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Requesting my Raven Queen Pact warlock.

She looks like the girl on the right but with stark white hair, and thigh high cuffed boots. Her eyes are dark blue.

She has a hood with a cover for the shoulders, feel free to draw her hood either up or down. She has a leather messenger bag stuffed full of scrolls. She carries a rune-covered book in her hand, about the size of a cereal box.

Somewhere staying close to her is a ghostly appearing raven, or it may even be perched on her shoulder.

Thank you.

Migrating from the last thread, tweaking the details a little and updating the reference image.

Requesting an unarmed human monk covered in very loosely wrapped wrappings/bandages and wearing very drab and simple monk's garb over the wrappings.

First image is a reference for his clothing, second is for a pose and expression, third is physical appearance. Doesn't have to be exactly the same as the reference images, in fact it would be better if it wasn't.

Requesting my Blood Elf from the Warcraft setting (pictured in 1 and 2) striking the pose in the 3rd picture, only with a tired smile and with the sword in the 4th picture, and if possible with the tabard in the 5th picture in tatters and wrapped around the sword's grip.

Cheers for the attention, and keep up the good work, Drawfriends.


Requesting a new pose for a character.

I'd like the character in the first image on the left (1) standing in the pose of the character on the middle right (2) but with Mal's trench coat and her tunic coloured red not unlike his shirt (3). She's got an armoured pauldron on her shoulder like (4). There's bracers on her forearms better shown in (5), and since her eyes are open I'd like them to be green like in (6). Finally, if someone could redo her musket to be more like the one in the bottom right (7) that'd be fantastic.

Cheers if you decide to take it on.

Also posting this pic by itself for an user who requested it in the previous thread.

anchoring for

Requesting a female gorgon-like cyborg based in a cyberpunk setting influenced by greek mythology. She has 4 serpent-like tentacles that think for themselves but follow her command via thoughts, like in Pic 1 but they sprout from the back of her head instead of on top. She has the hair style of Pic 2, the expression of her face should match that of her personality: a hard-ass, sarcastic woman with an ill temper. The picture next to that is what her lower jaw and neck should look like. She wears the exact same clothes like in Pic 3: a green raincoat with one sleeve missing showing a regular arm with a medical bracelet on it and the other with a black sleeve that's gloved, with slightly baggy gray pants with boots. An extra thing would be her on top of a mechanical minotaur's head (body excluded) identical to Pic 4, but it's not necessary. Thanks in advance if anybody decides to take it.

I'm not the OR, but I love his smug expression.

Anchoring for Bog Roll.

Migrating my request for a Magical Girl character.

She looks close to the girl holding the sword in the reference. I would like her shown from the angle of that image (or close to it) but the pose can be the same or more dynamic if you want. If you could have her laughing with one hand in front of her face that would be great but is not necessary. Since she is a Magical Girl she can be floating in the air or on the ground if you decide to do any background at all. If you have any questions or want clarification let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes interest.

A few details that are on the reference but I will spell out here for clarity.
>Long Light Purple Drill Hair
>Green multi-circle Eyes
>Hat & Skirt Iconography can be removed
>Armband can be removed.
>Fantasy Armor style Gauntlets rather than the ones in the main image.
>6 Swords w/ sheathes on hips. A bit shorter than the ones shown, like straight-bladed sabers.

Requesting a kind drawfriend to draw a Necron bartender, cleaning a glass while an ork, a tau, an eldar and a dark eldar sit at the bar, and a tyranid ripper is curled up sleeping in the corner.

It's got kind of a sad atmosphere, because they all just got categorised as NPC's.

Requesting my summoner, Chetana. She's a half elf, with a skin tone and hair colour like the image on the left. She always wears blue eyeliner like in the next image, and her facial structure and hairstyle is as per the image in the middle. The image to the right of this is her clothing. The image on the right is her eidolon. Her eidolon resembles a human, up until the head, which is a lion/tigers. The skin and fur is very pale, almost perfectly white. It keeps the crown and arm bands and clothing from the picture, but would be simply standing next to the summoner. It would also only have four arms, compared to the picture (it also wouldn't have any snakes). If it helps, Chetana is a Vudrani from the Golarion setting. If anybody draws this then thank you.

