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>Thread question:
How do you organize your physical books?

By that little string of numbers in the top-right. I'm not even sure what it means.

>How do you organize your physical books?
I don't have physical books

On a bookshelf...

For the most part I keep to the core sets and just buy redundant copies for players who need them. Organization isn't really much of a problem.

>How do you organize your physical books?
Most are in the bookshelf, and the current ones are stacked on a table together with a bunch of haphazardly strewn about notes.

Are there any books, articles, or blog posts about what to do with herbalism?

Anyone have experience with Peril on the Purple Planet for DCC? Could I run some ERB or Dune-like stuff with it? Planet of the Apes?

I'm debating that or the Lankhmar boxed set...

Now I know why I can't find a whfrp 2e book

Purple Planet isn't that close to Dune: it's more of the Dying Earth stuff with mutants and rayguns. Planet of the Apes would go better.

You could easily run Dune on DCC, though.

Now that we have a new thread, a silly little idea I bounced around discord a few hours ago:

The Liquid Lich.

The ancient Heine Ken was as powerful as devious, and he created a devious plan to destroy his hated enemy, the king Abstemius. Heine distilled his very essence into a powerful beberage, binding himself to the liquid as his phylactery. Slipping the drinks into Abstemius' palace, he let go of his physical form and waited for the moment the king drunk his essence, allowing Heine to posses him.

Only Heine did not account for a little detail. The drinks did not hold just a part of himself as a whole, but every single one held a single part of his disturbed psychology. Unfortunately for him, Abstemius only drank the bottle containing his paranoia, and so quickly disposed of the bottles (and outlawed all beberages in the kingdom in a very unpopular law). The bottles eventually found their way to a variety of people, monsters and animals, each holding a part of the demented lich.

The Brewer, having consumed his desire for reunification, hunts such beings and brews and drinks their blood to gather the broken pieces Heine's mind. He's already caught a few of the drinks and now he exhibits the strange powers of a liquid semilich.


Each bottle holds a specific part of Heine Ken's psyche, ranging from his magnificent sense of fashion to his thirst for arcane knowledge.

Who could have found these bottles and what effect they had on them?

I handle maiming as negative levels.
It makes you worse in a fight, but you can compensate with more training.

And take severed hands etc. into account when arbitrating actions, ofc.

>4 actually got to the end battle
What end battle? Acererak is a trap, just bypass him.

Print your chits and cit nicely.
Or, much better idea, print a number drop sheet.

Random numbers scattered on a page.
Drop a pencil, it points to your "roll."

I stacked (vertically) on a bookshelf, but don't organize them.

>Who could have found these bottles and what effect they had on them?
How many pieces are you planning on having?

Thanks! I saw sand worms in one of the reviews and got excited.

>How many pieces are you planning on having?

I have no specific number in my head. I guess I'll stop when they are no longer funny.

Some I have:

>A troll took "the pride in his arcane power". Think pic related but with a troll.

>A dog took his greed, so he's been snatching every shiny thing he sees and burying them all around town.

>An old woman took his atrocious sense of humor and is hanging people from trees using their intestines as rope. She finds it hilarious and will invite you to tea and cookies right after hanging one.

>I handle maiming as negative levels.

Is there any difference at all between getting your hand chopped off and having a vampire choke levels out of you?

I'd imagine it would make undead rather less fearsome.

>How do you organize your physical books?
By game and then edition.
From there I have the core rules to the far left, then the GM/monster manual focused books, then the player option books, then adventures and, if needed, printed out things on the far right.

Mechanically? No.

Thematically, you can play up the life drained character as a "part way corpse."
They're cold to the touch (unless warmed), wake up stiff with rigor mortis, can't hold their bowels, bloat with gasses when exhausted, attract scavenger animals...

One of those was an accident. I was bidding on ebay and lost. About a week later I received an email saying that the person who outbid me flaked and that I was next in the order. I just figured "fuck it, why not three?"

I'm just jealous....

So... they don't contain power? JUST personality?

Anywhere to find a good source for a whole bunch of diseases?

