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What're y'all brewing now that Legacy is free from the Miracles stranglehold?

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First for paying respects to DDFTguy.
You didn't deserve what they did to you.

You can play a control deck in _________.



RIPIP in piss.
in other news with top gone my matchups got way the fuck better.

>Miracles: The Match-Up Everyone Should Know

the past

>Top banned, miracles gutted

DDFT guy is crying right now user, feel bad, even know everyone is god damn partying over miracles being deader then dead.

I don't play Miracles, but top didn't deserve this. That shit's rough, man, I don't think R&D has a clue what they're doing anymore.

>but top didn't deserve this
top more than deserved this

I can't even remember the last time I was this genuinely happy. Pic related, mtgsource's miracle thread.


>Wizards listened to the cucked and retarded shit players
>Instead of the actually superior legacy players that warned peple we should fucking ban terminus

>wizards is run by casuals, for casuals
no shit.

Nothing of value was lost

But it was fucking obvious.

Again, I guess skill isn't allowed and only retarded tier decks, can't have you using your 90+ IQ goy!

Fuck miracles. I'm glad top is gone. Condolences to DDFT guy, but top had to go.

>Control babs still desperately jacking themselves off under the pretense of """""skill"""""

>Spinning top and cracking fetches until I find my terminus

>t. modern player

Top was a good addition to combo, midrange decks to not be fucked by RNG as hard, I have seen it played as 1-2 in goblins too.

Terminus made miracles beyond fucking retarded because there is a slight difference between 4 mana sorc speed wrath and 1 mana instant "better wrath", but again modern players can't grasp this concept, or the fact that countertop had been a thing for years and never OP until miracles.

>Proving the problem is 1 mana superwrath
Woah thanks for proving me right user!

>Get to LGS ready to play Legacy tonight
>realize I didn't bring my deck in the parking lot
>drive home in disappointment

Guess I'll have to wait two weeks to play Miracles-less Legacy. I wonder what I should prepare.

the drama from miracle players is just so sweet
check reddit or DTB thread if you want a laugh

Terminus is not a problem with top banned, your argument is shit, it was shit two weeks ago, and wizards knows it.

>lmao lets lower the skill of the format and make non-blue decks even more clownfiesta RNG bullshit
>Instead of just banning terminus

Ok, thanks for proving to me you have a peanut brain and are a certified subhuman, get a trip

Stop projecting so hard user. At least it was not my deck the one who got fucked

They probably should have banned Terminus instead of top.

Top is a way better card than Terminus.

Post-ban Diary, Day 1: I'm trying to move on. Picked up a set of Infernal Tutors on MTGO and played a few rounds with ANT. The magic just wasn't there. I got desperate and swarped the tops in DDFT for Chromatic Spheres. It went about as well as you'd expect. I don't know how much longer I can hold out in this format.

The point of Legacy is to play with good cards.

I have doubts the deck wouldn't still be tier 1

That's why all the p9 are banned

So they should ban the weaker cards? That's just silly.

m8 try dredge since its back to running rampant with it since miracles ate it.

>Top is a way better card than Terminus.

And banning it completely kills Miracles instead of just nerfing it significantly. Banning tops also hurts a lot of other decks incidentally.

>I have doubts the deck wouldn't still be tier 1

It would be significantly worse, and probably not as oppressive.

>Let autist Tumblr post
Grow some balls

Now that the cancer that was control is dead, I'm ready to jump into legacy. What are some fun beatdown decks in this format I can build?

>I don't play Miracles, but top didn't deserve this.

The top is one of the worst, most annoying designs in the game. It had to go. It slows the game down so fucking much.

>tfw only played stupid fringe combo decks on xmage
>get fucked by Miracles fairly often
>that glorious feel when the bane of your Legacy existence is gone

I'm gonna buy into a paper deck now.

Truthfully not really any outside of eldrazi. Pure aggro and beatdown stuff was outclassed by delver awhile ago. So eldrazi if you want ez mode and delver if you want something that doesnt lose to combo.


Eldrazi. Without any 1 mana boardwipes you should be able to thoughtlessly dump your hand and swing away!

You didn't actually disagree with the sentiment that Top is a better card.

Are you saying you'd prefer a stronger card stays legal because it keeps a deck alive and instead have a weaker card be illegal to play to just hurt the deck?

That's not how a banned list works.

>mfw none of my decks got hurt from top banned

Can't wait to see the salt from my meta when I still win with goblins

>slotting ancient tomb into a Modern deck is now the best deck in Legacy
really titilates the brian

Fuck, what do I do with my sideboard now that I don't have to worry about Miracles? Sneaky Red up in this

Please give us some of your spicy combos

>not getting that it's a joke
Grow a brain desu senpai.

There are tons of possible criteria for 'raw power level'.

A bunch of cards are on the ban list not because they are super high power level, but because interact with other cards too powerfully.

