It's another episode of "successful company destroys its own franchise and sabotages its own reputation"

>It's another episode of "successful company destroys its own franchise and sabotages its own reputation"

Following in GW's footsteps


>tfw genuinely believe they are still doing better than what they did with fantasy

I actually think GW have a cunning plan.

They're having a bit more of an attempt at bringing people into the games inexpensively than the nominal "please buy Battle for Skull Pass/Assault on Black Reach and fuck off" of a few years ago.

They're also aiming straight at their core customer base now, those who will swallow every shovel of dull big plastic kits with glee, every £30 (half)codex and expansion book. Who don't care that nothing matters AoS, the poor shadow of a game with 30 years of fluff it is.

>We are skirmish game!
>We use metal models because we are hardcore
>We won't make stuff obsolate!

Years later
>Here have bigger games and Titans just like GW
>Resin and plastic!
>What you wanted to use those old cards? No buy new packs! The model is what it is important. No the rules are not free.

If I wanted 40k size battles from 4th edition I would play 40k 4th edition

Fucking retards

Trying to out Games workshop, Gamesworkshop

New army?

Then there are the actual players the bastards that are collecting and playing since the 80' and 90'

They see clearly that nothing has change. Till we don't see a public apology for shit like axing WHF, shit like the Carnifex or hell return the old hobby section they had in their webpages. Nothing will change.

Yeah, by now though most of us know enough about other manufacturers of miniatures and supplies that we won't pay £30 for the Ad Mech codex, then £30 because Skitarii are in another codex for some reason, and then £20 for the Imperial Knights book.

>That's okay, are going
>to be

Otherwise good image lad

It's fucking hilarious that they killed old WH when Total War just introduced 1.5 million people to the setting.

And that's why GW wants rid of the last of us. Because we make up a tiny portion of their sales and generate a lot of negativity.

That was so stupid, the game had a link to WHF, a thing that GW axed so the link was dead by the time the game was release

I unironically enjoyed the Gathering Storm books, especially the Fall of Cadia.
As someone who was a teen in the 80's and has been playing since rogue trader I'm totally fine with the new direction, it's better than the past 5 years by a long way.

Also, as a Blood angel player in 2nd and 3rd edition, a Space wolf player in 3rd and 4th and a huge general hater of what Matt Ward did to Ultramarines over the past 10 years or whatever Roboute Gilliman was the perfect choice for bringing back, first at least.

Well if they didn't made stupid things like separating factions for tiny sales sake.
Or kept axing games I wish to continue play or hell update models for other armies so I can buy something else beside the decade old models. I would support their business

I'm not even asking for quality lore, just models. Not even good model, just something else beside the old shit.

Did I miss something? What did GW this time?

Just the same thread we have like clockwork.

>Liked GS
>Plays BA and SW
>Over 600 word count for Blood in their codex
>Over 500 word count for Wolf in their codex

user you could not see good writing even if it raped you.

They changed. To a pack of autistic neckbeards like Veeky Forums thats unacceptable.

i know we have to change our arguments now just to keep being angry at them now.
I hate change

They are saving Warhammer 40,000 and some people are really mad about this

By saving you mean axing? Like they save WHF?

Because right now they are doing the same mistake that killed fantasy. You can only stretch consumer loyalty for so long.

>goes from the 2000AD cops and robbers of RT, to the wacky zaniness of 2nd, to the threadbare 1 HQ 2 Troops and a bit extra of 3rd and 4th, to dudebigkitsandformationslmao of the more recent editions
>fine with it each time

Not being funny mate but you might be one of the more easily placated types I mentioned in Nothing wrong with it, you know GW and GW knows you.

>same mistake that killed fantasy
Are you referring to the mismanagement of WHFB that led to its cancellation, or the massive success of Age of Sigmar

>Knowing their consumers

Pick one.

If the trends continue we will end with Center piece model vs center piece model.

Anyone else just sticking with 7th? My gaming group unanimously decided to stay with 7th Edition. We'd rather not take part in the AoSification of 40k. Why can't GW just listen to their fans for once?

He can't accept how good the general hand book did. You won't be able to convince him.

of all editions you pick 7th.

You earned this (You)

Massive success compared to dead 8th WHF? Yes
Success as in supporting the company by 60% like WHF did during 5th and 6th not even close.

But yah WHF die due to GW own incompetence, anyone that blames the consumer is just a shill or a retard.

Well at least it is not 6th

Play 3rd you know the best edition, just because the others are utter shit.

You'll be playing 8th when it hits, like any 40k playerbase ever sticks to this.

I play Imperial Guard as my "main" army. I started collecting in rogue Trader and had a sizable allie force in 2nd.

I stopped playing Space marines primarily after the shit show that was 5th and pretty much just played 2nd edition most of the past 3 decades but I still kept up to date with the editions. THANKS RUSSIA!

Games Workshop has always been about over the top, teenage fanboy hack and slash cliche shallow lore about fighting round the galaxy.
It doesn't need to be intelligent or deep but it does need to be grand and epic like a space opera.
The gathering storm was the most fun I've had since reading the original backstories of the Imperium in the 2nd edition codexs, even if I had to remind myself I'm in my 40s and this is so not cool several times, but really what is supposed to be cool about playing with tiny plastic army men once you're older than 13.

