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Let's get things started.

/jc/, what gems can you think of from jump settings that would work well as your Gem from Steven Universe?

So far I've thought of Z-Crystals, Mega Stones, Key stones and a few hold items from Pokemon, lightsaber crystals, kryptonite, and if you can get your hands on them the Silver Imperium Crystal from Sailor Moon or the Star Sapphire from DC. I've also seen a post on reddit where someone used their Petrify Orb from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Any other interesting ideas?

I've heard good things about the Chaos Emeralds from that new Sonic jump

Dragonstones from Fire Emblem sound like fun, or Sacred Stones if you don't mind mingling souls with Dracosatan.

Philosopher's Stones and Red Stones are pretty obvious.

Thunderkats has the power gems, in four flavors depending on what you need: Tech, War, Spirit, and Soul.

Samurai Jack has a bunch of useful rocks, including one that controls water if you just don't want to be a Lapis.

Bits of broken SWLIHN-sphere from Infernals jump. They can already be made into swords that stab out the emotional ties of people alongside normal stabbing.

Artheryte crystals from ffxiv. They are literally magic and are pretty much solid awesome.

Red Stone of Aja from JoJo, Eye of Set from Swords & Sorcery, Adamant and Yasal Crystals from Exalted, Arkenstone (or one of the Silmarils, if you can get your hands on that) from LoTR, Philosopher's Stone from... a lot of places (I'm partial to the Harry Potter one, but the Fullmetal Alchemist ones are interesting too).

Didn't realize we had a Sonic jump, but that's a great idea. Too bad the Master Emerald and the Super(? Hyper? It's been a while) Emeralds would be too big to use.

Just to make sure user sees this.

Could you add an cp option to buy being a member of alien or monster race? Possibly make it tiered so more powerful races cost more?

Cool ideas. I think I'd stay away from the FMA Philosopher's Stone (or the imperfect version) considering what they're made of. Not signing up to be some eldritch, soul-consuming horror after all.

Also just thought of another one - the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak from Marvel.

And away we go!

1. Edited the format some more.
2. Fixed the spelling issues..
3. Divine Intervention has been changed slightly to be a bit more clear.

Ffxi has a massive power crystal warehouse add on.

How many leyline crossings is too many?

Well there is that massive chunk of Computonium or whatever from Eclipse Phase. Its like crystallized gas or something right? Would that count? Might be interesting.

Its liquid iirc.

Wasn't there a Zerg crystal or something everyone wanted?

To be honest I have no idea why. I just remember something very odd about something the emeralds to do space-time.

More than you'd hope for, less than you'd think

Just get the knockoff one offered in the jump. It's just as powerful even though it doesn't have the powers, and you don't have to kill a little girl and doom an entire world to get it.

Depends on the world/metaphysics in question. Most magic world just make the location more and more magical. Martial Arts focused places are good for nurturing Ki. Some places are really active with natural disasters. In that one Naruto movie it allows time-travel. All sorts of stuff can be expected but it depends on the Jump it would seem

*I should mention that I'm talking about the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon, whoops. I offered that specifically so people wouldn't want to steal the silver crystal from sailor moon

But I wanted hers.she does not deserve it. She is an evil selfish girl.

She's fourteen years old, I'm pretty sure you were a jackass when you were that age too.

>Sailor Moon

Okay I'll bite: Is your Jumper evil, are you meming or is there something I'm missing?

I suppose that is fair.

I mean look at it this way: How many times did YOU save the planet with the power of love and friendship when you were 14?

Would getting symbolic links to all of the five colours from the last scenario mean you can basically cast low-level spells for free? Are there any other particular adventages to that?

Twice. Three times if you count the time that we reset time and caused it not to happen.

They have some amount of reality warping potential, and also let Sonic become what is essentially a Super Saiyan. Not sure beyond that though as the most recent Sonic game I've played is Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis.

For the magician jumpers out there, what magic systems did you use to make your own personal magic system? What is it capable of doing? What are its biggest strengths and flaws? What magic systems would you like to add next even if they don't have a jump yet to your special snowflake system?

Somewhat, Land Based Mana is awesome and would streamline spell made for the color based mana systems. I went into this in another post. Here: archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/52796553/#52796880

I mainly based my system on enchantment and every other system I can get my hands on then overcharge the spells while making them enchantments so I can whip out premade spells and blast away like mad or use the more useful small spells without the need of personal mana at the time.

