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I like this but it feels like it suffers a bit in that there's nothing about the world.


Poppin' OC

I actually think I'd pick the Demon out of these options. Aromatherapy is a nice ability, and she's cute.


Wish there was a lamia though.

I'm reposting some OC from the last thread. There was some really interesting discussion on how people would use their powers, including some creative uses of Pocket Dimension that I hadn't considered before.

Given that it's my first CYOA I'm interested in getting some feedback. Not just on the writing, but on the layout and design. What works, what doesn't that sort of thing. Though the writing could use some work (the Lens of Fate might be OP).

Our gratitude to those Players who have already offered their suggestions.


God of Celebration

The Sun


Fun comfy times ahead, lads

I really want the extra time of not needing sleep, but I don't like old robot anime. I'd probably go with the succubus because she'd make me feel the most cared for. Eye contact and all that...


>Fight the Good Fight

Lens of fate is ok though it only works within line of sight so you can obscure the vision by placing rubble or retreating to the pocket dimension or just crushing up and down with gravity

So i was thinking about taking
A must have for health and longevity
For dem monies
I want to be safe and don't want no trouble
>Media Insight
To maybe improve some things. But then i heard that Eidetic can help you get bitches and i guess that beats the voting, because who knows if my vote would actually make a diffrence, but bitches are essential.

>people actually wasting precious points on stuff like silky hair and pretty face

Fucking casuls, I'll meet you in Valhalla.


Automaton. Kuudere is best dere, and sleep is for the weak anyway.


>I'll meet you in Valhalla
No, you won't.

>Caduceus Initiative
>feel like they're fifty when they're pushing a hundred
...but shouldn't those that choose this be kept at their physical peak, meaning they shouldn't be feeling anywhere near that old?

Freebie. I aint interested in doin' shit

>Spacial relocation
>Bonus A & B

>Gravity amplification
>Bonus A

>Pocket dimension

>Vial of aether

Temporal Manipulation
Gravitic Amplification + B
Gravitic Redirection + B

I like it, you can get pretty creative but I'm up for something basic.

Forgot Item:
Vial of Aether


Amended, with our sincerest apologies.
We endeavour to try. Clinical immortality awaits us just over the next research grant, as it has for seven tiresome decades.

I feel as though nerfing Sinecure was unnecessary, particularly given that it actually requires you to attend a 'job' rather than just conveniently dispensing the money. Creative usage of the information and influence that other Winnings can grant you seem better for generating revenue anyway.

I think I need more items.

Two of the items are useless in the Freebie scenario (rod and lens) while the ring just doesn't have the same punch as the vial.

I could buff the ring, I suppose.

What other space/time items might be interesting? My notes had two other items that I cut. One was just a concept (a crystal ball sort of thing) while the other was fully written (a one use black hole in a can sort of thing)

We set out to provide a menu of options as closely matched as possible, in order to stimulate the decision making centres of our Players.
The adjustment to Sinecure was made in tandem with improvements to Relocation, to adjust balance. The original amount of money for nominal work is available for two picks, more finely matching raw buying power with personal initiative and delegation in other options.

Fair enough, I suppose-and I did notice the changes to Relocation, which seemed for the better. I'd still argue that Sinecure's base cost doesn't justify losing out on another Winning, and spending two picks on it seems even less justified. An overcorrection in my eyes at least, although I suppose we'd have to wait to see how popular it is now.

We'll see about that, little man. Waifu's ain't free, the land of CYOA must be littered with the blood of adventurers. Praise emperor.

What about a coin or a dice or something that when thrown ''Shuffles'' probability?


>I'll meet you in Valhalla.
it's only a 50/50 shot friendo
statistically speaking the two of us won't meet

This isn't the culling, no one has to go to Valhalla, there's no downside to not going either. You go and enjoy your stay in Valhalla, I'm going to enjoy my adventures.

I'm stuck. I need a 4th power to balance this shit out because I'm autistic.

A. Certainty. The power to cause a chosen event to certainly come to pass as long as the person involved does not give up. Hard work is guaranteed to be rewarded.

B. Miracles. The power to cause a miracle to happen as long as the chosen miracle is at least possible. 0,00000000000000001% to happen suffices.

C. Infinity. The power to endlessly repeat anything, whether that involves destroying or repairing, until a desired outcome is reached.

I play most CYOAs the same. I try to make the physically tankiest and strong character I can, and pick companions that based entirely on how fun it'd be to adventure with them. it actually disapoints me when a CYOA seems to go out of its way to encourage any kind of build other than one focused on physical strength, or when all the compaions seem designed to around what they can offer you and not what makes them a cool character.

That's just me though.

Don't these total out the same?
>Do anything possible if you stick to it
>Do anything possible, no need to stick to it
>Try anything, infinite retries
Shit, A and C are paraphrasing one another.

>Caduceus Initiative x2
Gotta make sure I stay healthy and well.
>Eidetic Technology
Would be neat to know Japanese, and to get a better handle on how to code games. Plus maybe the whole brain-unmuddling could make me feel happier in general.
Neetbux, basically. A bit under eight times as much as I'd be getting from the trust fund, minimum.

With the amount of choices that were added, have you considered bumping up the amount of free picks a lottery winner gets?

Let's see.
>fucking amazing
Man, this choice is hard.

Obviously Origins - the ability to produce things from the Sea of Zero. It's much frailer than the other powers, but all of them require something to work off of. Eventually the power of Origins can surpass even Infinity.