>How do you organize your physical books?
By game line and alphabetically:
AD&D 1e & 2e
Basic sike i ain't got no Basic
3.5 I was young and stupid

Spells are part of memory too, aren't they?
I guess I find it most fun to think about normal people or critters acting like a lich, but spells are there too.

Is the a naval base nearby?

Unfortunately no. It's pretty far up in the wild north - which is another reason why diseases, at least real life ones, wouldn't go around so much.

I just like people getting sick. It brings the sort of realistic, visceral feel to a campaign.

So am I some kind of terrible prude, or is Blood in the Chocolate pretty much Magical Realm: The Dungeon?

No, each new LotFP release gets more cringey

Veins of the Earth is pretty great, though. So is Broodmother Skyfortress.

Best advice I can give you is flesh out Heine Ken before you portion him put.
Give him a detailed backstory, from youth through apprenticeship all the way to power.
Nail down his personality, and be able to describe all the key formative moments in his history.

If you have someone in mind, the portions will feel more cohesive.

Also, at the risk of outing myself for bad taste, take a page on villain design from Tappei.
Q: It’s nice that the archbishops are all scum, isn’t it? A lot of recent villains have had sad pasts and such, and don’t seem like villains, you know? I’m looking forward seeing how scummy Regulus is.
A: Thank you very much. My aim with them was to create scum with no meaning, who felt impossibly awful. I’m looking for the feeling where understanding a little of what they’re saying only makes it worse. They’re all scum.

Yeah, BitC is pretty uniquely fetish-y, even among LotFP products. Really kinda puts things in perspective, after all the times we've called out Raggi for inserting his fetishes into shit. This is a whole different league of blatant wankery.

Raggi didn't write it though. It was that tumblr guy.

Two Lotfp rule questions.

1)If a scroll has two spells on it, does a magic-user need to cast read magic twice, once for each spell on the scroll, or will one spell usage 'make' both spells on the scroll usable.

2)Can a magic-user use another magic user's spell book for their memorization in the mornings? example. If a player finds an npc's magic book that has three spells on it. Will they have to copy it into their book before it can be used, or can they simply carry the second book with them?

That's what I'm saying, Raggi's fetishism is nothing compared to this one.

1) Only one use needed.

2) Yes, they can use another spellbook.

Both of these things are mentioned in page 80 of the LotFP rules.

thanks for the clarification.

>Is it just me or do these threads reach bump limit much faster than they used to?
They do. Back when they were a new thing I used to have to bump them to keep them alive to the ban limit, sometimes several times in a row.

Wasn't the rule that magic users always write their spellbooks in cypher like idiosyncratic ways only they understand?

From the rules, page 80:
>Spellbooks are large, bulky things, and valuable at that. While a Magic-User can freely use any spellbook upon which he has cast Read Magic, sometimes a Magic-User may want to consolidate spellbooks or create new ones.
As long as they cast read magic, they can use it.

Any wizard can use read magic to translate other wizards spellbooks, though. I guess once you understand their mumbo jumbo it's easy to prepare spells from there.

A) Is there footage out there of a D&D tournament? Unedited play would be awesome.

B) What's a good low-level tournament module? I don't care if it's 'officially for tournament', but it should have quantifiable rewards and be oneshot-able.

>What's a good low-level tournament module?
Tomb of Horrors has almost no fights.
Scale down all the "sure damage" (or make it avoidable) and level 1s could clear house.

>How do you organize your physical books?

Left to right, In edition order. retroclones inserted after the edition it emulates. PHB,MM and DMG first and then all supplements and modules to the right of them in no particular order. Same with the other rpg books. Core and supplements to the right.

Do you use the Great Wheel cosmology or do you go with something weirder?

I haven't really gotten into cosmology in my campaign, but I think that I'd remove a lot of the structure of the wheel and instead make the classic D&D planes just kind of "floating" around together with other planes. Something about the logical structure of the great wheel makes it very mundane to me. I feel like it removes a lot of interesting elements and themes that come from parallel worlds and gods and demons and stuff.

Weirder. Right now writing up a campaign that's a not-Spelljammer science fantasy romp through the Astral Sea.

