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What does everyone want from UA today?

Reminder to vote for your favorite setting

races, psionic subclasses, weapons, spells, overall new things to try out, preferably ones that aren't absolutely useless or take a million years to use in practice.

something useful
new class maybe

speaking of which, how often do UA's come out?


although, after this, back to monthly.

they used to be once a month, but last year they started to release them once a week on mondays.

they might stop the weekly releases in the future, though.

Was monthly, went weekly for a while, back to monthly in May

Fucking racial feats? Are you kidding me?

Who made this? I thought it was just a /5eg/ thing but now its at 941 votes

Thanks brothers

Just got word that it's racial feats. Feats for Races. Fuck.

I made it, but I also posted it on reddit because I only got 50 responses on here.


I'd like pretty much anything I can toy with.

aw fuck.

>Psionic subclasses

All the others I'd be fine with but they need to either polish the Swiss army mystic or make the subclasses from the parts of mystic not both.


So no female genitals?
Not because you can't get any but because you're a fag. Sorry that was a super shitty joke. I shouldn't have even written it but I couldn't stop myself and now I'm stuck in a loop please send help

>racial feats

How does learning spells work for each class? I can only find a clear answer for wizards and sorcerers. How do Druids and clerics learn new spells for example?

Is this a mechanical or fluff question?
Mechanical: druids and clerics know all spells from their spell list.

This is so fucking lame

Read the spellcasting rules located on the class's page in the PHB.

I'm dm'ing Curse of Strahd, killed my monk dragon born character by throwing his HP into the negatives in Death House, but let him accidentally come back from unconsciousness with a healing words

Instead of overlooking this mistake I have decided to slowly have the player realize he's become a Revenant, by having him dreaming of falling backwards (it's how he died) until he stops dreaming at all, having him smell foul next to clerics like Madam Eva or Van Richten, and phasing out all the food and drug effects he like to have his character embibe.

A decision the player unwittingly all but embraced when he picked to go Long Death Monk.

The thing is tho, I like my concept but I have no idea where I'm going with this. I'm thinking of restoring him back to life if he redeems Argynvost Holt, or maybe something with the Amber temple? No clue.

Give me your pitches tg

Some of those aren't that bad, definitely will make it interesting.

Does this mean clerics could only learn spells from their domain?

Yeah, the thing is for wizards it says the learn 2 for free each level and can choose them from the class spell list. They can copy the rest into their spellbook if they find them. Sorcerers have a fixed number of spells known. I can't seem to find that under spell casting for the other classes.

When almost everyone is running around with some sort of sword, do you really think the swiss army knife ought to be dismantled?
There, there.
Wh4k general has had worse today.


Cleric domain spells are bonus spells. They prepare like druids, otherwise.

Only if they're going to start making subclasses of psionics within other classes. Either keep the Swiss army knife that is pretty much a gathering of subclasses for each class or put those into their respective classes.

Yes, I understand the preparation. But, when a cleric levels up and say unlocks his third level spell slot, can he learn a third level spell from the classes spell list for free?

At least some are good

Uneasiness and such go well with Curse of Strahd. Being in the unknown for the player might be a great enhancement to the atmosphere.

Perhaps, when achieving great goals in the campaign (such as Argynvost), allow to PC to appear alive, perhaps spectral, perhaps even ethereal, as a kind of cleansing of self.

Tease the PC with loss of this 'clean' self, and a sense of urgency as the revenant's period draws closer to termination.

Then have one of the gifts in the amber temple straight up offer the sweet touch of life, or truth about his goal.

motherfucker there's no negatives in 5e

though, if one attack does like, your HP in damage and 0's you, you're dead

I agree, but the majority of it is lame

I can see some sort of psionic monk,
Like "pick x disciplines from the wu-jen list, you may spend ki points to use them" or the like.
Like the EK, you pick from the wizard list, right?

they're all learned you fucking moron

If you multiclass something with warlock, a paladin/warlock for example, when you take the first level of warlock and you have paladin at something like level 9, do you have to take warlock spells that are for level one slots or do you get to take the spells that you could cast with your level 2/3 paladin slots?