I keep almost all my spells on golden coins thanks to dxd custom magic system.

My jumper has a bigass spacial ring rilled with gold coins to snapcast with.

Nah, that's about right. Chaos Emeralds haven't really had a lot of power creep. If anything they've become weaker in recent games by the rate of burning through rings getting sped up.

I don't think they can warp reality, but they can definitely warp space/time. Shadow uses them to teleport pretty liberally, and they're even used to time travel in Sonic '06.
Also they prettymuch act like an endless battery as far as plugging them into machines go. You could do way worse as far as gems go.

Oh, that's nice. To what extent would you lose your powers? Would I basically not be able to take advantage of perks that make people want to worship me?

Your perks will be able to pick you up from the bottom, but you'll basically be flying at a tenth of your usual power for a while. You'd still be very convincing and such but your powers are all lowered by a margin which is restored by prayer.

I have multiple systems, the main one which is based around crystals filtering and rearranging someone's charged intent with the magic they put into it, into something that translates well into reality from thoughts into feelings. That's the main one.

> what magic systems did you use to make your own personal magic system?
My PERSONAL magic system -- as in, the one that is used by me specifically -- is called "I am a creature composed of like 70% magic and soulstuff, and when I will shit to happen it does."
It comes about as a result of stuff like Magical Body from Elona (your body is effectively half made of pure magic), Waveform Anatomy from NGE (the REST of your body is basically just soulstuff held together by self-identity), Blood Magic from Darkstalkers and Bloody Magical from Spyro (whatever's left is made of straight blood, which is also magical), and a shitload of magic potential perks, blood volume perks, annnnd prettymuch the entire Natural tree from DC Occult, which among other things let's you just fudge spells into existence through sheer force.

I mean, admittedly, I'm probably not going to win any contests for finesse, but I sure can not have to explain shit.

That said, I was always kindof into the Mana Tree from Secret of Mana / Legend of Mana / Tales of Phantasia / Symphonia. I just think it's cool.
Y'know, make a tree that basically just breaths raw mana into the world. And I, in turn, can breath mana into the tree!
So if I feel like just introducing magic into a setting, I've always got that sword I picked up from LoM to get things started.
Makes a great setpiece, y'know.

Oh boy, where do I start. I've combined a fuckton of systems, but here's where the 'core' of it was formed:
1. Body-based mana consumption system, courtesy of Overlord. Get that one perk from FFTA for quick refills.
1.5. Get a good magic system with a fair amount of utulity. I ended up going full mage in Dragonlance, which is where the 'Wizard' gimmick started.
1.75. Get the capstone boosted Just The Beginning from Neo-Heisei Part 2, which makes magical power scale with willpower.
2. Magic dialed down to its simplest form: willworking via Intentional Magic from The Inheritance Cycle.
3. Utilize I Cheat and/or Conjoined Conjuries to combine the two, removing the 'drain from own life force' problem by draining from mana instead, which forms the core of the system.
4. Steadily increase mana capacity with power-over-age (Homonculus is my go-to for Magikarp Power) perks or things that increase capacity.
5. From there, mix and match systems with wide-ranging effects - DC Occult Real Magic, Umineko Magic, Sailor Moon Magic, Anima Magic, etc.

The greatest benefit of this system is being able to maximize the benefits of the ones combined with it while minimizing or reducing the risk or downsides of others. It's just input mana = result in its simplest form, and there's very little I can't do with it - though I had to get intricate to be able to work with higher concepts like time or dimensions.

The weakness is that with all the systems I've attached to this eclectic style, it has more potential than my puny human brain can actually imagine, and I usually just make use of lazy/biggaton spells in place of anything nuts like Garlock usually does.

I feel like I should actually post/discuss combos at some point.

Yeah no, I can tell where this is going. user?

You win. Good job.

Not our fault you're a worthless, unfaithful cheater :^)

I modified the magisters from the magister trilogy with Defilers/Preservers from Dark Sun, and Magic the Gathering. Basically a magic system that uses life force to do its thing. While Magisters are forced to use a person's life force they are bounded too until it depletes, my magic users can bound with other sources of life energy, such as animals, plants, and even lands. A pacifist can gather and herd life energy, and practice magic without harming anyone. While asshole magic users...well not so much.


