Do you like it when a setting is using races based on stereotypical fantasy races but slightly different?

Do you like it when a setting is using races based on stereotypical fantasy races but slightly different?

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It's fine if the race is something known and easily recognizable... like satyr, minotaurs, even tengu or ratfolk... but once you start talking about [output = random fantasy word generator] who are 4 legged elves with purple hair who live on the moon and shit taffy, then you've gone off the fucking rails, m8.

Personally I draw the line at donut steal dragonfolk.

Give me one (1) reason your setting doesn't have Harvins.

As long as you don't use the Dwarf Fortress method of giving every animal on the planet a humanoid and giant version, then I'm fine with it.

I don't know what a Harwin is.

Are they Chibi-people [end of characterization]?

As long as you use the Dwarf Fortress method of giving every animal on the planet a humanoid and giant version, then I'm fine with it.

They are literally just slightly better hobbits and almost every setting has those.

>dat Draph
Damn, horns are the new fluffy tail...

No, if dwarves aren't mining shit in a mountain then don't call your fantasy race dwarves.

They are called that way for a reason.

Eh. Not different enough, I gues.

I guess Draphs do kinda count, not too dwarf-y, but I'm not sure what they quirk is.

I prefer a more drastic difference.

You got good taste m80

I'm intrigued.

Tell me more.

>Played a pretty good "Not-FFXII's Setting That I Can't Remember The Name of Right Now" campaign back in highschool
>That shit was dope
>Played a Bangaa Dark Knight
>Remember "Token cute girl that hung out with the guys" played a Viera White Mage that made my peepee hard
>Didn't actually know much about the lore, so a good portion of the campaign was a mishmash of quests similar to Tactics Advanced and A2, and FFXII.

The lizardfolk have a lot of physical close-combat classes due to an ineptitude with magic. They're a buff warrior race with an acute sense of smell, to the point where they can fight blindly.

These bunnygirls have a lot of access to ranged and magic-using classes. One interesting thing is their sensitivity to a phenomenon called the mist, which causes them to hulk out and go berserk if exposed to high concentrations of it.

>Nu Mou
They look like long-eared hippo dogs and they're nearly always magic users. Their bodies are frail and while they age slowly they end up becoming venerable when most other races would be young adults.

The obligatory cute race. A lot of their classes focus on ranged combat, magic, and plain trickery. They're like halflings if halflings used their cuteness to rob you blind. Their vocabulary is peppered with 'kupo's.

>Seeq and Gria
The Seeq are the porcine race, and they focus a lot on hunting, tracking, and innawoods survival type stuff. The Gria are the dragongirls, who use their innate strength and flight to their advantage.

All in all, not the most original of fantasy races nor do they get much development in the games, but I personally prefer them to dwarf clan #728 and elf conclave #1432.

>but I personally prefer them to dwarf clan #728 and elf conclave #1432

because youre a fgt

i would take these over hobbits though because i really hate hobbits

I see. Well, some good, some bad (didn't remember the bunnies were all female hotties).

There's male viera, but they live separately from the females and are never really seen in any of the games.

Draph are everything I ever wanted from dwarves.

It's like they took the best things about dwarves and removed the worst.

You could replace hobbits with humanoid rabbits and hardly need to change a thing about their culture.

I don't think hobbits fuck nearly as much as rabbits.

What? This is a Dwarf of Welsh myth. stop making settings with things called dwarves that don't even live in water.

Man, you have no idea!

I never quite got the Humes in Tactics

They are always male but appear so feminine and even wear dresses

Nice crown you got there.

seriously what the hell is a harvin? the wiki for whatever that game is doesnt explain them at all

That sounds great


Yes, and?

I enjoy it immensely.

If someone can recognize it as what it's based on without you saying the name then it's acceptable.

They're not dwarves though, if anything they're Welish hobbits.

my setting has neither

Dwarfs are actually just, Svart√°lfar or black alfs if you will. In other word they're dark elves.

Check your Norse privilege.

This dwarf is pretty cool why don't we get this?

Yes, because the word described the lowest caste of spiritual beings

It's actually an interesting read, though yeah wikipedia and all that:

I'm curious about the bit where old Norse dwarves weren't short of stature and the suggestion that Christianization lead to dwarves as lesser deities being taken as literal physical smallness.

Similarly, if your elves aren't extremely handsome and bright like the sun, don't call them elves.

You know nothing of our forest ways!

Still sitting in your backwoods, Thranduil?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a bitch. Especially when you hit the bottle so hard it effects you backwards through time.

I don't think I would be able to function in that world.

Viera, Bangaa, Moogles, Seeq and Nu Mou a best.

I kind of wonder what stats they would have in a normal RPG.

>the girl horned people aren't also big and stronk

This is dumb and stupid

They are smart, agile and optimized for breeding while males are the muscle. It's like a perfect species.

>but I'm not sure what they quirk is.
I think the answer is pretty obvious: Extreme (for humanoids) sexual dimorphism. The actual answer is tiny titty monsters who can give boobjobs from a standing position and have handlebars on their heads

I always considered them purposefully ambiguous, so the players could decide whether his hume ally was male or female.

You have to admit that a race of oppai lolis with handlebars on head is pretty genius.

What is this pic from?

What are you talking about? Are you completely ignoring the males? They are the extreme opposite of everything a hobbit is supposed to be.

They are dwarves. They are into metallurgy, working in mines and inventing things. They are tough, handle heat very well and their males are naturally bad at traditional magic while being great warriors.

Half the species being BIG GUYS kinda disqualifies them from being dwarves.

That term is applied far too liberally, they're just short. No more loli than a female dwarf, and I'm not talking about meme dwarfs where even the females have beards.

The potatoes fill that niche.

I can be down with that.

I let my players tweak shit in my game. Our elves turned out looking more like a satyr and a human had a kid (no horns, ears/tails, hooves but not full-blown goatleg), our orcs are basically qunari with the Bioware carved out of them, and the dwarf/halfling niche was not filled because nobody wanted to keep going after we had three species, so humans fill the "industrious sturdy bastards" niche.

I like vanilla fantasy races with interesting civilizations and societies.

Females can also be dwarf as fuck.

They, along with most other races in the setting are artificially created slave-races by ancient and highly advanced precursor race. The men were designed to be footsoldiers and manual laborers, so they're big and strong. The females are designed to be impregnated and pop out more male slaves to replace the dead ones.

It's amusing how the entire concept of the dwarves as a tough, robust race of mountain warriors and skilled craftsmen is appealing and present in most fantasy settings, except the manlet part.

Game never stated outright that they were created to be slaves. Just enslaved. Sexual dimorphism is pretty common.

>Our elves turned out looking more like a satyr
Superior Lorwyn elves.

To be totally fair I don't think it's the manlet part the point with dwarves. Their niche is the "tough guy", them being short is basically the fact that well, dwarves in myth are short.

Which is DND bullshit. JRRT dorfs were magic alright, albeit in a different way.