Fuck autist punk edition

>Fuck autist punk edition
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*tips fedora*

How should I run Glave Guard?

*blocks your path*
nothing personal, monkey

*Unsheat Multimelta*

at least those dorfs got balls, gotta give them that

Great thread guys, off to a good start.

Let's see if we can see the WHFB/AoS cross shit-posting to a minimum, yeah? What're you workin on? Played any games recently? Piece of lore you wanna chat about?

*unsheaths rune of fire resistance*


Unsheaths Vagina
Psst,,, nottin perdonal kibd

currently being happy at T9A starter kit as it will allow me to indulge my desire to collect some races without starting full-blown armies, has small enough armies to be casually portable and the setup/rules are easy enough to try and get new people into the game

maybe it will even work on the AoS-playing faggots in my only FLGS (since their main beef with WHFB/T9A seems to be "it takes actual time and effort to setup and play", fucking lazy cunts)

Fug. you beat me there valaya.


oops, i mean Grade Guard

you just had to go and spoil the whole book, yeah?

I'm currently working on my Varangur/Nurglites for Kings of War as well as other projects for other games (BA french résistance, infinity starter set).

My dispossessed because I am not a giant steampunk retard.

ordered a Mournful Knight from Gamezoneminiatures to check the quality, also two running wolf models.

Since I canned my 40k army and will probably sell it soon, I'll give 6ed Warhammer another try. Few of my colleagues dusted off their old models and get playing again, kinda regret selling my High Elf army back in 2010, but if the Gamezone miniatures turn out alright I'll start a Vamp army with some of them.

Getting the itch to work on my tomb kings and a small 6th ed. Empire army I picked up a few years ago.

But I got so many other projects that need to get done that they'll continue to sit on the backburner. Might try reaching out to the local fantasy community, see if that can keep me motivated to push on.

Also, good job on no thread title, OP, you dingus.

Archaon was born after the destruction of Mordheim, how could he address Sisters of Sigmar?

things just kinda end up working out for him.

is there any sort of cheap villagers/townsfolk minis? I wanna liven up some bases and terrain pieces

don't say Reaper or I'll hit you

raging heros?

I'm converting Orion and all he's lacking at the moment is a head
and human/elf heads of that size are woefully rare. creatures of that size mostly got either monstrous faces, or look like retards, or are bearded.

anyone got any ideas?

Warlord :

"cheap" means "not costing a lot of money"
you confused it with "fucking expensive"

thanks a lot! just what I need!

mel gibson miniature.

what a lively thread

You're welcome, there's probably gripping beast civilians if you need more some crusade-era or viking-era civilians as well.

Pic not related

where exactly in the warhammer world could high elves be cut off and isolated? Not wood elves... they need some sort of purpose like they were on campaign and got stuck somewhere?

I would like some help to make some fluff up as to why my high elves look battered and non-shiny (also beards).

I almost want a crusader theme. maybe an city equivalent of Jerusalem somewhere?

radical party of Eltharion's elves that didn't go home and still rampage through the Badlands hunting down Greenskins left and right


Whole setting just reminds me of D&D's Sigil city and that place is just a fucking Mary sue generator retarded.

ANYWAY, let's get back to the thread at hand. A couple questions:
Where do you guys get your parts. I don't mean boxes and bits lots, but do you know of any place that just sells specific parts of items? I'm making a plague censer for my pestalin's theme battles and wanted to just get the screaming bell cart rather then build from scratch (spent enough time on this peice as is).

Also: not feeling very creative in the painting department. Anyone have any color schemes/themes they like to see on he'll pit abominations and vermin lords? Favorite pics or paint list would be cool.

In Norsca/troll country or the dark lands ?

You take some high elves from say, a maritime colony, they intervened to save Pigbarter and its merchants and end up being stuck in the dark lands for ages as the campaign draws longer and longer. Some even knock up local humans.


kill yourself autist-kun

EU: I normally buy from yagdavix and garageabitz on ebay. garageabitz is tad cheaper, I think, but yagdavix often sells bits in sets (e.g. matching spears from same kit) for nearly same price

US: from what I know hoard'o'bitz (not sure about spelling) on ebay is pretty good. they sell smaller bits in small bulks (e.g. all spears from a kit), so it's a good value - I used to order into EU, pay import tax and still found the price good

implying elves with beards wouldnt look bad-ass.

no, you kill yourself.

