as always
>I roll to run. 11"
>Start moving on the side
>Charge 10"
>mfw between battalion, locus and plain luck I made a 38" charge
>Manage to go all around the line of little guys and manage to slay his elites and wreck havoc in the middle of his army

The day barely started, but your impotent rage already made it.

>Orange: Ghur
>Yellow: Chamon
>Red: Aqshy
>Blue: Azyr
>Purple: Shyish
>Grey: Ulgu
>White: Hysh
>Green: Ghyran


Well the Freeguild needs an update.

All their old stuff still has Karl Franz name on it.



So far the only one I can find is the Griffon option that used to be Karl Franz.

Alternative wargames general

Choose your weapons.

Armor up and getting ready for high adventure!



Would you live in one of their cities?

>hating on 40k's prettiest army
wew, we got a real subhuman here


Looks like flying Beijing: dirty, shitty and polluted as fuck. No thank you.

So I felt like digging up my old Empire stuff, only to discover my paint job was so thick, it looks like I painted my models with white-out. What's the best way to strip paint off plastic models?

The Freeguild General has in written on his shield and his horse, the Demi Griffin knights have it on their armour, Luminark of Hysh has in on the side of the cart, the state troopers have KF on their shields.

I guess Karl Franz liked to remind his troopers who paid their wages.

But the sights are breathtaking though.

>Dwarf death star

Now I have seen everything.

That applies to literally every AoS city.

Dettol or simple greens works well, it also causes them to fall apart even if you used plastic cement.

As far as i can tell the only one that has it molded on is the general on horse (which I forgot about)

The ones on the luminark are quite easy to file off.

Maybe if I wasn't afraid of heights. And steam


So how are the new sky dwarves? I thumbed through the battletomb but I was pretty unimpressed.

The Death Egg looking good there


I like the female dwarf statue. I was toying with the idea of making a female Overlord Admiral using a Reaper Dwarf model.

Meanwhile a group of Skaven are plotting a way to locate the DwarfStar's thermal exhaust port and pour light beer down it.


Decent at best I think, there's a few good combos here but lack of mortal wound protection and low saves on the ships help nerf them a bit

On the same line of thought, why hasn't anyone made female Fyreslayers yet?

>Cyberpunk Dwarfs

Pretty wiz.

A bloodthirster blocks your airway

Wat do?




I'd like to see the face of the huge faggot who was claiming that the updated points for the TK from GHB 2 are perfectly fine and balanced.


And that's all the art. So what do you guys think?

Throw a Mourngul at it

now do a black-white filter on all of them and then groggies will eat it up

Are there any lists posted?


The cringe is real

why only link the first 20 ? theres no death player before the 49th

Southcoast GT 2017 Winning list

on war of sigmar yes

Will continue to power game like a giant faggot with my dispossessed army because this setting is shit and fuck steampunk autist.

I don't remember them addressing Beastclaw Raiders and Skaven yet, did they?

>3 shards

Not you again

Fuck off

>Dwarves were in terrible state tho
u wot
Dispossessed are doing great

Fyreslayers should be much better after their point drop

>power game
>with my dispossessed army
Might as well go hunting bears with a naked ass

Love being a death player lol

>He does not know about the Dawi deathstar or runelord spam

>t. newfag

I honestly don't understand why more Stormcast players don't use Skyborne Slayers. Imo it's by and far the best Battalion for SCE, mix of all units, easiest charge after Deep Strike, most control over timing and positioning. The only "downside" is that you have to take Decimators and a foot Lord-Celestant, which aren't even bad.

Everyone is trying to make shooting or Stardrake lists work and here I am just dropping 10 Protectors up Tzeentch's ass and wiping out whole units of Skyfires.

said by GW themselves.
I dont care what you think.
Loook at the second aos live available on twitch.

You control both effects so you can apply them in whatever order you want. So you can add 8" first then double it with the vortex.

I've been saying Kroak + Vortex is top tier for a very long time, glad to see somebody brought it to a proper tournament.

Its worth noting that SCGT has some custom rules that slightly warp the metagame. You can't stack any buff with the same name.

It's weird that they allowed the Vortex, since most tournaments outright ban it.

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der J├Ąger!

>groggy gets triggered

>Attack on Garant

>referencing a shit tier anime
fuck off

I love doing this shit

I always tell people "Slaneesh is fast" and nobody believes me until they see it first hand

Same thing with Tomb Kings - nobody expects me to fly 28" across the board on the first turn