Banlist update 4/24

Press F to pay respects

Top is banned? Poor legacy guys

Wow this is huge for tournament organizers.

I don't think that this is going to a popular ban in the slightest. Twin-tier in unpopularity is my guess.

Should have included Brainstorm as well. It was always stupid to ban it in Modern for logistics reasons while leaving it legal in Legacy. (FWIW, I agree that it should be banned for logistics reasons)


Unpopular for people who play Miracles.
Popular for people who had to play against Miracles.

At least at my shop, I don't think I've ever had or seen a game go to time against miracles.
It might be a player skill or casual vs competitve thing, and I admit that its a biased sample, but I've never actually seen the logistics thing really come into play.
Hey, I'm on DnT, and I actually kind of like playing against miracles.

Fuck yes, it took them long enough.
Miracles babbies have had a ban coming for a long time now. And banning Gush might make Mentor decks less prevalent in Vintage too. All in all, good shit.

>It was always stupid to ban it in Modern
But brainstorm was never printed in a non supplemental, post Mirrodin set

*Distant REEEEE from Miracles players heard in the background*

Brainstorm is not banned in Modern. It's just never been legal.

Was referring to Top in that second sentence. Poor structuring on my part.

>Brainstorm should be banned

Nigga if you don't wanna play Blue just go to Modern. Your win/loss ratios by at least an order of magnitude if you're a non Blue player.

>legacy Jund players slowly load the bullets into the chambers

>Miracles banned via top
I got it when it was just a standstill deck. It was my first real deck. F

Finally, control is dead in every format.

Took them long enough.

We still have Tron in modern


If top is banned in Legacy, does that mean it is banned in Commander as well? I ask cause I am pretty sure they share a banlist.

No. Separate banlists.

Does this mean that I should just go out and buy a bunch of deathrite shamans?
I also have no idea what to do with DnT now.

Dear Legacy,

Your queen courtesan may be banned, but here in Pauper we've got plenty of comely, buxom girl-next-door strumpets you can slake your Blue lusts on for a dime. Come join the Pauper whore's alley! Vintage-kun is invited too I think he might be reeling from the Probe and Gush restrictions.

Welcome to the internet. I assume you've been living under a rock for 10 years?

> Top finally banned


To be fair it was a really comfy rock.

>control is no more

How does this make you feel?

>Standard is still a two deck format
>sfm cheating out a batterskull on turn 3 at the earliest is still somehow too powerful in a meta with 1 mana 7/7s
>destroying a legacy archetype
>restricting vintage staples that aren't overly oppressive

You dont unban stf because literally every deck running white would run it. Death shadow is good but they had to play cards beforehand to make it powerful

I have 12 post. I used top. So great against miracles now my game just got weaker too..

>People going crazy over top ban
>no one caring about massive Vintage changes
What did the Mtg community mean by this?

4/4 lifelinker still isn't good enough for modern. SFM has lost power over time and is the same level as bitterblossom.

No one plays Vintage. Hell, barely anyone plays Legacy.

Sfm would gross in death and taxes and coco decks. Basically a free tutor

joe lossett streaming his suicide when

Right, but the power of DnT comes from using vial to break symmetrical mana denial.
You don't have the most unfair thing that the deck can do in modern. SFM would be great, but junk would get more out of it, I think, and at least before I switched to the legacy version, I had a lot of trouble with goyfs and other random big dudes without Mother of runes.

Legacy is the format everyone pretends to play. Nobody cares about Vintage.

I doubt that any of the faggots that are celebrating this even plays Legacy. This is a really dumb decision by WOTC.

i had 2 sitting in my old stack of commons and i didn't even know. ;_;

Death shadow junk would probably be the best deck in the format

I'm done with Magic now. I've disagree with pretty much every single ban since Twin got the ax, and this is their most retarded decision yet. I'm sick of this stupid bullshit.

That really sucks user. But desu you had pretty shit taste. Twin and Miracles? #cancer

>Gush re-restricted.
That took longer than I expected.
>it was so we could keep monastery mentor at four of
Good decision

>Top out of legacy
That's kind of sad, the only legacy deck I ever bothered to purchase in paper.
A couple years ago I had to sell the damn thing to fix my car.
At least there will be fewer indecisive fucks trying to play a high decision deck and going to time every round.

Wow, it's fucking nothing. Why is wizards messing with dead formats when no one will come over to standard?

>Felidar Guardian not banned

>At least there will be fewer indecisive fucks trying to play a high decision deck and going to time every round.

I blame the ban almost squarely on these people.
>Whats the best deck?
>Well depends on what you want
>The best deck.
>Miracles but you may no-
>Miracles it is!
>Ugh need to top a 3rd time to remember what I put back at the begining of the second main

>I also have no idea what to do with DnT now.
'keep on winning' seems correct.