Clerics don't have individual spell lists. You prepare your spells from the Cleric Spell list.

Warlock level 1 spells.

What a disappointment.

You take level one warlock spells, but the warlock spells you know can be used with your paladin slots, and the paladin spells you know can be cast with the pact magic slots

Items from class and background or rolling gold?

Thought so. Thanks.

I mean, it's sad this is all they have to offer. You know that Mearls or someone sits down and spits this out over the course of an hour and then releases it, right?

>Elven Accuracy
Elf supremacy confirmed, true strike is useful now.



That is one of the few I can see working. The main thing I'm thinking of is they put subclasses out for psionics it's going to lead to either "just pick mystic because it does it better." Or there's now no reason to pick mystic because picking x fills the role you plan better.

It's a toss up on how it can go so I'd rather they pick one or the other for better balance and actually making the subclasses good instead of it being a copy of mystic or just silly and inferior to mystic.

then go vengeance you fucking cuckold

Super MAD and still not fast cast / dual cast which is Red Mage signature.

Ok main question why do you want to play a vengeance paladin? Also alot of people agree that devotion is better than vengeance, from what I've seen in thread.

BUT HOW DO THEY LEARN THEM? Does a cleric only get spells from its domain? Or does it have the entire spell list available?

Regarding this, how does one write up a BAGG?
Also some of my party members are thinking of turning in other party members for a good reward, do these types of things end well for the group?

They have the entire spell list available, they just choose which ones to prepare that day

>Elven Accuracy
Battle Masters/Swashbucklers got it going on with that ability. Feinting Maneuver just got so much better!



Yeah I know. That's what happened

Clerics have access to its entire spell list but can only prepare x amount each day. The way I fluff it when asked is they gain it directly from their God so as they get stronger they gain access to this knowledge but have to concentrate on x amount to be able to use them during the day.

A Cleric's domain spells are always prepared once they hit that level. For the other spells, you prepare them using WisMod+Cleric Level. They do have access to the entire list at once, because they pray for their non-domain spells every morning.

What the fuck that's so fucking over powered! Is it the same for Druids and paladins too?

How is it over powered? Each day they have to pick X amount and those are the ones they can use throughout the day.

> over powered!
Don't use that word until you have more system mastery. Their spell list isn't as strong as Wizard or Bard.

I have never seen this, bonus action advantage on an enemy for a minute is outstanding, sacred weapon requires an action and adds +Cha to attacks.

I like devotion Paladins but I have only seen three devotion Paladins played including my own, compared to the ten or so vengeance paladins


Paladins, yes, also get domain spells accessable on top of the CHA+1/2 pal lvl spells prepared. Dunno about druids.

Yes, Druids do some... druidic ritual thing every morning. And Paladins pray too.

Also its not overpowered because they're limited to WIsMod+ClassLevel in what they can actually prepare (which is also limited to what Spell Slots they actually have) and they tend to not have nearly as impressive a spell list as Wizards. Hell Paladins are Half-Casters.

They gave Half-elves more proficiencies wtf

why is dragon hide so fucking garbage?
is it supposed to stack with mage armor/draconig bloodline because otherwise is absolutely useless, even more so as the unarmed strike don't scale for shit.

at least dragon wings achieve something (in the odd chance you aren't wearing heavy armor reee).

Fuck sake dood

Stat + effect feats change up attribute choices, in that they give a legitimate reason to start with an odd number in your important stats. I'd like to see more of them.

Class specific feats hopefully.

True if all you're after is damage the vengeance is pretty decent, the devotion edges it out though due to its utility while still being able to put out decent damage.

It's all in what you are specifically after, and that's probably why people want you to play devotion over vengeance, everyone fucking plays a vengeance. Even worse is when the player believes it lets them do whatever with no consequences.

I'm talking to you Phil you don't get to just smite everything because you "believe" it to be evil even when it isn't and hadn't done a fucking thing to anyone.

Do we tell him, guys?

I want mystic and monk feats.

