New 40K map

Can somebody explain the new 40K map to me? i need more fluff, ive read the gathering storm, but i need more to explain the shit that is now going down

bumping for double dubs

GW not understanding their own lore or numbers bigger than two digits.

Basically the same shit lore since 5th, it is impressive they made worst lore than that previous edition

They will have daily preview articles on their community site. Just wait and see.

When the pylons on Cadia were taken out the Eye of Terror shot warpstorms across the galaxy

makes sense, so what the the literal galaxy wide warp storm, like can humans cross that or is the galaxy cut in half?

Not known yet, but you can see there are two "temporary rift corridors" on the map, one just right of the Eye of Terror and one in the east near Cirillo Prime, which suggests that the warp storm is otherwise dangerous/impossible to cross.

There will be a Q&A on Warhammer TV today at 17:15 UK time where they might give more details on the fluff.

This does not mean End of Time at all.

Just warpstorms eveywhere that prevents warp travel!
But worry not! With the power of bad writing and plot! It won't be a problem!

It can only be cross to the bottom right, though the temporary stable corridor. The last galaxy-wide warp rift happened during the horus heresy to cut ultramar off from terra.

what will happen to fenris? it looks like it is right in the middle of the stom

Magnus fucked it over even before the storm. Most of the locals mutated, land itself is tainted by Chaos and the Inquisition is in the process of purging it of all suspected Chaos contamination (read: all sentient life). If anything the storm can actually save it.

>what will happen to fenris
Fenris... has been having a hard time lately, its pretty much dead after the thousand sons/daemon invasion, the space wolves all went to cadia afterwards and all its civilians have been liquidised by the grey knights because they learned chaos exists,
Warzone fenris covers it.

oh man, im a space wolf and IG player, i really hope GW isn't throwing space wolves under the bus, the space wolfs are so cool, im a bit out of the loop, ill have to read that book

can anyone of you autist sprags point to GOOD FLUFF in any table top game ? its a challange

As much as I'd like the yiffs to be doomed, the book didn't say all the tribes were destroyed, just the ones who came into contact with chaos daemons.

Fenris and its people got roughed up real bad, but unfortunately they endured.

So basically like any proper Imperial world. They endure and keep moving on. Unlike the chaos cuck that form a rebelion because daddy went to the office

"El enemigo destruye, Imperio construye"
It doesn't sound that good English but "The enemy destroy, the empire builds"

why do you hate space wolves? they are not furries, they are viking warewolves, the blood angles are vampires and they never seem to get the hate

you obviously dont understand fluff at all

>Can somebody explain the new 40K map to me?
Abbadon pulled out of his ass last session that his character had been demolishing pylons all along over the galaxy with none noticing it

with cadia and its own pylons out, the eldar fucking a new god into existence and the nerdrage starting to spill over the 4th wall, realspace couldn't take it anymore and its pantsu tore apart leaking a shitstain of warpstorms as wide as the galaxy itself

now it seems that half the imperium is cut off to the point it has been renamed imperium nihilus (fake latin for hopeless/faithless/nihilist) and that chaos is going to be able to materialise way more easily; expect daemon primarchs and improbable returns.

yfw Sanguinor is the catalyst for the Epic Rebirth of Sanguinus™ Story Arc (Available in only 10 hardback leather-bound, gold studded volumes for $175 each) (Limited to 500 copies per volume).

the only fluff im not up to date on is the horus heresy series, they still haven't marched on terra and its 25 books in. if you cant explain your hate then pick up your fedora and move along

It reads like the Storm of Chaos fiasco all over again.

That was a different user, but my hate, is pretty much the same reason that you'd fine in any other thread where people describe why they hate the yiifs. They're the speshulest fucking snowflakes in the setting, it's obnoxious. And it's not just one thing that makes them so obnoxiously special, it's a dozen.
>An extra geneseed no other space marine chapter has that gives them super-super senses. It's horrible drawback is that it can turn people into badass werewolf marines, or kill them at a higher rate. This drawback is so horrendous, that the chapter can only maintain greater than codex strength.
>Greater than codex strength
>No successors because they'd be less special if other people had their extra geneseed.
>Magic crystals growing only on their planet and nowhere giving them super powerful remove from play weapons otherwise found only in small quantities in Necron and Eldar armies (the two most advanced races in the setting).
>Lel, it's not psychic power, it's shaman magic :^)
>Picking a fight with the Inquisition and experiencing little consequences
>Running around with a daemon weapon radiating warp power, and going uncorrupted
>The oldest warrior in the Imperium (Though Bjorn as a character is the best thing about them).

And that's just off the top of my head. Any one or two, or maybe even three of those things would have been ok, but it really starts to pile up into a big long list of flakiness that stands out even in 40k.

that amount of points can be made for blood angles, ultramarines and dark angles. most chapter have a bunch of things that make them unique, your hate is pretty unjustified, but its your hate so do what ever you want with it

I can't think of much the Ultramarines that makes them unique, besides having their own stellar domain and being The Best™. I guess they have Tyrannic War Vets, but those have fallen by the wayside in the fluff.

But even Maccrage isn't necessarily unique, because we have precedence in the lead-up to Badab, with the Astral Claw's annexation of the region, for other chapters also having small multi-system domains.

But yeah, you could probably make a laundry list for Dark Angels and Blood Angels too with relatively little thought.


He popped out of the warp for a quick second in Rise of the Primarch to promote Voldrus. Which he can apparently still do for some reason despite that same fluff blurb saying he's been replaced with a new Supreme Grand Master who can actually lead the chapter.

Marines in general are not a faction that use unique as a selling point. Marine folks definitely aren't who they are because they crave standing out from the crowd.

