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But more seriously, what are some cool cultures and symbols you can draw inspiration from while making characters? Like, yet another not-German knight with dragon theme is kinda stale, don't you think? What about caster with rooster motif? How would you make that?

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>could I carry two crossbows, drop the one i am carrying as a free action then draw the second as a swift and use rapid shot?

Tell me about your character, /pfg/!

>If you could swift action reload, you could do it, but then you couldn't do it on your next turn.

Not them but why not? Don't only immediate actions deny an action on your next turn?

because you'd need to use two swift actions on your second turn to reload both shots.

Which one?

The flying fish merchant who is now stronger than a giant?

Identity crisis ulfen skald?

Bipolar Korvosan investigator?

Militant gnome inquisitor who carries a bunch of already tied hangman's nooses and a ladder?

>Fire once, Reload, Fire
>next turn your weapon is empty

but this is wrong cause rapid reload is a free action not a swift one.

I replaced my app for Overlewd and made a new one I'm really happy about! He's a Tiefling Not!Bard with megalomania!

Somehow I didn't account for that.

You would be able to do it on your turn, then double reload next turn and still do it, but then after that you wouldn't be able to I suppose.

Talking about Swift reloads with Rapid Shot, not Rapid Reload.

How was your weekend, /pfg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

How do you have so many characters? Do you actually play with all of them? Where are you finding this many games to play in?


No. My weekend was shitty as always.

In fact, it was a double does of shit because I'm pretty sure I have I caught strep throat.

As long as you didn't fire the first one probably.

Happened to hit a gold mine with a group where one guy is running 2 games (RotR and IG) and one of them is ending so I am going to continue under him (CotCT) and a group member decided to run his own game to which I joined in too while myself running another game (Kingmaker).

And I found these guys in roll20

Do you still get two shots from using a bow, or do you only get two shots if you take rapid shot?

thats with multishot

You get one shot normally. Rapid Shot gives you another shot. Manyshot gives you another shot. Having +6, +11, and +16 BAB gives you another shot. Haste also gives you another one.

Finding Kasatha on the pfsrd and then trying to build their racial Ranger archetype has taught me that you can never have enough feats.

And that coupling TWF with Rapid Shot results in you probably never hitting anything.

If there's an Overlord game on roll20, why not GATE?

>I don't have enough feats to double rifle/quad pistol meme build
You don't say?

>lets just choose shittier and shittier animes to make games about

fuck, posted too late. reposting here:

I'm trying to abuse hungry ghost monk by getting a bunch of crits so I can fling around ki. plan is to pump up Wis and use guided hand so I'm not so MAD.

race: human

first level: LE crusader cleric of arazni for weapon focus (rapier). feats: channel smite, guided hand
second+: unchained hungry ghost monk, crusader's flurry at 3rd level. pick up imp critical or get a keen weapon or a scabbard of keen edges or get a friendly caster to give me keen edge... whichever is fastest.

crit threat on 15-20, get a ki point and temp hit point when you confirm a crit or reduce to 0 hp. flurry + ki for tons of attacks. your ki pool should pretty much always be topped off.

outside of that frame, I'm not sure what other feats/items I ought to pick up. I also am still figuring out how to RP as LE.


thats why you become a fighter

Okay, what anime would you make a PF game out of?


>he's serious

5 levels in gunslinger, rest in fighter


Kiss x Sis


I want to know how YOUR weekend went, Fennecanon!


All you need to make guns work is one or two class features (dex to damage, musket master reloads) and then feats. Fighter gets more feats than anyone.

Welcome to the NHK


Rokka no Yuusha or Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

If you only want to do HP damage and literally nothing else, sure.

One Punch Man

The party are C-Class heroes of incredible skill, fighting their way up the ranks and eventually teaming up to survive ever greater threats from orcs to demon lords and everything in-between.

No. The campaign I was going to run died because half the party dropped out with little notice, and the campaign I was a player in got cancelled with zero notice due to something the GM had known for a week.


