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>Shoot straight
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>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon…
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Cybered to the gills edition
How do you dump essence?
Wired Reflexes?
Bioware users need not apply!

Since the last thread got dumped before I got a decent answer, Chummers I need all the info on Chicago you can possibly point me in the direction of. I'm starting a new campaign there and would like to be properly prepared.

If I'm going Limbs, then I need to go full body replacement. It just seems weird to have one or two cyberarms or legs but the rest natural bits. Adapsin, Biocompatability, and a Cyber-Suite of course mandatory.

Personal favorite is a cyberfinger that detaches from the knuckle and forms the handle of a monowhip in your hand, with the fingertip forming the weight. Can be smuggled anywhere and lethal as all hell.

Feral Cities SR4, Chicago is a clusterfuck of insect spirits and things fighting insect spirits

Thanks, has 5th released anything about Chicago? Or is the timeline currently as I understand it:
*lockdown ended in 2060, people are taking back city, that's it*

Lockdown ended, and the CeeZee is now open but much of the same hazards are still around, gangs, buggos, and the matrix infastructure is less-than-adequate. In addition the areas immediately outside the CeeZee have been ravaged due to CZ gang fighting spilling out into the 'suburbs.'

5e writers left the plotline to rot in Chicago, unfortunately.

Undoubtedly because CGL is from WA. West coast state of mind: who cares about the Midwest? Scums of the highest order.

I will have you know that 'Cago is the best city known to man, thank you very much.

Wishes for Sixth Edition?
>All Awakened automatically have Sensitive System as part of being Awakened
>Burnout Way that is not dogshit
>Integrated cloaking systems
>Matrix rules that don't require me to be in hot sim 24/7 for turn economy and because of bullshit penalties
>Sixth World emergent religions

>make adepts better at nearly everything than any other archetype
shiggity diggity, chummer

Maybe play it so it only interacts well with ware? So you have a ware focused archetype.

I guess that would probably fuck Sam's though.

Technoadepts as Technomancers who integrate Cyberware more effectively are one of my favorite dreams.

Also, just Houserule Burnout's Way to provide a 10% Essence cost reduction. Its what I do at my table. It doesn't prevent the Priority D Adept Cheese, but flavor wise it doesn't make sense to me for Burnout's Way to only affect Standard Grade. I know its for math simplicity, but since Biocompatibility and Adapsin are a thing it doesn't matter.

It does pull even more "unique space" away from Mundanes and Street Sams, sadly.

I agree. I'm just saying that, that's the thought process of West coasters.

tfw 5e blows
tfw 4e blows
tfw all the other systems are aged
tfw anarchy is shit

any tips for someone with no xp in roleplaying trying to start gming a shadowrun campaign ?

Excepy they haven't done anything with CalFree, LA, Pueblo, etc. aside from one just-released 20 page booklet on San Fran. Meanwhile, the Sioux have gotten three Shadows in Focus, and Manhattan is iirc the only UCAS city to get a book, besides Seattle itself.

Take your inferiority complex back to /int/

I dunno, maybe you could do something like reverse essence for them. Their powers suck ass if they have too little ware, and progressively get better the more they have? So at the highest end they're better, but it's really expensive to get there.

*not a book, but Manhattan was the fleshed out city in Market Panic

Tbh, Just make it so burnout (Cyberware) is as good as Burnout (Bioware) with Type O (Standard = Delta) and Biocompatible

>tfw not from the US
>tfw in Europe
>tfw content in German
>tfw picking Spanish as second language in school

Good fucking luck. Lmao

Inferior to what? Don't make me go turn my sprinklers on.


Don't be afraid to fill in the blanks yourselves anons. I've been running SR since 3rd edition was shiny and new and have only ever paid lip service to the metaplot.

Bioware is the future, luddite.

Or for that matter, Ask your DM for his side of things if you're a player. #fuckmetaplot

well, thanks

how insane is it making them run against sk from the start?

Do you hate your players son.

Hey, I'd rather run against SK than the fucking Azzies. Big L will just have you killed. Aztechnology will black bag you in your sleep and turn you into meat puppet for a souped up blood spirit demon thing or jam a geas chip in your brain and add bits until your 80% metal and plastic.

Given the choice between the two, I choose being eaten.

