Is humanity boned in 40k? I mean it's not like they can fix the golden throne

Is humanity boned in 40k? I mean it's not like they can fix the golden throne.

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It's 40k. If you're not a Chaos God, you're boned no matter what you do.

The Tau seems to be flourishing.

From the genocides, the Necrons, Tyranids and Orks are pretty much unkillable.

>The Tau seems to be flourishing

Their empire is expanding and not stagnated.

Since when? They've hit a roadblock, in that everything outside their little hundred-world super dense star cluster is full of shit that will eat or Crusade them. Expansion's stopped, bruh.

>fix the golden throne

Why bother fixing the chair of a dead man? HAHAHAHAHAHA

>Tau explorers leave their backwater cluster
>See galaxy wide warp storm with their most powerful enemy being raped by daemons on a lovecraftian scale
No amount of riptides they can pump out will save them from being anal vored by the haemorroid of terror.

Orc WAAAGHs sometimes accidentally gain more power than the entire Tau Empire

This raises a question: What would happen if the Golden Throne was suddenly repaird?

The Tau's saving grace is its insignificance, no one is interested in dealing with a race not much stronger than the rogue Dark Eldar, who have diddled them for fun.

I don't think this would be of aide to the Emperor who is weakening. It's more an end of and age event that is going to happen at some time in the future.

Also, 40K is the time of ending, it has been so ever since the Tyranids appeared en' force.

They don't need to be the focus of attention to have their shitty star cluster eaten by a warp rift.

True, but i was mostly asking for any noticeable changes, the tyranids like you pointed, would they hasten their attacks in an attempt to reach it? would the astronomican provide a better signal for navegation? you know stuff like that. I'm not that versed in 40k lore so you tell me.

>Golden Throne repaired
>The Emperor goes back to his top power
>Chaos Gods collective scream
>Happy Ending unlocked

What's the endgame for the 40k universe?
I know only the very basics about the races and power dynamics, I haven't ever played the game.

1) Calm the realm of souls, removing chaos and the gods
2) enforce reality everywhere with necron pylons
3) chaos destroys everything
4) Old ones destroy everything

>throne repaired
>install into gigantic custom made dreadnaught
>march straight into the warp tear and unleash the gorrillian souls you've been eating for the last 10,000 years all at once
>chaos codexes on ebay for £1

Yes. Humanity is completely and utterly boned. Here, let me tell you why.

See, the Emperor's great plan was to limit the use of the Warp. Without use of the Warp and a strictly secular philosophy, the Chaos Gods would starve and die. Now, while I don't know whether this plan would work in the long run, the truth is that the Chaos gods were genuinely afraid of the Emperor. I'll give him the benefit of doubt and argue that it was very likely to work.

Anyway, the Emperor's stuck on the Golden Throne. But he's not doing it to power the Astronomicon, he's doing it to seal the Warp Rift Magnus accidentally tore open. His ass is the only thing keeping millions of demons and Chaos marines from flooding into Terra and killing everyone.

This normally would not be a problem, because the Emperor is a Perpetual. If he dies, he comes back. Given the immortality we've seen, let's assume he only takes a few hours to come back.

The problem is that, in those few hours, he loses everything. Demons eat everyone on Terra and swarm towards the other worlds, and Terra basically becomes an Eye of Terror. By the time the Emperor reincarnates, everyone's fucked forever.

So he can't die. But if he doesn't die, he's constantly weakening and in an immense amount of pain. Not dying is also not constructive, because he's stuck on the Throne watching everything go to shit.

So you see, the Chaos Gods have put the Emperor into perpetual checkmate. There is literally nothing he can do except to cling to life for as long as he can, with the knowledge that everything is triple-fucked when he eventually gives up the ghost.

i guess chaos destroys everything in the end, regardless of anything ever, it can just take a little bit more of time, unless the intelligent races discover a way to reverse entropy or something...

what does enforce reality mean?