I was thinking somewhere landlocked or the sea has something that stops ships from being able to just take them away.

thanks for the ideas though.

warhammer elves can't grow beards

Get the fuck out to d&d and play half elf edgelord with beard, autismo

neither can most humans, it doesn't stop them trying to cultivate face pubes though user.

how do Skaven survive with all their backstabbing? that is, how do they even sleep?

Have they got any sort of laws? Seeing as they have to scheme and plot there must be. And if there are laws, there must be some kind of law enforcement?
Seeing as they have trade and stuff there must be some sort of contract system? What enforces it, besides military might?

Have they any concept of friendship/camaraderie/trust?
Can they realize not backstabbing someone is better from them than backstabbing? (e.g. a Chieftain thinking "Warlord Fritzzik is really-very good at fighting beard-things. If I don't backstab him I'l get more swag and bling than if I become Warlord myself, because all I know is how to hit things.")
Do they even admire one another? Characters give them boost to Ld, so I guess inspiration is not out of question?

And I guess they don't just backstab absolutely random strangers in the streets or even dark alleys, right?

what happens if I sculpt them on the models?

Do you come to my house and kick my dog?

do you not think elves after so much fighting cant grow veteran-alcholic-1000-yard stare-stubble?

maybe they find some sort of squig that causes them to sprout growths on their chins?


work for elves too

No i mean they literally can't. Elves have completely hairless faces, and don't have the ability to grow even the tinies bit of hair on them. Even their eyebrows are extremeli thin and in some cases completely absent

yeah its a crazy idea, I think I might be able to pull it off though!

and thanks for the input.

I have in mind for them to look wind-swept and bedraggled. rough around the edges.

Why would elves put squigs on their faces?

The simple answer to this is: Infinite amount of people

I'll knock you unconcious and perma super glue my bues to your adolescent face so you could have your fucking beard you mongrel

maybe they are like Tolkien elves who grow facial hair only after like 10k+ years? and in gmridark WHFB universe no elf has ever lived long enough (except Malekith)

to look manly? it's no different from any other cosmetical operations or getting piercing or tattoo.

how any dictatorship works.

fear of retribution. The weak fear the strong.

>Thinking a tattoo or piercing makes you manly

Ding ding ding, found the nu-male guise

But Elves have a completely different opinion on what is manly, and squigs are such an inferior vermin they would just sully the perfection of their bodies.
It's the same reason for which you don't see dwarfs getting a tattoo of orc symbols


An acronym meaning "Boyz U Envy." B.U.E. (or more commonly spelled bUe) is made up of an overwhelming amount of closet homosexuals from the Greater Waterbury area in CT. Their lives consist of promoting a bunch of teen parties at old run-down nightclubs because they're too young to get into real clubs, then they use whatever money they make to buy hair gel and pink clothes/accessories. Several of them are considered DJ's (because now-a-days, any moron who can press play and start pumping a bunch of annoying techno is considered a DJ.) They're your typical Guidos, from the fake tans to the Mars Attacks hair styles to the stupid hand sings they make in every picture they take for their MySpace pages as if to make people think they were in a gang of some sort.
BUE is living proof that the youth of America has officially gone retarted.

there can be absolutely no different opinion on what is manly whatsoever, ever. beard and abs are always manly. always. no, don't get started on tastes or uniqueness or stuff. don't. bald or rock-star hair, ale of whiskey, football or rugby, that sort of manly things may be subject of "taste". but beard and abs are always, always and ever, everywhere, everytime, in every world, setting and culture, absolutely and irrevocably manly. there's nothing else to be said about that.

Southern Gate of Calith, basically besieged by Daemons all day every day.
But they don't have beards regardless.