Generally, though, for Doctor's Companion Chain my jumper tends to rely on heavy First Magic usage. You can get a lot of mileage out of a form of magic that can literally make more mana out of nothing and can make literally anything with enough training, turning yourself into a living mana battery once you get good enough at it. There's also the fact that they got the "Trickster" origin from Fate/Zero, which allows them to do silly stuff and illusions with their magic.

Writer Chain Nika uses the Sky Garden's Magic system and the previous magic system with the crystals I mentioned here . As long as one generally has knowlege of alchemy and can rearrange the structure and components of the crystals and can pay the appropriate magical energy cost (Which can be gained, of course, with training), one could do almost anything with the crystal system. You just have to be strong enough to accomplish it.

Main Chain Nika...I've forgotten how much shit they can do and how it operates, but they use the crystals too, along with the horrible glut of other magic stuff they have. but typically, thanks to the massive amount of comedy stuff I took, plus the "emotion" and "music" origins I took in Kara No Kyoukai plus disney stuff allows my jumper to pull magical musical numbers out of their ass. They're going to be a Witch of Comedy if I could just finish building for Umineko, if that says anything about them.

Mainly muscle mystery when I need serious magic. it gets delegated to mother box who is basically hex from Discworld at this point

I forgot the picture

So Divine Intervention when upgraded can only give in-jump purchases to your "avatars". Does this mean that it can't grow at all? Or would it be affected by something like your mana or spiritual energy? Bonds?

There's a sword that lets you introduce magic into a world? Could you elaborate? I don't know what "LoM" means

If you take the mutagens from Hybridization in Batman the Animated Series, add an Essence Distillation from Generic Universal Monsters, then make the resulting mixture permanent, would the resulting hybrid creature have a permanent aura of the relevant personality feature? :thinking:

Legend of Mana. The sword can turn into a tree.

Gaining greater mana, growing in magic, growth in the things you do as a Kami, growth by learning and developing as a Kami does (By looking at their links and developing power or learning magic themselves the hard way) the Avatars are still you so learned skills would carry over just not perks.

How powerful is the Elder wand you get in Harry Potter item section?

Fanwank it.

okay misunderstood the question, I'm having a pretty off day.

>what magic systems did you use to make your own personal magic system?

mainly muscle mystery,combined with a lot of Weeaboo Fightan Magic from everywhere I've gotten that kind of thing,and the whole "my soul Shoots chainsaws" thing from undertail,it's more of a attempt at a grand unified application of Ki then an actual proper magic system.

>What is it capable of doing?

a lot , mainly self buffs and very powerful Attacks but since muscle mystery is added . There are a fair amount of intermediate effects, like you would find in Evocation or transmutation schools. remember The impressive thing about muscle Mystery isn't what it can do , It's how it Does it.

>What are its biggest strengths and flaws?

its biggest strength is versatility, It's primarily muscle mystery combined with the iron heart sublime discipline and undertail soul blasts taken to xianxia Levels via incorporating void Angel kung fu.

it's flaws are that larger effects Rely on the use of bodycords which require complete freedom of movement along with intense concentration,body control and exertion to pose and create Dynamic tension within your muscles in such a manner that your internal energies Resonate with the external energies of the universe to produce very specific waves of harmony or dissidence to affect the world around you. it's not pleasant for the practitioner or efficient for the effects,but once you actually get the basics down You can do a hell of a lot at a moderate Though constantly increasing power level.

The amadam from Kamen Rider kuuga

Which edition of Exalted are the Exalted jumps currently based on?

It is the strongest wand you're liable to find in the setting. I guess it's possible the canon one might be stronger, though I'm not sure, but it also has a loyalty problem and you'll need to kill Dums to get it to work for you.

As for power levels, apparently strong enough that you'll win pretty much any in-universe duel unless you try to punch comically high above your level. However, power levels don't quite match up to combat ability in HP, since AK, which isn't an uncommon spell choice among people will to kill, will kill anything it hits unless love-voodoo is involved.

As another example, Harry spent a decent chunk of the last book trying to fix his wand, and finally succeeded by casting a repair spell, that had already failed when tried with normal wands, with the Elder Wand.

>What magic systems would you like to add next even if they don't have a jump yet to your special snowflake system?

Sidereel martial arts, I have them. It's just a matter of finding a way to smoosh together the Diametrically opposing operating principles in a way that doesn't shatter everything.