Fuck up Chaos, beat the Aliens

Fuck up everything

Survive long enough for Chaos to die

>Dark Eldar
Survive long enough for Chaos to die, but do so with as much sex and space cocaine as possible

Fight forever. They've already won.

Survive, expand

Eat literally everything
Kill literally everything. Some of the big name Lords have their own Agendas though, and it's mostly to combat Chaos

i gather pretty much everything in this cosmology is hard on extremism for poorly structured reasons, right?

what happens after x or y fucks everything up? do they just die and/or kill themselves, or is there an underlying goal to achieve and universal destruction (of hopefully the opposition and/or obstacles) is just a means to the end?

it's probably not that deep, isn't it.

>throne repaired
>everything is the same

Isn't there some bit of lore talking about how some guys are trading with Deldar to get tech to fix the throne? I'm sure it'll all implode, if it is in the lore.

Do we actually know if he's a perpetual? Also, I'm pretty sure that if the rift opened, Terra would just be sucked into the warp.

Isn't he supposed to be much more powerful than he was before, because of all the people he's been eating?

Yes, the Emperor is explicitly a Perpetual. Every Perpetual who has ever showed up in the series has gone "Yeah, you know Him? The Big Guy? It's all riding on him."

Interestingly, no Perpetual has ever fallen to Chaos.

>Not that deep, is it
Not really

Establish control and protect its people from future Alien threats

Live happily again knowing they can properly die again without an eternity of torture waiting for them

Wait for more stuff to fuck up for Kayoos. Praise the Dark Gods. Kill each other for eternity.

You can't plan for what comes after your endgame if you don't have an endgame

See Imperium

Move on to another galaxy, continue eating

At that point, see Eldar, minus the whole "Eternity of Torture" thing. They'll have bodies and souls back so they'll just relax.

Necrons hate psychic races, but they aren't psychic themselvs. They'll be good after killing everything.

Chaos exists as a result of psychic races, so it'd be really dumb to actually kill all the psychic races. Ideally they'd just corrput everyone while keeping the population relatively level.

>everything is the same
Wrong. The throne was also been made to increase the power of the Emperor.

Yeah, but it's not like the throne is really really broken, just degrading. If anything navigation would become slightly safer.

Not really, it's just to power the Astronomican and (with later modifications) keep him from dying.

Not sure but I think there is something about how he became already too much of a warp god to be ressurected.

didn't ADB inadvertently fix that in Master of Mankind, when the Big E left the throne, and the psykers that ended up being used to keep him alive actually held the warp rift shut?

The Emps plan was to wait for the psychic awakening of humanity as whole or have enough super power psykers akin to the shamans of old earth to merge into multiple emperor-tier psykers and go into the warp to wreck chaos' shit though and then have humanity as a whole ascend into being the dominant species of the warp.

Not really, he just closed the Gate. The Emperor still has to HOLD it closed.

so imperium is forever doomed to fight a losing battle while necrons actually figured out everything and should be extend be the good guys?

>bunch of shaman die and merge
>create Emps, still corporeal but super psyker
>Metric Fuckton of eldar die to murderfucking
>make a god
>Shitton of psyker eldar die and merge
>create weak god of the dead
Maybe thats how the old ones became warp beings. They just got enough psykers and united them.

Chaos is the result of the Necrons throwing that temper tantrum with the Old Ones.

>tfw the Necrons were the good guys all along

Since forever, idiot. The Tau Empire is still expanding. The last book in the Gathering Storm ends with reports of Tau expansion fleets going into Imperial space.

Now explain why do you hate the Tau so much that you had to lie about them.

This is against (mostly) the point of 40k.

The point of 40k being a universe for you to play 40k in.

There is no after. There is only war.