Yes, that is literally the point of the fighter

They are excellent at it, better at it than the gunslinger

Well yes you can't do anything else with a gun outside of deeds. Same is true for bows. And every other weapon in the game.

Spice and Wolf
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
Legends of Galactic Heroes

>you will never get to pilot a bug-mecha-knight

>Rokka no Yuusha

That'd be pretty awesome, actually.

Sword Art Online

Yuuki Yuuna. Survival mode in between slice of life bits to improve your home city's quality of life. Stacking physical and mental afflictions possibly causing early retirement or death. Maybe a new recruit here and there. Investigations into the history of your world and the organization you work for.

So magical fantasy XCOM.

Is there an equivalent of weapon finesse for ranged weapons?

I hate doing strength damage with dex based weapons, even though it makes sense. But better dex might mean better damage, don't you think?

Locking yourself to do only direct HP damage is a pretty bad choice, even if fighter does it better than others. A less restrictive build could allow for better flexibility.

You clearly don't understand the job of the martial

Your job is to kill shit as fast as possible, leave the skillmonkey shit to others


How do I make the barbarian class more interesting without just giving it a spell list?

Okay! So, after getting the okay from Sleep, I'm getting to work now on my new application. I'm definitely taking Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline, wondering what other classes might mesh well with it. Had a few thoughts, but I wanted to drop them here in case /pfg/ had any suggestions:

Sorcerer/Fighter - Lets me make a character who can fight in melee when spells run out, or just after buffing myself and others. Fighter is kind of lackluster though, I'm wondering if there's better alternatives. Not being able to wear armor is also a problem, at least at the start without any magic items.

Sorcerer/Barbarian - Little more kick than a fighter, but not being able to cast spells while raging is a problem. There's Moment of Clarity if I -need- to cast a spell, but that wastes a round of rage, so I'm not sure if that'd be worth it.

Sorcerer/Oracle - Only 3/4th BAB and primarily casting focused, but now I have access to both arcane and divine spells, so there's more options. Plus there's Mystery powers, so there's that.

Sorcerer/Ranger - Makes investing in archery cheaper, which also avoids the issue of needing to step into melee without armor. I'm not huge on the nature themes though; The character's focus is supposed to be on dragons, rather than being a hunter. Also, don't know what I'd do with the animal companion; Don't really want it honestly, though I suppose I could just pick the bond towards the rest of the party instead.

Sorcerer/Slayer or Rogue - Both have sneak attacks, Slayer has full BAB. They get some neat tricks, but I don't picture the character as super sneaky; Deceptive, sure, but a little too proud for fighting in shadows. Saw someone with a similar question last thread get lots of recommendations for Slayer though, so I'm thinking it over.

What do you think /pfg/?

>Spice and Wolf


I'm saying you can do both if you don't go the "I want to use four guns" route. Classes like Inquisitor can easily pull good damage, while also having plenty of skillmonkey utility.

Barbarian is fine

Four Guns isn't really any more feats than two guns

Its a fuckload of damage output, the highest in the game if done properly, and thats with TWO guns, let alone 4. You can fill dragons full of holes in a single round

Never, because the only person who wants to run a campaign there is me and my idea is pretty fucking retarded

scaled fist monk

Bows: Composite bows, but that's strength. You can't get agile on a ranged weapon unfortunately. Bows have access to Manyshot though, so make up for it with other +damage things like Weapon Specialization and Deadly Aim.

Crossbows: Crossbowman archetype for fighter but only on readied actions, Bolt Ace archetype Gunslingers. Crossbows do slightly more base damage than bows by default but require feats to catch up due to reload speed.

Guns: Trench Fighter 3 archetype for Fighter, Gunslinger 5 for all firearms. Guns (can) have absurdly high base damage and can be crafted for cheap without rolls, but also require that you mitigate reloads and they can misfire and they and their ammo is much much more expensive. They also hit touch AC and Gunslingers have deeds though.