Damn dude. You take commissions?

I'd like to request a somewhat edgy chameleon-folk ninja, barely visible in the shadows. This isn't a character request, just a request for some art i can use for a race in my setting that's a bit of bogeyman for another race.

holy shit! OR here. I come back from work to find some amazing drawfriend filled my request so fast. THANKS MAN!

That was just part of user's references for his request, but according to the artist's page, no.

Question: Is anyone collecting all the completed works that get posted here? Because some sort of master archive would be pretty great.

There's tgbooru, but it's not very alive AFAIK

requesting an artists interpretation of a music golem. there are no real refs for this, so this is a very subjective request

Like a standing sound wave from a subwoofer?

Reposting from last thread!

Hi, Veeky Forums!, I'd like to request for my tiefling paladin and my friend's paladin, both Pelorians, raising their weapons up three musketeers-style with a bit of a confident hand on one hip stance as their divine powers make their weapons glow! I'd like to see them either doing this as they're cheering or if they're about to divine smite some bad guy and just doing a cool pose. Also I think it's a little hard to see but Avisra, the tiefling, does have freckles.

Thanks so much if you consider doing it and I incredibly appreciate it!


requesting the result of a rather strange session.

I would like an old knight which has had his head sewn onto the body of a giant, Mirelurk-esque, lobster (Lamentations of the flame princess can get quite weird).

If you can figure out how have him holding a rusty claymore please do, otherwise just put it on his back.

Thought i'd request my sylph mage.
He's an (very) old an jovial man that loves nature and all the things it contains. He has a thin and "grandfatherfly" look with a long, white beard. Being a sylph, he's somewhat pale and covered in swirling blue patterns.
He also has a pterosaur familiar that likes perching on his right shoulder.

A robot cowboy with cowboy boots, poncho, and cowboy hat.

Requesting a kobold fighter.

>This one looks up at you with a glint of loathing in his eyes, but on his face there is a small smile, determined and confident. He wears a poorly-fit splint mail, a dented helmet and a scarf, and wields a blade large for his size, and a cracked round wooden shield. His scales are brown and his eyes red. But be wary: he is far stronger than he looks.

>The defender. The protector. The knight. Will do all he can to keep his clutchmates safe, free, and comfortable.

>Claims his physical might has a draconic origin. Solves all problems with raw strength whenever possible. Fairly simple-minded, not very good at imagining things, but can get dangerously cunning in a fight

>Has a bit of a temper.

>Hates big things.

>Fears magic.

>Honestly doesn't understand human culture, or how they work.

still wanna see this done, good luck OR

Thank you! I'm patient and will wait for it!

Migrating from Original Request

Same, it's a cute request.


1. is from a "draw your party thread" pic I did
2. is the armor's general look
3 and 4. his weapons
5. he wears a locked gauntlet on his right hand, because otherwise his attack range increases 30'
6. general facial structure and hair. no beard
7. pose, also accepting whatever the drawfriends feel fitting for a guy who's essentially a human beyblade

Bit late.

Migrating my request. WIP is attached.
Thank you drawfag


Hope OR is still around.


That kobold looks really cute for some reason.

Then why don't you just post link to it in the OP post like any other board?

Requesting pic of for my DMPC of a Black Crusade Game, an Alpha Legion Chaos Lord and master plotter who may or may not be on the side of Chaos.

Hesiod slowly jogs around in a large suit of Tartaros Terminator Armor {1} painted up like the old Legion colors, with a rather unique helmet that looks like a hydra's head {2}. The helmet could also be his flesh itself, it's hard to distinguish whether or not it's flesh or metal. On his back he's got a Chaos trophy spike rack and spikes on his pauldrons {3}. Attached to the spikes on his pauldron he wears the pelt of a beastman he slew {4}. Hesiod wields a pair of master-crafted lightning claws with integrated bolters {6}.