No thanks.

Russia? Is that a meme I'm missing?

I'm guessing he is referring to the black library database on a .ru site

So he is like the SJW crowd? Bitch about changes but does not really buy stuff? Proceeding to fuck up the game for the people that actually play?

God now I hate this faggot.

Oh, so you don't have any of the older books.
Because that's literally the only reason to not play 3rd over any other old edition.

>Same mistake
>Making a franchise that sold worse than paints profitable again and cutting out the rule bloat and list-building simulator aspects is a mistake

You know why WHF die?

One of the reason was there was nothing worth to buy, old kits since for ever, random snap fit mono pose kits, that some how where more expensive than the multi part counterparts. Raging unbalance, cross edition army rules release leaving some armies with rules two editions old.

GW made the game unfun and expensive, the loyal consumer kept it playing for 2 more editions. That level of consumer loyalty is only a dream for other companies and GW took it for granted and proceed to milk the WHF to death

>sold worse than paints

Where does this meme come from, GW don't put any breakdowns in their financial reports.

AoS definitely had a slow start, it's hard to tell how much of the current trend is AoS and how much is 30k and 40k, and whether the cost of a whole new franchise was actually worth it.

They devided to finally make the jump to 8th edition, trimming down the rules, fixing them and settling stuff like factions being all over the place, while establishing a new website along with Warhammer Community, not just a webstore, and apparently that triggers some contrarians. I they're angry GW iz fixing themselves because they won't be ble to shit on it anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy AoS, but the models and rules are nothing to brag. Let alone say it is the saviour of GW.

Maybe if they are 50-60% of GW income I will agree like WHF was till 6th and how 40k is since 4th of my memory is correct.

Beside the best rules GW ever made where for skirimish games like Mordheim and Necromunda, followed by Inquisitor (sadly it used Xbox Huge miniatures, but the game works fine with normal size one) and Battlefleet Gothic.

Let that skin mechanic wise those are good rules, not perfect, but good enough to work for decades, unlike WHF, 40k or AoS

>AoS definitely had a slow start, it's hard to tell how much of the current trend is AoS and how much is 30k and 40k, and whether the cost of a whole new franchise was actually worth it.

It would have been worth squatting WHFB either way.

WHFB had been a bloated unfun game of "whose hundred-block of shit infantry fails the first break test" for a while and no one with any taste is lamenting it being put down.

does anonye happen to have statistics concerning gw's paint sales?

>Not enjoying GW's wild ride and at least trying the new rules for the hell of it

Son the game isn't released yet and you're boycotting it?

either way



A year later and 9th age is dead and they've slowly trickled back to playing AoS.

No one, they stop releasing brake downs like a decade ago? Maybe less?

The unnecessary bloat is GW fault. They had models that cost 0.5 points for fuck sake.

GW shot themself in the foot and the procede to blame the gun factory.

Hard to keep a revolutions when the means of production are not in your hands

In other words they can't play 9th if there is no model support.

Personally I would love AoS was just a spinoff, like some store where told before selling them bulk of WHF shit

All they had to do to fix WHFB was just to ape the LOTR/Hobbit ruleset.

>Trying to separate the mechanics from the game
No. WHFB was a bloated scooter-riding landwhale putting mayonaise in its lays chips for at least three editions and GW made a good decision in putting it to sleep and telling the rules-writers to make something that isn't garbage for once.

Yeah. I hear the 'sold less than paints' meme a lot, but I've never seen any actual statistics or even a suggestion it's from a reliable source. Is it referring to profit or revenue? Fantasy used to be successful, so how did it change over time from that point to the present? Are paints and other hobby equipment a small or large part of GW's profit?

AoS initially tanked hard but looks to be doing better recently. Some actual stats beyond the vague statements in GW's investor reports would be great to know how well it's actually doing though. That's not information we'll ever get even if GW has the full picture however. I kind of hope it does well for the sake of the people that do play AoS, but can't see myself ever getting into it.

ITT: kids bootyblasted that their manlet marine free box cheese or invisible reroll 2+/2++ army is getting balanced

The bloat and failiure was 7th to 8th

6th was the last decent edition and it was a double edge sword.

At the end of it we saw the true GW the one that cares not about consumers.

>Hard to keep a revolutions when the means of production are not in your hands
>Implying there isn't a cottage industry of non-GW alternatives for this very purpose
9th Age died because no one but grognards who were upset about the end times was interested. Once they lost interest, there was no one to fill their shoes.

But user I play SoB, IG and Inquisition. My armies has been shit to decent as edition went and go.

I can't seem to see a good result for my shit if AoS are used as an example, my armies are not hero hammer or huge Xbox models. So I don't see how they will not utterly fuck me.

It does strike me that a good chunk of this thread probably casually believes GW revived or "saved" Blood Bowl.