Okay, that's kind of cheesy, but it's the point - the Imperium just wants to survive, and even with Big Bobby G coming back as a primarch cyborg there's still no going back to even the Great Crusade levels.
Orks just want to fight, and never tire of that. Daemons, and thus the rest of Chaos apart from maybe Abaddon, just want to fight.
Eldar want to survive, but like mankind are basically incapable of returning to glory - there's a group that want to try, but they might kill their entire race trying so there's a lot of opposition.
Necrons are mostly content to rule but really want to return to flesh. This is likely impossible - biotransferance was likely a one-way street and the Ctan may have eaten their souls.
The Tyranids are eternally hungry - anyone who has made contact with the Hivemind has stressed the enormous insatiable hunger.
Tau dream of expanding but are enclosed on all sides.

The universal goals are either survival or war, and the acceptance that the fight cannot be won precludes any notion of "after"

>Interestingly, no Perpetual has ever fallen to Chaos.

Don't hold your breath. Alivia Sureka one of the original Perpetuals and companion to the Emperor, says that Perpetuals are resistant to the touch of Chaos but they are not immune to temptation.

Of course, we have yet to know who Moriana is. She might be a perpetual considering her age and involvement in the HH and Imperium history.

No, it's not. Chaos was a threat even back during their time.

In fact, the Necrons ended the Chaos threat by making their own version of Daemon Cages and building the Pylon Network.

No, that's not his plan. The original was to direct humanity away from being a psychic race.

The plan now born out of desperation is to guide humanity their evolution so that they won't blow up. However, this is futile according to the Emperor. A psychic humanity will fall as Eldar did but at least it will buy humanity sometime.

And stop citing the shaman lore. The Emperor came out of a vagina with no sense of purpose until his uncle murdered his father.

>There is literally nothing he can do except to cling to life for as long as he can, with the knowledge that everything is triple-fucked when he eventually gives up the ghost.

Alternatively, he could go and do the other thing and make humanity breed their pariahs as much as possible, trying to make humanity into a chaos-resistant, daemon killing somewhat less emotional species.

>Necrons are mostly content to rule but really want to return to flesh.
Wait, what?

I thought their objective was to wipe out all life for the god of forgotness.

The Tau will repair the throne.

This dude is correct on the Emperor bit. It was the murder that made him decide humanity will need to be ruled one day.


>The Tau repair the throne
>The Imperium breaks it again because it doesn't want to be in debt with filthy xenos

Yep, the Ynnari are owed a great debt by Girlyman.



He repaid that multiple times over with how much he filled Yvraine's womb.

>backwater cluster

You mean the only part of the galaxy that is still improving technologically and are in the middle of an expansion.

>What would happen

Did so much thinking of psychic energy (faith) in the Emperor really turn him into a warp god?

why did emperor go on the great crusade to expand and populate as much as possible when he could truly guide a much smaller area and population if his goal truly was to guide humanity

like if the emperor was the last human alive he could control all of it into the psychic era

>backwater cluster
>le fuck the tau meme

Well, the great crusade was necessary so that humanity could be united and stand against the rigors of the universe. Remember that his forces beat the greatest WAAARGH in history.

At the time, those psykers were used to power the throne for an hour or two in the Emperor's stead so he could go be awesome.

Nowadays the psykers are used to keep the Emperor alive so he can continue doing what he does. I doubt they have the knowledge to modify the Throne again to make it work so the Emperor could leave it, and even if they could, the sheer cost in lives to not just keep the psykers flowing in to sacrifice but also the psykers to do the Emperor's job would be obscene even by the Imperium and Choir's standards.

if imperium was smaller that would mean more infighting between enemies

imagine an imperium without the ultramar eastern area, instead a shitton of orks there fighting forever against hive fleet behemoth

Not away from being a psychic race. He wanted to carefully manage it in the Webway, safe from Chaos or any others who might interfere.

Right now in 40K is when it's all starting. Had all gone to plan they'd be safely ensconced in the Webway right now, away from danger with Emps chuckling as he flips off Chaos.

Depending on how small we're talking here, keeping it small could end with the human race being wiped out to a single Warp storm or similar. I mean, look at those minor species that got wiped out during the Great Crusade - there's no guarantee that they would have survived if they had spread out the way humans did, but they actually would have stood a chance if they had.


