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4e is pretty cool.

How would you do "feats for races" for unusual races like genasi or orcs?

D&D 5e is a role playing game not a roll playing game

Alright, chaps! I need a character that can move aroudn the battlefield dancing and kicking ass while avoiding being interrupted by silly opportunity attacks.
I don't care the class, I don't care the multiclass, I don't care the build.
Chaps, build me a combat ballerina!

What are some monsters that can make weird elder race beings for my science fantasy campaign. I already have Dao as crystal headed humanoids who seek to yank the wealth from worlds, and some Devils who are host to the largest crime syndicates in astral space.

There are some that get unique options to where they don't really need them.

Honestly I plan to either let ones that fit other official races have access, some of the Dwarf ones come to mind for Goliaths, or rework a couple to be similar but not copies.

Anons? I wanna convert the Phanaton for use in my homebrew setting: 1d4chan.org/wiki/Phanaton

Just how overpowered is this first draft?

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 20 feet, Climb 20 feet
Vision: Normal
Bred for the Treetops: You have a Climb speed of 20 feet and Advantage on Athletics checks made in relation to climbing and jumping.
Forest Ghosts: You have Proficiency in Stealth, and gain Advantage on all Stealth checks made whilst in forest and jungle terrain.
Fangs: When you make an Unarmed Strike, you can choose to bite your opponent. Biting causes your attack, on a hit, to deliver 1d4 Piercing damage. If you have the Martial Arts class feature, your bite attack uses your Martial Arts damage dice instead, although it is still Piercing damage.
Glide: So long as you are not Incapacitated, overburdened, or wearing medium or heavy armor, you can use your Reaction to Glide if you fall or jump off of a high place. Gliding negates all damage you would normally take from falling, and allows you to cover a horizontal distance of 20 feet for every 5 feet you descend.

So I'm trying to figure out how to make the Undying Light Warlock work, but it seems pretty mediocre every way I look at it.

I mean, +CHA to Radiant and Fire damage seems pretty useful, until you consider that there aren't many Radiant spells and most Fire spells only hit once. Fire Bolt seemed the go-to cantrip, but unlike Eldritch Blast will only ever apply the CHA bonus once. Same with Sacred Flame and Radiant Hand.

Swashbuckler rogue

OP here. I accidentally left up the link to the survey for UA: Downtime instead of putting in the one for UA: Feats for Skills. Here it is:

The only possible answer: The Illithid.

>player say would x happen if we did y
>'of course it would, thats just common sense'
>dm says roll common sense to see if your character thinks its common sense


Nice link, OP.

>not berserker/champion

Here's your (You)

AT with mobile or monk with mobile or swashbuckler with magic initiate.

Anyone have any cool stories involving metallic dragons?

The Doom Slayer is literally powered by a Seraphim. His demon asskicking is righteous and holy.

Aboleths are always fun

They're also definitively an elder race.

Yes. One day we found them and killed them all. Then we went after Bahamut. And nailed him. And offered his heart to Tiamat, who ascended from her realms to burn the Astral and Material Planes for a thousand years.
And that's how our game ended horribly and we had to start a new one. A thousand years later.

First time making a setting here, what is a good general layout for setting notes?

Is this a hot meme I don't know about.

If advantage is roughly a +5, what is the Elf Accuracy bonus equal to?

What's the highest AC you could possibly get, through any amount of magic items, multiclassing, UA, etc?

Is the level 3 Eagle Totem ever worth it on a character?

A second +5 because fuck you that's why, the developers are throwing everything at us and seeing what sticks, until they vomit another PHB.

I see everyone is interpreting Elven Accuracy to mean double advantage, but is that really what it's supposed to mean? I feel like they meant reroll the damage dice.

Is there any precedent for (effectively) rolling 3d20 and taking the highest?

It's hardly OP.

>Orcish fury
So, once per short rest, a Half-Orc with this and GWM could do 5d12 + Str + 10 damage with a single crit? Without any class features.
Looks like I will be making my big-dick Half-Orc champion after all.


Last thread autists were upset that some DMs give out advantage/disadvantage or let you auto pass persuasion depending on what you say.

They'd probably hate it even more if they knew I do other things so long as I can actually see the character doing it based off their stats.

Well Lucky turns disadvantage into super advantage aka 3d20.

Well my Wood-Elf Barbarian might just be a good character now.

It's the attack hit, if it was meant to reroll damage it would say so.

>Savage Attacker: Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee weapon attack, you can reroll the weapon's damage dice and use either total.

>Elven Accuracy: Whenever you have advantage on an attack roll, you can reroll one of the dice once.

That's just stunting mechanics isn't it? I could see it working. As long as it's not required or anything, I play a guy who has 18 charisma when I only have like 11 for a reason.

Is there an easier way of trying out an encounter than just rolling basis attacks out myself? Trying to avoid killing a Lv3-4 party but also not making it too easy.

>The Illithid
Mind Flayers are are actually more common in my campaign, ala Spelljammer.

That's a Wisdom check.


Better than nothing.

Yeah but a whole planet of Aboleth? Cities of Aboleth?

Yep, good for crit fishing builds.

Is it wrong to make a character whose racial bonuses don't really work for its class?

/5eg/ would encourage you to do so, lest you be labeled a munchkin

I would make a simple map just for you followed by an alphabetical list of locations with notes detailing who and what can be found there.
Don't want to jump the gun but I've seen a lot of DM's get too involved in making a setting rather than a game, you know what I mean?

I made a homebrew class that I put up here a month or two ago. I got a bunch of critiques and I think I've improved the class with them

There's new archetypes, rebalanced spells, and what was there before has been overhauled somewhat

No its not wrong. Play a character you find interesting rather than a character that is "good".

Depends on the class. Some will suffer more than others, like monks

Not at all.

