What next?

So now that the new edition of 40k is basically taking a decade and a half of my investment and passion and stuffing it up my arse, I'm leaving miniature wargaming forever.

I'm thinking of getting into Pathfinder or some other role playing game you can use miniatures in, but I know almost nothing about RPGs. Can Veeky Forums dispense its wisdom? Really anything but YET ANOTHER miniature wargame is considered good advice.

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Play the 40k RPGs, you can DL the rulebooks off the general thread and (assuming you're not an antisocial sperg) play with friends who feel the same, or roughly equivalent, about the fluff as you do.
Though, because GW hates nice things, the RPG line is OOP and no longer being updated.

>Play the 40k RPGs
This. You've invested in terrain and models. Might as well use them.

What, this is the last straw, but P2W detachments, Apoc in normal games, impossibly complex listbuilding and ever-increasing rules bloat were all fine?

This game needs a thorough reimagining to survive.

just burn your models

>So now that the new edition of 40k is basically taking a decade and a half of my investment and passion and stuffing it up my arse
We don't know anything about it except for "new Marine miniatures", you dumbass sperg.

Codexes are already going on last chance to buy, nigger.

>codices from the last edition are not applicable to the new edition
Another clickbait thread, wow, lots of these, today.
Report and move on, folks.

I stopped playing three years ago when formations first started getting bad (i.e. existing at all). Ive kept up with how things have progressed from there and Im glad I left 40k behind.

That said, the clusterfuck that has been NuGW does not inspire any confidence, as some of their worst changes have been their most recent ones.

The new changes mean all that precious money I spent on Codexes and supplements up to now was for absolute naught. The Deathwatch Codex came out not a year ago and it's already getting chucked into the garbage bin

All of them, along with all the Apoc, DFS, Escalation and all the supplements? Yeah, sure this is usual, happens every time a new edition comes out. Fucking nigger.

>he doesn't remember 2e to 3e, when all the rules were changed
No, you newfag cocksmoker, you are just being stupid.
Do you know what else didn't happen?
Models weren't eliminated, factions didn't disappear (squats got mulched in 2e, not 3e), and everything that you had was still usable unless you had shit like SMs with shuricats or suspensor webs modeled.

To finish, you are a fucking idiot, and this is the same troll thread going around for the last week with a new image.
Sage and report, people.

There is a single (one)(1) indication that a force that is functional in 7e will not be in 8e.

Here is your (you)faggot.

>I'm leaving miniature wargaming forever
See you in 2 years when you buy the new proto tronsister of battle faggot.

nice blog cunt, piss off.

>The new changes mean all that precious money I spent on Codexes and supplements up to now was for absolute naught. The Deathwatch Codex came out not a year ago and it's already getting chucked into the garbage bin

>Not downloading book for fred a week before they are out

Not my fault you cant into money


Fuck's sake. You make me sick. Sincerely. Just stop hobbying.

Literally every model in the entire fucking game has updated rules you baby.

what are you complaining about exactly?
Didn't they say all your minis would still be useable?

You are a fucking loser OP. They are fixing all the problems with the game, and you are bitching about it.
Don't let the door bust your ass on the way out. Eat shit and have fun with your new game that nobody plays.

There's literally nothing stopping you or anyone else from contuining to play current editions. People somehow act as if they're beholden to the mercy of GW, when it's really the other way around.

Yes, and?

You buy a new codex every edition anyway and codexes have gone obsolete between major edition changes before.

This is completely normal but total fucking homos like you are acting like the sky is falling.

Was the sky falling when 3rd edition came out and you could no longer use 2nd edition codexes?

>precious money
>spending it on overpriced plastic toys
Choose one.

If you cared about your money that much you'd invest it in something worthwhile.

Lets not pretend that platic toy soldiers aren't a gigantic money pit.

>but muh codex
These crying children are just newfags who don't know what an edition change looks like.

>Though, because GW hates nice things, the RPG line is OOP and no longer being updated.