Friendly reminder that Dumbledore's death was totally preventable and he intended Snape to get ownership of the Elder Wand after his death which would have been as good as giving it to Voldemort.

2nd edition.

3rd edition only has one book out, and most people don't really like it here (sorcery and artifacts are awesome as fuck in this though).

You don't need to kill Dumbledore to get the wand, just beat him. When Draco disarmed Dumbles in the tower, the wand's loyalty passed to him, and then on to Harry later on. And not to mention the Dumbles didn't kill Grindlewald when he got the wand from him.

I always found the whole notion of a 'strong' wand wierd, aren't they just supposed to be best suited to the wielder?

Also, that bit with Harry and him repairing his wand I think is telling. My interpretation of the wand is that rather than just giving an amplification of power, it also recalls some of the skills and magic it was used to perform and makes it available to the current owner/wielder of the wand. Given that the wand was in the possesion of a wandcrafter before Grindlewald, that makes quite a bit of sense.

Yep. The ending went as well as it did, if anything, despite Dumbledore's post-mortem manipulations. Of course, he was dying and being fed an awful lot of potions by Snape before his death. I'd cut him some slack and blame Snape for trying to manipulate a dying old man into leaving him in the old guy's will.
It is the sort of slimy thing the Snape we see through the series would do, rather than the misunderstood Angel Rowling would tell us he really was.

Problem then is if you aren't careful in covering your tracks, you've just made a powerful and influential enemy whose going to be gunning for you.
Under the circumstances, Dumbles is well within his rights to be concerned about the intentions of anyone seeking out that wand. He won't leave things be, and his effort to hunt down and find the wand may distract him from other pressing issues regarding Voldemort.
Which, depending on how you're playing things, could be convenient or a massive mistake.

>blame Snape
Sounds good to me.
Fucking Snape.

What are the common pitfalls or attractions in 2ed, or do game mechanics not translate fully to the experience? Like crazy craft combos or martials arts spells.

Hmm, I might do some mix-and-matching in my Exalted jumps.
Keep Perfect effects, because why the hell not, and take some of those sorceries and artifacts from 3rd edition.
I also like what I saw about the crafting rules. Complex but less ambiguous than 2nd edition, I think.

While we're talking about it, quick Harry Potter questions:

>Should you take Fantastic Beasts or original flavor first?
>What should you try to do if you take FB first and then take the continuity drawback? Does nipping the Tom problem in the bud completely eliminate any story from the second jump?
>If you take the continuity drawback, is it worth trying to meet up with wizards you knew during the first go through?
>This question applies to any jump with a continuity drawback, but what happens to the "you" from one of the jumps? Do you just disappear one day?
>Is any alias besides Harry Dresden even worth using?

Also, I just now realized that the first question is kind of loaded since the rest of the questions don't apply unless FB comes first.

Heh, that prompts a question.

Guys and gals, which of you, in your Harry Potter Jump, did something suitable horrible and potentially ironic to the slimey snake, Serverus Snape?

From what I've been told 3rd is a differnt animal entirely. The fluff has had a complete overhaul and the Exalted Jumpmakers seem to think it needs its own Jump. Not sure myself but it sounds like that from what I found on the Archives.

>>Should you take Fantastic Beasts or original flavor first?
Me personally, I like keeping multiple jumps in the same franchise in chronoloical order. So I'd go FB then HP.

>What should you try to do if you take FB first and then take the continuity drawback? Does nipping the Tom problem in the bud completely eliminate any story from the second jump?
>If you take the continuity drawback, is it worth trying to meet up with wizards you knew during the first go through?
>This question applies to any jump with a continuity drawback, but what happens to the "you" from one of the jumps? Do you just disappear one day?
My considered opinion is ~shrug~

>Is any alias besides Harry Dresden even worth using?

More Exalted Jumps. You won't see me complain.
Is someone lined up, i wonder, to make that Jump or was it just talk?

No one claimed 3rd Exalted to my knowledge.

If you import a weapon into Madoka Wraith Timeline and then upgrade it later on, can you summon the upgraded version with Weapon Summoning, or is it just what you first imported? Also, how much exactly does the cost scale up with power or complexity? If I imported an intelligent device from Nanoha, for example, would one copy pretty much exhaust my in-jump reserves, if it's even possible in the first place?

Would Save The Queen+(KH) be a potent wand for Harry Potter?

