What kind of man plays board games on soft surfaces?

What kind of man plays board games on soft surfaces?

A Slav and recent father, looking at that photo.

I've done it before. Sometimes you don't have a table or a convenient place otherwise. I've played games with students, all clustered around a stripped down bed as it's the closest thing to a large, flat surface we had available that wasn't the floor.

OP, that's a woman.i mean, I know we joke about fa/tg/uys not knowing what a woman looks like but come on

What is this "Woman" that you speak of?

I've heard rumors of such a thing....


>reading comprehension

They live over the mountains friend, I haven't seen one myself though.

The kind of guy who's confident that he's gonna be fuckin' on said surface afterwards, all the pieces strewn carelessly on the floor as they're both overwhelmed by passion.

A fucking lunatic.

Only someone with a momentous aura.

The kind who is skinny or has a flat level surface to play over, like a woman.

Do you Catan?

Some card games can be played without a stable surface. And a few dice games just need a cup. But I think the only reason to play board games on a bed is to seamlessly transition into fucking.

Fuck me sideways, I didn't even see the goddamn baby until now

A man who ISN'T going to clean up the goddamn mess that's gonna happen once the game board inevitably moves and piece go everywhere since it's not on a hard flat surface.

game in pic is Neuroshima 51st state.
Not really a game for soft surfaces.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

I know, sneaky little bastards!



You're joking right? I mean there's not REALLY these 'woman' things there are there?

Thanks for the chuckle m8, I needed that

>What kind of man plays board games on soft surfaces?
Catan players, mostly.

is that the one girl from the blowjob video

thank you for this

>mistreating your boardgames in such a manner
Instant turn-off, to be honest.

Yes, that's the one girl from the only blowjob video on the internet.

nice time to fap

how'd you see the blowjob video? doesn't your school block it?

>nice time to fap
Isn't that just like saying "time currently exists".

heh, pay me 5 dollars and get me a cookie at lunch and i can tell ya

never did understand how all the greasy boardgamers I knew back at uni bred so much. Each kid is a spotty filthy screaming tantrum throwing lactose intolerant gluten free genetic backstep.

You could just have your girlfriend be the table


Fuck I'm old and alone, as this is post 33 and nobody pointed out.

>I've played games with students, all clustered around a stripped down bed

Did they find out? Were you fired?

What game is that on the bed? It looks vaguely familiar, but I'm way too tired to make any sense of it.

See It's the new edition.

A comfy man.

What's the issue? I always play boardgames on my bed because I don't have a table large enough for most boardgames.

You know what? I REALLY envy this toddler. My granny thought I was mentally retarded for not playing with cars like a "normal" boy, my dad thought boardgames make children dumber and my mum routinely threw the missing pieces she found into the trash.

> Playing boardgames makes you dumber
> Oh no but playing with cars is fine

What sort of headcases did you have for parents/family?

These are not headcases, these are traditionalist parents who believe that men should be manly.