Is it possible to artificially create a Primarch?

Is it possible to artificially create a Primarch?

Also DoW3 beta thread I guess

Um, user, all Primarchs are artificially created.

well, I meant in 40k ,without help of the Emperor

And would it be heresy?

>And would it be heresy?
40 000% yes

Then again, what isn't Heresy? But especially this.

It would be Heretical as fuck but you know this already don't you Fabius.

>Is it possible to artificially create a Primarch?
How do you think they were created? Papa Primarch and Mama Primarch loved each other very very much?

How's the beta?

Solaria is best girl

>tfw I'm as tall as a space marine
Guess you learn something new every day.

Fabius Bile was trying to do it for 10k years already. Failed all of them, clones were shitty

>fabius failed for 10k years
>some shitty Blood Raven apothecary did it in a month with stolen tools

Those were gifts from the gene labs of Terra!

just like that Custodes shotgun and entire full set of golden Custodes armor right?

I'm enjoying it so far. Couple of major points.
People are saying it's like a moba because Elites are powerful. They are important and certainly can turn the tide of a battle but they are weak as fuck if you have an army and focus fire them.
Also apparently having insanely powerful elites in DoW1, like baneblade or Monolith don't count, which is retarded.
>Paper thin squads
This is just a learn to play issue, spread the squads out and retreat when they are getting low, also use the fucking cover system
>Cover system
The bubbles are nuts and make you almost immune to range damage BUT THEY DON'T DO SHIT VS MELEE DAMAGE FAGGGGGOTS.

Game looks good and plays pretty well, even on lower settings. Personally I'm just looking forward to the single player campaign but I've enjoyed the multiplayer despite my rage at idiotic teammates who don't cap their fucking points or try and turtle and build an army while on the other side of the map I'm being teamed up on by both enemies.

Terrible image, space marines have been 8ft throughout their codex history.

He didn't. His Horus clone was finished and perfectly fine, but Abby killed it before it learned to it's full potential.He also had ready kid clones of all other primarchs in his labs ready for brainwashing/education, but they all were also destroyed by the Black Legion. Anyway Bile decided that it was a waste of time and resources anyway - why setle for the clones of the Primarchs if you can clone the Emperor himself?

What, do you think space marines are naturally occurring?

Also, making them only ~6'10'' in all the armor means they should be a little more reasonably sized out of the armor. I like it.

This sounds like it retained all the worst parts of DOWII. Is it true that you preselect which units are available at the start of the game?

I fucked up the OP, by " artificially create" I meant created by someone other then big E

Responded to the wrong guy btw. Also, Fabius Bile created clones of Horus so its probably doable.

Most fun I had was power sword assault squad spam
it was ok campaign is probably fun and the other elites could be fun

If you have more disposable income than is normal its ok if not wait for the inevitable faction dlc and weep as you realise that IG wont ever be in the game due to not fitting the aestetic

I like it
You select your 3 elite units (from a selection of 5 per faction in the beta, will be 9 on release and they plan on adding others (for free)). You also select 3 doctrines, which change the way you play some units: adds a slow to Tac-squad's flamer, boost HP and damage of listening posts, more resilient Predators, gain a grenade ability for Tac-Marines, change the 'HULK SMASH' ability of the Dread into a 'HULK CHARGE THEN SMASH', etc. An Eldzr one even gives you access to an extra building (energy shield, which is a directional cover basically)

Ferrus clones also.

op confirmed for fabius bile

>in armour
Who let the manlets out again?

Was it confirmed 100% powered Horus? He lost to Abbadon so...

Holy shit im actually as tall as a space marine without armor?
I'm 2m high

>6'0 and 5'11

This is always funny to me because I am right on the border.

Was Gabes always that big?

>Also DoW3 beta thread I guess

Heroes are overtuned
Games take an eternity to end even if you have a massive advantage
Macro controls are classic Relic 'quality'
No one can play Eldar. Maybe the beta maps were too small to play the rat style effectively, but they seem kinda shit in general

Eh, Horus had training, shitty clones didnt. You could argue either way.

Heroes die hideously if focused down with correct armour type counter. Watching a Solaria melt to wraithguard is beautiful.
Games do take forever but mainly because right now people turtle endlessly to get all the cool toys, not that I can blame them. Or pretend I don't do it too.
Yeah macro is meh and really needs work, ork scrap looting in particular given it's also a central mechanic.
Eldar are actually pretty good, but I will say they're the hardest to play correctly. They generally don't win a straight fight, they harass early, they snipe, they conserve their units where possible, before they dunk a weakened opponent. Try Macha early game, she's fantastic.

