We haven't had one of these in a while. Roll for a random superpower

We haven't had one of these in a while. Roll for a random superpower.

BUT, you can only access your power from a special artifact.

Type out a word from the power you gain to determine what artifact you've gained.
>ie: Afterlife Messaging
>type in Afterlife Messaging
>gained Afterlife Messaging's Chain Level 7

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en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Key creation
en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Attack Movement
en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Ugliness Inducement
en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Aura Trapping
en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Copy-Cat Attack

en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Key creation

>A halberd that creates keys to anywhere

Eh, sure.

I got a staff that turns me into a landmass. Unless that comes with a complimentary size boost, I get to be a me-sized piece of rock.

What power is that? Landmass Physiology?

I can make anything, anywhere with my fan!

I'm not sure how this would work.

One of the listed uses is the mastery of erogenous zones to incapacite foes with focused strikes.

You are the master of ballbreaking, basically.

>a halberd that just straight up erases things from existance
i'm ok with this

>A rapier that fires blasts of corruption.

Nice. Very vidya with built-in ranged attack. Odd juxtaposition with a slender "civilized" weapon like the rapier and a fuckoff blast of magical/evil radiation, though.

A sword that can generate gravity!

Don't act like you don't like the Ball Buster! (Ball Buster!)

>stripper pole halberd
>its also a dildo, vibrator, and weapon all rolled into one

Straight to /d/

Oh boy, I got Sentient Weaponry

... I guess I'm a flail now

I got a wand that can create universes. Time to play god.

>pic related


> Bubble beam emission
> Bazooka

I guess it could be worse?

Anklet (magic lvl 59)

>origin generator
This seems kinda neat. What's the origin of my Key Creation?
>full erection
Holdup... I have a full erection now? All the time?

Pretty fucking rad, to be honest. This is a dangerous weapon.

A bow that can insert anything into anything

>a weapon that heals people when I hit them so long as I truly believe it will


So I have a powerful water genie trapped in a flail. Neat!

A flail that negates healing factors. Smash anybody!

A chain whip that gives me "The power to manipulate physical laws."

That's actually fucking rad. The flail called the Stay Down or something

Wow, this looks like it has a lot of potential applications.
Contract, anyone?
Also, I have no idea what a "saver" is supposed to be (did it mean saber?) but at least I get a cool sword

>Flashover Inducement (User can generate/manipulate fire, smoke and heat in a confined area, until everything in that area ignites at once, creating an immensely dangerous situation for any mortal being. This can create an almost unbreachable fortress or base for fireproof beings and can clear entire rooms of enemies in seconds. Using magic, a user can use different fires like: Hell fire, Holy Fire or Cosmic Fire for an even deadlier effect.)
>Sword (Attack Level: 13)

So I guess it's like.... a sword that can just explode in a huge ball of fire? That's actually not bad, considering I can just stab dudes then set it off while the blade is still inside them, effectively roasting them from the inside out.

Shit, I could even use it to cook food and shit on the go.

This looks like a properly edgy sword and I assume it's a poison style weapon where it's complete ass at hurting people but psychic images start fucking you up as you take damage

Beware my Genetcs Saber! (Attack level 23)

Apparently I can basically cut/ alter DNA to my liking

Also an example for my power is Marvel's Toxie Doxie, who can "launch blasts of energy composed of her own DNA"


Dafuq am I looking at?

>Power Headbutt

A sword that lets me headbutt people extremely strongly.


An AdvancedTechnology's armor (Defense level: 5)


A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Behold, the Flail of Emotional Infusion (Attack Level 1)

The angrier you get, the harder it hits. It's much like a regular flail in that regard. The ball gets larger and the chain gets longer the more power you channel into it for that extra animu effect.

the fuck who wrote that descriptor. Toxie Doxies thing is that she went full designer on her body and removed all imperfections and went a bit nutter and started doing stuff like going full poison ivy and making all her body fluids toxic (hence the name) and at one point gave herself super powers to mimic scarlet witch at a surface level (hence the energy blasts)

Behold, the Magical Anklet of Marsupial Physiology! (Magic Level 28)

By invoking the magics contained within this anklet, you get to... become a marsupial? So I guess you get to pretend to be an Australian furry?