I don't really like Marines, but the blueboys are my favorites because their empire-builder characterization is my favorite amongst the other marine chapters. Blue and gold is a good scheme, too.

>Astro Telepathic Duct up near the ghoul stars

What did the Emperor mean by this?

Also, must be great to be in the Galactic South West. Nice and quiet. Less Chaos, Tyranids, Orks, Tau, etc...

Probably more of a "respect his decision" thing than him actually having promotional power.

By this point Draigo is pretty much a daemon prince of order and has beat the shit out of daemon primarchs, and has literally lived in the warp without being corrupted, so it only makes sense that the grey knights would respect his council on the matter of promotion.

Are the nids even a thing still? The hive fleets are nowhere to be seen on that map.

Why didnt he just... leave the Warp?

How does he keep his armour functioning? Does he still get bolter ammo somewhere?
Does he eat anything?

Im so confused

>Why didnt he just... leave the Warp?
He can't "just leave".

>How does he keep his armour functioning? Does he still get bolter ammo somewhere?
>Does he eat anything?
Probably, The Warp, I don't have to explain shit.

Same reason Vulkan,Dorn,Russ do not....plot holes.

The hive fleets are approaching perpendicular to the map.

I know its reviled here, but TTS Draigo isn't far off the mark.


If there were Hivefleet approaching on a 2D map they would symbolize them in 2D as well as they did on the old one.

It's not a plot hole, it's explicitly stated in his background that M'kar cursed Draigo to be stuck in the warp for ten millennia. The only time he's able to manifest in reality is when the warp bleeds into reality, and once the warp storm/portal closes, he gets sucked back in just like daemons too.

They're still around, bu now instead of boisterous mary-sue assholes they're tragic heroes living on a borrowed time. Just like the Legion of the Damned or Lammenters, but viking. I'd call it an improvement.



>The only time he's able to manifest in reality is when the warp bleeds into reality, and once the warp storm/portal closes, he gets sucked back in just like daemons too.

Have you seen the map?

Wait what the fuck is happening in 40k?
I remained at the "The 13th black crusade conquered Cadia but was stranded there by the Imperial navy"

Yeah, he can manifest anywhere daemons can. That's it. If an area is too far from a warp rift for daemons to spontaneously manifest, he can't be there.

Cadia got borked when a blackstone fortress crashed into it, breaking all the necron pylons that were keeping the eye of terror stable. With that done, Abbadon is borking more and more of the pylons and the eye of terror got ripped wider than a white man's ass in federal prison.

oh I though that was just the title of the map in general "empire of nothing"

>The Maelstrom is bigger than the EOT now
>despite Cadia falling
What the fuck happened

And while this happens, what is happening in the rest of the Imperium? Didn't fenris get attacked demons?

I feel like you could find all your answers with a google search

But yes Magnus fucked over Fenris hardcore.

It's cool, the Imperium and Eldar just need to get buddy buddy with the true heroes of the setting.

Why would there be a warp storm in the core of the galaxy? No living thing can survive there.

So the mortal races can't just walk in and purge the rift and daemons can still pour out.

Why is Chinchare a point of interest on this map? Is it going to expand some new fluff on it? If so that's good news for my Dark Hands and Xenobane Regiment

Daemons aren't alive or dead.

>the space wolfs are so cool

Yes, but aren't warpstorms generated by living beings?

Guild Ball and Infinity both have good fluff.

i think that's the galactic core

The entirety of the Warp is stimulated by sapient thought. The specific location doesn't matter to the Warp except in the instance of psykers.

You probably have warp storms erupting far beyond the galaxy at this point. Who knows, that might even be what the Tyranids are fleeing from.

Perhaps the storm was caused by a demon world that got sucked into the galactic core and proceeded to fuck up the black hole residing there creating a literal warp singularity

>having their own stellar domain and being The Best™
user, you are talking like this alone wasn't enough for people to shitpost about the Ultramarines for 20 years.
It comes down to a lot of "my opinion", and you are welcome to it, but don't get mad when someone points out the holes in it.
You are willing to overlook the flaws of others and willing to focus on the flaws of SW, which ironically is part of what makes them interesting because they are so diametrically opposed to the Imperium party line.

Your meme shit fails in the face of actual lore, user.
See .

>Who knows, that might even be what the Tyranids are fleeing from.

The tyranids aren't fleeing anything. They got called to the galaxy by the Pharos during the horus heresy.

Well, you could always go around it. It would take longer obviously but it's still possible.

And meme shit draigo materialises too :^)

That's cool and all but when does my main man get inside the Black Library?

Slaanesh already got inside

I think much of the warp.stuff from the Eye has "flowed" to the new galaxy-wide warpstorm. Like a dam bursting and the water forming a river. Abbadon planned to do that and ride the wave of chaos to Terra, but it seems the wave went to a different direction that he intended. I blade the Thousand Sons for creating a large area of warp instability as they pulled the Planet of Sorcerers from EoT to Prospero. It probably acted as a zone of weakness in the fabric of space.

It're right, he's wrong.

Because geedubs can't into their own lore...and, frankly, geedubs writers are shit.
Oh, and to perma-squat the squats.

>This drawback is so horrendous, that the chapter can only maintain greater than codex strength.
You do know other chapters have successor chapters right?

Nids probably eat Baal.

We're irrelevant in the fluff so we'll have to make do. Tyranids will always be "impending doom" tier.

It theoretically isn't depending on where they go from here. Baal is the only thing of worth in the north and between Leviathan and Ka'Bandha can't do much.

Except Chaos at the moment is actually in a good position.

Tau Empire grew 10x the size as well or even more. It will be hard to say until we see more fluff.


That's a 1990's Simpsons reference, old man. If you remember that, you remember when 40k was good.