>model scaling is fucked
>animations look like shit
>effects look like shit
>maps look bland as fuck, they could fit right into Starcraft
>unit roster a shit
As much as it pains me, I will not be buying the game. DoW should have died after 2.

DoW2 is my most played game and I hated it's multiplayer, I just played the campaigns over and over.
I'm enjoying dow3, but I'm just hoping for a good single player game.

Oh boy do i,:

- Orbital bombardment is ridiculous overpowered and can wipe out entire Units out with out giving the chance for them to stop this. This only apply's to the Elder and Astartes Orbital attack, the ork one is way to weak and easy to doge
- Knights, deffdread and wraithknight are too weak, and its very anti climatic. The whole games builds up to these units, they portraited in the trailer as huge think, a game changer, but in game it lasts about 50 seconds against 4 antitank units or a Orbital strike. The knights needs 10 Hero points Orbital bombardment 3
- Only 250 Units are a bit weak but I guess there is nothing to be done anymore
- Game is unbalanced. Spacemariens are okayish, Orks are underpowered and Eldars are completely overpowered, Huge range, A lot of damage output, Shields, fast attack rate, can basically teleport of the map very fast and swarm you once they weaken you.
- This is more a concur than a complaint : There are more Classes than Eldar, Ork and Astartes right?
- Also would be nice to build Knights etc as normal units instead only as Heroes. Commanding a squat of 3 knights over the battlefield would feel great
- Skilling and stuff like this has no place in a RTS in my opinion
- Heroes are fine but I think it worked better in DoW 1. Attached to a Units as a bonus, not to strong, but a definitely a game changer
- In the Menu I have 3 FPS and outside the game 30, why?
- Why do I have to make Attack move for my Units to activate there brain to shoot at enemy that are coming there way?
- Servitors should not take Unit space, they are building units. A limit like 5 servitors, gretchins,bonesinger would be better
- Weapons are unsatisfying they feel, sound and look weak. Like a water gun with ton of damage

- why do I have to tell them when to switch to melee?
Its not on the tabletop like this and melee, which was big part in DoW because units who were weaker in range now could force there opponents who were weak in melee in a fight were they had the upper hand.
Assault Squats are now completely useless because of this because they just get gunned down on point blank range

Dow 2 was shit, for me there is only Dow1

Repostan my thoughts on DoW 3.

Well, now that the beta is over, and after playing enough matches as the Eldar that I could confidently win 70% of the time, I came to the conclusion that I will probably not buy the game at launch, for several reasons.

First of those reasons is the fact that the gameplay itself is rather repetitive and dull, even with the flashy abilities and the elites. Coming from Dawn of War 2's tactical combat, where you had to position units in cover and use flanking maneuvers etc to win the fight, DoW 3's general style of "units standing out in the open, shooting at each other while occasionally throwing special abilities" felt off to me.

Second reason again, ties to the gameplay design, chiefly to how the game has a paradoxical situation where units are very expensive, even for orks, and the resource production is so slow even in early game that you rarely if ever, have a need for multiple production structures of the same type, making units quite precious and losing them costly, but at the same time, the units themselves are basically glass cannons, even including the space marine ones, making preserving them very hard. They die like Terran marines from Starcraft, but without the luxury of being inexpensive to produce en mass. Thus, early game losses can basically determine the course of the rest of the game, since replacing 2 or 3 lost squads can cripple you economically and leave you super far behind.

Third reason, is the elite system. I do not like it for multitude of reasons, chiefly among it being how I feel that it makes the game too much about your super special hero units, that can easily determine the course of a fight and losing one can lose you the match. I grew especially awry of the system after I realized how much I crippled my opponents by killing their elites. I feel that the whole system makes the game too much of a "fuck up once, lose everything" which is dull gameplay wise. That is not to say, that I did not enjoy using the elites. Jain Zar, and the Wraithlord were fun as fuck to utilize, and quickly became the core aspects of my strategy that made me victorious so many times.