FFG is actual competition now, this is only reasonable. Besides, FFG dropped Warhammer more and more as Star Wars took off for them.

> 40k is basically taking a decade and a half of my investment
>a decade
>he has been in the hobby for a decade and still doesn't understand how a change of editions work

Listen you whiny faggot: You wanted GW to be a games company and not just a model company, right?

Any new ED that drastically changes (plenty of room for improvement, let's not kid ourselves here) the basics will outmode codices.

They are bringing BACK the movement stat.
You fucking children. There was an uproar when they removed it.
They are making the game GOOD again. They are making everything useful and giving you more ways to play, and since rules will be digital its easier to balance.

You fucking children make me sick. Bawww I spent $70 on some books, so fucking what? ONE golf club costs more than that. Are you 12? Do you not work? a cupholder in my car is $80. Cry some more you poorfag children.

That's all true I guess. There's little that can be done to resist the Great Mouse.

>Movement stat
Wait what? How the fuck did movement work?

What do you mean how?
Every unit moved X inches.
A space marines had 4" move.
Eldar were fast, so they had 6" move, etc
Made the game better and races more unique.

Every model has its own unique stat instead of having an allowance based on unit type like "infantry".

So now all the varied infantry will have different speeds. Definite improvement.

Here, an assassin is faster than a servitor in the last example, with the assassin having a 6" move and the servitor having a 4" move.

M is move in case you cant tell.

>You now realize children who grew up with 40k post 3rd or 4th edition never played the game properly
>These are the same people complaining about the game changing and going back to its roots
Cant take srsly


Good news at least, fantasy flights wargame just came out

Its nothing like AoS .
This is bait.
Nobody plays rune wars (aka the game you cant even remember the name of)

Excuse me I'm literally drunk right now.

What i meant was how did it work in the last edition if it wasn't in the stats. I haven't played since 2003.

>I'm leaving miniature wargaming forever.
lul, ok. I'll see ya in a few months.

do malifaux, user. its a fun game and the minis are very nice, too.

if you dont understand why both are true, you are an idiot.

literally cancer in human form.

Goodbye, you won't be missed. We literally know nothing about 8th edition yet.

Those minis look rad. I'll look into it.

They never discontinued the whole range of Codexes and I don't remember them ever discontinuing every supplement in any edition change, either..

>They never discontinued the whole range of Codexes and I don't remember them ever discontinuing every supplement in any edition change, either..

Presumably because even just 'Adding a movement stat' would change the game enough that it's not possible to keep the codexes in line.

>nothing like AoS
Everything they have said so far reeks of AoS
I'm mad brah
>Rune wars
True, besides my one friend, still a fun game though

>If you just bought a codex or rulebook.... The customer service team will be handing out vouchers within 8 weeks of the announcement to cover the cost of the rulebook.



There are some AoS influences but a lot of it draws from 2nd edition 40K.

Go sperg out someplace else.

I swear I'm not new here, but

put your models on ebay so i can buy them :^)

>Frontline gaming came out and said they were among the playtesters along with BOA and other tourny fags.

>They have been brownnosing AoS as fuck because it's easy to organize.

it's flat out AoS. Holyshit I'm getting flashbacks.

Oh ok so you're just a jaded faggot that nobody gave a fuck about already. Got it.

>it's flat out AoS

But it's not. There are -some- influences, but there are also things from 2nd Edition 40K coming back. So why isn't anyone running around screaming about how it's 2nd Edition coming back?

Because you can't enjoy filet mignon if it's slathered in shit.

Youre a literal fucking moron
Kill yourself

>Everything they have said so far reeks of AoS

No formations, but FOC that all armies can use
Wargear upgrades cost points in the 'way to play' that matters (other two are just for the people with more severe cases of autism)
A whole command point system to promote fluffy armies and staying loyal to one faction, of which there isn't even a hint in AoS
Allies don't benefit from eachother's special rules
Move value and Armour Modifiers - like 2nd edition
Everything being able to hurt everything doesn't mean fixed wound values. Could also mean a 6 to wound always wounds, but good luck getting through the 50 wounds and 2+ save of a landraider with lasguns that have no armour modifier (because you probably can't operate a calculator, that would require 1800 lasgun hits in average)

Really the only things that are similiar to AoS that we know for sure is the Keyword system, free rules on release, large models becoming less effective the more damage they take, and the use of D6 dice.