>Inb4 pic related

A couple months back I submitted my homebrew class to some anons here

I got some great criticism, and some not so great criticism. Overall, I think the class is better off now with this partial overhaul. The two new archetypes, Enhancement and Reinforcement are yet untested/balanced, as are the feats and rebalanced spells.

but here's this


(the pdf's 18.5 MB)

Well for one, the spell list. Hold spells, misty step, dimension door, haste, scrying... it all seems pretty damn awesome. The level 7 and 15 abilities are a bit lacking compared to devotion and ancients IMO, but the level 20 is incredible (about as useful combat-wise as ancients, but lasts AN HOUR and enables you to fly), you can abjure any enemy to stop them in their tracks... ok so you miss out on stuff like anticharm/antimagic aura and some fine spells, but still.

I'm afraid it doesn't fit well with either my backstory, nor the setting, however (we're doing CoS).


Yes, it stacks. It also stacks with Unarmored Defense from Monk and Barbarian.

And the claws make Dragonborn the best grapplers now.

Halfling Diviner is one true meme build now.

Wait, what's so special about the claws for grappling?

So Wood Elf magic lets you take Shillelagh as a Monk or Cleric?

Would this be fun or just ultimately a meme?

Claws are free hands for grapples I suppose.

>Barbarian unarmed defense
Holy shit, I'd forgotten about that. That does sound promising. I'd still would like to have a better natural weapon for a fucking dragon man, though.

Ever considered the breath weapon they already have, you goddamn clown

>once per short rest
>shitty scaling damage
how about no.

>So Wood Elf magic lets you take Shillelagh as a Monk or Cleric?

You could already do this with Magic Initiate.

I noticed that most of them are equal to Dragon Wyrmling's breath in Damage and AoE with some of them being slightly different but on the same power level.

That's actually kind of hilariously sad.

Why do you wanna play vengence paladin tho? they're just edge the hedgehog

Wouldn't that be Treachery? Vengeance isn't even close to that shit and its not dark enough.

No fucking edgelord would actually help the people their failures harmed.

I realise this. I've outlined the situation here:

>Grudge bearer

Can't wait for /pol/ dwarves.

Unarmed Stone Sorcerrer Dragonborn.

Spiky Thiefling graplers on fire.

Prodigy is great on any class.

Drow are even better for casters now.

And Halflings are now oficially Gypsie diviners.

This. Playing as Dragonborn is literal pain

>Prodigy is great on any class

Humanity fuck yeah.

Nope THIEFLINGS are best graplers now.
Take the two feats from this UA and laugh.


How does multiclassing druid with another spellcaster work, their spells prepared wording is vague

>16th level dragonborn
>5d6 dmg, once per short rest

>black dragon wyrmling
>5d8 dmg, 5-6 recharge

you see what I mean?
It's pathetic and absolutely useless. Even if it scaled like normal cantrips do ( 5th, 11th and 17th instead of 6th, 11th and 16th), it would only do 8d6 at 17th level where pretty much every other class option would be way better.

Druids preparing spells is explicit that its your WisMod+Druid Level that decides how many of their spells you can prepare. So really it works just like Cleric, up to the Domain Spells thing - Land Druids pick a Circle and gain Circle Spells.

Honestly though Druids are the only class I kept legitimately forgetting existed and to this day I don't fully comprehend them.

My first character in 5e was a dragonborn and before finishing the campaign I already wanted to die at how bad of a race they are in general.

Starting by how they are not really dragons at all, outside of the shitty breath and resistance, they don't get darkvision, fear, flight or even fucking tails. they are not even their real heritage color but a shitty brown to coppery yellow/green.

With a grand total of 1 draconic class option, that make any other race more of a dragon than dragonborns, while having bad synergy with it.

I even compiled a bunch of bullshit evidence to try and get some dm to fix them but in the end it was pointless.

multiclassing always assumes a solo class for figuring out what spells you can learn and prepare and only interacts in calculating your total spell slots/levels afterwards.

Tiefling warlock with Cloak of Baalzebul invocation and barbed hide

But its a muticlass so it has higher spell slots that it would normally but the wording is some thing like "may prepare a spell of a spell slot they have"