It would also mean that those enemies could carry their war over the human areas and utterly wipe humans out due to overwhelming might. Or that they could unite against us if our tech was better. Or that the infighting could stop for a bit and one of them could roll over us because they wanted our turf.

My point was the Emperor could die, do the Perpetual thing and come back without the warp rift opening up and swallowing Terra. I'd bet he's forgotten more about the Golden Throne than most tech-priests know in M41.

there must be no hope in the 41st millenium except for the tyranids maybe

maybe ask trazyn for a couple pylons, turn some pariahs into a living wall, psykers to cast null zone stuff etc. basically gather all anti-warp bullshittery on terra and then let emperor die

surely the warp gate on terra can't be as harmful as the eye of terror?

The Tau will save the universe!

Nids will win in the end, it's a forgone conclusion. This isn't the first Galaxy they've consumed.

>The faction that's being stopped by the fucking Orks

That's only the first wave of Nids. There's several galaxies more worth where that came from.

How do I become a Necron?

Last time they asked for pylons from trazyn, Cadia blew up and the Eye of Terror went out of control.

Need some pic or doujin of this.

Chaos """gods""" are fucked too, if theyre out of mortal who will feed them
Slaanesh will enjoy fucked situation though

I think a Chaosfag once said that Chaos will exist even if every mortal dies. And that their objective is to crash the warp into our world and kill everyone.

No, it cant exist without mortal support. Chaos gods are just manifestations of mortal emotions. Warp can and will exist, but not chaos entities

There is one conclusion not mentioned, however unlikely it is compared to Tyranids, Chaos, Necrons or even the Orks destroing the Imperium and in several of the cases, the galaxy and all life in it. However, I shall mention it. Hereticus Tenebrae, the Dark Heresy, prophesy of darkness:

XXIII In that place there shall be a gathering,
XXIV Among them will be the deluded, the damned, and the lost,
XXV They shall take their place beneath the light of a sun that shines not and whose power they will know not,
XXVI The herald shall return from that echoing and great place,
XXVII He will return and there will be great power with him,
XXVIII But his power shall be that of the lost and others, even the damned, shall know it not,
XXIX Fools will be his bearers, his coming will be the coming of ruin and death though it be not of his own making,
XXX And so with all in motley and blood the players shall wait and the darkness shall pour, clawing out of a dark sun and vomit darkness into the offering bowl.

Whatever is behind it, the Tyrant Star and the prophesy tied to it are heralds of doom on unimaginable scale. Whether the legends become reality remain to be seen, likely never answered for it is the creation of FFG's writers, not GW's.

>No amount of riptides they can pump out will save them from being anal vored by the haemorroid of terror.

legit lol'd thanks user.

Nice headcanon, you piece of shit. How about you back it up. Give me one piece of fluff that says the Chaos Gods would go away if mortals die out.

Meanwhile...looky here.


Not that i disagree with your point about tau hate being a meme but using a picture of kitten sort of breaks the point you are trying to make since kitten himself is deeply in the anti-tau crowd.

I'd post some if I could find some.
That does not say that the 40k mortals are actually dead, just that warpspace is everywhere. Also chaos only eats that one galaxy. other emotional beings in the universe would exist elsewhere to power that bloated shithole that is the milky way's burst warp zit.

>That does not say that the 40k mortals are actually dead

"All life will end"

Okay you are a dishonest bastard. Get out.

>The problem is that, in those few hours, he loses everything

Eldar goddess of rebirth takes his place for a few hours, guides his reincarnation. His reborn power+hers+Eldar knowledge of the webway allow them to reseal the rift. Just in case something goes wrong in the future the entire Throne is rebuilt out of Necron pylons.

There, IoM fixed forever.

The only way to save the universe from being engulfed by Chaos is to defend and reinforce the last few remaining pylons, and hope that some super genius manages to fix the Golden Throne and revive the Emperor. And Chaos is already seeping in with uncountable numbers of daemons in order to destroy the last few remaining pylons, like some lovecraftian tide of dissolution, so that's very unlikely.