Player picks a monk

>player picks a monk

>Alright, cool, let's make this work.

I'm going to play Dryad monk.

I was growing in monastery garden so that is how I know the scripture.

>when a player tries to make a monk in your setting/system

>Player picks a bard
>Doesn't do anything to help the party
>Just wants to make gold

>player makes an neutral evil character
>spends every session working against the party and for some reason the party doesn't either kill him and force him to reroll something that isn't a cunt and for some reason this evil character follows the party just to fuck with them and has very little motive to either follow the party or even to be fucking with them other then the fact that "lol I'm evil it's what my character would do"
>lawful evil, neutral evil or chaotic neutral plays like a chaotic evil character
>playing according to your allignment instead of making asperations and set convictions for your character and playing by that.

>It works out because the group isn't playing 3.5 or pathfinder and Monks are okay

Dryad monk that grew up in a Zen garden is a pretty sweet character idea. Bonus points if they're relatively short due to being from a bonsai

>player picks a monk
>the character never shows up because he's always meditating at his monastary

>Player makes an evil character
>before we started playing we made backstories that intertwine, giving them a reason to tag along and a common goal
>Evil character has his own methods that the party doesn't always approve of, but because of their common goal they are able to put aside their differences

>I'm going to play Dryad monk.
That's pretty cool.

>that is how I know the scripture.
You know damn well that's not the kind of monk we're talking about.

Who are you quoting?

>player picks a wizard
>leaves all his spell slots empty
>says he will prepare them when he needs them

in 5e monks are still the weakest class and it's not so much that they are weak that is the problem it's that and the fact that they are boring a shit to play with, rangers even after UA buff are still weak but at least offer something to the party and while player who pick ranger usually aren't very intresting they do sometimes come up with a great character.

monks are always always boring as fuck just like druid players.


>player picks a paladin

I am so sick of honour and pious zealotry. What happened to quiet monks and priests? Why does everything need to be smited? Makes me want to play an edgy rogue or warlock and constantly cockblock these deus vult fags.

>player picks hermit background
what does your character think on the matter?
>my character woudn't care, he just sits in the corner not paying attention.


You're being silly. That's not true at all.

Better then tryhards with their
>"My character lurks in the corner, watching the others with a dismissive sneer"

I've told you before you retard, this is Shadowrun, and what you want is an ADEPT!!
>autistic shrieking intensifies

Pathfinder monks are respectable, especially after Unchained fixed their biggest problems and rolled Qinggong powers (or however you spell them) into their base package.

>still playing D&D and not DtD

That's a perfectly viable strategy for combat-light games though. And the GM should just enforce all the preparation and all the surprise rules as written.

>tfw my GM doesn't enforce preperation rules, but I don't want to make him feel bad by cheesing every puzzle with my gigantic array of spells.

>Not that kind of monk

Why not? Dryads are excellent at making ale.

>rangers even after UA buff are still weak

Are you kidding?

>Neutral evil dwarf monk
>steals important book but someone sees him
>follows old man home and waits in hiding
>kills old man in his sleep and burns the house down
Its a good thing there's other shit going on or this player would be fucked

all the ranger has ever hand is volley that makes them stand out in terms of killing power

the sharpshooter and the arcane archer are superior martial ranged characters

arcane archer has burst arrow in place of volley, it's not as good but they get it way earlier and have a ton of other great factors, magic arrow that they get at level 3 gives them 2d6 extra damage and they can do it twice per short rest, meaning two turns in a row they can deal a D8 +dex + 2D6
they also get piecing shot which allows them to make a weapon attack on any monster in a line as one weapon attack, combine that with the fact that fighters get the most weapon attacks later in the game and thats way better then a ranger

sharpshooter has steady aim which stays until the end of your turn meaning at level 5 alone they can attack a target doing 2D10 + dex x 2 + 2 x 2 + half your fighter level x 2, at level 11 that all becomes x 3.

and to top that all off fighters get godly action surge, while they can't steady shot or magic arrow at the same time it still doubles their weapon attacks.

final cherry is that they can wear plate armor.

even before this at level 11 when rangers get volley rangers could action surge for 6 weapon attacks making them better in most situations other than if the ranger manages to catch 7 enemies all in a 20 ft radius.

now they really can't compete unless you're picking for favoured terrain.

don't even get me started on how shit beast master is

>play a level 1 monk
>punch a armored monster and break my hand
fuck monks, give me a fighter anyday

>break my hand

the fuck rules are you playing with?

>Player picks a Bard
>Wont stop fucking singing

>someome plays a game where punching dudes is a viable war strategy for mortals


>Player picks a cleric
>does not heal anyone but himself
>slaps everything with holy spells
>leave the rest of us to twiddle our thumbs

Seriously. We leave the combat to him.

That's what happens when you play 3.5/PF.

>player plays bard
>brings a guitar and plays music of the period
>he's actually really good
>his character isn't a clone of Scanlan but is reserved, humble yet very charasmatic when roleplaying

used to hate bards until I met this guy, he was a really cool guy used to bring me rare alcohol when he went back to his country for visits and had to drop out early in my campaign due to having to get a second job. as a person he was the type that was quiet most of the time but wasn't afraid to start a conversation and could genuinly carry one.

another guy tried bard before him and would litrually just sing pop songs completely ruining the experiece and pulling people out of the moment for epic meme points.

If thread can teach anyone anything it's "don't play with assholes, but ESPECIALLY don't play 3.5 with assholes" and "everyone can stand to watch a few good wuxia movies"

>he then proceeds to kick some major ass because we're playing the edition of D&D that has the few trap classes, 4e.

They're a glorified stun gun.
They have the lowest martial damage, they have meh AC even if you manage to have good Dex and Wis, can't fucking grapple, trip or shove (supposedly what martial arts should be about), low HPs for a fucking front row character and have little to no love in magic items and feats.

Not the weakest but behind the curve in 5e.

>someone plays a game where waving your hand and saying hocus pocus is a viable war strategy for anyone

>Makes me want to play an edgy rogue or warlock and constantly cockblock these deus vult fags.
t. dead rogue or warlock

>Player picks bard
>Player doesn't know how to play a musical instrument but says his character would
Instant deny. Come back when you can at least play a guitar

Well good thing this campaign has homebrewed rules and this guy and his army as our BBEG.


But combine a wood-elf monk with the mobility feat and the way of shadow, and he'll teleport, punch someone in the face, and then run behind the tank before anyone can blink. They're more a utility slap than actual damage dealers.

What about a storyteller bard? One with no musical background but he tells wise or inspiring folksy tales, and casts his buffs by reminding the other characters of the stories he's already told them.
Bear in mind if you're instantly denying them, you're depriving yourself by kicking out one of the strongest roleplayers I ever met.

Some of the most fun I had as a bard was as a storyteller. He was a historian trying to capture an image of the adventurers life, and always drew a crowd by the firelight.

Dude, what?

>UA Ranger
>advantage on init
>first turn advantage on atk rols
>beast conclave gives you an animal that atks separate that also levels up like a mini-character
>hunter conclave, 3rd level you get an extra d8 damage per turn on an atk, or an extra atk against a different creature
>plus all the other out-of-combat useful ranger abilities

So in comparison, it beats the Magic Arrow ability to stardust considering there is no limit to the extra d8 damage per shot, you only get it once a turn - and horde breaker is very useful as a way to stack attacks once you get multiple attacks ability. Again, burst arrow a shit because of its limited number of uses.

Sharpshooter is better at ranged attacking, I'll give you that, but nowhere near as versatile out of combat, and doesn't get spells.

>Monks are only ok if you pick this race and this path