This one.

But Overlewd is already happening?

So you want to focus into only a combat role, but also have the ability to just OHKO any enemy? If you end combats that fast and can't do much when outside combat, you're going to do nothing for a good portion of the game.

They can level into something other than fighter if they just want to make four guns work, which is what we were trying to accomplish.

Yes, we call this 'tier 4', its why fighters, paladins, barbarians, and Slayers are all rated here.

user, we've had pretty fucking retarded ideas posted here that were wildly popular, give us the idea!

I don't get why people would choose to just sit there twiddling their thumbs until initiative is roled, only to then end combat in two if not one round. Do they want to go back to twiddling thumbs?

Oh yeah, should also add. The character looks like a shota, even though he's actually older than he looks. Consequence of his draconic heritage, it slowed down the aging process so he looks young even though he's over 25 years old. Not sure if I want to play it as him having to fight from range because his figure makes him weak, or if I want his draconic heritage to make him stronger than he seems so he's a bruiser in Melee despite looking young.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

You can still do shit outside of combat. It's called roleplaying.

Even if we ignore that you can still put points in skills and use those outside of combat all the time.

Some people can roleplay, instead of rollplaying


I keep wanting to bitch about how much more simple and streamlined 4th ed is. If it wasn't for abandoning venician casting.

Also, it should have been 1 Daily every 5 levels, not every 3. Getting Dailies at 1, 5, and 9 was really just too many dailies.

They also could have stuffed all the base classes into the first players handbook, even though it would have meant an odd ratio of controllers/blockers/strikers/leaders


Do you think the DPR autists who want to go four-guns-OHKO-Dragons can roleplay instead of rollplay?

really there should have been more of a venician/spontaneous casting hybrid in each arcane class.

You should still have spell slots and you should still have to pick some spells, but other spells you should know off the cuff.

Except I don't like 4th eds ritual/ combat spell dichotomy.

Welcome to the Stormwind Fallacy, faggot. Optimizing a character sheet and roleplaying a character are not exclusive.

fucking thri-keen broke 2nd edition ad&d

I'm aware of the fallacy, I'm asking if you think it holds when someone wants to play a four armed race to use guns.

...Huh. Didn't know that archetype was a thing. I actually sort of like the idea of him fighting unarmed, favoring his fists over "inferior" weapons. There's some problems that come from fighting unarmed, but since he'd also be a sorcerer I think I could actually manage. Thanks user!

Dual composite longbows probably still has higher DPR, fampai.

Yeah, they pretty much are.

When you are roleplaying you will pick flaws that negatively effect your build. You will do irrational things like pack your spell slots with nothing but utility spells. You might roleplay as a pacifist or someone who doesn't WANT to go trekking in exotic ruins, but HAS to, because of some debt, vice, or other character flaw that compels him to throw all his money away.

>Draconic Sorcerer
>looks really young despite being 25+

I like it

Spell Slots are a fucking cancerous system.

It literally has nothing to do with that person's intent or ability to roleplay.

"Hey I want four pistols"
"Hey I want a Colossal Blade"
"I want to control like sixty skeletons"

Can the paladin not roleplay because he gets good mileage out of his Smite? Is the monk automatically better at roleplaying because he's CRB-only, Human only, no bonus feats, final destination?

Of fucking course not.

Well, thank you. Played video games with some old university buddies and manage to tear up the bad guys something fierce in my group's campaign. Whatever its mechanical faults, I'm finding Mooncursed pretty fun to roleplay.

Make sure you use it with umonk

I would want to be a four armed race and use guns because that's fucking awesome. Just like how I want to be a sorcerer that picks only necromancer spells and focuses on animate dead because it's fucking awesome, even though that is the single worst way to do it.

Plus they might be signing up for overlewd or something.