That description actually sounds cool.
I guess they had no clue what they were talking about...

Safety Field Projection Halberd (Attack Level: 23)

A supremely sharp and wicked-looking halberd, this weapon was wielded by a wandering black knight that was feared throughout the empire, wreaking death and havoc in his wake. Taunted by an oracle who divined he would be known as the weakest warrior to ever live, he killed the oracle and was cursed never to be able to harm again.

His raging spirit lives on in his favored weapon, which cuts grievous, jagged wounds with ease due to the powerful magic that created it, but whispers hateful, violent suggestions to its wielder. However, the oracle's curse was so powerful as to mark his very soul, and any wounds inflicted near the halberd soon fade like the memories of a dream. It is said the curse can be broken if the halberd strikes down a man who has slain a thousand innocent souls, but for now it rests attached to a posing statue of the black knight himself in a nobleman's courtyard, the once-terrifying weapon now used as a tool to oversee duels.


I'm pretty happy with this.

Best answer

Saber of Despair Empowerment

Backstabbing dickass thief here


It's a hanger that gains power by hanging clothes off of it. You could reshape it into a boomerang and throw it, I guess.


>Electro Umbra Haldberd Attack Level 26

What the fuck is black lightning?

Lightning, but more edgy. It's all about DESTRUCTION AND NEGATIVE POWER, as opposed to White Lightning, which is apparently all about beneficial parts of lightning? It all just kinda seems like it's just be easier to call it just "lightning"


en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Attack Movement

Googling "choshoshikon" just comes up with stuff from this generator lol

But a weird nun-chuck that redirects any attack sounds rad.

>typhoportation sword
So a sword that lets me teleport around in a puff of smoke? We edgy animu character now

>StrongForce's saver (Attack level:23)
for a fundamental force, 23 seems a bit low. Apparently it also makes me an alchemist from FMA, which is pretty nice

>Benevolence Nulification
I dunno, I poke people trying to commit good actions with my stick, and then it prevents it from happening?

You get a suit of power armor

Yeah, this is about right


en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Ugliness Inducement

It's a sword that fucks you up. A lot.

Power-Boosting Object's anklet

Oh boy... can't wait for this anklet to boost my non-existent powers.

OK, how does one wear that then?

You put it inside yourself like a sopository then let the magic happen


Unimind: "User is or is able to connect with all living and non-living in existence and their essence (body, mind, soul) giving them the power to identify, understand, know and feel every sentient creature and non sentient from in the universe and beyond. User of this has tremendous mental abilities and an extraordinary power over other beings essences."

Gauche: A parrying dagger.

With the not-sledgehammer, whenever an attack is parried, the user understands the universe to the fullest extent and can for a few brief moments, bend the universe to his will.

An attack with intent to injure must be parried however.

I got a staff that transforms me into Frankenstein. That's actually pretty neat, like an old school Thor

EmpathicPowerAugme's sword (Attack level:24)
Yay i get a sword that becomes more killy the angrier i get!

>speedswimming's sword (Attack level:61)

What the fuck would I do with this?

I have a 'Saber' I think, that can create portals in time. Time to go save Jack, and have fun in the future/past/etc

I got an emp wand

Hair Empowerment's hitter, attack level 28. A flail that let's me use my hair as a weapon. Would be sick to have a ponytail that can turn into a flail.

>Function Impairment
>The user can cause nearly anything to stop working properly, causing glitches to happen in target, such as making a door not open, make a book unreadable, make a target's powers not work properly, make a target's mind not work properly, making spoons and forks not pick up food, etc.

>Type in Function Impairment to generator
>FunctionImpairment's chain (Attack level:60)

>Chain that shuts down anything
>Level is higher than most things in the thread

Fitting. I dub it "Shutdown" and proceed to put this in my campaign somewhere.