You jinxed it. This thread's far slower than I've ever seen these generals.

for my campaign, the backstory is that all the known planes are artificial. The plane everyone is currently in which the players think is the material plane is actually the Vault, a last ditch effort by the planer architects trying to stop what is essentially a 'heat death of the universe' type of event for their manmade planes.

No planes, but many locations are fantastic.

Greetings, newfriend!
The current paradigm is "week day."

These threads move like a stepped-on water hose. They can be quiet for a couple hours and then suddenly explode as soon as something interesting starts being discussed.

And that's no bad thing. I'd rather have a slow thread full of good friendly content than a fast thread full of shitposts and sniping.

Less weird. The goal for my setting is "sort of mundane".

>Veins of the Earth is pretty great, though.

Veins of the Earth is fantastic.

How's a good way to handle breakable equipment? I want magical gear to feel actually magical instead of just being bonuses, and I feel one of the best ways to do this would be to simply smash up the nonmagical ones.

Are there any good rules available for this anywhere?

Why have I never heard of Veins of the Earth? Is it new? I don't think I've seen it in the trove...

It came out like last week, but it's been in development for a very long time, like four or five years or something.

My favorite is this:

Remove critical failure tables from your game, if any exist.

Each weapon starts out with 1-3 'break' slots. Every critical failure fills one of these slots in. When the third is filled, the weapon is no longer usable. The quality of a weapon determines how many break slots it starts with, use your Ref's discretion.

Look up "Shields Shall Be Splintered".

Now apply the same rule for weapons and armor.

Break your sword to not take damage. Break your helmet, or bump off an AC point from your armor, in exchange for half the damage or so. Tear up your clothes in exchange for no damage, but only if you're relatively unharmed already and also have charisma 13+.

Hello Anons, I've been looking at DCC and i'm liking the look of it quite a bit. I've been comparing it (at a very basic level) with AD&D 2e. But i'm super new to both system. Could any kind user's with more knowledge than me compare and contrast or give me a general gist of the benefits of either/both?

DCC actually compares better to 3rd edition, partly in that it's got the DCs and saves and stuff, but mostly because it's rather combat-centric.

2E wasn't?

Less so.

has anyone made a flowchart for b/x (or similar) that shows how all the systems interact.

eg. what rule each ability score is used for, then what each ability score modifier is used for and so on.

by system/edition, then by core rules, then supplements/boxed sets, then modules. Sub-sorted by release order/publication code/numbered sequence.

On a bookshelf. Lights off. Missionary position.

Yeah. Raggi seems like a Tarantino-esque kind of fetishist. He likes promoting a style and pushing envelopes for the sake of being provocative. But he doesn't want to actually skullfuck anyone.

Kiel seems more like the guy you know who watches a little too much anime for a grown man, and you saw his collection of loli porn at a LAN once when people were trading. But he is a nice guy and we live in an age of socially mandated kink acceptance so you just try to kind of support it even though it weirds you the fuck out.

>| Traveller | Box Sets |
>| Judges D&D D&D | Misc RQ/ Dragon New |
>| Guild Modules Rules | C of C Misc . |
lel thieves world

Upper Left: Traveller
Lower Left: Judges Guild, Old TSR Modules, D&D Rules
Upper Right: Box Sets
Lower Right: Old RPG, RQ, C of C, Misc TSR, Dragon, New RPG

2e is the most combat-centric OSR system; but even saying that, 2e isn't combat-centric.

*OSR system
TSR edition of D&D

teach me the error of my ways

How does /osrg/ feel about players rolling Armor Class vs. static attacks?

Extra work to no benefit.

>How do you organize your physical books?
Product number for TSR D&D, system then product number for the rest.

Do you have four copies of Holmes and two copies of OD&D?


>players roll to defend

>more work than monsters rolling to attack


It's the same amount of work during play; but it requires conversion, so it's extra work during setup.

Not very much extra work, but there's LITERALLY no benefit.
Which is a terrible return on investment.

1. Why?
2. Who cares?

>Not very much extra work, but there's LITERALLY no benefit.
It allows the player to be active, to keep him in the action, to feel like he's dodging rather than just waiting to see how accurate the other guy's blow is. I'm not saying I think it's necessarily preferable, but I do understand why somebody would want to do things that way.