I'm going to do some brainstorming on that idea. It might be a nifty thing to have.


doesn't B just completely invalidate A for the most part?

D plenty : you will never run out of a good once you have acquired it.

We considered it, but the only game mechanic is decision making, and limits breed creativity. That being said, I'm considering splitting the picks into two or more categories and giving one or two picks per category.

A guarantees success as long as you don't give up. B guarantees success as long as it's possible. There's a clear difference there. C, on the other hand, is worse than A or B, since you might never succeed no matter how many times you roll the dice, but it also lets you do things which are truly impossible, like eating the same cake twice.

That's an application of Infinity.

They work out quite well. Thematically you could say;

Miracles beat Certainty, as a miracle can occur even in the face of certainty
Certainty beats Infinity, as a certainty infinitely repeated remains a certainty
Infinity beats Miracles, as an endlessly repeating miracle ceases to be a miracle

Too bad I need a 4th power to tie the whole thing together in my cyoa.

Explain further, my friend.

Maybe offer the ability to take a second deal, with the understanding that you have to live up to both responsibilities and it's going to be extremely difficult?

>not wanting to be Superman
>not honoring your star's final wishes and continuing its legacy

And you call yourself an earthling of the solar system?

>A guarantees success as long as you don't give up. B guarantees success as long as it's possible.
So you can do impossible things with stick-to-it-ive-ness?
How would you attempt something impossible in such a way that it would occur? If you have anything resembling a coherent explanation, what is the practical difference between that and merely making the impossible into the strictly-speaking-possible and using miracle to go the extra distance?


What about
D. Convergence The power to unite multiple events in to a single one to get something else?

There are currently nineteen options, counting second picks. Isn't getting eight of them a bit much?

come to think of it plenty is just a smaller aspect of a miracle
seriously for all but achieving the most abstract of stuff a miracle will be the best choice
and even then a 0.00000000000....1% chance is so hard to define, who's to say what constitutes impossible when we're talking about miracles with next to no chance of happening?
you can get infinity out of miracle easily by saying "man i hope this was just a dream" and waking up

Well from what user said it would appear that the power would allow something with a 0% chance to happen.

There is a 0% chance a sparrow will beat a tank in a fight...until you use that power.

The only problem would be now that that item/event/whatever HAS happened you would no longer be able to use it since it now is above the 0% threshold it exists or has happened. The possibilities are endless yet limited to it happening ONCE.

Problem I see with that is that nothing in there implies that you have ability to find other planet with life or that life even exists anywhere else. And eternity of just flying from star to star is not very exciting.

a star doesn't have feelings you nigger

It's similar to Infinify, but when Infinity can make one into any possible number, Origins can make zero into one. That is, Origins can create things out of nothingness - life, for example.

I guess you're not far enough into Umineko to have met the Witch of Origins yet? Then I also shouldn't suggest the Witch of Drama or the Detective's Authority.

>The possibilities are endless yet limited to it happening ONCE
So use this to become omnipotent or something.

Stars don't enter your body to give you power either.

The sun is now your dying waifu so deal with it.

>posting pictures of Astolfo
Good heavens would you look at the time!

You can't. Someone already beat you to that use of it.

Giving user the powers of Featherine seems like the stupidest thing anyone could ever do.

I guess I'm too stupid to appreciate Maria's powers. It seemed rather childish to be perfectly honest although there was some allusion to her child becoming God or something.


how important is it for you guys to be able to pick your race in a fantasy cyoa?

>tfw user doesn't let me pick my race

Not at all. I'm no race traitor or furry

Why doesn't that one get builds?

I always go with human anyway

Not incredibly, so long as it doesn't force me to be something I'm not interested in being, but my vanity almost demands an option to pick my appearance.

Depends on the races available, the general attitude towards whichever race we'd be stuck with if we didn't get a choice, and various other factors relating to differences between our given race and the other races (and whether the negative ones - from our perspective - can be overcome somehow).


the original post didn't mention miracles where limited to low chances, even then simply because something happens once doesn't mean it seizes to be a miracle the bext time. A miracle doesn't change the laws of probability , it simply defies them.


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Yeah, it's a little abstract, but Umineko magic always is. I'd frame it as "the power to do the truly impossible, but only a little at a time." Of course, those little bits add up, to grand miracles none of the other witches could achieve.

You could also do the Witch of Resurrections. Ange's much more reasonable than Featherine.

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Ange's resurrections tie in strongly with Infinity and I was hoping to sweep that under the rug for now.

I like the Origins idea though. Hopefully it'll all end up making sense.

Aesthetic choices never matter to me. If I can be myself then I always opt for that unless a choice has a significant advantage over being myself.

Companion aesthetics are infinitely more important.

Dragons are perfect, majestic creatures who have evolved beyond the need for carnal pleasure. They don't have smelly dicks. They are PURE!

>Companion aesthetics are infinitely more important.

>that pic

Aryan master-race.

D. Endless Nine to reject all of this shit

>Dragons are perfect, majestic creatures who have evolved beyond the need for carnal pleasure.
>posts a picture from an anime in which the titular dragon maid wants to sex up the main human (female) so very badly
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This is okay. no furry implications if youre not paranoid.

This makes me scram bloody murder.

I like the option, but it's not essential. Generally the best reason to include it is because it lets you flesh out your fantasy world.

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