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Nice Day Edition
Anons, I really hope you're all having a good day. Have you gotten yourself something to eat? Are you properly hydrated? Do you have a special someone or favorite dog or cat to keep you company? Your favorite album playing that takes you back to the good ole' days?

What does your character do to remind them of who they love and why they do what they do? Does your character have loved ones?

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>character do to remind them of who they love and why they do what they do?

I can only assume that if they are adventuring they have forgotten who they love. Why else would they be adventuring?

>tfw I fantasize about my PCs getting impregnated and raising a family

My character had to sacrifice pursuing the girl he'd been crushing on to marry for political gain. It was the most obvious fucking trap in the world and the GM was a huge fan of GoT and Russian history so I knew I was going to get backstabbed at some point.

Spent the better part of an in-game year preparing for it.

And then one day she saved all our asses, revealed she was a half-celestial Paladin, and that every time she'd mysteriously disappeared from the castle during a crisis, she was off fighting evil. I was pretty damn relieved, because I'd really let her grow on me by that point.

You guys are perverts!


>character killed their lover because his father ousted the PCs family.
>small chance for happy family end

Better than the depression of last thread.

>>character killed their lover because his father ousted the PCs family.



Character is from a denounced noble house, and her lover's family is one of the ones that did that.

Which PCs are yours?

I play exclusively women

My tiny penis could never impregnate a woman.

>tfw my magical realm is to have lots of children with a loving wife
Adventuring was always just a means to an end

Ha! Now you all feel uncomfortable!
All must share my shame!
It is societies fault!

your penis couldn't impregnate a goldfish.

a gefilte fish, maybe

Who else hype for Wubu's final roster?


Who do you want to see get in, why? Who do you want to hook up?

Why do I even NEED other people to have a conversation?

That's adorable, user.

What's she like?

That's a dangerous road to go down, user. You go on grand adventures, meet a nice girl along the way, decide to settle down, and BAM-your wife turns out to be a fox.

If you mean which apps are mine, I haven't signed up for any /pfg/ games.

I played a character whose backstory had that happen.

He wound up having seven children with her and another on the way, she was a viciously powerful sorceress and a potent NPC.

That's probably okay because I think he's a literal animal too.

i knew it.
d&d is church for aetheists
next you'll have me going to singles parties
and strumming Jhon Denver and wearing Cardigans

She's anyone who'll have something like me

I wouldn't mind so long as she's still a girl fox.

pickture the word (WINK!) in size 100 font printed across your screen

Hey, I'm just saying. Sven went out with a raiding party to snatch himself one of them Tian waifus, and when he finally got one, BAM-fox.

Could've happened to anyone on that longboat.

>ywn be a comfy family of shapeshifting tricksters trying to live up to your father's legacy.

>Wubu never announces Blingmaker picks
>We're left guessing as to who got in
>The greentexts have names scrubbed out

What do, /pfg/?

>shapeshifting tricksters

Don't remind me of my illegitimate children user, I dread when I have to meet them

Do they also carry the blood of fools?

"Humanfinder user" here, I posted my custom setting a couple threads ago asking for help making custom races and picking a better name (looking at "In God's Image" as a possibility right now).

Rules-wise, the thing I need to make are the races: a bunch of slightly-to-drastically modified humans in various ways to make them as fierce, powerful and magical as the robots believe their ancient creators must have been.

Anyway from the looks of things, I'm only gonna be able to come up with like 6 races total - a low number for PF - so my current question is now: would it be a good idea to just let players choose their race's assigned ability score adjustments, not just one floating +2 but a full +2/+2/-2 set?

>Racial Penalty to Intelligence

I think tanuki are supposed to have a +dex/+cha/-wis stat block with a bonus to bluff and disguise, on top of a shapeshift effect.

I hope they're less a fool than I am

>check overlewd apps to see if Sorcanon posted yet
>mfw singleclassed gnome druid

Once, I got a barmaid knocked up by session 2, the DM joked about rolling for pregnancy and she announced the barmaid got knocked up.

Fifty sessions later, we ran into the barmaid again and she had his child. He didn't run away, he took responsibility.

They plan to settle down in the country and have a couple more kids, raised without wants or fears.

How can we be left guessing when we can see their users listed as players?

If you make exactly 6 races, give each race a unique -2 attribute, then let the players choose which two attributes to boost by +2. They can even put one toward boosting the weak attribute, winding up with a +2 somewhere else as the only adjustment.

If you do something else, remember that a +4 attribute is worth more than two +2 attributes. Doing that comes with two -2s instead of one.

That sounds cute!

And then Wubu takes down the LFG, leaving us completely




Tanuki in Bloodforge are +Con/Cha, with a bonus on disguise checks for shapeshifting equal to half their character level and a bonus to perform checks. The perfect setup to be THICC.


I know the feeling, user. I know the feeling all too well



/pfg/ is now T H I C C FINDER GENERAL



>Doing that comes with two -2s instead of one.
That's greater paragon. Regular paragon comes with 3 -2s. Also if you have two bonuses in both mental or both physical it's considered specialized, which is worth more than a bonus in each.

>girl is tiny, but has a big rack
>user calls it thicc
are you brain damaged?

I'd rather cute fit girls

Needs more definition, more tone.

I'd rather this.

How's this work you faggot?

>implying anons even know what THICC means
>implying this isn't an excuse to just dump random images


sure, i guess.

The pelt stays on?

>implying I don't
Everything pic related's artist does is thicc.


>Would sell soul to

would sell soul to just to get my dicc wett

God, I forgot Blingmaker was happening.