Well, half of us, anyway. The other half would become frothing REEEEEE autists at the thought of someone playing a mechanically suboptimal character.

Wrong? No, but you will be sub-optimal, which isn't as big of a deal in 5E but does matter to some extent. Just play what you want and as long as you don't go out of your way to take shit options you'll be alright.

Since when? 5eg has always seemed to mostly be theory crafters who don't even actually have groups and so always just make optimized meme builds.

nope, do whatever you want man

If you do it right.

Of course.

The Aboleth are the great seeders of life, they come down, when the worlds are young and covered in dark and warm seas. And they build their cities in the depths.

The various slave species, foodstuffs, and experiments sometimes lay fallow, especially when a colony collapses. And they grow to take over their worlds. Even adapting to land to take over the uninhabitable dry parts.

user, you are a scholar and a gentleman.


Can a Barbarian activate a Rage, while Raging just to reset the time of the Rage?

>Wake up
>Dragonborn are now OP as fuark with lmao free 20ft flying
Thank god I don't allow shit variant """rules""" for retarded cucked rollplayers like multiclassing and feats



>like multiclassing and feats
user, do you enjoy baiting people?

One time we saw Bahamut get stabbed like a punk ass bitch in a divine tavern. We also met his mom and his long lost brother, who were also platinum dragons because our DM wasn't terribly original.

Ironically, we never actually met a normal metallic dragon, even though dragon worship was main religion of the region. We literally met more dragon gods than actual dragons.

No, because the "you must attack or take damage" timer starts at the wrong time for you to want to do this. When you rage, you want to attack or take damage before your next turn starts. So on your next turn, if you stopped raging at the beginning of that turn, it's too late to refresh your rage anyway.

A shame the Vegeta Bait image is already posted.


It's only 5% worse than picking a race to suit your class. For some people that 5% is maddening and they can't live with it, but for others it's fine.

Can't see anything that says you can't.

Raging also only last for a minute, he probably means this timer.


Guess I'm gonna go ahead with that Dragonborn Punchbarian build, since Dragon Hide is a thing.

Anyone know where the tome of the stilled tongue is from? I'm trying to track the actual thing down so I can convert it to a pathfinder item but I can't find where it is

Hi retarded and cucked roll"""players""" I see you have stumbled upon the WRONG thread, here let me help you:

5e is basically the most perfect edition of D&D and the ULTIMATE roleplaying game, got that kids? ROLE playing not ROLL playing, you fucking RETARDS

Come on user. You're better than this. You could at least attempt to be subtle. You might actually get genuine anger that way, rather than shallow contempt and pity.

I have a campaign coming up soon and decided to play something other than my usual spell casting type.
I'll be running an LG paladin of Pelor with protection and shield master so I canreally defend my allies. What oath and spells should I pickup for maximum sun-ness?

Was all this caused by the Everybody's Friend / Party Face discussion?

Yeah this is just kind of sad. Were you the OP that made the "dnd 5e is perfect thread?"

Just stop replying to him for fucks sake.


oath of conquest, or oathbreaker


Oath of Devotion for sure. Make your sword blaze like the sun.

Well, when your group needs to enter the Aztechnology complex in Dowtown Seattle, the Face goes to the main hall of the building to trick the sexy Aztlan secretary while your Decker opens the garage door for the team to get inside, meanwhile- Unless this isn't fucking Shadowrun, and the only face you need is the raging barbarian charging and charging loud.

Devotion it is then. Are tanks actually a necessity in this game?

>Pelor is Zarus meme
Fuck off.

Damage Sponge variety yes, "get behind me" variety no.

Not really, but it's always nice to have a solid front-liner, and paladins are great regardless.

Some classes like the Diviner Wizard don't actually give a fuck about any of your stats to be effective, but ultimately a few stat points lost here and there amount to only a five percent difference gained or lost.

Really, just play what you want. Do you, boo.

No, but Paladin is really good either way. Devotion's aura is a bit weaker than Ancients, but Sacred Weapon from channel divinity is amazing.

So why is it Pelor anyway? Paladins don't get their powers from gods in 5e. Or their alignments. It's all from the Oath. You don't even need gods.

>being a rollplayer
look kid, this isn't the game for you, alright kiddo? go play some shitty game like 4e you retarded 4rrie.

Yes, where I personally gutted and destroyed literally everyone on Veeky Forums provingmy superiority in every aspect to retarded nigger rollplayers (ie you)

No, seriously, my party really did see Bahamut get stabbed in the back. By Tharizdun. In a tavern for the gods. Afterwards his mommy showed up to tend to his wounds. It was a serious plot point.

If you haven't guessed, that campaign got really weird once we started getting close to level 20. I haven't even mentioned our divine tuna buddy.

Because Pelor is basically the god of the commoners. He's the only one that would alocate you and the rest of us on his divine realm, user. Praise the sun!

Hey. Tiamat is best dragon deity. The bitch has five heads. How many heads you have, faggot?

Tiamat is the sorry result of a Hydra who got gangbanged by a prismatic dragon of each color.

Bahamut has scales of platinum. PLATINUM. How much platinum bling have you got, faggot?

Would it break anything to just fold Dragon Hide into the base dragonborn traits?

This is for you, user.

I think this bit of homebrew is ready for a dry run if anyone's game. Mostly, I want to see if the damage output is what I expect, and whether the CR adjustment I have in mind is appropriate. No RP or fluff for this go around, just good old fashioned number crunching and dice rolling. Initial tests on my own seem promising, but there's no accounting for a player's mindset. Hence this test.

If you're interested, drop me a line on Discord (ELH#5618) and we'll figure out a good time to sit down and do it.

>best dragon deity
>not Asgorath/Io
Make way peasant, the Ninefold approacheth.