In reality, they've taken a game with a healthy community and thriving competitive scene, backed up by dozens of third party miniatures companies, with a decent ruleset (tinkered with over a decade since the last proper published version and still fresh for it); and basically fragmented it into a DLC-style exercise, whilst adding various poorly thought out rules (e.g. new Skaven runners come with daggers on the model, so they added a random new mechanic and skill for no real games design reason).

They'll do the same to NetEpic with the new 8mm Titans game.

>they've slowly trickled back to playing AoS.
Come on lad you know that the AoS scene is dead as fuck. Nobody actually plays it.

user, very few of the top tier AoS lists are herohammer or monsterspam. High-rend attacks and mortal wounds are the biggest deal, as well as army synergy and objective capabilities.


But user, if you actually had a clue you'd see how "Oldhammer", notably around 3rd ed Fantasy, is more of a thing than ever.

The End Times people you talk about are only one step off the big kit kiddies of AoS.

>army synergy

12" area of effect allowing you to reroll your 3+ 4+ isn't real "synergy" mate.

>are only one step off the big kit kiddies of AoS.
>Implying big kits are good in AoS
Match play fixed that. The big kits are pretty much all overcosted or extremely situational.

Warmachine cheese mechanics is not synergy, people just found a way to abuse bad rules.

Fun rules and games but bad rules in the end.

I was referring to keyword support, which is synergy.

Stop playing their games then, stop talking about them on the internet.

Oh right...

WFB made GW less money than paint in the last few years of its life.

I repeat, they made more money selling paint than WFB models, scenery and army books.

You're lucky they just didn't completely kill it you autistic fuck wit.

GW managers and LGS owners.

>WFB made GW less money than paint in the last few years of its life.

The paint meme again. There is no evidence of that. We know about the 60% sales WHF had around 6th.

But the paint crap? Nothing but a meme


No mate. "Managers" earn peanuts, they get told fuck all.

>A year later and 9th age is dead and they've slowly trickled back to playing Kings of War

And yet GW is doing fine and AoS is 35% of their income - pull your head out of your ass

>AoS is 35% of their income

imagine going on the internet and not telling the truth

>7th edition
kill yourself viper

>And yet GW is doing fine and AoS is 35% of their income
GW is still doing worse than ten years ago while the market more than doubled in size.

Also source on AoS or bullshit.

Where do you get that information? It is not in the public results.

Hell they are only making 18% profit. So they are losing money. Fucking Fresh blueberry make 20%+ profit and those shit rot unlike GW shit

lol who the fuck would bother? I'd rather play Kings of War over that

>they are only making 18% profit. So they are losing money

Retard alert

Well if fresh fruit is making more profit with more production cost than GW then, they do have a problem

If nothing else you have to at least admit that the minis are brilliant.

Come on mate, that's not exactly how FTSE250 companies work.

Besides, who needs straight profit when you can have two massive share dividends each year; which with a personal 6% share in GW PLC for Tom Kirby is a nice little earner.

When you wish to last more than 50 years? When you wish your products to be part of your consumers lives, instead of just a quick cash grab that maybe will last you 10 years?

Games Workshop has done a lot to assunge my doubts and I am genuinely excited to see the new edition.

its to early to decide.
we know almost nothing about what 8e will be like.

Same here

I'm still cautiously optimistic and whether they'll enter a new golden era or damage the setting with retarded new fluff can only be known in a year or two

>Setting is still the same
>No models rumored or confirmed to get removed
>game will play much of the same
>all armies still represented

The fuck you on nigga

I like how you keep separating WHFB from GW. To make your analogy more accurate, it's more like a hot chick kept getting force-fed a mixture of butter and mayonnaise by their shitty parents until she was disgusting diabetic wreck, who then stuck her in the basement and refused to acknowledge her existence until she finally died.

Yes, WHFB was an absolute mess at the end, and yes, no one bought anything for it. That is entirely the fault of GW, though, and their were so many better option available to them (i.e. actually supporting and fixing the system) than the one they went with (killing off the setting entirely). To return to the analogy, a diet and exercise plan would do wonders, but instead the parents let her die then pass off her 12-year-old sister as her.

They needed to throw out the mechanics; they could have done so without throwing out the setting.

>Wasting money on the fat child rather than cutting them off and focusing on the good one

Decade old models still sold at modern prices.

But user they turn their prodigy child into the fat mess.

>yfw AoS is basically Scrappy Doo

Live in two hours?

Right, and as such they should scrap her and start over.
Who in their right mind is going to waste years of effort and money on their landwhale child's diet and exercise (and inevitable down-the-road medical bills) when it's easier to just disown her and start over?

I don't know, being responsable and accountability?

They could had made a one proper book for 9th instead of axing it. General handbook but for WHF.

>I don't know, being responsable and accountability?
>Caring more about abstract, subjective ideals than wasted money, time, and effort
Gommunist betected


>tfw bought shares at 520

Is this the containment thread for autistic naysayers? Because I too have baseless accusations and also the sky is falling.

>If I wanted 40k size battles from 4th edition

Are you an idiot?

Most high points Warmahordes game has maybe one unit of ten dudes, a bunch of solos, and four or five warjacks/warbeasts.

Large armies of thirty+ infantry models haven't been a thing in some time.