I mean, the conversation started with double bows, but the first response derailed it into 2 rifle/4gun

No they are not. They require forethought and creativity to use while roleplaying. Your spells can't just be "explained away" and say "lol, it just works because" your powers have to emanate from who your character is, not their class or system.

>Optimizers totally can't roleplay
>Optimizers can NEVER vary from "DA BES" for flavor purposes and still be optimized
>Optimizers cannot be good roleplayers

I guess nobody who plays a Strength-based Greatsword user with Power Attack is a roleplayer, then.

America invades Druma because Rasputin's confidant decided to betray the big dicked guy and goes to USA with magical knowledge, but America has money troubles and the guy who wants to invade Golarion has to prove that 1: It's real and 2: It's possible, so he contacts Technic League rejects who help him make Tesla's stuff with the added benefit of getting tech straight form those weird "future prediction" paintings from the time. They don't have a full army so they have to be sort of covert and use local bandits, mercenaries and greedy guys to help stealing the local resources. Players would be from different parts of Drumish culture (Mercenary League, prophets to be. merchants) who learn of this threat, but the big shoes don't want to hear any of it because a prominent member says that they are not a threat and if they are that they could be bargained with. So for the first half you learn about the invaders while trying to gather renown and wealth to be able to actually have a voice over the one guy who is totally not in cahoots with America. After that happens, the Americans come with a full battalion and all sorts of anti-magic shit to siege the capital because being covert no longer has merits because River Kingdom barbarians are on their side. Players then infiltrate their main camp and go through *portal name pending* and shut it from that side. Now inside a military complex the players would have to find a way to close it from this side and disappear into the wilderness to shut down *bigger portal name pending* to stop Mr.Evil America Man. While on Earth they'd have to use *resource name pending* to be able to use their normal magic powers and stuff while gathering what allies they can and find where Mr.Evil Man is, stop him and maybe assault a flying battleship and stop the American clerics from leeching off from the gods that are known to exist in the setting, with an emphasis on cover actions and capitalism because USA.

Like I said, retarded.

So was Humanfinder user going to run a game, or not? I'm not getting the whole picture.

Except none of those things are true. How the fuck does point based spell casting preclude any of that?

The only argument that kind of holds water is "forethought" which only applies to prepared casters which are bad for other reasons.

My argument is not that lower optimization is better roleplay, I usually see it as worse. My argument was that with building towards that level of DPR causes a huge amount of versatility loss, both in mechanics and in overall character flavor. If your character is only "I shoot guns really well", it's not much of a backbone for a character, leaving more to the player to come up with. That can result in poorer quality play since they might rely on mechanics to help flesh out an interesting character.

Vaguely related to this discussion, how muh retooling of out of combat stuff and scaling would I have to do to make it viable to form a party expressly around the idea that certain members are unstoppable in combat and others handle things outside of fighting?

>Forethought and creativity
>I prepare a bunch of super versatile, always-useful spells in the morning and leave the rest of my slots open
>take the thing that lets me park my ass for a minute to prep whatever the fuck I want with the remaining slots
>I get to maintain several spellbooks worth of spells, which will be constantly expanding

Wow so exciting

A good and creative roleplayer would obviously take greater weapon focus/specialization: Standard Double Crossbow, as well as Many Shot and Tower Shield Proficiency, in order to maximize his Melee RP potential.

With these choices on a large character only capable of wielding small weapons, 6 dex, 2 strength, and his never-to-be-enchanted shuriken, his legendary story as the greatest 2-handed weapon user in history will write itself into six movie deals and a vynil.

How do I utility wizard in combat if I don't want to summon? Not a huge fan of big explosions when my party is mostly melee.

See, the thing is after having played for years on a college campus, on Veeky Forums, on roll20, and in flgs's I can tell you 99% of people can't play a prepared caster to save their fucking lives.

/pfg/ is particularly bad at this. I ran a game here years ago and had people fucking flounder when I told them I actually needed them to give me their prepared lists each morning.