The bookish Paladin and the drunk Cleric were cute, I remember. Nothing topped the lost Nuggieman


Fuck the -2. Give every set two floating +2s and divvy up the Core Races' extra traits for your heritages.

Or have each heritage have one locked +2 and one free +2 or a choice between two different stats to put the extra +2 in like 4e near the end.

Reminder that Cashmere is not Catmere
>ywn pet her tail till she's an orgasming mess on the floor

Of course she's a fox. why would a world famous adventurer settle for anything less than the most beautiful of women?

Which meme couple would make the best kids?

I want to pet (you) till you're a quivering pile that won't stop cumming.

Rory and Aurora. The cuteness of their kids would be stupidly enormous.

Sigmund x Gloriana

Do Blingmaker or Overlewd have any meme couples?

Agreed. Fluffy swordboys and punchgirls with wolf ears? Sign me up.

But he was already claimed by a t h I c c maid

We had a couple posted a while back

>Sigmund x Gloriana - Almost all of them are brown-haired, with a random spread of green eyes or hazel. The kids are extremely healthy and will undoubtedly grow up to have astounding figures, but they aren't special when it comes to matters of the mind
>Cashmere x Troll - It's like those Trolls from Berserk. The child tears itself out of Cashmere, eats her, and runs off
>Quinn x Gnoll - Gnolls are incompatible with humans
>Etan x Shayliss - Depends on how Kitsune traits are inherited, it could either be blondes and redheads with vulpine features and charming, clever dispositions, or raven-haired charmers which will cause Etan to undoubtedly get quite fussy at the supposed infidelity.
>Rory x Maid - We already know how these ones are going to pop out. Xboxhuge, tough, strong, platinum blonde and FLUFFY TAIL

Kyras x Milre, still pulling for some cute mini-tieflings.

Orlan x Gamze - Here's hoping they have a very skilled midwife, because that poor girl is surely going to need some help.

kys rory

>Gnolls are incompatible with humans
Someone didn't read bloodforge~

Maybe later

I did.

Fucking fuck I hate bloodforge's new races, altered life, and unnatural resilience. Bloodforge was a mistake

How dare charisma pay two feats to not be total garbage

it should just not be garbage.

Aranha x Orik

Okay maybe Altered Life and Unnatural Resilience are SOMEWHAT okay. Charisma, Strength, and Constitution are both in bad places, statwise.

Okay, yeah, I retract that statement, AL/UR are both OKAY... it's just that they're hard to fit into a build and the way you GET them requires you to have a certain element in your backstory, i.e some reason for your blood to be tainted. I just want to have my supreme force of will be responsible for my body not failing.

>I hate bloodforge's new races, altered life, and unnatural resilience. Bloodforge was a mistake

Hey now, there was SOME cool stuff in there. Aerial Wings was nice, as are most of the new race variants for Kitsune, Tengu, and Catfolk! Coreids too! Granted, that's almost all from Infusions, and basically everything I liked is from Forrest, but still.

>how dare charisma pay two feats to not be garbage
>charisma pays two feats to semi-invalidate the OTHER ability score that barely has anything to its name
>it's literally such a shit score that it had to bully its autistic-but-hardworking younger cousin for lunch money


>as are most of the new race variants for Kitsune, Tengu, and Catfolk!
No those were cancerous, but in a different way.

>DSP was only good when forrest was there
>FFS was good until avowed grew out of control

Okay, yeah... Some stuff is cool, but only if it was for existing races. The NEW races in Bloodforge just scream "special snowflake" to me, and the racial variants are probably the things I'd use, if only because, guess what, I can fit those into a setting more easily

I like Oggrs if only because they're Orcs but not shitty.

Con and Cha should be removed from the game, desu.

Charisma yes.

Con, no.

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

What's the creepiest encounter you've ever experienced in a pathfinder game?


Remove con, HP = only from hit dice
Fortitude/negative hit points is shuffled onto strength.

FFS is exactly the same, they just realized that trying to please absolutely everybody is in fact a terrible idea and only leads to frustration and ass blasted from all sides. I'm pretty sure I can get SOMEONE completely booty bothered about it with just the words Monkey's Paw.

Just merge them and split a bit of the HP load to Strength or something. Everybody wants a little bit of Con, and a LOT of players want to at least attempt to be a /LITTLE/ charismatic.

Valeriya x Casimir and Etan x Shayliss.

>Making Wisdom take Charisma's place, and calling it "Wit"
>Making Strength take Constitutions place, and calling it "Physicality

Someone in a normie game has done this houserule. I know it in my heart to be true

I just wanted the avowed to be a thing that gets 2-4 different shape blasts, has some at will SLA stuff, and some decent skill monkeying. Was that too much to ask for?


it would actually be dumb because Strength would be a god stat

G-good thing I have kineticist then.

It... still does. In fact it does it better now, because skills are going to be buffed by both 6+INT as well as a scaling bonus to something useful (Spellcraft, K.Arcana, Stealth, etc) based on your pact.

What do you feel is missing from the Avowed RIGHT NOW, for you? Don't say "CHA-or-STR SAD when I'm a melee character" because that's cancerous and you know it

According to a reliable source, the Avowed is going up to 6+Int skills. I do kinda wish they could get more shapes up and running earlier, because it kinda feels like you HAVE to max out and build around one shape, with anything else as just a backup, or else you fall behind. Maybe it's missing some potential class skills.

Also what the fuck more do you want than the skill clauses, seriously. Rerolls are god-tier, and you get those rerolls ON TOP OF A BONUS. TO MULTIPLE SKILLS.

I think this user has hit the nail on the head. Both of these pairings would probably produce healthy, well adjusted and skilled children.