Six inches pretty much

If stats go beyond 10 then I hope GW adds a bit more granularity to their dice system, getting a d10/d4s for certain things would go a long way and considering they made a bunch for the Burning of Prospero it doesnt seem so wild.

hey guys what does the red symbol mean and why is it on every codex in the GW catalogue?

It tells you to buy it NOW because it won't be available for long anymore! You NEED this book full of rules you can't use anymore by the end of the year!

True, fuck OP for this shitty copypasta.

Also fuck you for being naive at best.

Except when that was exactly what they did when 3rd edition came out.

They completely discontinued every 2nd edition codex, published army lists in the core rulebook and released codexes afterwards.

Which is exactly what they are doing her you window licking dipshit.

Your analogy is bad and you should feel bad.

>Free rules on launch



The following were invalidated by the switch from 2nd to 3rd:
Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook (2nd Edition)
Codex Imperialis
Wargear (2nd Edition)
Codex: Ultramarines (2nd Edition)
Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Edition)
Codex: Space Wolves (2nd Edition)
Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition)
Codex: Imperial Guard (2nd Edition)
Codex: Tyrnaids (2nd Edition)
Codex: Orks (2nd Edition)
Codex: Eldar (2nd Edition)
Codex: Chaos (2nd Edition)
Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition)
The entire Dark Millennium boxed set

I hate shorter and faster games.
I hate less complicated rules.
I hate cheaper codices.

Jesus fucking CHRIST suck a HUGE DICK GW


>We literally know nothing about 8th edition yet.

Have you been under a rock?

>15pnt bs4 t4 meltagunner
My stomies weep.

I think there's only one option OP, kill yourself.



Its going to have the same rules style for sure but more gear for range combat and cover

>2 years
I give him two months.

Codexes have always been merely tolerated, they have many flaws. You can't learn about an enemy army on your own and games turn into basically trusting the other player. They're an expensive tax for starting an army and lately alliances have made it so some armies need 5 or 6 codexes just to play. It's stupid. With core rules being free you can also now quote and post online to explain to people.

No current codex is 10 years old, and codexes are being invalidated all the time. Any other investments you made, other than Squats and templates are still valid for 8E. GW themselves said all current models and factions will be supported in 8E.

>The new changes mean all that precious money I spent on Codexes and supplements up to now was for absolute naught.
If you bought your books within 8 weeks of yesterday you can still get free GWWS vouchers if you kept your proof of purchase.

It's like people bitching their gear in World of Warcraft is obsolete when a new raid opens.
And that's ignoring they can still play 7th if they find someone interested in doing so.

Finally the polyhedral dice I have for DnD would see some use.

huh. that's unusually nice of them.

People this stupid really exists?


You'll be playing 8ed within a month of its release, you neckbearded faggot.

And they're giving out refund vouchers to anyone who bought a Codex in the last two months

I've been out of the loop for a while, how'd Veeky Forums react to Robot Guilliman returning to 40k?

same as anything.
some of us sperged out, some of us liked it. Most didn't really care.

>Most didn't really care.

Eldar triumvirate had zero hype, Guilliman hype was off the charts immediately. Generals regularly went to 500-700 posts for days.

>quitting over rules you haven't read yet

It doesn't matter what hobby you move on to because you'll drop it as soon as you suspect it might not pan out

you should invest in a gun or some rope

or if you're a huge pussy get a couple bottles of pills and a bottle of vodka

Of course it is. This is New Games Workshop ™

I want more pictures of the Big Marines(TM)

Oh thank God, does this mean you'll stay out of our threads and stop moaning?

Were you born a nigger, or become one later on in life, just like a tranny becomes a girl.