Retart-kun, when you point out a misstype you need to type properly aswell. I'll still glue my pubes to your face.


daemonic mutation from constant exposure? even elven immunity to chaos has its limits

So.. america ?

I guess you guys probably dont want to hear about my ebony-skinned, thicc, desert wood elves either.

thanks chief

>implying I didnt just copy/paste that off urban dictionary you retart.

maybe spell pubes right we wont need to have this conversation you dummy.

I'll smear those pubes in tart first

>daemon mutation to make them less faggy

I like it.

I know you're projecting the fact you can't grow a beard yourself, but come on take it easy with the pube-talk.

According to Druchii Anointed fluff, Chaos corrupted elves don't get horrible mutations but their pupils dilate and their skin changes color.

>Not clean shaven but a degenerate with cheeto powdered nu male beard


Anyway, sticking half-elf edgelord beards on elves wont make them less faggy, only more hilarious and comic relief.

They lack one thing in particular: quality of life. They literally live in the most rancid conditions possible because they are highly resilient (savery for, you know, weapons). There is not fighting for a better life type revolution shit. It's all out of fear of the bigger guy. Orcs have tautology based hierarchy as well, but mostly on respect for the tougher guy. Skaven, being incredibly cowardly by nature, is often cowed into submissiveness. They simply run at the enemy because there's a chance the 400 of you can beat the enemy, or risk the 4 billion of your allies eating you because of the Black Hunger. Stronger skaven: better position.
So what do you do if your under someone on the food chain? You remove the link. You have him killed, and take his spot. How do you stop someone from doing it to you? You kill them first. With this ideaology, you now know why the most technologicly advanced and most numerous race is unable to take over (exclude skubtimes).
Trust is bought and friendship is non-exsistant. There is respect, but it is very rare that it is outwardly shown, as it's a sign of weakness. The council of 13 isnt just a buerocratic meeting, it really is the 12 most badass skaven out of trillions, and the one thing that keeps them in place: the horned rat (13th seat). The last civil war was so bad they, for the first time in history, put the back stabbing aside just to calm shit down.
It's not to say they are all completely savage though. Skryr actually produces a good amount of highly intelligent skaven and moulder are genetic engineers.

safe to assume it depends on what said elf does. if its a slaaneshi faggot, it start looking more like a junkie faggot. if it's an elf chopping at daemons night and day with its halberd, it sprouts a beard and some balls.

after all, the psychological impact of chaos does depend on what elves in question do, why wouldn't physical?

not necessary, could integrate them wearing lead woven chainmail to explain the rugged look though.

Also halfbreeds of human traders serving in the garrison explains some of the bearded elves.

doesn't answer the question how does question live more than one night, since there's always someone from either side of food chain seeking to stab you. how does a skaven sleep without getting stabbed?

>Trying to shill degenerate half-elves so hard

Hard to judge, who you playing against?

Sword&Board w/Banner of the Barrows is the setup I saw the most

*how does SKAVEN live more than one night

you're just bitter because Elf getting beards would eliminate one and only "advantage" dwarfs have over Elves

isn't he talking about Glade Guard?

eh. a powerful warlord would have command over stormvermin who are more loyal than the average skaven. Then he would guard his domain and any subjects that were of value to him.

life is a resource so a lot of skaven probably dont last one night but the ones that do become tougher and savvier for it.

Just think of it as Darwinism but with more warpstone.

no matter how tough, you still get backstabbed the moment you close your eyes, unless you have someone to watch your back. and that implies that fair amount of loyalty/trust/profit-in-mutual-survival must be going on

A war party of elves patrolling the western badlands and having a fort in the southern border princes. Have been there for so long that some got bastard half-elves kids, their equipment is in bad state but still kept as preciously as possible. It's not like they can't get picked up by the navy (they could) but actually no high elf want them back in Ulthuan because [insert political intrigue] and the general doesn't want to abandon the half-elves to their doom either.

