I got this

OK now what

return it and spend your money on something better

Build and paint them up, and wait for 8th edition to come out.

Do NOT buy any books now because they will be invalidated when 8e comes out this year. And this is a good thing.

How much more money do i need to shove into this before i can feasibly do anything. This has already been a hundred bucks.

Your fault for not asking people who played before you started. They would have told you to buy the Start Collecting Space Marines and just buy the space marine paint box. You could be playing with that as soon as it got built.

How did you not look this up BEFORE spending te money? Like honestly.

probably at least 200 more on models, add an extra 100 for books
then even more on models when you want more options

Yeah, base paints =/= basic paints mate. If I were you I would get a refund.

The store didn't have that and i only found out that existed when i got home. On the upside, when i do get that i'll have 2 extra squads?

Those paints and supplies are an initial cost that every hobbyist needs to get through. Of course you could be that-guy and never paint your shit because you are too lazy/cheap.

Right now you have a box of models, which is a start, but you will be needing more for an army. How much is yet to be seen depending on how the new 8th edition will turn out. The whole game is getting a complete overhaul and revamp.

Good news is the core rules will be free when it comes out (no need to buy a base rulebook), and the army rules, will be in cheaper books. So that will at least be a low cost. We don't have a release date for this edition yet, so just get some models collected and painted up so you can hit the ground running when it does come out.

40k is a hobby game, so you can't expect to have everything you need all at once without dropping loads of money on it. It's something you build up over time.

Oh shit you're right this is BASE colours.


I dun goof'd. This is surely going to prove useful in the long run anyway though.

why did you buy a paint set? return it if you can. what is your goal? do you want large scale battles, because you can play either killteams or shadowar armageddon with just a box of guys. who are you playing with friends or local store?

Nice, thanks for that input. I have none of the books and was actually wondering how tricky that's going to prove.

And fuck that half the reason i'm getting this is i want to paint my cool army of little dudes.

why would you ask this after spending your money?

The minimum is two troops choices and an hq.


I didn't think that far. Is fun a goal? There's a store that carries this shit, but i don't know if they organize battles. I do have some friends that have a couple armies that would give some games a shot.

>And fuck that half the reason i'm getting this is i want to paint my cool army of little dudes.
And that's a perfectly good reason. It's rewarding to have an army of cool little dudes.

Again, DO NOT buy any books for now, until the new edition drops. Except maybe some novels if you want to read them, those of course won't become obsolete.

What's wrong with buying a paint set?
I mean, you're painting the damn things.

there are better paint sets for less money

Why did you buy models when they are about to become invalid with the 8th edition? Regular marines are being discontinued and wont be true scale.

Nothing. You should buy paints, and should paint your models.

GW paints are a little high priced, but they are good quality and easy to work with. Also all the duncan painting videos use those paints so its easier to follow along if you want to use those.

Duncan painting videos are painting tutorials on WarhammerTV on youtube.

There are other miniatures paint brands of course, but its generally personal preference.

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my bet is on some neckbeard who is pretending to be gurl to get more atention

>This has already been a hundred bucks
Mein Gott, where did you buy them? Hard to believe you couldn't get that stuff cheaper.

That's a Deathadder Chroma, it cycles through colors. The mousepad is a Dota 2 pad i got outta the local Dreamhack. And i'm not a girl. Just genuinely new.

>No GW Chaos black spray
>Only base paints
>No layer paints for highlights
>No official GW hobby tools
>Space Marines and not Tau

Ya done goofed son

Is this even true. It smells like bullshit.

See how many will fit in your dickhole. Post the pics on /b/.

>fully assembled
>tons of visible mouldlines
>did not even bother to sand places where de made cuts
>primes with black

typical tau player

Penny pinching is the key to success in this hobby. You got to be to be both indulgent and shop around.Also, fuck ArmyPainters spray cans.

Hey mate, newfag to 40k too. I'm a bit worried about blowing too much money so I'm taking it slow and making sure I get everything painted.

My advice would be primarily wait for 8th edition, we're getting free rules and cheap codexes like others mentioned. It'll also save you learning 7th only for it to become invalid later.

For painting your guys I'd recomend you return the paints and grab the start painting space marines like other anons mentioned. The start collecting boxes and Armoured Fist (the transport and troops) are always a great deal for beginners, they've always got some essential models in there and the rest you can sell on, what i used to do was buy SC boxes and sell the stuff I didn't want to save loads of money.

Now for the reason I wrote this post, if you want to play now, go down your FLGS and see if anyone would be willing to teach you Kill Team, it's a 200 point game (You can work out points costs from the online codexes in the link at the top of the thread, they're free pdfs) meaning you can play it with your tac squad unless I'm being stupid. It'll teach you the basics of 40k, this is what I'm doing to learn and I'm enjoying it a lot.

The one issue with kill team is you will need the 7th ed and kill teams book. The 7th ed can be gained through the mega link but that's obviously not helpful when you're away from home, you could ask a guy at the store if you can use his book or buy the cheap £10 condensed rule book.

However I'd seriously say, as a new player, wait for 8th before you start learning.

fun is a goal, but one persons fun is painting and customizing models, whereas anothers fun is priming their guys black, then taking them to a battle. hopefully you will enjoy painting and playing

not true at all, marines have grown in size every edition, and you can still use 1st edition marines, there is no invalidating the models. they might not be the same size as future marines, but you will still be able to field them just fine

I'm definitely planning on painting. What's even the point otherwise.

Thanks for the hints. I've had a look at painting videos and i think i'll keep the Base Paint box. They seem like something i'll definitely need. I just need to get some primer, layer colors and some tools now.

The paint box you have are all base paints. They are necessary because they have a high pigment concentration so they do things easily like cover the colors underneath very well. But they aren't the colors you need for layering and highlighting.

Layer paints are not as thick as base paints, but have a wider palette and do things like highlighting and blending better.

One thing you will need are washes. They are a really running clearer paint. They are designed to get on the model, pool into the recesses, and fill in the hard-to-reach places. They also bring out detail really well.

Keep your base paint set. Buy the layer paints you need depending on the color scheme you are going for, and get the washes you need. Again, check out the WarhammerTV painting videos for further instructions.

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