It depends. Hijack an armored car full of state of the art hardware? That's a good introduction to SR Harball. High payoff but be sure you plan well and wipe your back trail. Try to hit a SK building to extract someone/pull a local datasteal? Unless your group are all seasoned runners and the character's are already pro, it won't end well.

i hate the decker with a burning passion the rest are chill guys
well the riggervan is pretty tricked out to be stealthy so i will probably bend it to make it ok

>Hate the decker.

Make them run against NeoNET

the rigger and the decker have sk built into their backstory so i think that would be a good choice
i also cant kill the decker cuz he will bitch about it and stop playing

Some other things to keep in mind.

>Everything in the truck will be tagged. EVERYTHING.
>Even the van. Especially the van.
>There will be trackers everywhere.
>Was decking involved in the heist? GOD is now involved too.
>Where do they go after they have the van? It better be secure and we'll shielded from snoops.
>Make sure your decker spoofed the camera feeds.

>Bitch about it and stop playing

Isn't that the point if you have the fragger? Chummer you're sending mixed messages.

the rigger has tag erasers about 3 rating 6s and also some built in spoof system and wouldnt the decker be able to change icons ?
as the group has no prior xp i will deus ex a safehouse and the feeds well i hope for their sake that they put on masks

Hate the fragger*

>Now who's sending mixed messages


the thing is we will play at his house

Ohhhh Now it's all coming together.

Plus, gamers are hard enough to find let alone Shadowrun gamers. Best of luck Chummer. Fry the Decker any chance you get, and if they're not okay with dying, SR might not be the system.

Sounds good, it's up to you how much to throw at them out the gate but I've always operated under the mindset that Corp runs are the big leagues and they don't play around. I brought up the stuff about trackers and needing to spoof because I was playing with a group who forgot just about all of the above. No tag erasers, no prepped safe house to unload, nothing. Only the decker brought his A game and spoofed icons, but it just bought the team enough time to shove some goodies in a duffle bag and leg it into the sewers when KE came knocking. The GM was face palming the whole run. Not our best moment.

I've seen quite a few accidental squad wipes in seemingly low threat encounters. Granted most were due to poor roleplaying or bad dice rolls, but still.

Why do you think that pitting your players against one of the greatest world powers on their first day on the job is a good idea?

>One of

I'm pretty sure they're Numero Uno in the big ten, no?

not anymore after Market Panic

Fuck me. I gotta read market panic. Are the shit stain Azzholes number one again?

if i could the setting in a easier system that would be great but now i have already read the core rulebook and two or three additional rulebooks so i will just run with it
i was thinking about them doing it more or less for personal reasons and them being new and
unconventional their strongest point against sk who just doesnt expect these maniacs
if they still wipe them accidentaly atleast i will have something to laugh

it isnt but they were most interested in this aaa
and it is the aaa i know the most about (whicj isnt too much any recomended books?)

Market Panic

If you don't want it to go ballistic immediately you could have them hit a subsidiary to shield them from some of the fallout.

Nah, it's Mitsuhama, apparently they bought up a bunch of AAs or something.

that sounds like a great way to circumvent some of the fallout and leave room to go ballistic later

Let me level with you here.
It is highly unlikely that someone would hire unexperienced runners to hit an AAA. Unless they are expected to fail.

well the rigger isnt unexperienced at least his equip seems pretty good for the rest of the team ehh , i am also not really trying to make it realistic as i am the most expierenced with the setting and i am trying to make it as moviesque? as possible without losing touch with the world concept

>well the rigger isnt unexperienced
His Steet Cred is zero, he's just another no-named guy.

well its not like i kare too much about rulez
zoo i will just deus ex it so they start hitting up subsidiares of sk probably 3rd or 4th tier

It's ok then.

deus ex is love deus ex is life

at least for me

But a starting character should never be running against a AAA, no matter who they are. It's a Little League player taking on the entire MLB.

What's your guys' favorite

For me it's:
Arm of God
Pain Editor
Dynamic Handprint

well honestly it fits the backstory of half the runners the rest will have it deus exed in sooo...
lofwyr can get fucked

>Dynamic Handprint
Fake biometric augs suck ass. They sound cool, and everyone always wants them to be cool, but ultimately they're only good for the guy who infiltrates a location through disguise and social ability. Even then, they're crazy expensive for the few dice you get from them, and security systems will have roughly the same # of dice.