About the only thing I did was use bio manipulation and Polyjuice to surround him with Lily Potter clones.
Turns out that the Gryffindors REALLY hate him.

Also, I was a total shit in his class, but that was to be expected.

I haven't been playing 2e since the leak a year ago.

I don't remember specifics... but game mechanics were mostly meant to translate to the actual world, I think? Though the really broken stuff obviously doesn't, because Creation would look really different.

It's very complex, and the hueg of the Craft charmtree doesn't help.

But I find it enjoyable. Certainly more involved with the actual game than 2e's version of Craft.

I will give him advice, telling him what will happen (Without details he could use against people) if he does not clean up his act and be a better person. When he inevitably does not, I will proceed to menace him dressed as a clown and turn him into a snake, permanently, after I stop him again and again.

Could I acquire a time machine from the Super Mario Jump?
It seems like there'd be quite a few there considering Partners In Time and Mario's Time Machine.
And if not then could I manipulate some Time Cop from Gravity Falls to give me his time machine?

A new magic system I am making is called Meat Magic, basically Real Eater Akimichi bloodline and combine with magic systems and the Herculean Method.

Users learn how to control their bodies to insane levels, and how to convert calories into magical energy. As fat is a more efficient energy convertor than muscle, you end up with two distinct forms of magic, Muscle Wizards and Caloric Mages.

Muscle Wizards mainly keep an often insanely muscled form and use magic to boost their attributes and physical attacks to even more insane levels.

Caloric Mages (it takes a brave soul to call them the nickname Fattie to their faces) focus on actual spells and supernatural effects by conserving caloric intake in the form of fatty tissue and spending it to perform spells.

Keep in mind a Meat Magic user can change forms simply by changing there body. But a specialist is more likely to know better techniques and spells by focusing on a form to train.

The weakness is stress to the body, too much magic use at once can simply wear a body out even with the incredible control a Meat Magic user has.

Perfect Lionheart is wrong about a lot of things, but he does make a good point in one of his fanfic's about Snape.
Snape nevers acts consistently either as a man seeking or having found redemption. He doesn't change his ways after Lily's death, and the only real defence that can be made of that is his supposed role as a spy.
A role he is objectively terrible at, giving little to no useful information to the Order while leaking information such as security arrangments for Harry tot the DEs and Voldemort.
Moody and Hedwing all die because of him and Fred gets mutilated in what we are told was a total accident, but is really suspicious that someone with such an enduring childhood grudge against childhood pranksters, to the point of being willing to have some of them being rendered soulless despite knowing his innocence and being more guilty of that crime than him, and being complicit at least in the deaths of one other and the ostracisation of another, to just have accidently severely wondered someone who is basically the next generation of the same. Especially when it's by a spell that leaves Fred scarred for life, but Snape is capable of healing off of Draco, which he nevers finds the time to offer Fred.


So, in my jump, I decide to make good use of him early and also to quarantine him from the school, as he is an obvious toxic influence there, despite Dumbledore's sponsorship. Kidnapping him, I then use sympathetic magic on his Dark Mark to find all the others, and then to find his master through the same means. Whether or not that works, I interrogate him and then judge him. If he's as Rowling describes, as difficult as I find that to imagine, then I use by out-of-context advantages to remove the DM and let him leave with some gold to start a new life some where far from all the people that he hates and all the bad memories. If he's the scum I think he is, then I'll use him for some pretty inhumane rituals using the DM to weaken and inconvenience other DE and Voldemort himself.


>From what I've been told 3rd is a differnt animal entirely. The fluff has had a complete overhaul and the Exalted Jumpmakers seem to think it needs its own Jump. Not sure myself but it sounds like that from what I found on the Archives.
Yes and no. Dragonblood could potentially not need to be rewritten but Infernals would and Abyssals if its ever finished. I'm not sure about Sidereals but probably.

He's such a wretched character I don't really think about him much beyond vague plans to get rid of him as soon as possible.

He doesn't really offer that much to the story anyway beyond misdirection and red herrings.

Considering his final act in life was a fuck-you to both Harry and Voldemort, I think I'd do a Lockhart on him, just for the irony value. That and it does seem to be irreversable, given Lockharts state years after the fact.

What do you mean?
How was it a fuck-you to Harry?
I thought his death scene was a touching moment of reconciliation between them.

But then who will the fandom make creepy fanfics about?

