What are the most skill-based (traditional) card games?

What are the most skill-based (traditional) card games?


blackjack, and poker

Those are boring.


>need a partner to play

By their very nature all card games have chance as a core component. None of them are entirely skill based.


Skill is about overcoming variance, dude. Y'know, "Playing the hand you were dealt". In addition, if everybody has symmetric variance, only skilled players will rack up wins in the long term.

Monopoly. There's a reason it's lasted so long

Cool card game, brah.

no-limit hold 'em

slap jack

I know of it as "Spit" but I think it has other names.

Your hand must be fast to slap the cards before your opponent, and strong enough to endure the pain that arrives after your sister throws her combined 150 pounds of bipolar onto your digits

>optimally played 44% winrate

Have you ever played Blackjack?

52 Pick-Up

the game of pure strategy is a pure skill game, but its also a bit boring.

Texas holdem due to the player verse player element, and the house not robbing you as you go is probably the best game to gamble on.

If you want a game to play for the sake of playing that takes skill then trick taking games like hearts are the best way to go in my opinion.

Dueling. Like, you throw the cards at each other's throats until someone dies.

It's not about winning consistently, it's about knowing when you are going to win and betting then. On top of that it's about making enough deliberate mistakes, without them seeming deliberate, to get away with counting cards.

Of course Vegas blackjack is another story, since they shuffle multiple decks together to thwart counters now.


Rummy games, poker can go fuck off.

Should I learn cribbage?

How is poker skillbased? You can't even do anything with the cards (assuming we're talking about Texas Holdem), you have no influence to the outcome whatsoever.



That game where you toss cards into a hat or a bucket or whatever

What is it good for?

>Almost entirely luck-based
>Overly simplistic

Absolutely nothing