Anyone of the sneaking persuasion should use locksmithery and hardware toolkits instead.

So, my last experience with SR was playing 2ed back in Jr. High. I've managed to con my gaming squad to ditch D&D for SR, but I'm not sure what edition I should go with? Recomendations?

You can bite the bullet and jump into 5E. But be warned, it's a lot to take in and it moves a lot smoother if most of the group knows the game. Be prepared to read, read, read. Otherwise there's Anarchy which is rules light SR. I don't really recommend it personally, nor have I heard good things. So pick your poison.

Yeah, I was thinking about 5e. Even though I'm not sure I like the changes to the setting. The game should flow pretty smooth since almost everyone at the table has years of ttrpg experience and myself and another guy have played SR in the past.

Honestly, I use the old fluff and just use the tech/rules for 5e sometimes. I still prefer 2e personally but it's a weird system and not as easy to get people interested in.

>bad dice rolls
Just saw that happen in my game.
The street sam scored 2 hits on a 28-die soak test.

This is why you learn Kraut. They've got some good rules for playing 2050.

the 2e rules are seriously good, though.

They were good for the time, but I don't think a lot of the decisions (that skill web for defaulting, super low weapon ranges, the open-ended die pools which are obviously clunky when compared to many modern games) hold up. It might be fun to dig out the old books for a trip down memory lane, but if I was going to introduce new people to SR or run a real campaign I definitely would not be using 2e rules to do it.

The skill web is still my favorite system for defaulting, really. I think the main issue it has is bloat, since the dice pools kind of grow until they invalidate the other game mechanics unless you check them. But I mean, that's kinda the same issue that Shadowrun in general has because it's a game where people treat 5 or 6 sourcebooks as "default".

True. On the other hand, the pooled and unpooled systems themselves might be considered bloat today, with multiple basic resolution mechanics in the same game.

I really want to make a gun bunny adept, but would also in my build love to have counterspelling/spirits and nerve strike. Do you think I could get away with a build like that as a mystic adept, or should I try to not spread out so much?

Is there any way to legitimately use a Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle as your primary weapon and NOT be useless?

Desert Wars campaign.

As says, the gauss rifle theoretically loses a lot of it's 'fluffy' downsides (total lack of concealability, extreme illegality, cost, difficulty in terms of acquisition, etc.) in a high-powered military or corp campaign.
As far as default runners go, though, no, probably not.

It's an extreme range armour piercing cannon. Use that to punch through some walls and take out targets.

>Interface Zero is shit
>Technoir is shit
>Cyberpunk 2020 is shit

maybe the vidya will be good

Hello me from six months ago!
Tips: Practice everything by yourself first. Set up encounters with the example characters in the book and run through them on your own. Practice each part of the game in turn, from gunplay, to melee, to Matrix stuff, to magic.
Expect to explain and lead your players through the rules routinely.
Google for all the DM/GM advice and tutorials you can find.

>Interface Zero is shit
>Cyberpunk 2020 is shit
Come over here so I can slap your shit.

Rules wise, not fluff

Fluff is solid cyberpunk

>Rules wise

Hey. I asked about playing a pixie magefiltrator in an old thread, and the collective response was "REEEEEEEEEEEE-"

So instead, I made a sammie/face who used to be part of Ares til he was betrayed/was caught drinking on the job/found out something he shouldn't have. Tell me what you think of this, character, are they good? And what should I spend the remaining 36k nuyen on?

Also while I'm here, are there any good online pieces of Shadowrun fiction? I've only found two - the one about the orc luchador sammie "America-San" and one on fanfiction.net about a Finnish elf mage in europe and her decker friend.

the sheet appears broken

fairly simple to find copies of the novels online, I liked the ones Nigel Findley wrote

If you dont have a vehicle, get one with the 36k.

Already have a chopper, plus some leathers to hide my identity while I'm riding it.

You have WAY too much edge.
Drop it to like 3, 4 tops, and up your other stats so you can have less pitiful scores in some of the skills.

Get some suppression rounds

Here, this should be better

I like the high edge, it makes sense to have it - I like playing a desperado, constantly pushing his luck in a world that's out to screw him. And I can't think of anything I'd want to put up, I already roll something like 20 dice when I shoot something. Thanks for the advice on the suppression rounds.

Aaaa forgot the pdf

How do you become a Shadowrunner?

