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Kurnoth FTW edition


>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

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First for SCGT being a joke tournament for casuals


How can romanian go to SCGT and you cant ?
Did you fail life to such level you cant afford what a romanian can afford ?


ENTJ master race reporting in

What kind of twisted test is that lol

Jungian Myers Briggs

>If you don't paint your plague monk boils YELLOW they cannot claim to have the Pestilens keyword edition


Was an ENFP when I took the test in high school ~10 years ago.

Now the test I just took say I'm ENTJ, and right now in Law School...
*really makes you think*

>My overpowered stormcast didn't do well so the tournament is a joke.

>Kings Fuck of Shit Mountains
My man

Anyone have the seraphon list? Its seems ripperdactyls > terrordons after all.


How did GW get away with this?

Just keep praising, skeleton

To be fair, even in poorer countries wealth can vary.

Look at Russia for example, it ranges from "Barely a peasant" to "Richest man on the entire planet".

I think the list was pretty much purpose built to fuck skyfires in the eyesocket, so maybe ripperdactyles > terradons at that particular job.

So wait

Are outriders and pistoliers not complet garbage when they're in a free guild company together? They can trigger the +1 to hit from each other and should have enough shooting to threaten artillery crews and random wizards.

Obviously they're not good but since I have to take them as tax anyway, at least they appear to be elevated to "mediocre" instead of shit tier

paint your stupid blimps to if you want your port bonuses you lazy waacfag faggots

Literally a wizard

Yeah the list was made to fuck over chaos which is clearly OP. I would have won the whole tournament if he didn't get a bad charge roll with his ripperdactyls. Failing a 4 inch charge when you reroll is a bitch.

They're great, but I mean what did you expect? Everything is great now (All the new stuff that is).

I love it when people with with lists designed to just fuck the meta in the arse. That is my kinda list.
Well that's a lie, my kinda list is some jumbled weak shite that is neither truly fluffy or truly powerful just a mixture of what I like to look at and what I can afford...

People who religiously enforce the rule for no reason are the real WAACfags, since they are intentionally trying to take away your armies abilities so they get an advantage.

I've gone longer than a week without showering or going outside

>lazy grey tide waacfag port hopper detected
kill yourself

Do the Javelin Arms from the Prosecutor set fit the Starter Set Prosecutor bodies? I've heard javelins over hammers is the way to go.

follow the rules in your codex you faggot.

Isn't state troops only one outrider.

>Each port has a fairly defined playstyle
>Changing ports between games will make you do worse more often than not, because your list isnt built to take advantage of that particular port

Also, I actually paint my models. I am strict in that aspect, I just think people complaining about people who may possibly want to use a ports rule without using their colour scheme are the real waacfags, since the only time where it shouldn't be allowed are in tournaments or campaigns, in which case it could simply be added as a tournament rule.

intp and I've spent way too long studying personality theory.

On a related note, how about this

Allegiance: Order
Freeguild General (100)
- Stately War Banner
Freeguild General On Griffon (300)
- General
- Greathammer
- Trait: Reckless
- Artefact: Relic Blade
Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320)
Excelsior Warpriest (80)
10 x Freeguild Guard (80)
10 x Freeguild Guard (80)
10 x Freeguild Guard (80)
10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)
10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)
10 x Freeguild Handgunners (100)
3 x Demigryph Knights (200)
- Cavalry Halberd
20 x Freeguild Greatswords (320)
1 x Gryph-Hound (40)
Freeguild Regiment (100)

Total: 2000/2000

I have no idea why that battalion still exists but I want to go for swag points and use the actual free guild regiment.

>Having a bow or sword as a weapon when you are a tree
>using hands to hold it
>Not having it just grow out of your wrist in 1 piece like a tyranid

Handgunners are useless unless you bring them in a single big squad

I was hoping they would have weapons made out of their bodies as well, but there are a couple of reasons I suppose.

One being it allows the hunter to use different weapons if they want to, the other being it allows the weapons to be made out of a material stronger than their wood.

Or, ideally, multiple big squads.

looks cool. The hurricanum is sweet too.

Mhornar, Urbaz, and Zilfin are the good ones. Mhornar and Urbaz you just need shooting to exploit which every list will. Zilfin you just need a Frigate with a Khemist and 10 Thunderers to deepstrike.