You could argue that top isn't too powerful for legacy, but a 1 CMC instant speed wrath++ is.

"Not gutting sub-tier 1 decks as a side effect" should certainly be a factor in determining bannings.

>How to defeat miracles

Ban Top lol GG EZ

go play dredge faggot, mill your deck for a fuckton o dudes and proceed to shitstomp others to death with super zombies.

r8 my memes no h8 plz m8

o-oh my, thats some seriously spicy maymays.
I never thought i'd see a green storm deck.

>since miracles ate it

>Mostly the same forest art except for a few ones that aren't.

I'd be less upset if they were just all the same art, if you want a single one then just stick to it.

are those teeth on crossroads?

Red Sneak is one. I guess the others are more tempo. I run a Temur Delver deck that can combo with Tibalt and Loam, and usually ends up braining my opponent with Hidetsugu's Second Rite. Mr Toad's Wild Ride is also magnificent

Honestly, I don't think Miracles deserved to get hit that hard. I would have liked to see DRS and Terminus go instead, Top hits too many niche decks and Terminus is exclusively used by Miracles. What concerns me more is the precedent that WotC is setting with such dramatic bans. I don't really feel as safe buying into legacy now that I know WotC is willing to take such a heavyhanded approach.

Never mind the deck, where'd you get those dice?

>Mr Toad's Wild Ride

Ooo, a Fluctuator Deck. Oh god that reminds me Fluctuator jumped up in price by 400% once Amonket was announced.

at this point i'm now currently expecting force of will to go next if they were that hellbent on getting rid of top, then legacy is finished.

I play Manaless, but fuck Wizards.

>FoW ban
It isnt an oppressive card unless you exclusively play turn one or lose combo decks

FoW doesn't hold the entire format hostage.


So who's on board for u/w stoneblade gotta use them tundra and have and b2b

Well the spindown in the top left is from the duel decks anthologies and the greenish one I got in a bin. The dark green ones part of a set of plastic dice I dont remember where I got that set, just some game shop ages ago.

Don't worry Miracles players, I found the perfect Top replacement.


Sorry they're banning every land in the game because fetching lands and tapping them artificially lengthens the game and puts a constraint on tournament organizers, while the one land a turn limit confuses new players.

Cheerios is now the only playable deck.

I love how this argument keeps cropping up.
>I'm just worried about the *precedent* that's been set
Maybe the price is too high. WotC can ban anything they want, and there's not shit you can do about it but bitch on the internet how afraid you are.

It was a labor of love. goes off turn 3-4, has very little resilience without recycle and honestly my record when I bring it to events is around 30% wins. I was also the only miracles player in town so thats the post miracles winrate.

Nice forests

blood moon is gonna shit on this deck now.

Thread theme
By the way, some guy beat his girlfriend nearly to death over the top ban lmao

>some guy
Yeah you. Get help

We can either take out a card used only by the deck we want to hit, or something key to the format that allows non-blue decks to filter without Brainstorm and friends. Hmm

God I just realized how fucking insane this format is going to become over the next few months. Maybe even weird new shit will spring up.

yeah I'm pretty hyped to see what's gonna happen

Im drinking your tears from a bendy straw to savor the flavor

They also wanted to ban top cause of slow play. You clearly haven't played against enough retards to actually be somewhat relieved about this.

Not parent but nope, people that play legacy at my LGS tend to understand how to play.

is it time to go back to street wraith?

Wow must be nice living in magical pro tier player land. Seriously playing against a shit miracles pilot was fucking grueling made me want to blow my brains out

Well the legacy players know how to play, the modern are about half and half, and the standard players are bad.

that's the dumbest post I've seen all day

My shop allowed for 5 proxies on most legacy nights, so it was kind of modern tier

I've played your older list on cockatrice, can confirm it's fun as hell.

12 post and big red are the 2 off the top I can think of.

Check the starcity legacy event a few weeks ago. Alot of decks to watch

This looks awesome, can you post a text version? I can't tell what's main vs SB

A lot of raging has commenced this day.

I guess not; most people near me that play legacy know their decks and have a good enough understanding of the format to be timely with their top spins. It's annoying that everyone has to suffer because of some clueless muppets/dicks playing the clock as much as their deck.

I don't blame that guy, I think Wizards fucked up bad on this one. Did Miracles need to take a hit? Yes, definitely. Did it need to be completely castrated and have a lot of niche decks get hit hard as a side effect? Absolutely not.

I don't even play Miracles but I feel for that dude.

Just switched bug delver back to rug delver. Back to stifling and bolting. No need to run abrupt decay now that miracles gone. Counterbalance tops shut down 85 percent of my damn deck. But now....

Do banned cards get more or less expensive?

Less usually.

less more often than not

Less, doubly so for something like Top that only recently got a reprint. It'll probably eventually climb since there'll always be a market due to seeing play in Vintage and almost any EDH deck ever.