The details will vary from individual to individual, but at one point in their lives shadowrunners found the other side of legality to be an attractive (if not the only remaining) solution to one particular situation in their lives.

They got on their first run. They survived. Perhaps they even thrived. But as much as you want to leave the shadows, quite often the shadows never leave you...

Various ways. Attitude (4e) has a chapter on it
In a nutshell: when you start doing shadowruns. Why you start doing then can vary:
maybe you lost your job or quit it for some reason
maybe you lost your previous life (crash 2.0, saw something you weren't supposed to see, fled for some reason, etc.)
maybe you are a barrens kids and saw a chance for a better life for it

generally your character should have a reason he goes on dangerous shadowruns instead of just getting a job: maybe he wants the money, maybe he seeks a thrill, maybe he values his freedom or maybe he can't be employed anyway

Theres three sorts
Ended up Doing it
'Promoted' to it

Ex security who saw something they shouldnt, Ex military who got sick or following orders, ex Swat on one too many missions for corp interests

Someone with the skills is recruited for a run without even realizing its a run, Someone turns to crime to survive and it turns out they have what it takes to be a shadowrunner, etc

Ganger becomes a shadowrunner because its a step up in life. Doesn't actually die like most of them do, street urchin gets taken in by a shadowrunner and learns the trade (applies to runners kids too), so on and so forth

First things first, if you were fired, then you wouldn't have had a corporate SIN to begin with, you would have a Corporate Limited SIN. If you have corporate SIN the only way you're leaving is in a body-bag, if nothing else because four fellow runners shoot you for being a massive liability. Second, being fired you would no longer have it, the quality you want is records on file, maybe a criminal SIN if the circumstances of your dismissal were serious enough. Big Regret should probably be on your list as well.

Corp SIN is a drawback, I doubt it would exist if it were that bad
JK, I've seen half the drawbacks

Rulebook says I'm only allowed to take up to 25 points of negative karma. So if I have a corporate SIN I'm still an employed member of the corporation? Maybe I saw a corporate war crime or my family are abusive assholes? Anyone have any ideas for that background?

25 BP you mean
75 Karma

>So if I have a corporate SIN I'm still an employed member of the corporation?

You *can* be, but not necessarily. Having a Corporate SIN means you were born from parents who had such SIN's and grew up amongst the not-too-bad-off of the 6th world. (Yes, wageslaving kinda suck, omae, but not compared to daily life in the Barrens.)

It also means a powerful organization has a lot of information about you, so you better stay clear of any of their assets if possible.

It's more that a full corporate SIN means you were someone pretty damn important, head of a major department or higher, so for you to get fired, you would have had to have flamed out in a truly spectacular fashion (I can't even conceive of what would constitute a big enough fuck up), otherwise the corp would have expended the effort to cover it up/shift blame onto one or more of your underlings. And if you did fuck up that severely you would know too much for them to just let you go, they would have you killed. Assuming you managed to evade that fate, you would be on the lam and facing the heat of major corp bearing down on you all guns blazing, that's heat most runners aren't going to be willing to tolerate. Remember Shadowrunners only really exist because the corps find them useful and consider them just a part of the price of doing business, if the major corps seriously focused on wiping out shadowrunners, they'd be mostly fucked. My point was that you should probably take different negative qualities which more accurately reflect your background and won't immediately lead to you being completely fucked.
A corporate Limited SIN on the other hand means you were just a wageslave, no more than mid tier and face a reasonable risk of being fired for some infraction, maybe clashing with you superior? (fodder for an in-game nemesis perhaps?).
In either case if you have in fact been fired you would no longer be a corporate citizen, and no longer have that SIN,it would be converted to Records on File or to a Criminal SIN depending on the circumstances.

5e son.

>Tfw you actually get to eat real beef steak once a month
feels good being not-too-bad-off

There are like 15 or more missions for 5th ed with more or less current metaplot for the area, Seasons 5, 6 and 7. They are usually medicore, but fun. Currently there is something called Project Takeback - Chicago gives land to the corps and some tax breaks to lure corps back there.

hmmmm, I think I'm leaning more towards I *chose* to leave the corporation. My parents (or at least one of them) were senior members of the upper echelons of Ares Macrotech and also emotionally abusive sociopaths (they have to be to make it so far in a megacorp). Rather than stay with my family, I chose to flee to the shadows. Would this background work better?