I like Seraphon.

Why? With the hurricanum, regiment bonus and standing still bonus they're hitting on 2's. They don't need the size bonus.

The best thing about handgunners is their counter-charge fire.
When you have a single big squad of handgunners you only need one model within 3" of the enemy charge to have the whole squad shoot when they charge your screen.
With 3 smaller squads it makes it very difficult to get value from this ability without risking your handgunners.

Who says I wasn't there?

I think Zon and Thryng are good too I think, the only one thats bad is Nar since its way too focused on dispelling

A good point but getting units of 10 in a normal detachment formation with the greatsword blob and guard shouldn't be that difficult, we've already done it for a decade in fantasy prior.

your post. and the fact you have no proof you were there.
If it was so easy you would be top 1

Its a matter of keeping your guys out of range of attackers but also in range to counterfire.
Remember that in AOS you can just strike over screens and hit units that are behind. Being 1" or even 2" behind your greatswords leaves you in range to get struck, which invalidates the purpose of bringing a screen in the first place

I was organizing the event, nice assumptions

>im a faggot role player pretending to be important on a Japanese anime shitposting site to impress random anons

post proof or gtfo

it still doesn't seem too bad when I doodle the formations on a piece of paper, there are plenty of melee bodies to keep between my handgunners (and more importantly my hurricanum) and the enemy while they stay in stand and shoot range.

Don't feed the trolls

i like u

Stand and fire is awesome but in the regiment the only other two choices are archers or crossbowmen and it doesn't seem like this list is trying to skew super hard towards shooting spam, so 3 units of 30 probably isn't going to be a viable change.

That being said having 30 2/3+/-1/1 shots is still better shooting than most get and with that list combo they can still move and shoot at 3+/3+/-1/1

hello frend

It sucks you feel that way, but I DID spoiler my picture

what a FAGG

Since 40k is being fully Sigmafied now I thought this was a good place to ask for hints about what it is going to be.

With the new steam dwarves, transports have been introduced to AoS as far as I know. How do they work?

And what is the big idea with having characters, that have no place to be running around on their own such as a necromancer, not being able to join units?

I'm honestly curious how AoS does it.

Soulblight Gothic-Romantic style battletome and model release when?

Set-up: When you set up an Arkanaut Frigate, units of Skyfarers can start the battle embarked within it instead of being set up separately – declare which units are embarked inside the Arkanaut Frigate when you set it up.

Embark: If all models in a Skyfarer unit can move to within 3" of a friendly Arkanaut Frigate in the movement phase, they can embark within it. Remove the unit from the battlefield and place it to one side – it is now embarked inside the vessel. Embarked units cannot normally do anything or be affected in any way whilst they are embarked. Unless specifically stated, abilities that affect other units within a certain range have no effect on a unit that is embarked or whilst the unit that has the ability is embarked, and you cannot measure from or to an embarked unit. If the Arkanaut Frigate is destroyed, the passengers immediately bail out: roll a dice for each model embarked within it. For each roll of 1, a model from that model’s unit (your choice) is slain. The embarked units must then disembark before the vessel is removed.

Disembark: Any unit that begins its hero phase embarked within an Arkanaut Frigate can disembark during the hero phase. When a unit disembarks, set it up so that all its models are within 3" of the vessel and none are within 3" of any enemy models – any disembarking model that cannot be set up in this way is slain. Units that disembark can then act normally, including using abilities that can be used in the hero phase, for the remainder of their turn. Note that a unit cannot both disembark and embark in the same turn.

You don't get what hes talking about. A dragon charges the side of the great swords, only one group of ten handgunners behind the greatswords gets to shoot at it in counterfire instead of all 30 because the other two groups will be outside of 3". Big single Handgun blobs can kill charging units with counterfire before they ever even swing.

>How do they work?
It's best if you see for yourself, the rules are free on the gw website. Look for the Arkanaut Frigate and check its warscroll, it goes into detail about how transporting units works

>And what is the big idea with having characters, that have no place to be running around on their own such as a necromancer, not being able to join units?
Heroes are more vulnerable in aos and it takes some getting used to. Theyre generally not as powerful in combat/shooting as a unit but have some kind of powerful ability that can effect the battle in other ways (nearby units have +1 hit, or reroll hits, or +1 save, etc.)