At the artist's discretion, it'd be great if you could add a scale texture to some pieces of the armor like {5}, but I realize this is a free request and that could be work unless you have some photoshop brush, so only do so if you want to.

Big eyes, sad face, drooping ears, all the dirt and ugliness of your usual kobolds cleared up... it's pretty easy to see why it looks sort of huggable.

convoluted tie-in post

I'd like to request a small bunch of adventurers to commemorate my fiancee getting involved in DnD for the first time. I know requests with multiply characters are often unpopular, but I'm just putting it out there.

We have an 8ft tall goliath (bottom left). Gray skin, shoulder length blond hair (straight), and silver eyes. He wields a pike, or a halberd, and wears chain mail. As a point, just for added character, he acts like an over the top representation of a paladin, for example; when the DM said "you all get a nights rest at the inn" the other characters could hear Sir Lance Silverthorn from his own room speaking to himself saying "Ah, a knights rest, the most honourable of rests. Bravely shall I lay here."

Sir Silverthorn had a squire by the name of Gaston, who I imagined to look like the disney character (top right), but as a 14 year old half elf, who isn't quite as buff yet. Also less of a douche than disneys Gaston.

Then we had Jako, a catfolk sorceror. He looked a bit more like a cheetah than a house cat though. He had cheetah spots, sky blue eyes (with clouds in them, even), and short, well looked after golden blond hair. Jako was the voice of reason in the group, and specialised in storm magic.

We then have the rogue, Mao, another catfolk. She looked like a cheetah also. She has golden eyes (top left), and big ears (a little like khajit ears, if you play skyrim). Mao was a street urchin, and had a pet mouse called Cheese, as well as having a rapier. She was played a little skittish, with a short attention span, and lots of energy.

Both catfolk have small cheetah skulls, slim bodies, and slightly bigger paws (bottom right).

Bonus points if they're climbing a mountain. Sir Lance Silverthorn is climbing ahead, laughing, Gaston not far below, sighing in resignation. The two catfolk had stopped at a ledge, but look up in surprise as the other two continuing to climb, Jako probably shaking his head whilst Mao looks more curious.


Looks absolutely amazing, thanks drawfriend!

Okay so i'm looking for a female with the face in the portrait, maybe more burgundy hair color. As for the body, this is the style I'm looking for in the full body one. However I'd like there to be no instrument unless it's a bagpipe and sort of strapped to her back. I would like the staff to be removed and a rapier added. Now there should be a full dress like what's shes wearing. I'm looking for a kilt/skirt and the top be like leather armor like and maybe sleeveless but not in a sexy way.

sorry, forgot to post pic

Source on left image?

u are welcome, and no not done yet.

I realise in retrospect I should also include a reference image. So it's basically this but with all of those things I described in it.

That looks amazing.

>dragonborn sketching
This thread was made for me. Really, I wasn't going to request but since it says...
This is what I've been using, but I'd kinda like something a little more custom and classically 'dragonborn', 4/5e style.

An hotblooded arabian dragonborn duelist.
5'11", absolutely short (for a dragonborn)
Brilliant, deep blue scales, a helping of magical flair; harp on his back, armed with a rapier and shield.(Or, you know, middle-east-flavored equivalents).
Handsome, dashing, a dex-fighter (rarity for dragonborn) young adult heading out on adventure/rite-of-passage wandering with his sister. Rakish, silver-tongued bard with a real chip in his shoulder over his height and size.

So, a friend is running a Persona tabletop game and I'd like to have my own art instead of relying on the internet for it. This Persona is supposed to represent Perseus, with the general kind of robotic knight looking body as the middle guy, a back portion (if it's visible) looking like the top right (the blue lines represent big fucking ice crystals) and a head looking similar to the bottom right.

I'm awful at MS paint drawing but I think you can figure how the sword is supposed to look. The shield is supposed to be indicative of Medusa's head, with the spiral supposed to be a bunch of snakes radiating outward from the middle part. It's all blue because he's Ice elemental but the color scheme and design of the sword and shield and whatnot is really up to you as long as it's clear as punch that he's ice elemental.

