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Nu Goyims' Cuckshop introduces: BLACKED, painting edition!

First for the dark gods.

Nth for why is the weather too shit to prime my models.




For never losing hope, even in the face of oblivion.

Jesus can you guys stop talking about this non-issue

Always remember to take your daily dose of BLACKEDhammer: Age of Emprah, goys!

>wearing your panties over your helmet


grow up

Like every single pantyhelmet I got has a molding fault where there's a huge step in the middle of it. I tried to disguise it as battle damage.

But you haven't been BLACKED yet, goyim!

Just pure coincidence that it's always a black man and a white woman, never vice versa or even a black man and a black woman or a white man and a white woman. Just pure coincidence goys!

All BTFO eternally by pic related

much edge
so hip
kek memes

Quick fluff question, but is it possible for Thousand Sons or other Sorcerous Warbands to repeat the ritual that made the Rubrics in order to replenish or add to their supply of them?

Black women playing 40k are rarer than exoplanets

>Of course the nigger is playing salamanders

>everyone i don't like is a nazi
>making jokes is nazism
>also all nazis are furries because one photo says so

>women playing 40k are rarer than expolanets
>black men playing 40k are rarer than exoplanets

It's actually the Ultramarines from the Battle for Maccrage boxset, painted up as Dark Angels.

wtf where they thinking lmao

He is playing Dark Angels

To be fair, the guy who got me into 40k was Latino and played Crimson Fists.

So varified ones are constantly popping up?

Spics playing 40k is still partially understandable

Fucking niggers though? And women? lmao.

Wait, did Jamal just base coat that mini black so he paint it white?

My boy pedro!



If you shaved her head she could pass as for a boy.

And why does negro jim have the fresh prince of bel air hair, but maintained by a poor individual most likely from noncollege educated parents

Rarer than exoplanets?

Just because they're e difficult to detect, user, does not mean they're rare. You may as well be saying "Rarer than Bacteria"

You sure...that looks more like a Salamander dragon head chapter bade than a winged sword Dark Angel badge.

>Girl is playing 'nids

>uses goyim unironically
>complains about being called a nazi

is diddums feeling fursecuted?

You don't fucking paint white figures with white basecoat you retarded nopaints

The shade of green is too dark to be Salamanders

also look at their chest armor.

Stop projecting, thanks

not him but
remember when you shit yourself because space marine christ chan triggered you

I'm not the one ranting about blacks and jews, nigger steal your grilfriend?
that you you're so butthurt faggot?

No matter how much I squint at their chest armor they still look like starter box Marines, painted dark green with Salamander chapter badges on their shoulders. I think he was using a starting pet set not a chapter specific one so he lacked the "correct" shade of medium green and just went with the dark green.

>missing every fire spirit

Yes marketing is fucked up and someone involved is probably pushing that angle but most people at GW are probably pretty normal and have been raised their whole lives to not think about racial issues. It's still unrealistic to expect regular folks to care and you aren't going to change things by yelling BLACKEDhammer on Veeky Forums where a lot of people are probably at least somewhat sympathetic to your views without the autistic shitposting.

Well, girls play nids. I can sure you.

>implying women aren't always the first to panic

>Implying you wouldn't love to have sweaty and dirty SoB undies on your head

>that you you're so butthurt faggot
This sentence doesn't make any sense. Please calm down before responding to me again.

They are starter box marines, look up the Battle for Maccrage set and compare the sergeant there from the sergeant in the pic.

Also I've never ever seen GW use Salamanders as stock photo marines, whereas since 6th ed DA have replaced wardtramarines as the spess muhrines stock photo chapter.

Doesn't mean I can't laugh at it tho

Hrs probably that guy from that one Lonely Island song.

>I'm an aduuuuuuult!

>he actually thinks walkers aren't non-vehicle units
Stay eternally rekt as my laughter echoes across the immaterium.

>The BLACK LEGION are what became of the Sons of Horus post heresy

like pottery

That might be true but no matter how I look at that chapter badge that is still a Salamander mark not a Dark Angel. So I think they are Salamanders

You talk about the nigger.

When the main issue is the girl playing Nids. Stop stereotyping women in the hobby!

I actually quite like christ-chan ones they're petty appropriate for the empire in general and BTs in particular

>calling the guy who just made antisemitic comments a jew
First I'm a nazi furry now I'm a jew married to an indie bitch with a fat ass?

Could you choose one?

cheetahfag gets btfo because he thought walkers had wounds.

Going thru new 40k site.
Here are all the confirmed Imperial factions.
I'm glad they combined all AdMech.
Notice they have some nonfactions as full factions.

Salamanders are not that shade of green.
They also usually have black pauldrons and backpacks..

Could be Raptors

>he thinks walkers have wounds and a Toughness score
>he enclosed the following yearbook photo


>runs away crying like everyone else in that thread
>proceeds to quote me a day after in ANOTHER thread just to make sure he doesn't get raped again
Top fucking kek cunt, Walkers aren't Vehicles.

Here's the full list of Xenos factions.
Space elves sure got hooked up. How are Yeldar a faction on their own?

>Raptor-user is actually someone at GW

I didn't say they were painted correct. I think the studio painted them to look like armies first time players would play and asked the kid to pick which of the decal badges he wanted.

>he thinks walkers have wounds and a Toughness score
Nice strawman user! After you finish totally btfo of that imaginary argument, be sure to get back to sucking my dick!

End yourself.