Fourth reason is the "destroy the powercore" gameplay mode, which I feel is not a mode with a lot of strategic depth. Ultimately, destroying the opponents generators and turrets is not a hard feat to do, and once the core is exposed, there was not once a situation, where an assault upon the core was repelled by the defenders. Generally, the moment the core is attacked, the game is already over, because for the opponent to be able to do that, he would need an army that can defeat the defenders army easily anyways. There is very little "harrassing" of the core that is possible. All of the fights end up with a massive push, after the other side has already gained the means to victory. Killing the core is little more than a token deed at that point. To make things even worse, this gamemode is the only one they have at launch.

Finally, the map design is dull. All the maps in the beta, were small for the player count, and had dull, clear paths and lanes of engagement that made manouvering quite impossible.

Anyways, it is not like I didn't like some aspects of it. The army doctrine stuff is neat, and I could see some positive aspects of even the elite system, but as it is, I will not be paying full price for the game.

>every unit is both over and underpowered
>every Faction is both over and underpowered
>details that are exactly like previous games are why this is terrible and the previous games were better
>elites in particular are also too big a game changer and die too easily to be useful
>why doesn't this basic mechanic that's in the game exist?

So, sounds balanced and well made so far. Probably going to buy it.


>person who thinks whatever Faction he played most is underpowered garbage and everyone else too stronk

Then what was looking for in Commorragh

Do you read reviews and watch them and youtube and in the end you go

Yep seems like the guy is a total fag and the game is super duper

Kek, I'm 6'2" and I'm considered a midget

>Blood ravens acquired nemeroth and made him into a hammerhead

Not really, but mostly because for some reason in 40k genetics is, just, the absolute hardest fucking thing ever. A simple clone is almost impossible and can never, ever be done without horrific downsides or disaster.

Some dudes in a lab in 1997 were already better at cloning then all but the very, very best of biotech engineers in 40k.

Its one of the many parts of 40ks lore that doesn't really work under anything remotely approaching an understanding of basic science. Like Land Raider armor being weaker than WW2 tank armor, or the Necrons controlling territory their ships are too slow to have ever reached even if they launched before the start of the War in Heaven.

Fucking orks I swear.

>dont talk to me or my son ever again

Fabius can't even deal with fucking cancer. His "primarch" died to abbadon, it was a terrible clone.

>tfw preload starting

In fairness, I'm going to guess this is Abaddon all geared up like always,with millenia of experience and boons from the chaos gods, versus a very new, probably barely geared (if at all) by comparison primarch.
Really ,cloning primarchs makes sense. Their enhancements are all genetic so you're getting the full package. But as noted elsewhere, cloning in 40k is always, always a really bad idea that goes hideously wrong. It's part of the setting.

>"I want your chapter to have these, Gabriel."
>"B-but my Lord Custodes! We can't possibly-"
>"I insist, old friend."

>Bloody Magpies has also other primarch gears with them as well
>they even had Grey Knights
>now they get Knights to boot
So when will missing primarchs show up in the BR's armory?

Where do you think Vulkan is? BR probably looted his stasis pod from the Necrons.

Hearing about the elite system really screws the pooch for me. If I hear about modding (I heard someone found steamworkshop files in it. Could just be map editing but I will hope otherwise) and it fixing it I'll give it a consideration but the last thing I want is for when Tau or IG get added for them to be herohammer-y.


I only played eldar in the beta, but I really liked how they did the whole 'hit and run' faction. Battle focus is a neat mechanic and if you use they eldar like they would fight in the fluff you will do splendidly.

Has there been any mention of different game modes? Reactor is fun, but I'm going to get bored of it real quick.

It wasn't his fault.

The Blood Ravens just gifted themselves with Fabius' perfected primarch recipe.

IG are already in the game, just not playable yet

Huh really I figured since they dont jump around and do flips like the other factions they wouldnt be in also what would they have as elites other than baneblades? what would their melee unit

No idea. Seems that they play the same role the IG did in vanilla DoW1 where they help out the BR in the campaign.

I totally agree with this, I played as Orks and Space marines and have the same impression.

The lack of an in depth cover system really hurts the game, the weird pricing of semi-expandable units and no retreat option don't do it any favors either.

The elite system is cool, with the levelling up and stuff, but they are just too gimicky snowbally at times, you lose one early game and you're fucked. They should have taken a harder look at DoW 2 commanders and their abilities for balance sake. Vehicles are also absolute dogshit compared to previous versions.

Maps are confirmed to be atrocious, I have seen this repeated over and over again. The game mode doesn't add much, the idea of objective based mp is really cool, but the implementation is dull and delays pacing.