These are just the basic idea I had in my head but feel free to add stylistic embellishments if you think they will make it look better.

The only necessities are the ice theming and ice crystals jutting out from the back, the harpe (sword) and medusa shield, and being sort of like a robotic warrior sort of thing.

Thank you! Let me know if you decide to take this particular request.

Fuck me I forgot to attach the actual image.

OR here, this came out excellent, thanks!

no clue

requesting my Halfling Paladin, pictured as such. (1)

I'd like to see an image of her standing on a greatshield that looks as (2), but more to the color of her armor and has been stuck in the ground. The pose is something like where she's either looking around because she's either lost or because she's admiring the (probably unseen) view.

Thank you very much, drawfriends!

Not him but it was posted in the character art thread, can try reverse searching it

Thanks! I found it through that. Some really sweet character art in there.

Can I get an Orcling(half-orc, half-halfling) Barbarian?

Requesting a Japanese gunslinger wearing traditional Swedish clothing and wielding a Gustav M/45 submachine gun.

Wondering if someone would be willing to draw my SWSE mercenary. We are playing bad guys in this game so I'm hoping that someone knows how to draw a good looking guy that still gives off a creepy vibe (think Kruger from Elysium, just a really unhinged guy who will kill someone just because they annoyed him.)

His clothes are simplistic and always a little dirty, he has a combat harness for most of his gear with a vibroknife strapped on the left shoulder strap for a pull down draw.

He carries a blaster rifle and pistol, if you don't feel like drawing both I'd prefer seeing him with the rifle more than the pistol.

Requesting reincarnated dog warrior.
I'd like to see any dog breed holding a sword much larger than itself. Scars or nor scars on the face. Head tilt due to the weight of the sword. Shield on back of dog for protection.

Thank you very much

I am him, and I got that pic from an art thread, and if you go back the past couple of days I've been asking for basically what I requested in this thread. I don't have the original sauce for it.

Sif. You want the Great Grey Wolf Sif.

No he wants Sif with a shield on the back.

Oh yeah, he does. Whoops.

It's an important distinction, I'm sure.

Migrating my request from last thread, this time with the reference picture attached

Can I get an image of the gnoll on the left giving the woman on the right an awkward, drunken, and unsolicited hug in a tavern? Preferably holding a large tankard of ale.

This scene just happened in my game, and the gnoll found out that the woman is from one of his people's sacred lands and he didn't know how to react and I thought it was funny and a little cute

Relax I just linked the image so he could find sauce and he did

Requesting a flying shyguy with the black mask on the right, wielding a two handed hammer with bits of flame stuck to it, and a purple tunic, flying in a heroic pose, like he's ready for battle


It's all good. As said, there is no obligation. I will keep this up for about a week to show that I am keen. I really like your work.
But if that week passes and there has been no touching base, no sweat

Requesting a bulky and muscular ,rust coloured dragonborn like pic 1. He has an intimidating and unfriendly look to him and a thin scar across his right eye as well as several other smaller scars across his face and body. He's wearing generic peasant wear like 3 with the exceptions being a handaxe on his belt like 2 and an appron (as well as possibly the hat) from pic 4.
Bonus points if he's holding a rabbit or some other small animal in his pose.

Hey drawfriends

Requesting a young Nordic Warrior, with fairly long dark blond hair, tied back in a pony tail. He has blue eyes and a tattoo on his temple that stretches down to his cheek.
His armor as pictured, but with no sleeve on the right side, with a Celtic knot tattoo on his forearm.
Fur part of the armor is made from a bear pelt, so its brown.


I in no way intended that post, or this one, to sound anything but apologetic.
My bad.

Hello, looking for some genrous artist to draw a pic of my Drow Bard Lawyer, i'd say make his armor a tad noble-r but besides that the reference is pretty good. Thanks to anyone who gives it a shot

Requesting an interpretative/challenge piece.

Draw a combination of a Mongol style and English style medieval archer.

Anchor post

Well, given the thread topic I might as well throw this out.