Kind of goes into either you have enough money (warptokens, which is, loterally, magical and highly addictive cocain to the rats) to pay someone to kill your killers, hire an entire personal army (its not hard, a breeder spews out 200 new soldiers at a time ) to watch your burrow (that has 300 rooms and you never sleep in the same one). It's a paronoia based fear of always being a target, to the point t where it's become a normal cost of living.

Warpspawn, a short story you can easily find a pdf of, follows skryr leader ikit claw, and goes into a bit of the normal skaven life. Is shows that the very very rare times where there is no fear of murder, it's is short and not relaxing.

Skaven have really shit lives. There is honestly no real upside.

Kek, you had short circuit in your incubator

>Grade Guard
>Glave Guard
Don't know, but now that you mention it, both original request and the """"fixed"""" typo are one letter away from both

But do they eat tart?

They only eat fart

has anyone used Mantic werewolves?
I'm thinking of using them as a base for Rat Ogres, but not sure they'll fit

A radical party of Eltharion's elves, with strap-on beards to fool Greenskins into thinking they are stunties

They are pretty great, but what kind of head would you be using ?

I have a whole bunch of GW Rat Ogre heads, new Verminlord heads, as well as heads from mierce's Scar-Scath and Scar-Claw

Due to exposure to badlands and lack of elven women they've started to butt fuck the local animals and sniff farts from each other assholes. Real sad story.

I'll take a pic of my werewolves when I'm back from work if you want, but I think they would fit.

heres what I whipped up in paint with a touchpad.

you're all welcome.

You are welcome

Fun lore idea that I just realized - Bretonnian shepherds are often described as being tough as fuck because of all the dangers in good grazing lands. And Repanse de Lyonnesse was described as being a shepherdess before she ended up becoming a hero of Bretonnia.

So it's fun for me to imagine Repanse as not being the maidenly Joan of Arc figure, but as the closest thing to a warrior woman Bretonnia can get, tough as nails and a little wild, and with the maidenly stuff getting added in later.

why are they yellow?

arent orks meant to be green?

Arnheim perhaps? Or one of the remaining colonies. You could even fluff out another one that's fallen, and they're on 'crusade' to 'retake their colony.'

They've inherited the nike factory behavior after being too much in the east

do the elves trade with nippon and cathay?

is there any actual background material for these factions?

were there any plans to release models for them?

>is there any actual background material for these factions?
not officially GW's, but you can google up Mists of Pandaria or Age of Wushu, they are fairly faithful representantions

>were there any plans to release models for them?
thankfully, no

I know that the High Elves guard trade from Cathay especailly, but I'm not sure how much of a personal stake they have in it. I wouldn't be surprised, since they also have trade deals with Marienburg, so it's not like it'd be impossible that they'd want something from someone else, or a market to sell their stuff to.

As for your other questions, I don't know. I'm not as familiar with High Elf lore as with my more preferred factions, so all I can guess is that they're treated like regular High Elves, more or less - defending the world, partially empty cities because low population, citizens all in militias. You might argue they could be spiritual descendants of Sea Elves in some cases.

What are Gates of Calith? Arent Southern Wastes littered with beastmen?

Best post.

Grungni is the new steamshit, Grimnir is the mirrordorfs.

Valaya is WFB. She doesn't exist in AoS, making her the true Dawi god.

To be fair, Dawi had literal Ironclads, airships, and power armor. Khardron or whatever lore has stupid names, but by itself is interesting.

The problem with Khorkron or whatever the fuck is the fucking tophat monocle curled mustache with the fucking chainsword.

Its literally hipster steampunk 40k trash.

The worst part is that about half of it is actually okay. The steamship is a neat Thunderbarge. But the other half, the masthead, the drill, the fucking hipster face Dwarfs, the fucking "cloud mountains" or whatever the fuck, is SHIT. SHIIIIIIIT.


>Beastmen march on Bretonnia
>Decide to kill shepherds
>Find swole as fuck ubermensch shepherds herding sheep Beastmen in chains


disorganized hordes of beastmen eating their own shit aren't that much of a threat to a near impenetrable fortress.

powerful warding spells modt likely keep the majority of them off the vicinity.

Do Beastmen even know how to build boats?