You get used to it. 40k might still have heroes in units so it's not a concern yet

Finished my plague drones a few days ago, have a look and tell me what you think about them.

I also just now finished the assembly of a group of Blightkings and a sorcerer

And here is a closeup on the sorcerer

Nice idea on that model. I may just have to copy that, since I found yet another spare Chaos Sorcerer Lord.
I swear I never bought this many. I don't know where they're coming from.


lizardmen are better but you're ok

I swear this occurred first in the new Stormcast book.. the different stormhosts have different bonuses

I run them as lizardmen and seraphon. My community is nice enough to not care that I use square bases in Sigmar.

Are we ever going to get new clanrat models?
Give me more Clan Verminus GW!

Square bases are ugly af

GW to-do list :
>deep-ones elves
>sky-goblins pirates
>updating pre GHB armies
>giving death a new faction. Anything really

by the way, do you think kharadron lords will have a start collecting ?

They're not that bad. A bit odd-looking in the skirmish game of Sigmar, but they do let me play T9A and 8th without any trouble.

>needing new models

>not painting each square's border as the pieces of a magitech temple emerging from the ground
kys desu

>wonder why I have never considered the sling Karl Franz
>better save, slightly better in melee, much better command ability, great battleshock immunity aura than a free guild Griffin general

>wait 140 points more than the Griffin general


they do but they didn't require in that codex you actually painted anything.

5 brutes or 20 savage orruks.

I already have 10 brutes and 30 savage orruks.

Griffons are gimpy user, get yourself a Dragonlord general with lance, legendary fighter, and relic blade.

need more blightkings.
And a plague claw

INTJ with INTP tendencies

>Still no dispossessed start collecting

Don't worry, I have that planned

Dragonlords are good but griffons with greathammers are absurd for 300 points when they get regiment bonuses.

Points need to be tuned still.

Some shit is overpriced and some under.

Normal Dawi troops are fucking expensive.

Fyrslayers from what I have seen are a little too cheap.

400 points for a dragonlord is expensive but man do they fuck some shit up (comes stock with a command ability to reroll all its own to-hit rolls and also has built in re-rollable 4+ armor save)

poor mans version is the Dreadlord on Dragon for 340, not as beat stick-ish but still respectable.


Never tried this kind of thing before, kind of appeals to me. What faction should I start with?

Ilike the Black Elf guys, but those new Air Dwarf things look cool too. How do I start?

Is there like a Getting Started guide or something?

You just pick what you think is cool

>Black Elf guys

If you're interested in Dark Aelfs, consider waiting until the summer. They're coming out with Dark Aelf Cthulhu Pirates (in flying airships like the Air Dwarfs).

Yeah he's beefy and pretty reasonable for his price

>too cheap

You know they're getting point cost reductions across the board in GHB2 because they're awful in GHB1 right?

I have yet to fight them but it seems when people know how to use them they do rather well.

I am just gun lining people with my old dwarfs and it is still working.

I really don't know why Bloodcrushers are not 140 points, also chaos spawn should be like like 40/30 points because they are so fucking useless haha, but they'd be a good filler for that point cost.

So, since these new Blood Bowl minis are NOT the Skaven hinted at in the Rumor Engine, we're feeling pretty good about the murderclouds, right?

>dragonlord is expensive but man do they fuck some shit up
When I run his numbers with a 4 attack, 4 damage lance and rerollable hits I'm getting 25+ damage done on the charge. I wonder if there's a general option that's higher.

What is it like being this wrong, user?

All the cool legacy multi wound elites like rat ogres get shown up by Tzaangor Enlightened, Paladins, and Kurnoths.

Its also lame that almost all the old cavalry units in the game are just 4+ save with a single rend 0 lance attack at 4/3 for 30 points each.

I'll crunch the numbers on some popular behemoths in a few minutes

check your figures again fellas

its good but not that good

Brutes are your anti monster and anti elite infantry dudes. Their hero can blend nearly anything by himself and when buffed they can eat hordes as well. Plus their models look amazing, brutes all the way.

check that, if he charges it is nearly 25 before saves are taken

This seems closer to what I was expecting, I'll just run some for the Griffon with all his buffs unless you can get it first (love your spreadsheets btw)