What's the point of a Baneblade?

What's the point of a Baneblade?

The reason we dropped the idea of super heavy tanks is because they were a huge target begging to be hit, cumbersome and expensive.

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Picking up speed
runnin' outta TIME
going head to head
it's a way of life

You gotta fall down
EAT ground
to get back up a-ga-in


Spinnig it out
at the speed of sound
GONNA rip it up
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OUR GANG is the one that's gonna win



>point of anything

Eleven barrels of hell

They are cool.

The idea of super heavies is cool.

This is the same game where the elite super-soldiers fly in winged boxes, where a thousand groups of a thousand of those super-soldiers are supposed to be enough to defend over a million populated worlds and where almost everything is decorated by at least one skull.

40K runs on coolness, not practicality. Go play Flames of War instead, it's a better game for people that are interested in genuine war games.


Yes, assuming missile technology had progressed in the same manner as it has irl, user.
In 40k, many of the super heavy tanks and titans were ai controlled monstrosities fielded by the thousands by a ai generals.

But doctrines change as tech marches on.

The iconic but impractically heavy Tiger tank weighs in at 60t the same as a MBT abrams or Leopard 2 today.

Because its cool. It's 40k it was never meant to be incredibly smart and full of realism.

someone dub diomedes quotes over the theme song right fucking now

The point is to get money from children. Children are overawed by 'big'. So, they make big stuff to sell to children.

>cumbersome and expensive.
When has this ever stopped the Imperium?

>they were a huge target begging to be hit,
Or even this?

Applying real world anything to 40k is usually a mistake, and in this case, Baneblades are a shining bastion of real world practicality compared to shit like Titans.

Eleven barrels of hell.

Maybe 40k is simply not suited to your particular flavor of autism, op.

Furious Scottish renegades in DoWII.

I would like a Baneblade, I would throw a missile at it.

Few things in 40k are realistic. The setting gets a lot of mileage out of the whole "technology has regressed" angle.

In truth, it's just rule of cool

In-universe, armor is vastly superior to weapons so you can do big shit like this

In 40k, weapons that can hit a target from more then a couple of miles away almost non-existent beyond void warfare, so a lot of the natural predators of Tanks simply do not exist. This enables things like super tanks to be viable in the 41st millennium.

A lot of the things that allowed melee combat to be viable in 40K, are would also allow dumb things like gigantic tanks to be viable in

Haha, autocorrect completely butchered this post.

Nigga, space marines eat brains to absorb memories and people run around hitting things with swords and you're asking why tanks are too big.

Imagine if the apocalypse happened and the only tanks that were left behind were Mauses? Sure, the Maus is an inefficient and heavy design that was overkill for its job, but when the only other tanks you have are the equivilent of the Bob Semple, so its still the best you've got.

This likewise governs the decision to push the Leman Russ so much in spite of its clunky multi-main weapon design. The design for better more modern MBTs was lost forever.

Because underneath the gothic space fantasy, 40k runs on, "what if those weird ideas people had about warfare between ~1900-1950 were viable tactics and strategies?" Which is why genetically engineered space knight wielding a gyrojet grenade launcher can make a cavalry assault against multi-turret heavy tank.

It was so heavy the one time they tried to deploy one it broke through the street and got stuck in the sewer beneath.

Anything Maus scale or larger runs into the same ground pressure problem as fucking bipedal mecha, but it doesn't have legs or arms to pull itself out of the giant sinkholes it'll inevitably find itself stuck in.

So you're saying the key is to drop them on the enemy and crush them with sheer weight!


This user gets it. A Tiger 1 is as heavy as an Abrams/Leo 2 but has worse everything.

Let's put this to the Mechanicus tidbit that Baneblades used to be MBT and whole divisions of them were deployed at once and things come together.

The Baneblade is a superheavy only by our standards.

It looks cool. Are you really asking for real world logical explanations for 40k stuff?

There isn't, they aren't good. Shadowswords are much better super heavies.

They make more sense than chainswords. Just pretend 40k runs on weird laws of physics and economics.

have I got a treat for you, user

Chainswords make plenty of sense when you consider the fact that MANKIND NEARLY WENT EXTINCT BY THE HANDS OF THE VILE TREE XENOS

To be fucking rad.

I like to think of them as the Imperium's cheep knockoffs of the bolos that were commonly used during the Dark age of technology. We know that the baneblade is just a smaller version of an even BIGGER tank that was employed by humanity in those days.

>The reason we dropped the idea of super heavy tanks is because they were a huge target begging to be hit, cumbersome and expensive.

Begging to be hit by fast aircraft that they couldn't respond to,

but if fast-targeting auto-lasers AAA force aircraft to armor up and fly slower so they become less viable and are therefore less likely to be around to bomb your tanks...

Pretty much the fluff retcons of Knights being put into the game have really made me confused about Baneblades myself.

One thing about Super Heavy Tanks is that they have void shields, which makes them a little bit more difficult to kill.