What do you guys do when your players die?

What do you guys do when your players die?
Do you let them reroll or do you start a completely new campaign.
Also with this I mean after they have been playing for quite a long time.

When the players die, I get new players.


Maybe OP could rephrase the question?

If it's anything short of a TPK, the players assume new characters until the old ones can be resurrected. If it's a TPK and they've been playing long enough that we have more than a year invested in the story, it usally means that it's time for the players to bust their way out of the Hell in one way or another.

Kek I meant when the party wipes after playing a long time, do you guys as dm let them reroll and start the campaign over or do you guys start a new campaign?

How much did you fuck up as a DM and how much did they fuck up as players that ALL of them died? Was there no escape or something? Why there was no escape?

But letting them get resurrected even after everyone dies seems a bit cheap to me.

They can reroll a character of same level. But they lose all items and must choose a new race and class. We play pathfinder.

I might have fucked up on this one as a DM as I threw too many enemies on the party.
After all the things they defeated I thought they could do this easily but the mobs got some lucky rolls and fucked them up.

Resurrection is always cheap unless it's part of something else (like an apotheosis or becoming a vampire).

I'd say introduce other consequences outside of death to avoid such things. They could either be warped by an event, or lose something very valuable to them. Or have them go through some trouble in order to make up for being alive, like said with fighting out of hell. Make them lose progress or feel the hurt for failure, but don't halt the journey entirely unless that's what a player wants.

No problem with that, everyone has a bad day. What I'm amazed at is that none of them cowardly escaped the second he saw they were losing.

Most of the groups I've DM'd for had at least two or three guys who would flee the second another player dies.

We've had close to 100 tpks over the yeas.

We just reroll. A couple times we've brought a pc back from the dead.

Most of our party wipes are under lv5, and under lv5's shouldn't ever be brought back from the dead.

Kek I never saw that happen most parties I DM for have the 'nobody gets left behind' mentality.
They will only run if they can do it together.

Ask your players if they want it to be realist or they prefer you to asspull something to have them revived. Ask too if they want to continue the campaign with different PCs if that makes sense for your story.

Most of my players come from the "realist fantasy" fanbase and this kind of heroic behaviour is for paladin-like characters and maybe lovers.

Eberron did it best, where the only NPC capable of casting resurrection is the loli-pope of Not!Catholicism, and even then she can only cast the spell while in the Not!Vatican.

Same here. If one pc dies...they'll all stay there and die.

>They can reroll a character of same level.
That's dumb, that makes resurrecting people pointless.
>must choose a new race and class.
Obviously done to try a make it less pointless, but still kind of dumb.
>But they lose all items
That's fair.

But lets say they have been traveling and fighting for a very long time now, it should make them care about eachother.


I run a game where combat is very lethal and there is no raising of the dead or resurrections. It makes combat a lot more tense, and the players treat alternative means to fighting with a lot more thought and respect.

It also helps to explains why important, rich, and powerful people (like the bbeg) don't just keep coming back forever, and means that assassins are credible threats.

Anyway, to answer the question, I have them start from scratch. If only a few player characters die and the surviving ones are pretty strong I'll usually start them past first level to not have too much disparity, because it wouldn't make much sense for these people to want to hang out with novices and scrubs.

Players will occasionally get really upset or angry upon losing a character, and I don't try to stop that or calm them down. Usually after some time they're excited about playing their new character.

You mean characters, OP.

...you do mean characters, right, OP?