>Cloth Manipulation
>magic lv 4 Anklet

I shall become KING COTTON, owner of the most FABULOUS Fashion Plantation since the fall of the Antebellum South !


I'm a fucking anime character.

I guess I could shoot rainbows in people's eyes and stab them. That's such a bitch move. Fuck.

>Strix physiology flail
A flail that turns me in to whatever the fuck a Strix is

>Spiritual Bow Construction
Cool, laser bow and arrows.
>SpiritualBow's choshoshikon (Attack level:57)
Some kind of flail by the looks of it.

So, for a power, I get:

And for a weapon, I get a level 26 seiryuto, which is kinda like a machete. Not bad, I guess. I can keep fighting even if my body is messed up.

Combat specialist with dank armor. I dig it. Unarmed specialization, relying on magic armor to defend me from unexpected angles.

So, I completely fucked this up by not reading allo f the instructions properly. Let me try again...
This time for powers, I got:
As for weapons, this time I got... a level7 saber?
This draw is a lot weaker than the last one...

>magical polearm construction

Phagogenesis katana... So when wielding my katana, I can eat my foes and give birth to mutant babies which inherit their characteristics. Kinda horrifying and magical-realmy. Me being male makes it worse.


A magical wand that turns me into stellar energy.

This one is pretty rad.

>The user can transform non-corporeal beings (such as ghosts and spirits) including themselves, in a physical form and give a solid touchable body that can be felt.

So I can make spirits able to interact physically with shit and it comes in a compact wand package. Stealing this for future use.


So an example given by the wiki of healing others is by cutting myself.

>Chemical's magic wand (Magic level:15)
This seems a bit OP
just spam FOOF all around

>Religion embodiment
>level 53 magic anklet that looks more like a crown of thorns
Holy shit I'm one of the apostles


Now I can stab with my saver while stabbing with my everything else!

Got sword and defense mastery...

Diamond skin sword wielder anyone?

>Almighty Science
Fucking sweet. I am a living plot device!


I am a side character :(


Now I just need to never get disarmed, ever.

Get it surgically fused to your arm and spin around like a ds2 power attack and you'll never lose

Super baggy pants, Link hood, doing a Jojo pose.

>The ability to utilize psionic powers in combination with physical combat.


I put on my robe and wizard hat and cast level 8 cock of the infinite.

>Multiplemouths's sword (Attack level:13)
Someone help with this one?


I'll kick you apart.

Your sword can sing and thinks its all a play

Stop carving mouths into yourself.

I can still have my arm severed though. If only it were enough to merely have the weapon sort of "attuned" to.

No no no
I said fused not replaced
Just have it like wolverine claws that cant retract


Adaptive's Magic Wand (Magic level: 7)

A magic wand that lets me immediately evolve and adapt to any threat.

So, if a nuke is dropped right above my head while I'm holding this thing, do I get the ability to survive high explosives and radiation, or the ability to spontaneously and uncontrollably teleport to the nearest bunker?

Also, I couldn't fit Augmentation into the name field.

I know that's what you meant. What I meant was that if I had the thing fused to my arm, and my arm were somehow severed in an accident (the wiki page states that the immortality is conferred not by invulnerability, but by regeneration), then I likely would not be benefiting from my power at that moment. Although making it retractable is still a good idea.

>en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Aura Trapping
Aura Trapping's sansetsukon (Attack level:34)
So it's basically like a police baton..


So I can basically craft anything into anything but I have to use dumb triple nunchakus to do it.

You motherfucker OP. I got Zoroastrian Deity Physiology, which I am dumbfounded is even a cateogory. I can't even type out the whole thing in the second link. The fuck am I supposed to do?

>en.genzu.net/buki/?n=Copy-Cat Attack
So I have a Staff whose Attack range is longer than it seems


This katana screams when swung, inducing fear on its wielder's foes.