Can I get my character in a pose (or just a bust if that's what you feel like) where it looks like she's about to strike and bite someone. I'd like her to have her comb erect (so without the hat), her mouth open disconcertingly wide showing off a mouth with an unnerving amount of teeth, including two retractable snake fangs and a forked tongue. If you wanted to add a little puff of chlorine gas escaping as well, that'd be cool, but it isn't necessary.

Thanks to anyone who decides to try .

more progress

24+ hour bump. Just want a desert drow, someone looking like they're getting read to fight Jafar.

Jesus Christ, the saga of me trying to get this simple bump posted correctly should be sung in legend as a warning for people to not be so stupid.

Fucking stop

I've stopped. I got the damn thing to work correctly.

You know posting it three times in a row then deleting doesn't make it better right? You're just wasting away. If you fucked up the first time just add a modification with what you forgot and leave it be

>You know posting it three times in a row then deleting doesn't make it better right?

It makes the thread LOOK better, which is important to me.

The image should just be a nonstop hail of arrows, blotting out the sun.

Arguing with that user doesn't so just stop.

Mage the Awakening character. Make her older like 20 yrs old. Same clothes. She is walking barefoot on grass and vines. Vines wrap all around her body and hair. Various flowers grow out of her hair. Tiny forest creatures surround her.

you guys have to be doing this on purpose at this point

Forgot pic

For anyone who'd like some practice with scenery, I'd like to request a large statue, tucked away in a shrine reclaimed by nature. The statue would be of a large, robed woman, though the facial features would either be worn away or covered by ivy/flowering vines. Leading up to the statue would be two rows of stone braziers, long since extinguished and fallen to disrepair. The building that once contained the shrine would be nearly destroyed, with a large tree rising up where the back wall (behind the statue) once was.

Someone was working on this previously and here's hoping that they are still around.

Requesting a bald Cleric with a sun tattoo on his head, pic related is pretty much i imagine his armor to look but red with a red sun on the shoulder

Reposting my request for my Shadowrun character, Yakuza punk who tries to shadowrun on the side for extra dosh.

Pic related as to what he has that distinguishes him, but physically he's six foot, broad shouldered, lean muscled, and looks perpetually smug. Hair is parted down the middle, neck length, and bleached blonde.

Pose is with his back to the "camera," suit slung over his shoulder, showing off his ink, and looking over his shoulder.

Optional, though appreciated: mug shot. Face is rough looking, but young, with burn scars on his neck leading up to the middle of his left and right cheeks.

I'd like to request a Gnoll matriarch character, back on the adventurer's road again to fight a looming evil threatening her people and others.
In her youth she was a fairly reckless raider, and earned her fair share of scars crisscrossing her body. Age and years of semi-peacefully leading her people have worn away some of her hard edge, making her a little greyer and wiser for it, though still clearly strong and capable enough to fight.
Scavenged metal plate and patchwork hide armours her, ill-fitting and held in place by numerous straps and bindings. A long, sensible cloak and scarf keep the frost out and add colour, and a handful of totemic baubles hang from strips of leather and stolen silk around her neck. She carries a well-worn and finely made shepherd's axe (think a walking stick with the handle replaced with a shaped axe head) of solid construction to suit her heavy frame.

For pose and expression, she is proud in nature, rarely backing down from a challenge, so her standing tall, smiling calmly and resting a hand on her axe would work well. Although I'm perfectly happy if you want to change that to something more interesting to draw.

If anyone ends up drawing this, you have my thanks in advance.

Hey, I'm going to stop drawing lesbian incest porn and have a go of this. I'm not sure why your request grabbed my attention, I think it's less magical realm or cringey than a lot of the others.
And it's not a fucking dragonborn. I should have a WIP pic for you in a few minutes.

I'm curious what your other image is.

>I'm going to stop drawing lesbian incest porn
I don't know if we should allow you to do this.

I couldn't possibly talk about that on a SFW board, I shouldn't even have brought it
Gilf, milf and her twin daughters all daisy chaining one another up, sorry.

Too late!

Right this is a SFW board, and therefore we can't possibly talk about, however you should post it on a platform in which you can talk about it. Perhaps another board?

Imgur is a thing...