>he thinks it's the same user
medium lel, walkers are vehicles

Okay response You have only 3 family choices. So if walkers aren't Vehicles are they Monsterous Creatures and located in that section of the rulebook, or infantry and located in with the other infantry?

Wut. 8th is coming and people still can't read the rules for 7th.

What units are you going to use before 8th drops? I never used Ogryn or Bullgryn and Rough Riders, so I want to run a few close combat lists with those units.

Why do you even care? seriously, everything is going to change in a like 8 weeks. stop being a little bitch

Yeah I think it's funny too, I liked the photoshops, I guess everything is going to come off more standoffish and douchy online than intended. I dunno man, maybe try to sound less like you want to start a big fight at least for the sake of making the 40k thread a bit more about 40k.

>being this upset from my expert abuse
>he assumes I wasted my life in the last thread but doesnt realize only he is this pathetic
>not realizing walkers have AV
>not realizing you will never get that extra 2d6'' extra movement
The only way it could be sweeter is if I caught a whiff of your wristed diabetic blood from across the FLGS

It's a photo shoot, the kids didn't get to do shit.
Also the chapter badges are pretty indistinct, but obviously closer to Dark Angel than Salamander.

Dubs twice, here's hoping for something special this time.

Here's the confirmed Chaos factions. Chaos is screwed, can't even have all their Gods and factions. Yeldar get represented, same with sisters of silence and agents.
Chaos bros confirmed screwed in 8th as a side group.
It's an Imperial and Xenos galaxy, shoo shoo chaos scum. You can't even have a black legion.

What are you going to use before 8th drops?

emperor trump was a mistake
not for that unfunny meme itself but for all the /pol/ crossboarding it invited

it's still more refreshing to see than yet another walkers aren't vehicles bitchfest like fucking christ Veeky Forums stop taking the bait that guy has been btfo more times than I can remember already

I want to laugh at the ridiculous stock photos and create material to send to Nick during the live Q&A later.

>walkers are vehicles
>when the rules directly imply the opossite
I wish I could be this delusional.

Walkers are simply walkers. They share some traits with Vehicles such as Av and Hull Points, so they are located in that section. Since they are not Vehicles, they get their own mechanics as well.

>Chaos bros confirmed screwed in 8th as a side group.

Good riddance. Chaos is by far the most boring, overdone faction in the setting.

I've been playing 40k since late 4th ed, nice try tho

You underestimate the need to correct some user on the internet because he is WRONG.

Also, walkers are vehicles, as the Rulebook and their profiles state

>imply the opposite
no, the rules explicitly state, not imply, that walkers are vehicles.

Shouldn't have bought from China.


>the things that make vehicles vehicles are not a basis for classification
>emotions govern me like a hormonal teen getting blood on her mother's dressing gown


He is wrong, but as i said, its a fucking moot point anyway.

Walkers are a Genus of the Family Vehicle Dumbass that is why it says Vehicle (Walker) because walker is subclass to Vehicle.

Just like you are a Mammal (homo Sapiens) though I'm questioning the Sapiens subclass.

>Chaos is screwed, can't even have all their Gods and factions.

Except the website is obviously only displaying current factions.
Death Guard wouldn't be up there if they weren't already shown off.
The fact that we have the Thousand Sons and Death Guard implies more, especially since Chaos is now shown to be much more widespread.

more like he is a mammal (homo gaymo) amirite?

And Slaanesh is mentioned on the Chaos Demons section.

Cheetahfag is the groggiest of the grognards

Hence he is always triggered and getting BTFO

I was thinking Mammal (Homo Imbeciles)

Is this why being a 40k player gets you accused of being a fascist loving nazi?
Hid your power level you sperg.

Humans aren't mammals you fucking retard. They're humans. Yes they are listed as Mammalia (Homo Sapiens) but they are only listed in that section for reference. Since they are not mammals, they get their own mechanics as well.

>Adepta Sororitas as their own faction.

I want to believe this means something.

This is a warscroll of a vehicle in AoS.

Vehicles will be the same in 8th. Guess you're screwed if you have an armor guard army. I'll just face my vehicle rear toward the enemy at all times for the lulz.

I saw some pics of new tactical marines floating around? Is there anything to that?

>everyone who jokes about obvious stock photo racial bias is a nazi!
Antifag detected lmao

Can't wait for the 1,000 wound titan profiles.

This post is bannerworthy.

Did you started playing recently?
2004 was the last SoB model.

Remember "Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment"

Deathwatch are also their own faction though, they're just a Marine supplement.

>I was only pretending to be retarded hurrr

>gets absolutely destroyed after sperging out in the previous thread
>w-why d-do you even care p-pls make it stop!!!
Should've thought twice before you fuck with me. Now I'm taking all of you on a wild ride.

>u mad xdddd
Not an argument faggot.

>you are pathetic!!!
>even though i was the one who ran away crying while screaming troll after getting destroyed!!!
I still have the taste of your tears in my mouth. And they are delicious. Also not an argument.

>not realizing walkers have AV
>hurr hurr monstrous creatures are infantry because they have wounds
This is the retardation of the actually iliterate. Holy shit.

>not realizing you will never get that extra 2d6'' extra movement
Nice wishful thinking, but you have yet to refute a single one of my points. So after you eat a bag of dicks, make sure the rope is tight enough before you hang yourself.

Eat fucking shit cunt.

As a chaos player I just want them to cut back on the mustache twirling and get back to the eldritch corruption force that wishpers and naws at all mankind slowly sapping away the weaks ability to deny it, and preying on the betrayed and forsaken.