I transformed him into James using a high-level curse that was beyond anything the Potterverse could break.

And then I brought back James and Lily, performed a reverse of the curse on James so that he looked like Snape, and made him watch as Lily inevitably discovered the truth and chose James all over again.

Going to fail ME after I should have aced that class, you slimy little shit?!

>so that he looked like Snape
You monster. What did James do to deserve looking like Snape even for an hour?

Draco the Veela Empath would get a sizeable boost to compensate. Proportion of weird erotica is a conserved property across any given fandom.

Think about that scene and strip away the emotion from it, what does Snape give Harry?
Memories which when seen by Harry basically tell him to go suicidally towards Voldemort.
Whether they are true or not doesn't matter. Snape made a conscious choice in the last moments of his life to expell memeories he could guess would be seen by a child he hated that would lead Harry to effectively give up his life.

From his point of view, it wouldn't matter if it somehow worked or not, at least one of the people he hated would be dead. Either his killer and hypocritical master or the child of his childhood bully (who grew up and became a better man than Snape could ever be) and his childhood sweetheart (who he burnt birdges with due to his prejudices), who he despises.

What a slime-ball!

>Infernals would
How's it different?

I jump as the half-Veela older twin brother of Draco, just to play off that.
It's hilarous, with all the talk of blood purity with me being obviously half-veela.
Lucius didn't see the joke. Thankfully I have my out-of-context powers to make sure that he regretted being a real dick to me for my whole childhood for a whole five seconds.
Also, useful in effectively shunting all the Malfoy family resources towards more productive ends than following Osama Bin Voldemort.

From what's been said about it, it's different in basically everything.

Wow, I never looked at it like that.
I feel distinctly less charitable to that character now.

You're being kinder to him in both options than what I feel like being in my jump.

Their Charms are probably just going to be reskinned Solar Charms, Devil-Tigers won't be a thing, and the Reclamation is now completely impossible so the whole thing is just the Yozis throwing a temper tantrum.

>and the Reclamation is now completely impossible so the whole thing is just the Yozis throwing a temper tantrum.
It pretty much was like that in 2e too, unless your ST said otherwise.

It's funny, because I really like Snape, and he's actually my favorite character, and the Snape in my head is totally a freaking ghoul. Greasy hair, hook nose, gaunt sinewy musculature barely hidden by oversized black clothing that probably smells like horrifying potion ingredients and dungeon stank because of course it fucking does that's his job.
But that's part of why I like him. That and his tendency to go off on bile-driven tangents. Those are always fun.

Anyway, I didn't do anything to him. It was (apparently) enough that I was reading the teacher's minds to know test answers, which only he and Dumbles picked up on.
That, and the whole prophecy surrounding me that said I was going to be the new Dark Lord, which (apparently) he was aware of as well.
... and paired up with the fact that he couldn't read my mind in turn. Snape always struck me as the kind of guy who just scanned his students' thoughts pretty casually, and he couldn't to me.

Instead he got this:

... so. Basically I ended up making him jumpy as shit by doing nothing.
If you've ever imagined a teacher who REALLY hates a student, but is afraid to do something because some shit might come down for it, that was prettymuch my entire seven years at Hogwarts with him.

Also, didn't give a fuck about the House Cup, which really took the wind out of his sails.
Especially when I was able to accurately "guess" that it'd go to Potter every year.

I don't see why not, but they would (probably) either not work out of setting or would (probably) have some limitations placed on them by Jumpchan to prevent things like skipping plot to avoid danger or gaining infinite training time.

Did anyone try to redeem Snape rather than torment him in creative ways?

Yeah, I should include you in this list:
Acapella is a horrible thing to do to a man, even Snape.

He tragically died in a potions accident over summer break before I arrived at Hogwarts.
Quirrel got eaten by vampires.
Dumbledore was killed by an unknown assailant in his sleep.
Most of the death eaters in Azkaban also passed away.
Lockheart disappeared.
Umbridge was found in pieces.
Peter Pettigrew turned himself in to the aurors and confessed everything under veritaserum before dying of a heart attack.
It was called the "Black Summer" by the daily prophet because between Dumbledore and several others in high society, nearly everybody was wearing mourning clothes.
Thank you death note.

Hell, no.
He's made his bed and avoiding lying in it for too long already.

*Burn the Witch... er, Wizard.
Burn the Wizard*