[a] more communication -> slows gameplay
[b] strays farther from Gygax's vision

>Gygax's vision

I thought we agreed to cut back on shitposting?

I thought we agreed to let the referee roll all the dice behind his full-body screen?

>[a] more communication -> slows gameplay
There's no more communication required than when a player rolls to hit on his attacks.

>no more
only if you make/receive equal #s of attacks

That's because the referee has a body like Jabba the Hutt and body odour like boiled tube socks. The full body screen is for us, not him. We'd put him in a lead-lined burka if we could.

Might as well keep the ref one room over.

We tried, but the shouting required only made his breath worse. We can't win.

None of us can remember why we called him here, or what his original purpose was. We can barely look upon him.

"Forever GM", we'd called. "Forever GM", we have.

>he doesn't use Avariel instead of vanilla Elves
>he doesn't use Urdunnir instead of vanilla Dwarves
>he doesn't use Linnorm Dragons instead of vanilla Chromatic Dragons
>he doesn't use Psionic Gem Dragons instead of vanilla Metallic Dragons
>he doesn't use Web-Spectres instead of vanilla Liches

Explain (You)rself

>instead of
Explain YOURself.

At some point, you're over doing it.

I'm trying to run a fun game, not pander to people who think creativity is using a minor variation on a staple of the tabletop fantasy genre.

Okay, cool.

Anyone got a PDF?


>he doesn't use flarndelflabberfloobloo instead of dingledang.

yes, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.


>tfw to intelligent too google

>tfw to intelligent too worldbuild

I can only stuff so many "very rare" creatures in my encounter tables before they start looking like DBZ

What's it like?

It was posted in the PDF share thread recently, and linked here a thread or two back. 4plebs will find it for you.

Dunno, haven't read it at all.

I only downloaded it because I really dig Scrap's work and I wanted to browse the art.

>too google
>too worldbuild

Now, tfw-poster, I've seen you in these threads before, baiting left right and centre, but you've either outdone yourself this time... or you've made a hilarious mistake.


Stats: as a Snarfluorion, but with a resistance to even-numbered damage
Goals: the propagation of the creed of Obduros, smelling roses
Lair: underneath ghekis and the occasional urpotrop, infrequently

>tumblr filename
>ignorance of memes
>ignorance of game material

*tips wizard hat*

Well that's me told. Back to a Reddit, I suppose.

Yeah, a quick ctrl-F and a scroll back will find it pretty quickly.

This is a good system in theory, and I do mean that sincerely, but it's very fiddly in practice. Who tracks this? The PCs? You? And how do you repair a weapon in the field?

>Who tracks
Both? I dunno, keep a few 3x5s or something. As ref I like to keep track of things like that, but the players do too. It'd be weird if one side wasn't aware of the status of a player's weapon.

>Repair a weapon in the field
You don't, unless the players have a hireling and a mule hauling around a portable forge or craftsman's workshop.

Players will end up bringing extra weapons in case of breakage, or tools to craft makeshift weapons in the field. It's easier to make a crappy, temporary weapon than it is to properly fix a broken one.

(AC 6; HD 3-5; MV 35'; #AT 1; D 15 (static); SD Reroll damage and take the lower result, Save M2; ML 10; AL N) Drops a Wandering Monster (4-in-6) or Treasure (2-in-6) when killed.

Oh, for fucks sakes user, you're using the bowdlerized dingledang from 2E.

You're missing
>Drops a Wandering Monster (3-in-6), Treasure (2-in-6),
or an Empty Room (1-in-6) when killed.

Both of you are full of crock.

The ORIGINAL (and proper!) dingledang is from the S1-b module (Acererak's Bordello). You can identify it at once because the move speed was omitted. Errata puts it as MV 350".
(AC 6; HD 2+5; #AT 1; D 15 (static); SD Reroll damage and take the lower result, Save M2; ML 10; AL N) Drops a Wandering Monster (2-in-6) or Treasure (4-in-6) when killed, drops a Trap when captured.