>You don't have the most unfair thing that the deck can do in modern.
don't i?

Those decks rewarded tight play and good decision making.

Maybe you're just a huge fucking faggot.

>I also have no idea what to do with DnT now.

Throw it in the trash.

We have another thread up you mongloid

Miracles did but was a bitch to play against.

Twin didn't. Most boring deck ever.

>Twin didn't. Most boring deck ever.

Shows how shitty you are at the game, not surprised you thought they were cancer.

>>Standard is still a two deck format
For 5 more days only.
We don't what will change with Amonkhet

I'd tell you to go back to Hearthstone, but Wizards is dumbing down this game for people like you, so you may as well stay.

>We don't what will change with Amonkhet


Standard players everyone.

Probably won't change much. I don't know what the pros have been brewing in secret, but most of the internet has been pretty in the dark for competitive brews that I have seen. Albeit I only look at a couple sites, I doubt there is much out there for standard.

You disagreed with Eye being banned in Modern? Really?

Who? Where? I don't play standard for now

Big sorry DDFT guy. You will be missed.

Why would standard change, they didn't print any playable answers to the two top decks.

I think people fail to realize that cat combo only gets better with new sets.

Nothing is rotating out, there's literally just more cards to make it more oppressive.

What about Standard becoming a one deck format?

Could be.

There is a lot more hate for Mardu Vehicles than there is for Copycat, so it very well could be a 1 deck format, with everything else being tier 2.

>destroying a legacy archetype
They've done this a billion times. Not that big of a deal. Survival anyone? Omnitell with DTT?

But they did print an answer, it's just that answer dies to shock and it only in green

I'm calling it now, they have one shot to see if Amonkhet somehow ruins the Cat Combo (spoiler: it won't, and it's already been about a month overdue for banning) in PT this weekend, and if there are still no answers it gets banned in the next announcement.

There's a black one too

>be a modern player
>nothing happens in modern
>cancer died in legacy

RIP Miracles, you won't be missed.

Not reliably enough to make playing a bear worth it.

>Mentor could have been decent
>But no, there must never be a good answer to planeswalkers

Is this the worst B&R Update of all time?

I mean it basically says they're fine with the two most popular formats being one-deck formats while two barely populated formats are regulateable because the secondary market doesn't care about them.

it's not fair

Why the flying fuck was Gush unrestricted, goddamn.

Nah, though people do get angry if you take too much time fiddling with it.

Modern is doing fine. We dont need more bans

>why does no one care about the format whose main playerbase is online
Mate, paper vintage is something only oldfags or rich idiots with more money than brains have access to.

No, but we need unbans.

>we are banning top because it makes tournaments take too long
Something doesnt add up here.

>No changes

Oh boy, really looking forward to another year of Mono Gideons.

I literally bought a Top for 8 euros last week. Fucking wizards, at least it was for edh.

Any chances that this ban will reduce Cavern of Souls' price in the future?

Likely not. Outside of a copy or two in miracles, the cards didnt have much overlap. Id certainly say now is the time to pick them up off some grieving miracles player

No. Cavern is too much of a good card by itself, it's not like it was just played in opposition to Miracles.

Doesn't Amonkhet's use of -1/-1 counters kinda fuck Gideon over?

What in standard would use -1/-1 counters? Almost nothing.

I meant caverns as in anti-miracles tech, not played in miracles.

Caverns does nothing. It just gets a single guy in, only to get Plowed, Terminus or blocked by million mentor tokens

As if they would print an answer to a planeswalker or a combo involving one, as if. Or god forbid, they would ban one. How long did it take them to ban Jace in modern again?

>does that mean it is banned in Commander as well?
If they ever did, I'd personally mail MaRo my whole card collection sprinkled with anthrax

almost everything in Amonkhet use "-1/-1 on creatures you control" so I doubt it'll change anything

The game is overdue for something like R - Instant - Deal 5 to a planeswalker.

you not recognizing by far the best format

Ahahahahaahahahaha Standard is deeeeeeeeeeeeead


UB Teachings, Standstill, 4c Czech Pile, Grixis Control, Standard Copycat, Lantern Control, Lands...

>>restricting vintage staples that aren't overly oppressive
gush was pretty bad m8

most prison is also control so add all bloodmoon decks for instance

There already was an extremely efficient answer to Copycat, right the fuck here. Amonkhet isn't going to magically change things by having another one that's three times as expensive and dies to literally any interaction. Amonkhet would need to print some truly heinous answers to even think about evening out the mess WotC has made, and guess what, slightly upgraded fucking Ruinous Path isn't that.

Cat should have been banned. Standard is not going to change. I don't know what the fuck WotC is thinking.

I still like to keep slamturn1moonandrideittovictory.decs that use the card as a means to buy time for a combo or beating face with whatever (stompy, painter) and actual prison decks (Lantern & co) separate but arguably yeah.